: Exactly.
lee's early duel is fine though ? shield, life steal extra attack speed, insane damage on Q, the other ones are really weak against kha's or such but lee can definetly beat almost any jungler pre level 3
: Riot, I am probably one of your biggest supporters here on the Boards.
same feeling, too many problems and issues to even know what exactly is the main one, im playing the game since 6 years, and since 5 to 6 months, ive got the same feeling than you, not only the meta and balance have been absolutely terrible since an entire year going from tank to adc meta but you have to pick tanks bcs otherwise you die in 1 sec to another actual tank meta to another adc meta that is even worse because adc gets 2 shoted by ennemy adc but can do it too and just with one item power spike one champ changes the entire game if his team isnt inting, but one bad guy has more power on the game than 1 great player ( which are mainly gameplay issues ) but also riot's overall decisions and ideas, not forgetting a good amount of outdated things still used by riot such as their punishing system that is too easy to avoid for ACTUAL trollers, idk and that is just 2 "small" things this is actually much deeper and complicated, but even as a guy like you that would non stop defend them even when they possily were wrong in the past becausei understood their overall goal , well right now i do not, idk if i dont understand them or if i dont like what i understand from them, but cmon , this game is getting merely bad, if people were not addicted to it, it would have already lost half of its playerbase tbh
: The main issue with riot's cowseps response...
yeah the banning system triggers for 3 things : third party programs, passive agrressiveness with key words , account sharing, so inters, trollers and trashtalkers dont get banned unless they actually threaten to int or insult you non stop in games, and the worst part is, even that western bullshit system is better than KR's ... in the west, the wrong people are banned and punished, in KR none is at all unless a guy at riot gets upset and cries like a little baby at constructive criticism, riot listens to the community, only to care even less of what they say.
: Caitlyn went from a troll pick to “she needs nerf” without a single buff
except that she actually wanst a " troll pick ", and since her as growth got buffed back and she can crit tower, while the current meta's goal is to destroy squishies with crits from high range , she became meta, not quite accurate as she was never a troll pick, and actually got a buff too ...
Arammus (EUW)
: person has 27 one for alls all lost with 2 premades as anivia
ive seen people beeing racist , homophobic or straight up int for 50 + games without restriction, you must just not threaten to kill someone or tell him to kill himself / beeing passive agressive, if you dont do this you're never ever getting banned though, as you said the guy that gets banned is not the troll or the guy that tries to tilt another guy, its the one that will say a key word seen as bannable by the system and thats all, also the amount of report increases the chance so it can be abused by trolling premades as you saw in your games. The banning system is quite obviously terrible and should be also analysed by actual humans in some cases
Herlgar (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Thefrostyviking,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vlmOFPLP,comment-id=000500000001,timestamp=2018-04-02T09:02:20.706+0000) > second highest**_ base_ **range after Cait
isnt it tristana actually? Maybe not in lane though but it scales with level if i can recall
: 8.6 Duskblade and related changes
I think this is gonna be a buff to zed, it will change his playing style a bit, rather reliant on hitting his spell, rahter than just R auto with duskblade you know, but i saw smthing like shuriken dmge wont be reduced for each shuriken on a champ, so hitting a triple shuriken + ad ratio buff might make the champion actually too strong, but more reliant on his R too imo rather than just W combo with duskblade bonus dmges, btw the red trinket duskblade change is so well welcomed god damn cant believe how many times it happens to me to waste duskblade due to it wow. still can know if ure in vision or not but beeing able to actually destroy wards faster and without wasting the only 2 ways you got of denying them is gonna help these champs a lot, even on the pro -scene actually ( vision control, more dmges on spell, not forced to all in for duskblade dmges, also only dmges if you re not in vision and ennemies do less mistakes in high level, so beeing able to deal dmges more consistently, but with less stupid instant burst on one auto will make teh champions overall stronger while not beeing too frustrating for the ennemies i believe) . These changes do make a lot of sense lets be honest here. Lot of " feel good " and playstyle changes there.
