: Why is Garen Receiving disgusting buffs next patch?
Mobility 10/10? xDxDxD So if Garen has 10 points of mobility how much have le blanc, fiora, talon? They can move through walls. Sustain 10/10? Just out of combat.... Damage 10/10? I dont need to write something else here
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arowin242 (EUW)
: alright, so there is a reason why garen is almost never seen in pro-play / high elo game: Garen has THE most counterpicks of all champions IN THE GAME. lemme name a few: {{champion:83}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:82}} first of all his weaknesses: engage - garen has no true way to hard engage - he relies on his enemies misposistioning and running up to them in order to damage them, either that or burning flash. burst - garen's damage is in bursts unlike other juggernauts whom all prefer longer fights, garen cannot fight for long as his cooldowns are rather long, even with 40% CDR. Conqueror - this rune is the bane of his existence - it gives the enemy healing, and provides true damage which ignores his armor/MR also it ignores his W. reliance on ignite - without ignite garen's early kill potential is non-existant outscaling - garen damage scales on levels yes, but his build path and his kit makes him far weaker late game than quite allot of the other champs. buying {{item:3036}} {{item:3135}} or your own {{item:3071}} will go far to reduce his effective tanking. all of these items are often build later in the game, which in turn softens him up to being blown up again. rune choice - garen has 3 main keystones: grasp, phase rush and predator. grasp fixes his laning, but falls off. phase rush is the best for general gameplay if you know how to abuse it, predator allows him to fix his engage problems a bit. build path - garen's build path is extremely predictable, which leads to him being easily countered. simple gameplay - garen's gameplay is VERY simple, this leaves loads of ways to outplay him / deny him. weakness to ranged - garen really suffers here, ranged champs can kite him, interrupt his passive in lane and generally scale better. kiting - garen and other juggernaut's main weakness: garen can only use his Q to try and reach you or has to burn flash / disengage. there are probably more but i think i made my point. believe me, once you get some more experience you will look back and laugh at garen, poor guy cant get any rest at all! while he might seem super OP at first, that feeling quickly fades once an ashe just completely kites you to ninth circle. if garen, at any point of the game gets out-damaged in a 1v1 then he will be completely useless for the rest of the game, this guy not only falls off hard, once he loses his lead it is gone forever. TLDR: learn the matchup and how to counter our favourite bayblade-meme-demacian. once you do that, every lane or game against him becomes freelo unless you are playing against Riste ( the only guy to OTP garen into challenger) That's all.
Im not sure if Garens Build Path is that predictable. Im a hard Garen OTP with more than 7 million+ Points overall on him (just 1.87 million on my main). My Build path is Sorcerer's shoes, Youumus, Steraks, Cleaver, Sunfire and Spirit. And this works pretty well ^^
: Does the Bansystem work correctly?
If that just were 1 game idc tbh ^^ but my botlaners are always inting :) my last game is the best example again an adc who goes 1/7 and a toplaner who goes 1/8 ^^. Its fine if someone has a bad game but plz stop this heavy int fiesta
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: Damage Text Changes
Hey ho :) Im not sure if im right at this post but there is an existing bug with Garens E and Sunfire. If Garen has Sunfire and is doing his E its shows that his E deals Magic Damage too instead of physical. It takes the color of the sunfire cape Damage ^^. Ive tested it and his E still deal physical Damage even with this "bug" so its just a graphic bug. Maybe some of u guys can look into it ^^ P.S. Sry for my poor english im not a native american :P
: Is YOUR name OFFENSIVE???????
So i am not allowed to be The King of Britain and north and west france? Thats sad
: There's not really a reason for it to be canceled and/or go on cd when it doesn't hit It's a point and click instant ability, as in, there is no projectile to dodge. Either you use it and it hits while going on cooldown, or it doesn't hit so it doesn't go on cooldown. It'd be like trying to dodge the hextech gunblade active, it's just an instantaneous effect, it only goes on cooldown if you can actually hit the target
Thats not true (sadly)... I had the bug with Garens ult too. This bug exist since 3 Years+. It doesnt happens that often but if the target move out of vision or smth like that and ur ult animation is nearly finished the cooldown time at ur scoreboard will show u that ur ult is on cd. If u ping ur ult its not on cd and ur premades wont see it on cd. So in fact u can ult...
