Larriet (NA)
: Elementalist Lux doesn't fit into a Universe (Skin Lore)
Hi! Hope I'm not late... First of all, I really LOVED your analysis and how you classified a skin theme not just as their content, but as how they make you feel alongside which perspective were they based on. I'm glad there's more people that sees the skin not only as merchandising because luX HaS ToO maNY SkiNs (plus I'm Lux main with 800k almost and I really love her.) I was expecting a thread about her true lore and stuff, but I'm not disappointed. However, if you have time, I would like to hear from you what do you think that could've happened to her to reach that form.
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Terozu (NA)
: Lux didn't do anything. She literally did nothing. He stole her magic. She didn't free him.
People hate her because she trusted him enough to "be manipulated". It's pathetic, but that's what they say.
Jamaree (NA)
: All the unpopular opinions, let’s farm some downvotes
Jamaree (NA)
: All the unpopular opinions, let’s farm some downvotes
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: You know who you are.
Isn't there a way to report all the botting thing?
: Holy shit I click away for three seconds and it has 17 downvotes. Congrats dude.
Someones botting downvotes. Look at the previous posts
Saezio (EUNE)
: i was thinking the exact same LOL
: I'm sure your second thread will work out much better
Well... I don't really think so, since the post was posted less than five minutes and it already got downvoted that hard. I just don't understand what have I done
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: What in the world is happening with some of these posts that get up and/or downvoted 20 times in 30 seconds?
BleupizZ (EUW)
: Cats VS Dogs login screen music lyrics
As a cat person I would really like cats to win, but since they just put 2 tough dudes in kigurumis they couldn't stand a chance...
: After so much years, how is this still a thing?
Zeus xD (EUNE)
: [+1] High Noon Sylas
: New Aether Wing Kayle Be Like
MeilinII (NA)
: Butt wings? Really rito?
She would have three pair of wings like Kayle, but since she's a fallen angel and doesn't fly anymore, their wings stay down. And Kayle's wings are butt wings too.
: > [{quoted}](name=Jolyne Cujoh,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=VZH82fdL,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-02-16T14:56:12.190+0000) > > I don't know if the one who made the post that he got rejected in Valentine's can read me, but hear me out, a couple of hours ago my boyfriend left me, after ten months of relationship, because he no longer could feel the same. I spent too many hours of traveling and money to visit him. But unlike you, he didn't block me or anything else, and he didn't play LoL. > > The thing is... Part of why we reached this situation was because of my fault and the hours I spent in this game. Sometimes I couldn't talk to him in time because I was in a meaningless promo to silver III. > > So... Please, if anyone here with a couple can read me, try to not waste your time here when your sweethearts want to talk with you. They don't understand how many time a game lasts, or why is that game more important than them, and you can play league whenever you want as long as you have your computer. > > TLDR: my bf left me because I'm addicted so don't do the same. > > Have a nice weekend! If your gonna prioritize a video game over a human being who loves (loved) you then i have no respect for you. Good for him making the decision to dump you.
Well, for your information he was busy too with his friends and some videogames that didin't last too long per game. I only said it was partially my fault for not being there whenever he needs me. It's not ethic to not respecting someone for a puntial action without context, though.
Poske (EUNE)
: Your likes were stronger? He was just needed? What?
My english is almost obsolete, my apologies. I wanted to say that I priorized my hobbies more than him while all he wanted in that moment was talking to me
Poske (EUNE)
: ***
I'm addicted, yeah, but I started to rank a while ago so the rest of the day I was just playing casual games in league with some friends. The thing is, I couldn't organise my time to spend it with him too because my likes were stronger. He's not a bad guy, he was just needed and by the time he realized that he could go on without me
Emo Twink (OCE)
: Star Guardian Lux's In the name of Demacia Voice Line
Because it was a reference to Sailor Moon, I guess... But it didn't fit to her new lore. She's now a mage trying to survive hiding her light to prevent her exile
Mr Elessar (EUNE)
: And another one
Dun, dun dun.. Another one bites the dust~
: Jolyne what are you doing here? Part 6 isn't getting animated before 2022.