: What is your main problem with the game right now? (Poll)
Games are apparently ( based on stats ) not shorter than before , but far too snowbally , early game be like botlane 2v2 , whoever wins gets tower , drake , roams , take all towers, , mega snowball , end . This can take more or less time but this is overall the same scenario on 80 % of my games , when almost every single game used to be different and intense back when i started league ( i dont mean s2/3 were far better , the balancing was awful too , but they create new things that have the same issues after reworking and even REMOVING older one that were issues ) . ( duskblade for ad assassins = same as DFG for ap , red kayn has the same pbs than fizz / ekko tank but has somehow even more mobility and more viable cc and sustain . tanks can split push too well with demolition , do too good dmges , adc scale too fast , and classes between it are entirely trash exept for snowbally assassins that can take down the adc instantly if there is no peel . This is the result of many older riot decision ( aka nerfing bot tower to stop lane swap in competitive , reducing crit adc item cost ( but up gold earned / min from adcs ) , uping brk cost cuz its op on adc so its actual users are doomed ( fighters ) , buffing lethality the same way as when it was problematic last season ... adcs were too weak to answer burst dmges , so riot gave them insane burst instead of nerfing burst dmges champs ... adcs became too strong , but still were one shotable , which resulted in the ardent support meta of last year with 2/3 tanks to top it off ( protect adc and hope he dps ennemies faster than other adc dps you ) . ive too tired and bored to go further into this , but this pre season was a fiesta , prob worst balancing ive seen in a while .
: Fewer than [0.5% of players](https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/features/retiring-dominion) actively played it (and a portion of that were bots). It's not worth Riot's time and resources to keep it balanced and polished.
dont keep it balanced and polished then , ppl were just having fun anyways . the idea of a cp is pretty good imo
: You know what's more infuriating than Yasuo being able to ult under tower and land outside of it?
Fizz , tho he has no waveclear and isnt good in every situation , has obviously too high base dmge and ridiculous , safe all in potential from level 3 . He is all the issues that old leblanc had ( too safe, too much burst , feels bad to play cause only wave clear is also his main mobility spell , not enough counter play , too op or too weak depending on the situation) .
: I want to congratulate Ghostcrawler
I don't think you can put the blame on a single person , but yeah , the current state of balance of the game is just very bad , everything does too much dmges , tanks are tanky , do dmges and can push with demolition ( why would you pick a strong split pusher like jax , if you go dmges , you're useless anyway ) , adcs are too strong since a year and a half and instead of nerfing them ( aka , more gold to buy items , for example statik could cost 2700 g , and IE 3,5 k , or less gold / s since it was increased by 0,4 a while ago , and also they were getting one shoted so thats why they got buffed , but instead of giving them one shot potential to make them able to fit in a terrible meta , couldnt you nerf the other champs or items , such as lethality ??? ) . Issue is they made BRK cost more since adc where abusing it but actual brk users are useless now ( aka most of the dps melee ) . I mean i feel like every classes has too much options and abuse items that shouldnt be for them and then riot nerfs this and the class that is actually supposed to use these items becomes useless af ... Like the split pushers toplaner are so weak , tanks and adc push faster and safer , are better in tf and just eveyrwhere , there is no such thing as a midgame right now , its like laning phase , whoever gets first tower on botlane roams and gets every tower , if botlane roams too to answer they get fuked and cant farm , if they stay to farm yhey lose every tower , like there is no options , game lenght overall is the same but it goes from early game , to one good 2v2 in bot , insane snowball , adc hits 3 items , late game , and all the good midgame / sieging champions are just useless because towers fall so fast to everything else anyways ... if you wanna fix this revert the tower nerf to bot , they did that to reduce lane swap in competitive , but man competitive has like 0,01 % of the players of the game , the 99 % other are fuked , and even tho riot gets more moeny from esports , they could at least make a different meta for solo Q or so , because it feels terrible af .