Tecness0 (NA)
: I know this is like a month overdue, but the 'new' overgrowth has 2.5% increase in max health per _**every**_ 120 minions. Meaning, at 4000 hp with 240 cs, new overgrowth would have 90+200 hp instead of 90+100.
Are u sure about that?
RuFiot (EUW)
: Have you achieved honor level 5? I was mildly toxic and passive aggressive the whole season and got it (in the very very end)
Nope acutally i reached honor level 3.2 or smth like that ^^
: Runes Reforged was a mistake.
Enderized (EUW)
: in 30 days i'll tell you my stats then x)
Nice see ya then :D
: I like to run analysis on these. Have you ever been 14-day banned? If not, you have been false reported at least 313 times. The rest is kind of hard to tell. We don't know how many times you can be "mildly negative" before punishment is issued. However, if you have never been punished, it's extremely likely that the majority of those reports were false.
At this Account i have never ever been suspended. But its true im too toxic. In many games i was passive aggressiv and thats so sad. Actually i try to reform myself and in most of my games im succesful. Lets hope i can keep it on
Enderized (EUW)
: where do i have to ask for them? ._.
You have to write a ticket to the support team. After a wait of 30 days they will sent you an email with this data
: Wait do they only give you a total or can you also click through them and read the chats?
Im not sure i received a lot of chatlogs but i cant assign them. Maybe this chatlogs are from my rgames where i made some reports but as i said im not sure.
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: should work with all shields
Does this rune work with Garen W? Or isnt Garen W not a 'real' shield?
: Both are pretty bad. I'd be happy if it just gave a flat 2-3 HP per unit killed.
That could be a possible good change but the new change is a joke ^^
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Okuma (EUNE)
: What's your favorite champion/skin quote and why?
The heart of a Lion, the might of a god! - God King Garen
Bazerka (NA)
: Hows everyone's Friday?
My Friday (Now Saturday in germany :P) is okay. Im a bit ill but its going to be better. And I have holidays from Monday :P
: If you had the power to change ONE thing about LoL, what would it be?
: This Is What I'd Like To See Pre-Season 9
Garen Nerfs, Garen Rework, Conqueror Nerf and triforce nerf? If that going to happen u can delete garen for real P.S i know conqueror is not the meta keystone on garen but i like it :)
: you are the only one defending garen everyone else feels the same way about it
What are u takling about dude? I will never feel the same way about garen like u do. First of all i am a Garen OTP and actually in solo q Plat 4 and in flex plat 1. And yes i think Garen is actually strong but is he to strong? No he isnt. Lets look at other champs: Darius banrate since nearly 1 year: 30-50%, Yasuo has ever a high pick and banrate, same with zed. And none of these champs receice nerfs and im fine with it. If u built AD/Bruiser Garen u sacrifice tanky stats but u got rewarded if u hit the carry with 1 Q. I think thats how it works. And if u have problems to beat up a Garen, look at his kit and remember his cooldowns. He got very long cooldowns (Q 8 secs, E 9 secs (with no downscaling), W 24-20 secs and his R 120-80 secs). So if u know his cooldowns its easy to play around. And as other guys said pick lanebullys against him (Yoricks, Urgot, Quinn, Vayne, Darius etc)
: [GAMEPLAY] Illaoi Ult not working on Garen
If Garens timing is good he can interrupt her tentacles if illaoi is in mid air at her ult animation.
