: tanks build frozen and get it shredded % armor pen is all over the place and base damages are super high then they dont build frozen and build a more balanced item but then they have low armor and base damaged get them long with % health damage while still being super effected by armor pen . same with magic pen and the one magic resist item they usually get to build some times two. then there are fighters who are expected to do damage but use the same defensive items that tanks do. How do you expect to tanks to just bearly be tanky with 6 defensive items (that no non pro-tank player wants to build even playing a tank tank players want at least one damage item) Tanks have to rely on skills to farm they have very little ad and range. and they cant use their cc to pressure other lanes if they stuck in lane farming slowly because some other champ has more damage on a lower cooldown spell. (it most likely has cc itself).
We were talking about mana issues. Armor getting "shredded" is not a good argument, it's just how the tank are bad at the moment and it's an other story. A lot of player gets the frozen gauntlet, which means it isn't such a bad item.
: mages adcs and assassins the only classes who regularly have spells with low mana costs. more often than not tanks have low mana pools to start off with high mana cost spells and high cooldowns which they get the cooldowns down and even out their mana pools early but still end up with a below average mana pool. Fighters also have low mana pools they usually have one spell with low mana cost and low cooldown and the other 2 spells cost lots of mana to use. while they have less mana access than tanks because {{item:3057}} dont provide more than 3 -8 rotations of spells from their mana
Tanks can build frozen too. If you take for alistar example, I've never had much mana problem once I picked the shield. People I see the most oom are the ones that relies on their skill to farm all the time. Like these adcs that don't know how to farm with their a.a.s.
: so its only not good for support because supports are the only class with mana regen outside of ap mages with {{item:3802}}
Extending the pool (sheen trees, frozen...) is enough for all the other class, they don't even spam high cost mana, thus the lack of mana item. these champs will benefit more of the health regen.
: Its great for both Its out of combat sustain and mana regen For your squishies who like to spam spells.
mana becomes useless once you build a mana sustain item, luden + supp item + runes has always been enough for me when I played velk, lux or veig, except for few specific champ like cassio that spam the fuck out of their mana bar. I said "not so great", not "it's terrible". Compared to mountain or inf, it's less decisive.
wolf jade (EUNE)
: can i report someone for going urgot support
I've won plenty of match with non typical supp champ as supp. One huge issue I see is the adcs that aren't used to dual lane. They need to think about their positioning and catch chances. troll pick and troll playing are two different things.
: Climbing out of bronze impossible. May as well just boost.
Play dmg supp, catch free errors, get out of bronze.
: What is with Riot's fetish for RNG in every single thing nowadays?
: Ocean is almost as strong as Infernal in my opinion. Just that out of all the other things giving utility infernal is the odd one out giving raw stats. (kinda with cloud too) that should be changed.
Ocean is great if you have a health bag team, if you have a glass canon one it's not so great.
: I dont understand after match ranking
There are many things that enter in the equation for a S that aren't that obvious. For example, Skillshot hit rate (maybe not the case here), cs (probably that).
: Hey Riot when will we get an invisble mode?
Oh it hurts no one, except there are other thing that needs more attention.
giantZorg (EUW)
: The game seems to be fine again: Introducing the Yasuometer
Lately, I'm more worried to get a yasuo in my team, than in front actually. If I had 2 ban, I would dedicate one to yasuo, in every game, just to avoid getting a wannabe LCS monkey.
: Hey Riot when will we get an invisble mode?
You could also grow a pair and explain to people that sometimes you want to play solo.
Rioter Comments
: Tribunal? What is this, season 2?
The report system, I didn't mean the old tribunal.
: This is a pretty bad idea, you know. Easily abusable and then you want to ensure a 4v5 for your team? Like...what inspired this lol.
If it requires 4 votes, I don't see the problem. Why would you want to play 4v5 unless there's a guy that troll ? The banned player doesn't get lp loss/gain and get thrown on the tribunal top file, if the player doesn't get punished, his team gets punished.
: If that's all you can take out of what I'm saying, that's all the more I can expect from you.