: {{champion:238}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:157}} edgelord
: {{champion:202}} _"FOUR!"_
Phöbia (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=CytheGuy,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=nI2k2ifQ,comment-id=0038,timestamp=2018-01-14T03:15:14.256+0000) > > {{champion:98}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:238}} This unit is a flippin' ninja! This brings back memories.
actually this hidden passive almost fuked me up recently , my 2 best champs are zed and akali and they're both pretty popular so I had quite often an akali , zed or even shen in the same game i was playing one of these champs throughout the 3 last years but !! it was like 20 games ago or something , ive went to a 1v1 on zed vs ennemy fizz midlane , managed to kill him and was ignited +bonus dmges of his W, i survived literaly with one single hp ( first time it ever does that to me , like already had 10 hp or so but never ACTUALLY 1 , and i play since 6 years , and quite a lot , so it shows how lucky you need to be for that) , like if there was shen here too , -1 hp , i'd die . ( was zed mid , had an akali toplane ) . BTW , i might be wrong since I never play him , but Kennen is a ninja too , no ? not sure if he counts for the passive .
: The first line of your post is kind of hyperbolic in the claim that 90% of players are massively against these changes. This tends to be a wall we run up against any time we try to introduce some sort of systemic change (elemental dragons, jungle plants, adjusted cs scores on jungle camps etc), where initial outcry can be quite negative, but once players have played around with the changes they actually tend to like them (now I won't say that 100% of people do, but the vast majority). The designer who's been working on the project has been doing a load of tuning to the sightstone quest reward so that it "turns on" roughly around the same time supports are buying sightstone on live. What this means is you'll have vision around the same time as usual, but will also have that 800 gold that you can put towards a more exciting purchase. The majority of the negative pushback (which is warranted) seems to be revolving around the idea that we're doing away with the item actives which people find exciting. While it's true that we're going to be taking it off of the gold gen items, we're going to be looking for ways to re-introduce them back to the game as soon as possible, just as new items. Who doesn't love spooky ghosts? In regards to the poaching concern - that's something we're super aware of and will be looking to actively tune if we're off. There's a change going out for relic shield to the PBE today (was supposed to go yesterday) where we're cutting the healing for ranged users in half (this does hurt Thresh so we're going to look to buff him in another way as a fast followup should he need it). We'll see if that pushes relic far enough from desirable in every game territory for marksman, but if it doesn't, we have other things we can try.
Im totally for these changes tbh , and it will feel better for autofilled supports too ... only sad thing is that i cant have ruby sightstone + ingenious hunter and go zz rot banner of command , demolition , dead man plate and trinity udyr and just split push push push .
: @Riot It's funny how fast you come up with these support changes
I think there should be a keystone for fighters , ( tbh they should rework / remove some of the current runes and put new ones instead , like minion dematerialiser or the thing that gives you extra armor or rm when you use potion / heal . Currently the issue is fighters cant win lane vs tanks , but tanks also scale better and with demolition their split pushing is pretty much the same ... Why would you pick a fighter , not tanky enough , cant get in range or gets fucked instantly due to the insane amount of burst dmges there is in the game atm , cant split push more effectively than another champ would ( adcs , tanks(!) and even lethality assassins push at least as good while beeing far safer!) . They were strong in mid game when ennemy toplaner would try to roam or they force him out of the lane and push towers before jungle responds , but right now there really sint any midgame , there is an early game , then bot t1 falls , bot roams top and gets another tower , and then mid and if you dont group mid you lose 3 towers and full map control , but if you go mid you cant do what you have to ( pushing ) and ennemies got an insane gold lead anyway ... And if you are playing top you just pray for your botlane to win cause you dont have any map presence anyway and top tower is harder to kill than botlane one ...
kargish (EUW)
: Alright so out of curiosity, the original comment gets downvoted, then the OP comment agrees with that comment and gets upvoted? Huh?
yeah i was asking myself this too , like guy says opinion and explains why , gets -2 , other guy says ,Yeah , I agree , gets +6 ^^ . But lots of ppl downvote him just for who he is due to some older posts :p
: It hardly matters... almost all the Lunar Revel skins are dogshit awful anyways. Just stick with the ultimate skin for her. Or if you're a REAL Lux player... Spellthief. Spellthief Lux is best Lux.
