: Marksman changes coming to PBE in the next couple days
> [{quoted}](name=Riot Axes,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=2ykqAkNa,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-04-30T17:59:05.245+0000) > > > * Reworking **Infinity Edge** to be less impactful early on, with passives that make it less powerful against early game targets and more dependent on scaling through the game as a standalone item, but still extremely powerful later on. > * Simple efficiency nerfs to the **Zeal** items. Guys, you are indirectly nerfing Yasuo and Tryndamere. Pretty severely. Please, make sure to take it into account while changing crit items.
: They said there's going to be a VU... With a new skin coming out for Rumble it somewhat hints they may be close (Perhaps the skin was an attempt). I'd expect along with that.. there may be some improvements made on him, a mini vgu sorta deal.
Who said that? We’ve been asking for this. but there were no news from Rioters regarding VU. Skin is not an attempt of VU, it is stupid to release a skin and do a VU right after that, which will of course require this new skin’s update as well.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 21
Dear Meddler, could you please share, what buffs on Rumble are in work right now? Is it possible to receive a mini-rework like Xin/Voli/Sejuani received recently? There’s a thread created by one of our fellow rumble mains Erdamon: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/bRAEANmA-riotwittrock-riotmeddler-whoever-else-is-handling-rumble-changes-how-i-would-change-rumble He suggest 4 quite cool ways to rework Rumble’s kit in a smart way, while mainitining his core identity an AP bruiser/battlemage. Or maybe a heat system revert to mid season 7? Number buffs won’t solve all the issues, as we have no keystone, no early game and no late game...
Erdamon (EUNE)
: Thank you for appreciation! It's great to see that someone fully reads these :) The slow increase is based on the original slow value, like how it works on live servers. Currently hitting both Es on the same target double the slow value, so putting it in other words, there's a 100% increase in slow value. My change basically means that hitting both Es with the base slow value of 25% will increase the slow to 37.5%. Overall it's meant to be power neutral/buff but not something ridiculous.
Too conservative for my taste then :/ So, I guess set 2 or 3 would be nice to see on PBE next patch :) Hear is Riot!
926744 (EUW)
: Given the current state of the game, reverting changes from 7.12 wouldn't be oppressive as claimed since new runes have a lot of safety for champions and how MR items are cheap and accessible. The reverts would just mean Rumble can once again be able to duel, hold his own grounds and ganks against him less likly to die without a good and faire fight. Junglers are too damn strong to his current state and outdated kit. Seriously that W needs something to be done about it's so damn aggraving how little of use it can be. And for people who claim Rumble is too strong if buffed, just to let you know that his kit is uniq and doesn't naturally scale with the game without items and if he doesn't establish an early lead his mid/late game is heavly affected : his abilities scale 100% with items and he's too much reliant on teamplay and we all know Solo Q is a hit or miss about teamplay. Yes Rumble can be viable in low elo given it's less punishing for him, but the higher ranks you go it's clear to you how easy you can fall behind and lose lane and game because of a single gank since you have not much mobility and very clunky heat mechanic and weak early game. Delaying another patch is just too painful to hear tho....
I’d rather wait a bit more and receive an actually Rumble update, than receive a micro buff with rumble falling into oblivion afterwards for another season.
Erdamon (EUNE)
: @RiotWittrock @RiotMeddler @Whoever else is handling Rumble changes ; How I would change Rumble
Really awesome work, man. I admire the amount of time and effort you invest into these threads! I really hope Riot will read that. * Set 1: Now hitting the same target with a second harpoon increases the slow value by 50% from 100% Is there a mistake or what? Increases by 50 from 100 - 150% slow? Isn’t 100% slow a root? If so - what does 150% slow do? * Set 2 (my favorite): I personally love the semi-revert one the most. I picked up rumble season 7, played 50 games of him with 60% winrate and got to silver for the first time in my life. So I was a complete newbie and I found his old heat mechanic quite simple and enjoyable to use. * Set 3: Overheat getting additional effects is cool as well. Second place in my Erdamon_suggestions_chart :) * Set 4: The last idea is kinda a mix of poppy’s passive and urgot’s E. It could work, but sound too generic in my mind. But I’m not sure, it can work. Third place.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 9
Meddler, please, revert season 7 Rumble changes to his heating system. He was oppressive in lane with dft - you’ve broken his core heat mechanic. Now he has neither dft, nore his old lane dominance. Yet bruisers get their keystone. P.S. I play on RU server, ign is the same and I mained Rumble for the last season.
Nerouin (NA)
: Just revert his Q cooldown. Rumble was fine as he was before.
He might have been not fine, but he seems fine now, as we have manaflow band and champions like Galio, Ornn and Maokai permashoving the lane non-stop without big mana issues. The biggest concern with an old passive was that Rumble felt to oppressive from level one with his empowered Q on a low cooldown. Also, speaking about lane bullies - Renekton received a buff, and he’s a manaless lane bully as well.
: > any buffs to Rumble planned? Actually yes. Hopefully 8.6. Not sure what the direction the buffs will be. Waiting for the investigation to get going.
Please, go to r/rumblemains for suggestions. There are a few high elo (not me) rumble players eager to help! I do not play on this account mostly. Any possibility of Visual update of base model?
Erdamon (EUNE)
: That definitely sounds interesting, I'm not too sure of few choices like Grasp (due to Rumble's terrible AA animation and lack of AA resets it's much harder to get it off than any on any other Grasp user) or Sunfire (Rumble's waveclear at melee range is already pretty good by the time you'd get this item, I think Dead Man's Plate would make more sense in this build) but I guess it certainly deserves a try.
And when I told you last season about my Thornmail addition to the regular build you said it sounds bad :( I still feel like tanky Rumble have a purpose. Especially now, when you can deal absurd amounts of damage with Liandry’s. And AlienPriamate’s build have a lot of sense if you have no frontline - you have lots of sustain with GB and SV AND lots of sustain %max hp damage + magic penetration.
: I think giving his abilities interactions could be neat. This is a super vague spitball of an idea, but something like: His missles instead coat enemies in gasoline, and the flamethrower can ignite them for damage over time. Additional missles(canisters) hitting them while they are ignited explode in an AoE, giving him waveclear and AoE potential in a teamfight. EDIT 1: Adding to this, his ultimate could leave trails of gasoline. Maybe you can draw the formation with your mouse as it drops? Flamethrower could ignite this, allowing for clever cutoffs and massive damage over time to enemies caught in it.
I really like it! I wish Riot read this post and made a mini-rework for our boy. Since pre-season I stopped playing him and main Zilean now, but I really wish he received some love from Riot.
: Fair enough, always happy to provide my thoughts on stuff it's just not as empowering to the people providing feedback or to myself if I can't act on any of the questions or suggestions.
Generally I'm loving shorter games. I do not enjoy not having money generating items though, but I guess We have to sacrifice it. The real problem with ARAMs though is bots. I know for sure, there are hundreds/thousands of them on euw server and they began to appear on Russian server as well this weekend :/ and it's about 1100mmr I'm talking about, they appear pretty high in aram ladder. Please, address this problem, cause bots are spoiling all the fun in ARAMs now.


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