: It used to be canon lore. But apparently that heavily restricted the lore of Runeterra so they retconned it for the universe, just not the game itself.
Rioter Comments
: > 4 adcs and none wants to dodge or reroll Well you can dodge too you know? If you are the one who doesn't like the comp but the rest does YOU should be the one dodging.
so i have a shitpick next game and 0 rerolls no thanks that "comp" feeded their asses off as expected it's not a matter of dislike than people picking something stupid intentionally just to troll
Zardo (NA)
: Riot- are you planning on adding a "disable allied pings" option?
D4ziri (EUW)
: A game that's no longer enjoyable
: > [{quoted}](name=Luther King Jr V,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=YmVdi8Fy,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-08-02T18:10:29.950+0000) > > what about iron3 you can't get iron at all even if you would lose all 8 placements. you get placed in bronze 3.
you can if u were bronze last season
Rioter Comments
: This is not something unique to Riot. Security of your account is **your** responsibility, nobody else's. Want to know why? They have no way to verify your claims.
they can ask questions only owner will know they can see the ip adress changed overnight but ok..no way to know
: Iron 4 is statistically harder to achieve than Diamond 1
what about iron3
Xphineas (NA)
: *All random* Random means random. If you dont like the team comp, then you can dodge.
shouldn't the person with the bad pick dodge or reroll not me? i am not guaranteed a good pick in the next lobby
: Warning for all interested gamers: Do not play this game (Abandon all hope for this amazing game)
Rioter Comments
: Because people still have shit opinions that they thing are objective fact, in spite of (often a dozen) sites proving them wrong. Also how tf are they going to storm reddit? There's like 100 actual people here. The whole "they can't stop all of us!" thing only works if you actually outnumber whoever you're attempting to storm. There are 17.4 **thousand** people online on the League subreddit this minute. 3.3 million people total. We're the area 51 in this instance, except we have nothing desirable and are *worse-equipped* than the subreddit.
: I bet the boards has more users than TT. Literally who cares.
i bet the boards has more users than your region players..
: I am dumb, please explain me TFT in the easiest way possible
make army of good champs create good items and equip them to the right champs get fifth rank because rng ggez loss
: im tired of talking about this when boards are ready to protest make a date and set it on the boards
CLG ear (NA)
: If you were going out on a date with Kai'Sa, where would you go and what would you talk about?
I hate kaisa why would I go out with her {{champion:103}} on the other hand..
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Luther King Jr V,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=YAuiHfp8,comment-id=0006000100000000,timestamp=2019-08-01T23:51:47.747+0000) > > Single player games not as addictive or interesting I tried them Why would you play a game to get addicted to it? An addiction isn't a good thing, believe it or not. How can you say SP games are not interesting? Surely you didn't try that many.
addictive games are a good thing because they are a time sink when you are bored and have nothing to do beats staring at walls for sure
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Luther King Jr V,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=YAuiHfp8,comment-id=00060001,timestamp=2019-08-01T20:38:41.598+0000) > > i'll have less chances of meeting people like you in that new game What's the problem with "people like me". You don't even know me. *** > [{quoted}](name=Luther King Jr V,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=YAuiHfp8,comment-id=00060001,timestamp=2019-08-01T20:38:41.598+0000) > > don't want to play a half dead game with a salty playerbase, especially a not very successful game is already a red flag You're under the assumption I was talking about multiplayer games. The world of single player games is vast and fun. Heck, even some MP games don't require any social interaction. In games like PoE you can do just fine without interacting with anyone else. It's also free.
Single player games not as addictive or interesting I tried them
CLG ear (NA)
: Is Riot planning on ever selling KDA Akali jackets?
Koiyaki (NA)
: I'd say instead of looking at user numbers, just try the games urself and see if u like them. Highkey I hate smite, dota and hots, but i understand why people may like them. Just give them a shot. I don't think a lack of players will effect u much if u come to love the game itself
hots is fun but it has a lot of rude people and i can't play it with current pc settings anyways
Zardo (NA)
: >anti profanity system It's not anti profanity, you can use any cursing you want as long as you're not being derogatory or flaming people using it.