> [{quoted}](name=The Whamboozler,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=AffZ4ZzL,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2018-01-10T00:59:24.200+0000) > Lunar Revel skins are dog~~shit~~ yeah . year of the dog so thats why we got nasus and warwick .
: Seems like changes targeted to auto filled support players and frustrating changes for support mains. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
I play lot of support and it doesnt seem frustrating to me at all , this will be just better for autofilled sups but not worse for sup mains , actually one of the best decision about botlane items paths and sup playing style that riot has done in a WHILE ( a year and a half maybe ?) Tho ill be missing the {{champion:412}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3401}} {{item:2045}} {{item:3109}} {{item:3083}} , you're actually tanky if you stacked some souls , have lot of peel with low cd shields and knights vow , and if you survive a fight you're back to full hp with warmogs . Most with like Ingenious Hunter for more item cdr , guardian to get yet another shield , and overgrowth to stack hp which has good sinergy with armor stacking of his passive , mostly in those big full ad comps atm with the midlane zeds and mf / draven adc who have good burst and low dps , but you're tanky so you can tank it quite easily , and if they have some AP , iron solari is the item that gives the most rm in the game ( 60 , as much as banshee's veil ) and you get hp from the other items . Very very strong imo . Add to it thresh kit ( lot of hard cc and good base dmges on E auto + R ) , and you get an insanely good and very versatile sup .
ItsLowbo (NA)
: Changes to Sightstone/Support Items coming to PBE
! Rip Mega Item CDR reduction with Ingenious Hunter + Ruby sightstone , I liked the udyr / yorick with demolition + {{item:3512}} {{item:3060}} {{item:2045}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3800}} and 65% item cdr .
: In memory of my brother
{{item:3070}} sry :/
Aeon123 (NA)
: Quick Update on Rotating Game Modes
: Except that to reach a 2 k ultimate she´d need a full 7 sphere's ultimate. That means she´d need to stack 4 Q's somewhere and hold one with her W and throw it out just before ulting. Counterplay is to not go near her when she has stacked those Q's up, which takes about 9 seconds, if you still go near her while she has those up it's like seeing that the enemy has a giant cannon about to test fire into an open area and still deciding to go camping right there.
I mean tbh i myself dont really think syndra is op and yy i play around that , but im trying to clear the other guy point to Dasdi96 , and tbh dont take it too seriously , im not sure if its m and g or gameplay atm .
: then post it to memes, not gameplay
I think it might have been part of the joke too . But I mean it highlights the lack of counterplay that syndra has so i'd say this can be in gameplay ( i guess )
: > [{quoted}](name=Goolookin,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=BdpqOKXO,comment-id=000f0000,timestamp=2018-01-06T18:17:04.325+0000) > > Interesting idea to get your LP back, this system really does need to be worked on. :\ Yes. If not this way, any kind of way is okay. I just want this to be better for summoners.
> [{quoted}](name=Jolly The Kid,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=BdpqOKXO,comment-id=000f00000000,timestamp=2018-01-06T18:35:23.402+0000) > > Yes. If not this way, any kind of way is okay. I just want this to be better for summoners. this guy is the president we all need , make league of legends great again . (but how can riot know if the guy actually trolled ?)
: This just in, an ap mage with full ap build does damage! More news at 12
point and click dmges than 100 to 0 your healthbar ? the issue isnt dmges or the champ beeing op , its the lack of counterplay .