Sorry, I don't read the rest of a comment when the first sentence implies trolling and being wrong. Being bad and using a champ you don't know is two different thing. the second situation is easily avoided by doing what I said. The first one... Well it's low elo. People doing bad doesn't justify not taking the minimum action to reduce the number of issues. I don't see how your fallacies have anything to do with my logic.
: I was more or less using mockery of the logic in your statement, to be honest. That's why it was pretty easy to see as poor. I mean just look at the phrasing for goodness sakes. "other people than me". That's a bit too much introspection for people making that statement. Especially in Silver elo, there are far more ways and far more powerful ways someone can lose or a game is lost than someone doing bad with a champion. It's a fools errand to try to eliminate one reason you see as far too risky. Plus it focuses on the small view of a single game and a single reason someone got lost. That's a bad way to want to play ranked. You're always going to have someone who is behind on your team, and it is something you should know how to do (aka play around that).
I don't first time champ in ranked, so I don't see the problem in that ? Í'm obviously not fucking talking about bad players but about first timer in ranked. Pretty easy to understand no ? Your mocking is completely unsuccessful and you just shoot in your feet.
: the best wording is probably camera movement limitations
And that movement allows you to peek in a different angle. English is not my first language, but you're nitpicking, I think people should get it.
: It is real annoying when other people than me do poorly and thus cause me to lose a game.
I don't think you can get more fallacious. You're confusing cause and consequence. If the consequence is the same, it doesn't mean the cause is the same and unavoidable. Sort your logic pls.
Ahri Baka (EUNE)
: I might hate it when they play Kai'Sa , but as for Irelia , she is pretty fine , she is not bad and not hard , her E is the only problem maybe
the point -----------------> you Dude it's not about balance or a champ being good or bad. The problem is people first timing in ranked. Reworks and new champs should be restricted to normal for 2 week. I have no way to tell people that did play the champ enough to play it ranked from the other clowns, so I'd rather have it removed from ranked, it's particularly toxic in low elo. Just tried to launch a game and on 4 matchmaking, I got 4 irelia in my team. It's fucking annoying.
archerno1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ratpie,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4BIanuEw,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-04-02T02:46:28.817+0000) > > Too bad 99% of the playerbase is not professional. Well its not just professional. Medium and high elo players can also deal with Yi with ease. Only low elo struggles against him. And they cant really balance game for low elo.
I agree, yi is pretty easy to shutdown. Problem are low elo players unable to deal with the Q. in a 1v1, It's a pure reaction match, if he dodges the CC with his Q he wins, if he doesn't he loses. The other problem is people fighting all the time and unable of keeping track of the other player, fighting all in without yi in the fight is stupid. he will probably just sweep clean your team once you're exhausted on the floor, low hp. As a silver I like to ban him because people will feed him anyway.
Ratpie (NA)
: I think it is more than snowballing, as he and a few others can catch up really fast. AD burst champs can be completely shutdown in game, and then they hit a powerspike that is on another level. I see the same thing with Yasuo's. I will chase one out of lane and bully the hell out of them, then they hit their powerspike and even though they are behind level, go dive another lane, pick up one or 2 cheese kills and suddenly they are back even with everyone. It is almost as if winning early game doesn't matter unless you are playing a hypercarry as well.
I agree, these yasuo come back are so annoying, like the guy 1/10/1, carrying suddenly...
: One of the worst hitboxes in the game has to be Ezreal Q
Thresh and morgana are quite up on my list of bullshit hitboxes. The problem is the effect not showing the real hitbox. Like the ult of lux. Got killed once will being out of the effect. But have been touched by one transparent pixel --'. Also it doesn't go around the minion, it's just your hitbox that isn't completely hidden by the minion's, so ez just hit you on the corner of his Q.
: If you're getting 1 shot by a Zed as Raka you're playing her wrong. Drop silence on yourself and his whole combo is negated lol
Lol, did you even consider the fact that you can have already casted the silence ? If you talk about soraka like that, it means you should know the cd of the E. That's the problem with the folks like you that think every fight happens in a perfect 1v1 condition. It never does, especially as a supp when you have to manage someone else at the same time. Zed being bot often means minimum 3v2, if not 4v2.
