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: Yep, should be on PBE today!
How about Fiddle ?
: The New Fiddlesticks Design
@kindlejack i know it's a personal request more than something related to fiddle himself but it would be so nice if you could add the line "I'am inevitable" i think it would fit this scary character so well since fiddle is considered like the terror of runeterra and thanos almost scared everyone before he made his last snapp in endgame.
: Are there no changes planned for Kai'Sa?
Whith all the skin she have selled don't expect any nerf soon.
: What kind of shit reasoning is that? I'm the first one that despises high mobility nonsense, but solving a no counterplay issue with another no counterplay mechanic is obviously dumb. Long range point-and-click CC abilities should not exist, period. Besides, said point-and-click shit would actually be worse for immobile champs, since the mobile ones can stay easily out of reach, go invisible or become untargetable, while a Vel'Koz (for example) has literally no way no avoid it. If you want to punish mobility, here is how: * Create a tank/support item whose active is: Target enemy is revealed for 5 seconds and grounded by 2. * Make slows actually slow down jump animations that are more than 300 units long. * Nerf the most mobile champs so they actually have to pay a price for their high mobility, instead of also having damage, sustain, range and CC.
Bruh you are unranked and iron in flex i don't think you have a deep game knowledge or a game knowlodge at all you need to practice against some bot play some normal go in ranked try at least to reach gold v then we will take your post a bit siriously ok ? {{item:3070}} {{champion:9}} {{item:3070}}
: Fiddlesticks point-and-click fear is good and deserves to stay, here's why:
Totally agreed fiddel have no escape and for a battle mage who have to jump in entire team of 5 people and get litteraly one shot if he dare not buy a zhonya i think a point and click fear is necessary. And btw with cleanse,qss,mercury,banshee,edge of night ( who is going to get reworked has a banhsee xD) i think there is enough counter to that.

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