: PBE BS strikes yet again
i think i was in qeue for 1h, decided i'll just wait for the update to come on the 25th
: Watch Missions
yup, here as well, on 2 laptops, 1 pc, all same thing: doesn't register shieeeeeet
Elfezen (NA)
: What happens if you rent a skin from the skin shards you have?
Ugh, wish i saw this earlier. Just rented Infernal Nasus... Riot should really put more info on it in the venster itself, not the site -.-
: Yeah I get mad everytime I upgrade it and it feels stupid, especially if you're trinket wasn't on cooldown before the upgrade.
it goes on cd if the current cd is anything shorter than half of the cd left
badooga (NA)
: Try {{champion:30}}. His Q has a .2 sec CD for infinite spamming, his W has a 3 sec CD, his E can be left on infinitely and his ult only has a 40 second CD. He can solo dragon at level 7...
talking about AP champs soloing dragon, there hasn't been a game where I didn't get the first dragon as lux, you can solo dragon at lvl 3
: I was happy with the Leave Buster concept until...
the other day I was in a game when I suddenly dced, and couldn't get back in. So after trying to get back into the game for 10 minutes, I gave up and decided to play on the NA server. When I got back to the EUW server, it was like the game never existed, i didnt show up in my match history.


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