: Sona's shield is extremely shitty early game tbh
: > [{quoted}](name=Quiet Dude,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EYbUykIU,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-03-31T17:27:56.778+0000) > > Assassins are just frustrating to die to. They may be balanced, but if all someone on the enemy team sees is some skinny waifish guy deal a ton of burst damage and uses his ninjitsu to turn into a log to get away, it can be pretty annoying for the victim. > > That being said, if you play a tanky guy and see an assassin, you can easily bitch slap that assassin into quantum uncertainty. It's all a matter of perspective. I wish there is a class of champions that can make an assassin's job harder to do. Wait a minute... {{champion:12}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:44}} How is the assassin getting through any of these champs? Oh right because the adc has no brains and thought it was a good idea to farm a wave away from the safety of his tower ALONE while the enemy Assassin is MIA.
more than half of these champs are themselves preys for the assassins. It's always charming to have a 6/0/0 zed coming on your lane early as soraka and getting os under tower out from nowhere. Most assassins can close the distance and os your adc if ahead without you being able to do anything. The best case, you survive but you have to back and the enemy can just free farm and push. Lovely.
Gryphyx (NA)
: Why is getting banned so easy now?
What do you get from chatting with random kid A ?
: Really? I mean, i play on gold elo on this account, but I've been diamond and to me, it looks like ppl in Gold are way better than they used to be
The only gold I see are gold V trashes I would trade for silvers anytime. I've mentioned silver and only silver for a reason. Depending on the "used to be", the pro stuff give pointers and a lot of people would be below their elo without that. I've played the game before LCS, it's night and day if you compare it to now (however everyone is playing the same way and the games are always the same which annoys me, I think ESport is fucking the game), that's for sure.
: Yasuo
Lately ? It has always been an overplayed champ. The glass-canon retarded gameplay and the japanese side is attracting a lot of kids. I would reduce the dash count, and remove the wind shield block on ults.
: Autistic as a word shouldn't be banned. From context it should be determined whether or not it was meant as an insult. if it was, that should be punished. (this coming from someone actually on the spectrum, if the time becomes appropriate, i mention that i am in game)
I do use it on special occasion, when no one looks at their map, and play like lemmings. When you are silver and you feel your whole team is bronze V -100. I understand people can have a bad game, but 4 people at the same time in the same way ? Nah no mercy.
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: Seriously fix silver pls
I've been playing many season, but that's the worse I've seen so far in silver. We're hitting new record of lows here my friend.
: How do you deal with troll supports as adc?
> I was farming very bad because of the fear I had everytime he went close to the cs I was aa, so at 5 min I had about 16cs while my opponent had 40. Hell. So you re self-destructing and call other troll for that ? As long he has supp item, you can expect he is not trolling. I could tell you about these adc that didn't like my pick and played badly because of that, ending blaming me for it.
: he means camera issues shouldnt make a highly visible trap invisible
It's more a camera angle limitation than an "issue", my wording may have been a bit clumsy on this.
: While you're at it ---> reduce her traps to 3 and increase the cd to what it was like before.
I feel that they should make the range of laying lower, reduce her traps to 3 like you say and a channeling skill. If teemo has to throw his mushroom, I don't get the magical spawn of trap btw. They could make it a throw, and if it hits someone it does some damage, if it ends on the ground, it set up the trap. No trap behind enemies.
: Balanced teams please
People that can't wait for the queue fucked the game. Because of them the system match whith different div. Because of them we get an shity autofill system unless you play supp. I can understand high elo gets matched with upper and lower div, but in silver and bronze, we got enough player to not have mixed games.
: i must have almost 4000 games played, only 110 out of 140 champions, yet i still manage to be out of BE. I only have 11k BE right now :( Seriously the rate of BE gain is horrible. Happily for me i pretty much have everything i already want to have, but i still struggle to save up the ressources for future champions and Mastery 6-7 upgrades. It must be hell for new players trying to buy new champions. Sure you get champion shards on every level up that you can roll for cheap, but it must be hell to get the neccessary BE to unlock a desired champion for which you don't have a shard for.
