: Yes, cause gnar will now be a sorc and thus increase your total number of sorcs to 6. Also, sorc buff doesn't only apply to sorc, but to everyone which is why elementals or some pieces like varus or Aatrox work very well with them regardless of yuumi. Also, yummi her self gives 20(40 on PBE) spellpower regardless of the sorc buff.
Aah thanks for clarification, i thought only sorc would get the buff
: You don't need Yuumi for a non-Sorcerer to benefit from Sorcerer buff. Sorcerer buff applies to your **team** not just Sorcerers. There are only 2 times you should ever Yuumi a unit: 1. To give them Sorcerer's double mana generation passive. 2. To fill a Sorcerer slot for 6 Sorcerers All Yuumi does is declare a unit a Sorcerer, give them +20% spell damage (since it builds out of NLR), and give them double mana generation (only if they aren't an elementalist since they don't stack).
I already knew the effects you stated because these are stated in the tooltip. But the tooltip didn't state if a unit would get the sorcerers (3)(6) perk . So it seems that doesn't apply. I think it would be OP anyways. Thanks for your answer.
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