Give me a damn break! I won't let my father shows up in every Jojo arc which is not related to him while I'm just existing in one!
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: Star Guardian Akali by Eraiviolett
Hi! First of all, you're AWESOME. Have you considered sending your art to Riot someday? I've seen so many people getting hired in a couple months because of their talent. Oh, and I always thought that if Akali were a SG, she could be the lost team mate of Ahri; along side Evelynn and Kai'Sa, considering that K/DA Ahri plays SG Ahri and she lost three team mates. But your lore is better anyways!
Asamas (EUNE)
: Очень хорошо. (Wait you said greek. My bad)
It's ancient greek. That was a phrase I was about to finish because I had to do syntaxis on it. It said something of Athenea, but I don't remember
: What other shit games are there to play with cancerous communities?
Hm... Fortnite, Overwatch, sometimes Smite, and many games with global voice chat.
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: La verdad es que yo he estado en estas desde hace más de un año, Boards en español nunca las he usado, tampoco las de EUW en inglés
No te pierdes mucho. Últimamente la gente se desvive por la polémica y la única voluntaria activa es petada a downvotes.
: Unfortunately the EU boards and forums are left to themselves in most cases with the majority of games and this is the reaosn you will see a lot of ppl from EU wirting here (I'm part of them). I barely visit the EUW boards anymore as there is no Riot activity whatsoever and thus it's most likely that any kind of feedback or fun discussion has more visibility here. (Don't worry too much for your grammar, take your experience here as a way to improve it ^^).
Thank you so much for understand my position! ^^ May I ask where do you come from?
: Hey Jolyne, I think I speak for most volunteers when I say that all Boards should be welcoming environments. Are there any criticisms in specific that I can help bring to the attention of the Riot EU ES team or EU ES volunteers? Best, Wuks
Greetings. The thing is, I don't know if volunteers out of the server can do something about it. The moderation team re-opened the interviews to become volunteer (as long as you respect the rules) so volunteers could become official wrenchmans, emmisaries or heralds (don't know how you call it here, but those are the green, orange and purple roles). But obviously, few people wants to join the team, and because of some polemics they find it too risky. I don't know how that world works, and I'm only speaking about what I saw. But something that I can truly confirm you, is the fact that people have no interactions barely with moderators. Someone told me that in these boards you have a tool which fuction is to send a private message to a mod when you want to report something, just like in the game with that box that lets you write more specifically your case. There, volunteers are a bit tired of people who sends false accusations and real reports are getting lost, that's some of the reasons why everyone is almost complaining. I think that's more of an inner problem and they want to join the international team to find a solution, though, but despite what could you do for us, there's so much tension there, and until new flesh appears to put a stop on that, people will try to bring more polemics.
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Eridaenus (EUW)
: Your theory is actually pretty good, but maybe Janna and Syndra were good friends, and assuming their teammates died they parted ways and never spoke to each other again, perhaps that's the reason why Janna is shocked to see Ahri after such a long time. Maybe Syndra didn't kill them, but absorbed their souls in order to preserve their souls and Janna mistook this as Syndra killing them to get their power. Like @Striking Venom said, Ahri's W has got three gemstones that may be the remnants of her fallen teammates. Perhaps Syndra is trying her best to not let her actual teammates have the same fate as her old ones, and is afraid to lose her sisters/brothers like what happened with Janna. Janna may think Syndra is evil because she assumed she killed their teammates, so she wants to protect her team not only from the monsters, but Syndra too. Deep down, maybe she wants to be friends with Syndra again like in the old times. (Sorry for my awful english, by the way.){{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
Welp, there's a possibility to her to receive a legendary skin called Anti Star Guardian Syndra, along with Veigar and Zyra. Nice name btw ;)

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