Unless you did many name changes, there's no way you don't have all the champ with 4k game. I've all of them and still 16k, and I'm under 4000, even if you count the rankeds.
Rioter Comments
Seen (NA)
: You're saying this as if bruisers, tanks, marksmen, supports and assassins run out of mana.
sona heal reach 100 mana very quickly, if you want to use it regularly, buy a tear, or cry for real. I could just spam with Velkoz with the t2 supp ap item and the chapter. Add the mana cost reduction on Q hits, you just never run out of mana.
Pika Fox (NA)
: Runes were provably terrible with a proveable 0 real choice in runes. The new system, while likely does have a 100% optimal path for every champion, has not been solved for every champion yet, and solves numerous problems the old runes had. The new runes system is, by literally every metric conceivable, better for the player.
Like I said, unless you play in very high elo, the 100% optimal is a luxury. And you don't play the same way in low/average elo, especially as support, for example soraka that I play often. In silver people are retarded and often expect you to tank for them. Which I don't like, don't want for various reasons that are off-topic here, so you end up being the lifeline of a squishy team and over-focused. So you need to get actually tanky to survive those tard-fed assassins. However if our team is tankier and they don't have these annoying os press-R dumb champs, you don't have to and it's better to go for a traditional caster build. I'll repeat, I'm not talking of plat-diam-challenger elo range there.
Rioter Comments
CurS1VE (NA)
: It's time to rename the role of "Support"
There's not enough variation in the choices, there's no "super important" role. Support is just not the bullshit role some bronze think it is.
Pika Fox (NA)
: Except its not really a choice. At the pro level, unless you were the jungler, the only real choice you had were "who am i laning against decides what defensive runes ill run". Thats it. Other than specific jungle champs, runes were a "You either run this or youre suboptimal" game choice. You had no real choice other than to do x or lose out on the best stats you could have had. Run crit runes? Always wrong choice. Crit damage? Wrong choice. XP runes? You guessed it, wrong choice. Energy regen? Wrong choice. Flat energy? Lol same. There were so many trap runes it wasnt even funny. Trap runes you paid IP for.
I'm not a pro, I couldn't care less about them and their little min/maxing. I don't play league because it's fun for the pro. A lot of wrong stuff added to the game came from RIOT only looking into esport and not bothering with the normal players. Sorry, that's the truth, they don't give a fuck about us, except for the skin money. It was a trap if you buy with a bag on your eyes and the brain turned off but if you did, yes, there were some runes that were useless. It doesn't mean you have to change the whole system, no : Remove the useless runes. Crit chance was used back then and could still be used now, the others I agree. *After the pick*, yes there are limited choice from the build I made. Depends on my champ though, some champ could play in few more way. With the current system you can't make little fix on the runes if X champ get hit by a nerf.
Pika Fox (NA)
: Runes were a terrible system. You had to pay a massive amount of IP to use them, and even if you removed all IP cost of runes and gave everyone every rune, all champions only had like 2 rune page setups at best for optimal play. At most you had to decide "Do i want armor yellows or hp yellows?" Thats not good design, and its a good thing its gone. Not gunna miss it. Turtle strats are still viable. If you wanna run ziggs or anivia and safely wipe minion waves, you still can. Its still a thing.
> At most you had to decide "Do i want armor yellows or hp yellows?" Thats not good design, and its a good thing its gone. Not gunna miss it. That's your choice if you restrict yourself, I've always had my own build, and the 20 pages were filled, not with clones. I had all the runes in the game and never complained when I started without any of them, i didn't even buy tiers 1/2s, I didn't bought new champs, etc... That's your problem if you are impatient. Also it's extremely hypocrite since you still have to grind for the champ... Way more than before. Not like getting champs is the most important thing in the game right ? There's no equivalent to regen runes for example. And the masteries made senses, I've never picked a mastery I didn't need to get an other. In the new system, there's are runes choice that are utterly useless for my way of playing. Also it forces you to play in some way. It's just dumbing down and restricting. "turtle strats are still available", I play support mainly, I don't use 80% of their "runes".
: Riot stop making this game short.
