: Disagree. The reveal pages weren't what drew people in: It was the teasers and in-game hype building. Let's take champions like Bard and Kindred for example. While small, they had small effects in-game that coincided with their upcoming release. Tahm's laugh was in the river. Kled had "HAVE U SEEN SKARRL?" posters all over the LCS. These small teasers went to great lengths to reveal champions but none take the cake quite like Jhin. Jhin, IMO, was and has been Riot's most successful champion. Perhaps ever. And part of this was due to Jhin's initial reveal: Shocking portraits of champions we know and love "dying" by his hand. People were scouring code for information. People were dissecting the project name "Deadeye" and comparing it to religious myth and possible teasers. Everything about Jhin culminated in a short video, where we finally get a PEEK at his mask, followed by his reveal later. Jhin's impact would have been greatly lessened, had he just had the video and release page. New champions are the same: They often get one picture and a reveal about 4 days later. Champions are not "teased" anymore, they get a trailer and a gameplay reveal. The "magic" is gone. To an extent I understand this, as you can hold onto a teaser for TOO long and ruin the surprise (See: Sombra). That said, I think Riot needs not to slow down releases but build up hype more. Trailers, in-game videos, art, gimmicks. Anything to build up growing hype for the eventual reveal. After all: Hype is nothing without speculation and community engagement.
I completely agree with everything said here. To be honest i probably phrased the title of the post poorly, I didn't mean to say that the reveal pages were the only reason that champions reveals were underwhelming. It's part of the entire hype building process which used to be far more impressive as it is today. I think the reveal pages are the aspect that strike me the most personally because I see it as the moment when the curtain finally rises and the new character is finally unveiled. Old pages had the potential to instantly sell you on the character and it's fantasy whereas today it's nothing more than abilities explanation. With that said I agree that the reveal itself is not the only thing that matters and the build up leading to it could also be treated much better.
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