Enlegacy (NA)
: Jesus Christ your post history is just whining about nerfing a champ with a 47% winrate or Zoe. Zoe I can understand. Zoe is a champ which deserves nerfs. but you should calm your rage anti-syndra boner, its lasted for quite a while and you should probably see a doctor.
it was a quality meme tbh , you should take it easy .
: > [{quoted}](name=HalcyonDweller,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=oBUc7I5Y,comment-id=0003000200000001000000000000,timestamp=2018-01-04T21:55:32.093+0000) > > Not beyond repair. But fundamentally I would say that damage is definitely way out of hand. No it’s not. Every champ has counterplay and the game is balanced around the new runes, like bruh you just gotta learn to counter them adaptive of the new season. Can’t keep playing as if it’s last season lol, positioning and map awareness is needed even more XD. If the damage was way out of hand Riot would respond and fix it and they will but it’s not out of hand.
last season there was too many ways to counter ennemy dmges , riot nerfed it causei t was faaar too overwhelming but buffed dmges of almost every champ too in pre season , you add it together it makes a double huge dmge buff and tho it is still a botlane oriented meta it is VERY different from last season ( poke the ennemy out and get the first towa ) .
: I wouldn't call those items viable against every matchup as you make it sound to be.
maybe celerity and dead men plate are situational , but righteous glory gives you all the gap closing you need anyway , and tbh you'll pretty much build it on 100 % of your games as cho . This item reduced the weaknesses of most of the tank champs , but most of juggernauts / fighters still have the gap closing issue because , well this isnt a that good item on them . The issue is they dont deal much more dmges than tanks , but they cant tank and also have less gap closing and less good fight , like why would you pick jax for exemple ? unless your goal is to afk split push but you could pick {{champion:83}} instead . Adcs were too op , so riot instead of nerfing them , buffed the dmges and reduces the counterplay of literally almost all classes . Btw I myself prefer the current assassins , i find them more healthy tho if you execute well you should be able to one shot someone anyway , but yeah tanks are too strong , hard to escape from them or kite atm due to all the options they have and they somehow deal insane dmges while beeing totally unkillable .
Crede777 (NA)
: One thing Riot has pointed out in the past is that if you aren't that feeder, then you go into each game with 4 possible feeders while the enemy team has 5. Over a large enough sample size, that should eventually play out to a positive winning percentage.
indeed , but then you are not rewarded for playing good or bad , lets say you are slightly better than average and almost never feed or dont fight the enemies for no reason when you're 0/3 as Yasuo and there is no objective to take . Well it wont change anything , if your team feeds you lose , if none does , well you scale and if you're ACTUALLY better than average , a totally even game between the two teams , with pretty even team comps should be a win in the end , but this happens in like 10 % of game , the rest is not up to you , all about RNG and the way mmr works .
: At no point in the post did he say he won the match. He said that he "carried", people carry in matches all the time and still lose a large number of them.
what , stop messing around now , you perfectly understood .
: I agree with making a Crystal Scar mode like Ascension or Dominion permanent at least. We need at least one non-snowballing/non-laning mode (where you can pick whatever champion you want) back again.
they could put this type of fast games permanent , and then make SR less snowbally and longer strategical game imo .
: never ever ever play another champion your m score is perfect
he needs to just play teemo till he gets exactly 666k , and then unistall the game to not ruin it .
: Poll! Let's see what you still think about this preseason!
well balance issues are understandable in pre-season ( tho we kinda got lots of them in the ENTIRE last season ) , but poor communication from riot ( mostly about essences ( they spoke about blue essence , but nothing about orange or increased mastery cost ) , and decisions towards new players ( which is ok ... exept when it literally fucks up every older player ) i dont like these flashy things like emotes,new healthbars , champs ( {{champion:142}} )too much dmges everywhere , resulting in useless bruisers since full tanks deal as much dmges but are more tanky and have consistent cc , and assassins absolutely one shot eveyrthing ( exept for tanks ) and can easy 1v1 fighters and champs like that. Adcs are getting one shoted but are also insanely strong . Instead of nerfing adcs , riot buffed every other things , which was a bad decision imo , i feel like they're now only caring about money and big numbers rather than their players opinion ( well when its not QQing or mindless screaming at riot ) and overall state of the game . The only reason why i play league now is for its competitive aspect ( watch LCS and play ranked ) and troll normals with friends ( when i say troll i mean full crit udyr/nunu and not running down mid ) . Anyway , quite a lot of things to say , but mainly balance issues and frustrating games , cant wait for actual season to start .