Yeah but they wanted the game to appeal to the kids. their goal is probably a community age replacement / refreshing. I felt like moving from a restaurant to a fast food with this new patch.
: If you feel you aren't interested in League... LEAVE! You and all of the other grumblers on the board who complain about how the game has changed and isn't as good as it used to be should move on. I started playing at the end of season 6, and from my experiences this game is excellent. The old rune system was simply a way to try and let champions be viable in other roles by giving them stat boosts. This didn't help as the meta would always be the meta. I enjoy the new rune system far more than the old, as I find I often have to weigh the benefits of secondary runes with each other, along with the utility aspect of some runes. If you feel so strongly about the state of league and how "bad" it currently is then please go away.
Pika Fox (NA)
: Having played since Xin release, i think this is the best season yet. Runes being gone is far better. They cost too much IP, you needed them to play the game but also needed champions, and if you had anything but t3 runes you were gimp and only hurting your team because how dare you not have all the IP for runes! Not to mention you most likely spent all your IP on crit runes/ crit damage runes because were a noob and hey it sounds good (pretty much what i did) Games have been getting shorter over the years. Partly due to player skill increasing. Imo there arent too many overtuned runes, just too many runes that arent good enough (looking at you glacial) This ones a legitimate complaint. You arent gunna get 1shot by assassins unless youre an ADC, and if you are you dont get to complain much because if you build 0 defenses youre supposed to get 1shot, and if you build a defensive item on an ADC that doesnt generate gold or isnt GA, youre wasing a damage item slot. ADCs arent picked for teamfights, theyre picked to kill towers and baron. Your goal is to stay alive to accomplish those tasks. Any damage you can do in a teamfight is just bonus. ADC items really arent cheap, and it also doesnt matter much how expensive ADC items are, because it will always be the most optimal play to give ADCs more farm. Increasing their item cost just means theyll farm other income sources that others need to kill towers/baron faster. Unless the ADC is going some kind of offensive caster, you arent going to get one shot by an ADC. Towers are always paper when a fed ADC attacks them. Thats literally their only job and why they exist.
> Runes being gone is far better. They cost too much IP, you needed them to play the game but also needed champions, and if you had anything but t3 runes you were gimp and only hurting your team because how dare you not have all the IP for runes! Not to mention you most likely spent all your IP on crit runes/ crit damage runes because were a noob and hey it sounds good (pretty much what i did) Nice logic, we should delete everything that is expensive in the world and difficult to chose instead of making it cheaper and giving pointer like the **thousands** website out there right ? Price can be modified it doesn't justify the total suppression of the runes / complete overhaul of the system, a small quick tutorial can prevent the noobs from buying wtf. Other fallacies in your bag ? > Games have been getting shorter over the years. Partly due to player skill increasing. Games have been getting shorter because of the several patches, like the drake one made to kill turtle strategies.
: Well, if your interest in League is decreasing, just quit the game. It's perfectly normal to feel that you're done with something when you do it regulary for a long period of time. Play some others games {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
This has nothing to do with decreased interest, it's the fucking patch that killed the game for us ffs. I was ready for the next season until they drop that can of shit.
Durfain (EUW)
: Played since season one: I've never been less excited for a new season.
Just do like me and quit, they stopped caring for the less younger community and moved on to appeal to the kids.
Saevum (NA)
: Still somewhat exploitable in duo queue. **Fictional** context: L. Van Pelt: *"oh man! we are going to lose Charlie!"* Charlie: *"I cant lose this way! im in my promos for the next league!"* L. Van Pelt: *"Hey! i could get out of the game and, that way, they may show us mercy!"* Charlie: *"Oh and, that way, i can try again next game! but, you'll do that for me?"* L. Van Pelt: *"Sure. Besides, this is an alternate account, not my main".*
Except the afkr should be punished anyway. I always report afkr remake or not. And an afk after the game gets decided (wipe, nashor heavy tower loss) should not be valid for a vote.
Derako (NA)
: Rito said that this would be abused by people who would bitch out their teammates into quitting.
You can mute the kid doing it. That takes a bit of self control. Nothing unachievable for someone that isn't an edgy 10 yrs old.
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