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: He's literally currently bronze with 200 games. Regardless of how long he's been playing, he clearly doesn't know how to play against Renekton. He complained about a Renekton double dashing towards him as well. The only time a Renekton wins that kind of fight is when they're massively ahead.
I admit im not the greatest player, but Renekton is a champion i've always struggled against, similarly to Fiora and Yorick, I'm just not good against them and usually accept i've lost when I see them locked in. My issue is that IMO he is a strong split-pusher who can all in and win trades against everyone because of his insane heal and stun, yet for some reason Riot claim he needs buffing. I've come to believe that they nerf and nuff champions based ENTIRELY on pro play. For instance, Renekton wasnt used much in worlds or LCS last season, so gets a buff, now he's used loads in the LCS. Aatrox was used quite a bit this LCS on patch 9.11, suddenly 9.12 he gets a nerf. So I might be a "noob bronze" player or whatever, but just because im not a good carry who can rise through the ranks quickly, doesn't mean my opinion on OP champs getting buffed is invalid.
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: So fun man, i am just describing the case the OP was giving details about. I've saw so many trolls in this game, do that exactly. They ban your champ (not reportable), they do not feed (not reportable), they don't harass or insult or spam toxic in chat (not reportable). In fact, if he reports him, it might be labeled as a false report and he gets punished instead. I saw this happen, trust me ;)
I did worry about the false reports to be honest, and I really don't think he will be punished. Thank you for your comment.
: He won't get punished for banning your pick intent. Anyone can ban any champion they want for any reason. The rest, though, is griefing. His actions directly affected the outcome of the game, report him for that.
Thing is though, he didn't feed or say anything at all, so the system isn't going to recognise that he followed me around, stole my farm and did all he could to ruin my experience is it? I mean, isnt the system designed to just check KDA, chat comments and if the person was AFK? It surely won't recognise him following me around causing his lane to lose?
: > [{quoted}](name=LeatherfaceTom,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=IZwiKZ6d,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-01-12T11:03:56.338+0000) > So, I wanted to report this individual for effectively ruining my game, but then I was unsure which thing to report him for. Report him for trolling/griefing. > Banning my champ on purpose is annoying, but you cant report that under the options given, Correct. he can't get punished for that unless he says he banned your champ on purpose in chat. > following me around all game and stealing my farm, again, cant really report for that either, Yes you can. Report for trolling/griefing. > and putting a comment in the report seems useless as its a computer that checks out the vailidity. Not always. Reports for trolling/inting are sometimes met with manual reviews. > So, what would you do? How do you report this clearly negative behavior, that doesn't actually fit a reportable criteria. It fits in trolling/griefing, does it not? Maybe you can also try sending a support ticket to describe his behavior.
I did end up reporting him for greifing as I felt that was my only choice. He didnt say a single word all game and becuase he didn't feed, I assumed he wouldn't get any reprocussions for his actions, even though they were clearly trying to irritate me. Thank you for the reply.
: They won't do anything, because he didn't feed, and if he doesn't says anything, this system won't punish him. All you have to do to evade the punish system is not to say a single thing, play and not feed in purpose ;). Welcome to Riot's perfect justice system lol.
This was my issue, he didnt actaully play badly, but his actions did negatively affect my game
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