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: There's no specific dates stated with Poppy, but that same Orlon is referenced during the Canticle of the Winged Sisters, putting him firmly at Demacia's founding which was right after the Rune Wars. This puts Poppy at minimum maybe two decades older than Demacia.
Is Orlon referenced during the Canticle of the Winged Sisters? In wich part? I dont remember seen it. D:
: Targon and Demacia (which has a deep cultural relationship with targon) have a different core language and symbolic tradition than shurima— so yes they represent the same “concepts” in very different ways. Shurima’s traditions and language favor symbolic animals and objects (birds, chains etc...) — while targon prefers celestial bodies or events (starlight, dawn, the moon) thus the manifestations of even similar concepts can be quite different.
deep cultural relationship? i belived that the "Crown of Stone" was the only relation between Mount Targon and Demacia.
: It is very important when we rework Galio!
i know {{champion:10}} is not longer connected to demacia, but it would be cool if they still were friends or at least related.

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