: welp image sharing site gave up on me, rip edit: fixed it
gotta like how rito said they reduce disenchant values cause we'd get more skin shards , but the only things we can get is one skin shard per event , and we get less in chests because we get emotes all the time now ( and the rest of the times champs , ward , and icons , love my life) never had so few skins shard since the release of it , if at least they didnt lie to us ( or at least communicated more clearly ) by saying nothing would change with orange essence , i'd disenchant em all and take the ones i want , cant reroll , too risky i have only good shards .
Eedat (NA)
: Until you realize these rates havent changed really ever. Look at those winrates from say, [patch 5.22](https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/infographics/patch-5-22-infographics) First Blood: 60.62% WR First Tower: 68.86% WR First Dragon: 70.44% WR First Baron: 79.78% WR First Inhib: 91.31% In contrast if you look at [patch 7.24](https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/infographics/patch-7-24-infographics) the numbers are practically the same First Blood: 59.81% WR First Tower: 72.27% WR First Dragon: 68.74% WR First Baron: 80.04% WR First Inhib: 91.15% So the numbers are practically identical actually
the stats are pretty much the same , but what happens in the game is actually different , the way snowball is set up , how fast tower falls and so on , there is no such thing as a tower falling at 5 min back in s5 , and tier 2 had shields , tier 3 had lasers , so the way you could siege was really different and when enenmy comp had lot of waveclear and played well they could definetly stall , but right now its basically a rofl stomp and you get one shoted if you try anything , also , vision control and overall strategy is far less important.
: Why I (veteran) am slowly losing interest in League
I entirely agree , i keep playing solo Q but this is getting me mad tbh , i only play this game for its competitive aspect and great esports scene , but where the fuck is the competitiveness atm ? the real issue is that it isnt either really fun or competitive to play , which really sucks , since the goal of a game is to have both of them , or one of them but really well developped , s4-s5 = fun and competitive , s6/s7 = competitive ( but less fun , cause if you werent following the meta and everything you'd lose , but the overall balance was okay and you had clear win conditions / strategies ) but late s7 and beginning of s8 ... well the game is totally unbalanced there isnt really any strats , you cant try any special thing or you'll get totally stomped , its just like whoever gets the first kill on botside spam all what they have and end in 15 min with no counterplay . I used to have fun both when losing or winning , right now im just " happy " when i win ranked cause it makes me climb , or when i play with friends in normals .
Hibeki (NA)
: No im not complaining assassins are bad or weak. Im complaining that if an adc wins a coinflip they demolish them.
if adc wins 3 coin flips in your exemple which technically reduces the chances a lot ( mere statistics ) , and usually he needs to attack more than 3 times even if he crits all 3 , so it reduces it too , and if he doesnt win the coin flip ? he gets one shoted .
Hibeki (NA)
: Crit Chance is too powerful of a stat to remain RNG
okay , to be honest adcs are strong , but are you really complaining about assassins being " weak " ? no joke i myself play almost only assassins / high burst champs , and they're all really strong right now , there is few peel and tanks in the current meta , and an adc that is 2k gold ahead should actually be able to 1v1 you ... exept that assassins have still stronger early than adcs , snowball faster , so that situation will happen very very rarely and even if it happens if you play zed , extra dmges when ennemy > 50 % , duskblade bonus dmges, ur combo and double R dmges ... even if you fall a bit behind ( which rarely happens ) im not sure 1v1'ing a such fed adc (that played well in early and totally stomped you to get his lead) isnt so hard , if you dont miss your combo , he will actually most likely be the one dying .