: you deal lets say 60dmg after mitigation so the 20% truedmg of your 60 will be oh gosh 12! feelsOPman{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
the true dmg is calculated before the mitigation so if u deal 100 damage before mitigation conqueror will deal 20 true dmg
: The keystone isn't even used that much and if you think it's overpowered you are in a dream world. Very few top laners actually use the keystone. {{champion:114}} Grasp {{champion:6}} Comet {{champion:266}} Comet {{champion:31}} Comet or Grasp {{champion:86}} Grasp {{champion:122}} Phase Rush or Conqueror {{champion:150}} Aery, fleet footwork or grasp {{champion:79}} Grasp or comet {{champion:240}} Press the attack or Conqueror {{champion:23}} Conqueror {{champion:27}} Aery, spellbook or after shock {{champion:36}} Grasp {{champion:164}} Comet or press the attack, very rarely Conqueror {{champion:84}} Electrocute {{champion:41}} Grasp {{champion:14}} Comet or glacial augement {{champion:98}} grasp {{champion:48}} Press the attack or grasp {{champion:58}} Press the attack or Conqueror {{champion:126}} Aery {{champion:74}} Aery or comet {{champion:54}} Grasp {{champion:68}} Comet {{champion:92}} Electrocute, spellbook, sometimes Conqueror {{champion:78}} Aery, grasp {{champion:80}} electrocute, aery {{champion:420}} Klepto or grasp {{champion:24}} Conqueror {{champion:83}} Grasp, some Conqueror {{champion:62}} Electrocute {{champion:516}} Grasp {{champion:2}} Mostly Comet, sometimes Conqueror {{champion:75}} Grasp, Phase rush, Spell book, Klepto and Conqueror....Nasus players are weird people {{champion:85}} Aery, press the attack {{champion:17}} Aery, Grasp {{champion:133}} Phase rush, electocute {{champion:57}} Do people still play this champ? Grasp
In my opinion grasp is crap at garen ^^. My favourites are Electrocute, Predator and in some cases (against tanks or tanky bruiser) u can take conqueror. but i think conqueror+ Infinity Edge is way too much true dmg
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 17
Some rioter (dunno who) said a few days ago you will nerf garen and i hope u will not.So will there be nerfs and if you nerf Garen in which direction will u nerf him?
: Or you know, just buy bami's cinder?
Garen is a bruiser if i have to decide between Sunfire and Deadmans, Deamans allways win. Sunfire is after the nerfs it received crap. Its a waste of Gold
mzicio (EUW)
: Big no unless the damage gets fixed, I don't want a Darius or Garen to win a teamfight automatically by reaching my adc immediately with no counterplay. It was ok back in the day because damage was much lower, not it would be stupidly easy to proc.
Yeah u are right actually Garen is very strong and he will receive nerfs :) Garen has no Gapcloser no hard CC and no mobility instead of his Q. And what are u saying bout assassins like Zed talon Akali? They can reach ur ADC without a Mastery and OS the ADC and Disengage. With Stormraiders i need to get to ur ADC and deal that amount of DMG to proc it cauz i cant proc it at u forntline cauz they are to tanky am i right?
DW Diana (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Gód Kíng Garen,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=QEFnFy3J,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2018-08-14T17:46:03.486+0000) > > Yep the old masterysystem wasnt that bad tbh. But i dont think that riot will change it once again ^^ Yeah the chances of a revert are as unlikely as a Karma rework, a valid dft replacement or hell freezing over.
DW Diana (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Gód Kíng Garen,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=QEFnFy3J,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-08-14T17:21:20.861+0000) > > Yeah thats right but why couldnt it be the same? Stormraiders wasnt op so i dont see the problem at this point ^^ Neither was dft, they just didn't like it lol
Yep the old masterysystem wasnt that bad tbh. But i dont think that riot will change it once again ^^
: It wasn't even that powerful when it was Storm, hardly anyone used it and less do now Why they decided to nerf the hell out of it when it was already niche and then buff something like TL in the form of Electrocute
I dont know ^^ I hope they will change it back in the preseason :P
DW Diana (NA)
: Please... at least you got an equivalent to your old keystone....
Yeah thats right but why couldnt it be the same? Stormraiders wasnt op so i dont see the problem at this point ^^
fabfan (EUW)
: God please hear this man ! I want Stormraiders back !
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Snowman Arc (EUNE)
: What'e the most overloaded basic ability?
