: To easy to go the same thing as 4 other guys...
I don't know why you call forcing a comp the smart play in this situation? The concept of this game is really easy and yet people don't get it: you work with what you get. For example I just played a game were 4 people went demons and 2 went gunslinger/blademaster. So I went for sorcerer (could have been assasin or something else that no one was going but game gave me sorc) and won the thing because people buy each other out. I was able to easy grab 3 tier3 2 cost units and stomp them. (I must say I bought 4 Dravens so none of the 2 got a tier2 and I sat on 2 Brands) It is pretty simple to counter when multiple people force a certain comp you take what you get that no one else is going for while buying high tier units that the others need for their comps and you have a free win. If the game gives you stuff that others are forcing you sell it all and build a new comp unless you got so much of it that there is no point in doing that.

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