Ąhri Bot (EUW)
: [Skin Suggestion] Bewitching Ahri, Jinx, Lux and Soraka
well these champs already have many skins tbh , what about a {{champion:136}} skin ?
: Can we bring back zephyr
wow ! i was literally just thinking about zephyr yesterday lol ! back in the time i never built dfg , zephyr and items like that and when they got removed i was like hey ,wtf these items are so cool brah , i wanna build em ... but i was like 10 and didnt know shit about the game or meta either , and i feel like i would have far more fun in older seasons ... btw as "his kitten" and "Z3Sleeper" both said , if you remove dfg , remove duskblade too , and this comes from a zed main btw , it made his playstyle really different and i simply dont feel like there is any challenge in playing zed anymore since he is op af , and it makes losing lane even worse than before cause you're like maining an op cancer champ but somehow still lose , i prefered back when he was lets say " weak " in february --->april so i could pick him ( rn too high bann rate tho zoe took his #1 spot ) and still had an ok win rate , it feels really rewarding to succeed on a non-meta champ cause you feel like you're pretty good on it . but overall the pb rather comes from duskblade which gives a too early , too strong power spike to any ad burst champ compared to what ap assassins champs have as options .
JMoormann (EUW)
: Or {{champion:2}} Another angry boi
Or{{champion:154}} One Slimy Boi
: Then you'll just have to hope you get him. But, be thankful - it being random means you actually get a chance to play him, as opposed to merely locking him in and then being a Lux's bitch for the next half-hour. Because that's what non-random URF is. You're Sona/Lux/Sivir/Anivia/Blitzcrank/Ekko/Fizz/Viegar/Shaco's bitch for 20-30 minutes. Every single time, with the only exception being in customs. Which is better: Choosing when to get him but having a 100% certainty of not having fun, or randomly getting him and having a relatively good chance of having fun?
do you realise he ( {{champion:202}} ) isnt even available atm ? and even if he was what are the chances of getting him in all random ? btw you forgot {{champion:238}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:17}} in your list , and anyway how can someone one shot you if you're on in screen for less than a sec before going to light speed ?
: Beautiful Winter Wonder Ahri by LRY CiteMER
A poro ? that reminds me of something ...
: "Everyone wants 'Actual' URF". No. Not everyone does. In fact, few people do. URF had the most toxic meta that existed. Making it random at least made it less toxic.
possibly less toxic , but also far less fun , what if i want to try some special champ , build or strat , like {{champion:202}} " The Fast " or so ?
: no tank is building Cleaver...
{{champion:86}} {{champion:59}} " dw , im picking a tank" : {{item:3142}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3814}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3026}}
Ghi (NA)
: When Lee Sin gets blinded, it should say "DEAFENED".
" deafness is no impairment against a smelly ennemy "
gazzo97 (EUW)
: why people write easy at the end of games?
but what if i say it after losing to a fed {{champion:81}} ... " GG EZ " ?
: I miss One For All...
in game modes , everyone wants ACTUAL urf , one for all , and i myself would like to see black market again . But apparently {{summoner:31}} {{summoner:30}} {{summoner:32}} and {{champion:101}} are more important ...
JoeMG (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ralanr,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=OZfV5k3K,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2017-12-18T18:18:04.020+0000) > > Imo it’s why I used to think dragon should have been top. Isn't the reason bot lane is a duo because of Dragon control? I feel like if drake was moved up top then we might just see adc/supp move to top lane.
but you also ignore tower resistances on botside pre-8 min , which means if you get some lane pressure you get first tower real fast , which gives you a bigger control around drake too since ennemies will push less far . Even if drake was topside i dont think botlane would move too much , mostly if herald is bot , since you could push even faster .
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