In my opinion it`s Garens E. First off all it has (iif u hit all ticks) 400% AD-Scaling and if u hit 4 Enemies u will deal that much Damage (okey they need to be bad as hell if they all got hitted 10 times by his E but its all theoretically :)). The Second point is he got % Armor Shred and the last and the funniest point is he got an own crit recovery and not even riot could tell me how that works ^^. I asked them years ago and a support tells me he dont know how Garens E crit work ^^. Judgment can Critical strike, dealing 50% × (1 + 2 × bonus critical damage) bonus damage thats all i found maybe some 1 can help me :P
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: ***
they changed mastery yi a lot this season. But they didnt touch garen this season but nerf his items (dead mans plate etc)
Meddler (NA)
: Garen's on our list after urgent pre-season emergent stuff. Going to see if we can find a buff we like for 6.24 or 7.1.
I didnt expect that im Garen main since 2 Years now and im so excited to see what u gonna change *-*
Rìcco (EUW)
: @Meddler, so Garen and Morde aren't performing really well at the moment
Hey ya, Im a Garen Hyper Onetrick (yes a new word xd) and i think Garen need a buff. I 've played more than 5000 games with him and overall ihave 2000000 mastery Points with him. Riot said a few month ago they wanna change garen. his E should have more counterplay for melee characters. and to be honest his e has for melee characters no Counterplay and they wanna nerf it. But i think they should buff his q like he got a little 'Ragnarok'. That means while his q is acitvated he is slow resistant for the duration or his ult passive isnt that random Best Regards Gàrén
: He definitely needs one but the low elo kids on these boards here still think he is op lol.
: garen did get a whole 2 changes right after the juggernaut update. 1 was to the villain passive not applying to kills against himself, which is understandable. the other was 5 base ms and 5% less ms on his q due to the introduction of dead mans and how strong it was before its nerfs. thats it. he wasnt touched and in a pretty good spot for almost a whole year. considering that he needed to be barely touched at all for such a long time, its quite impressive how balanced he came right out the rework. every nerf he received since then was to his items and targeted at other champions. his current state is just a result of collateral damage from all the indirect game changes and item nerfs due to bruiser adc and bruiser assassins abusing juggernaut items. still sitting here waiting for compensation buffs. it doesnt have to be a kit rework. just some number buffs to his base stats and reverting the 5 base ms + 5% q nerf to compensate for the swifties nerfs.
these 2 nerfs on his q and ult was extreme significant for garen. before he got nerfed he has a banrate of 90% over 2 month. after the nerfs it was 0%. It was 2 hard nerfs i think but yes if we got the movement speed back or a little gapcloser on our q it will be enough xd
: He also just does no dmg right now. His E is worse than just autoattacking and if you max Q your only form of dmg is extremely telegraphed and easy to avoid.
His dmg output could be rly high but u need to be in the face of ur enemy and with rylais and other cc items like the new hextech items garen cant go for his enemies thats a huge problem
: Garen is in a terrible spot right now. He gets destroyed by every ranged toplaner (which is fine, he is supposed to be kiteable) and on top of that every meta melee toplaner like Fiora, Darius or Riven destroy him too. Absolutely no reason to ever pick him.
y and thats why i think garen need a buff
l MrD l (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Gàrén,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=FcvL64Ij,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-09-28T10:06:04.483+0000) > > thats right or maybe they can make his q as a small gapcloser or his ult like kindred that garen can choose who the villain is with a cooldown or smth choosing would make him OP again. He could just choose his lane opponent which made garen snowball so well.
hmmm thats right. but i think we many are by my side and say garen need a buff but what riot should buff is hard to say :D. i think a new passive is the right thing cauz garen isnt a tank he is a fighter or a anticarry and except his passive he got no ability who scale with defensiv Values
l MrD l (EUW)
: I think the point of garen is to be kitable. When he gets close he will hurt a lot especially if youre the villain. IF he does need a buff i kinda think he should get a new passive tbh his current one just doesnt feel like it fits his theme tbh. The might of demacia that runs away to regen HP lol.
thats right or maybe they can make his q as a small gapcloser or his ult like kindred that garen can choose who the villain is with a cooldown or smth
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: there's a teemo one trick also well over 1m i don't think they care
hmm okay i hope they dont ignore me :3
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