PrideSP (NA)
: Toxic player intentionally fed the Tryndamere in a ranked game goes unban
Well its riot, they prefer to ban people who flame trolls and inters instead of catching the people who start that fire
BabyNaix (NA)
: you can write glhf ggwp, etc.
You write that at the end if it was a at least a half descent game where you got a chance to win not when you get trolls
BabyNaix (NA)
: You are a racist, probably you got banned
Lol that's a brain dead accusation just coz i don't give a dam from where you are I'm a racist xD
: What kind of chain saws do you have in EU? Pick better jokes and you should have less problems.
Try listening to it when u turn it on did not notice it till i heard that joke
: Why do we even bother responding to these threads? The attitude we get is always the same. "I totally berated my teammate with every cuss word I could think of....why am I getting punished." If you don't know, ask your parents.
Didn't use a single curs word on them only called tresh a troll for intentionally feeding and yi bad for counter jungling while being behind
Chermorg (NA)
: Facts most certainly can be insults. That's literally why racism is a thing - people used facts about someone (their race) to insult them. "Wow you shorty" is another example. Things can be facts or the truth but also be insults.
Seems you don't get it those who are actually insulted by that are unwell, you won't live your life properly if your insulted by something that is the truth even if you can't change it you live with it and laugh it off. That's by far to shallow to even be called a insult.
: > [{quoted}](name=Like Big Booobs,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=2rMJEJvT,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2017-10-16T17:46:56.757+0000)Yeah seems like you got no idea what games are about the chat is used for fun and laughs... Insults and abuse are not fun. Hate speech is not a laughing matter. Please show me what you consider "fun" about your log.
You call a troll a troll since he is everything you described he entices all the negative emotions in everyone. The fun part about the chat that you shoot remarks and get shot back and laugh from it the problem is the trolls who ruin the game experience by actions words don't do much to your laning
Chermorg (NA)
: You literally spent the entire log insulting and threatening other players though. Facts or not, it's still flaming.
Do you even know the term of threatening and insulting? stating facts ain't insults and if your the type to think that any kind of negative remark is a insult you should rely grow up we all do bad some times if someone states that it ain't a insult its the truth
: Generally what you would type to someone who isn't a close friend, for we aren't your close friends and you cannot call us whatever slurs you think of. If that's how you talk to the everyday person...Well...Then your problem lies far beyond League's chat.
The league is the thing you can write what you want as long its not harsh insulting saying that your bad ain't a insult its a fact that represents your play style
: Below are lines from your chat log that aren't acceptable and are more than just 'informing' a team mate that they are a troll or feeding. In most cases, there's a very fine line between pointing out 'trolls' and insulting your teammates. " Like Big Booobs: yi so bad Like Big Booobs: yi ur bad coz u do 0 ganks and try to countr jungo Like Big Booobs: no its clasic u suck Like Big Booobs: learn ur roale Like Big Booobs: do u know why nigers run when they hear a chain saw? coz they hear run %%%%%%%%%% %%%%% " Most of your chat log is filled with insults for your team and telling them how bad they are at the game. The last line above, while completely irrelevant to the game is extremely racist and an instant punishment in most cases. The problem with what you're asking and your chat log is that they are contradictory. You're exhibiting the same kind of behavior that you're speaking out against.
The yi was bad that was a fact he went to counter jungle the enemy while being behind instead of farming or pressuring lanes the "do u know why nigers run when they hear a chain saw? coz they hear run %%%%%%%%%% %%%%%" is a joke when you turn on a chain saw its sounds similar to run niga niga niga
Chermorg (NA)
: Games aren't about flaming others, they're about having fun. You can't ping "hey let's push top so we can go for baron in 2 mins". **That's** why chat is there. Not for you to flame others.
The definition of flaming is insulting and threatening other players not replying to them with facts of there actions and if you used the chat only for such things you it would make the game like any other
Chermorg (NA)
: Chat is designed to be used to communicate vital information about the game. This includes things like enemy positions, enemy wards, enemy summoner spells, enemy ability cooldowns, strategies, time points, rotations, ganks, etc. Chat is not designed to be used to berate your teammates, blame your teammates, accuse them of bad behavior, etc. Keep in mind that you have 3 other teammates other than the person you're flaming - they not only had to deal with someone performing poorly but they then also had to deal with your negativity and toxicity. Further, hate speech has absolutely no place in League whatsoever.
Yeah seems like you got no idea what games are about the chat is used for fun and laughs you don't need the chat to show enemy position cds or objective calls pings are by far faster and more effective and this game is popular for the chat since you can make plays and enjoy the reactions of both enemy and ally. If calling trolls troll is toxic they should punish 1st for that kind of behavior not for the reaction for it and we are human everyone has a limit.
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