: 5th series loss in a row. Love this matchmaking.
Yes I know this. I carried myself out of Bronz 4 to Silver 4. Then it got harder but I reached Silver 3. But out of any unkown reason I suddenly got placed against and with teammates that in my team just walk like afk bots in the enemy jungle lvl 1 and give the enemy mind/jungle or bot 3 kills early on. Then instead of respecting their mistake they get greedy and flash after kills while having like 10% health left. Of course they die. At the end of every game there was one enemy champ that got fed up to atleast 20 kills and just carried the shit out of the game. But you would think that if this elo is full with these guys then I would get placed with one of these guys too? But no, not a single time. They are always on the enemy team :/ I main top lane and usally play against something like a Nasus that I need to hold off from farming. I know it is my job to just splitpush to inhib. But my laning opponents are smart. They stay under their tower and wait until I get ganked by 5 of their team mates or by the one that is insanly fed... By that time I either back off early enough or just straight up die :/ I usally get first blood too, so I'd assume that I can carry but I am probaly just bad and cann't :/


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