"profanity is ok as long as you use it to curse inanimate objects" lol
Slade25 (NA)
: The Boards are completely delusional
>You are spending time writing on the boards of a free to play game where all 145 champions are able to be unlocked through playing Tell me an other moba that doesn't have this...just an other "free game" riot loving person
: I just got my account chat restricted for no particular reason!
don't try to measure yourself to riot's anti slur anti profanity system chat restriction means nothing honor level also means nothing
: Please someone tell me , how is it possible to face ranked games like this almost EVERY DAY
dodge troll comps 3 adcs in same team isn't healthy irelia below gold is guaranteed feed
Rioter Comments
: Is Nimbus Cloak good on Malzahar
when will akali so hot post a shitpost that gives sense or have some effort done on it at least
: how hard is it to just leave it as an option?
idk riot is obsessed with throwing away its old creations i have nothing against this i was just curious
Teh Song (NA)
: He/she/it is saying he/she/it doesn't want it gone. He/she/it want's to have an unpopular mode in the game people don't care so much about so that they can play in that environment.
it..? IT?? rude i am not a piece of furniture or a pet
: She's alright top if you wanna build bruiserish. She's not a botlaner but anything can be a botlaner if you're brave enough. All jokes aside, she's mid because she's an ad assassin. Assassins generally like roaming. Mid is the lane with the highest priority and she can better influence other lanes. Or you can jg. Assassins being either junglers if they can clear well or mids if they can't (and vice versa) and not other lanes is because assassins want to be able to use the entire map to get ahead using their mobility/ strong ganks.
>but anything can be a botlaner if you're brave enough lol i like this sentence well yeah but if people play like a kill lane and not just farm with their "brave" champs
: > [{quoted}](name=Luther King Jr V,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PHkIZEtK,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2019-07-31T17:39:41.278+0000) > > I thought velkoz slow was his q not passive how does it negate his passive? Passive does True Damage Q has big slow W does damage E does suspension R has Rylais slow
ohh now i understand where you are coming from but still the ult has 1 second slow and it channels for 2,5 secs so i prefer to slow them more :)
: > [{quoted}](name=Luther King Jr V,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=UK7k26Uj,comment-id=000100000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-07-31T05:38:36.307+0000) > > clearly you people think it's stupid or something if you avoid using it, i can sense the condescension > and the other person who called everyone who used it morons great community.. I just dont understand the crusade to make it a thing. Call it soft inting and ignore or explain it to those who dont know what it is, like you did here, and the important thing is just understanding. I understand why you make the differentiation... its to specify between obvious inting, and inting with an attempt to hide it. Do you understand why i just call it inting? Because its to reinforce the idea that one intentional death is still inting, regardless how they do it. All i need to say is "they tried to hide it", all you need to say is "they soft inted" and then explain to those who dont know what the soft part is, if questioned. Its not a big deal. Its such a semantically petty thing imo. And no im not calling you petty, just arguing over it seems petty. So i leave it at; i call it inting, you specify it is soft inting. Meh. If someone honestly thinks that no one has ever inted subtly, trying to avoid detection while still trying to force your team to lose, they arent worth your time lol. But i have a feeling there is a misunderstanding if you've run into someone like that. I suspect it was an arguement over semantics, not whether people ever int subtly.
there's no crusade term is already in use dunno if you dislike it but don't say it doesn't exist cause that triggers me
Stone766 (NA)
: Riot, undo the Evelynn nerf
it's not high but people still hate eve because shes a stealthy sneaky champ
: Can you make fiora parry block turrent shots?
play fiora till you get matsery 7 3 million mastery and you'll be able to do that
: A actual look at what can be done to make Treeline draw in more players
part of the appeal that it was UNPOPULAR this is what riot doesn't understand we play tt to get away from all the meta whiners but they only care about numbers
Eedat (NA)
: They've done several passes on TT. They got no bites so they gave up
dude i wasn't even there when those passes were made lol i fell in love with the CURRENT one i don't need anything to be changed about it riot doesn't want to keep this mode for people who enjoy it in favor of tft
: Riot not even mentionning ARAM bans amongst the past changes in the last /dev is saddening
riot doesnt mention qiyana adjustment to TT = twisted treeline is due being removed applying that same logic you can conclude that the bans are never coming back in a billion years
: so tired of the game not starting after champ select
so tired of riot in general but yes of this in particular
: Anyway Riot can terminate my account?
why do you want to quit this badly? and yes they can do this for you contact their support
Rioter Comments
Eedat (NA)
: Way to completely twist what they said to suit your needs. They are saying that even when they did make an effort to make TT changes that nobody ever played it. Same with dominion. Not that the redesign were the only changes they made. Not that those specific changes should have held up 7 years. That ALL attempts in the past have yielded zero results
yeah but there were no major changes since 2012 he didn't twist anything
: Buff Ahri
buff the foxie fk the haters
: Negates Rylai's passive, not Vel's passive Vel has a slow on both Q and ulti
you know it "negates" it for 2 seconds and rylais apply its passive for as long as you can hit them which mean they are slowed during all the whole duration of disintegration ray sorry but i don't agree with this plus they get slowed from all abilities even if they miss q
: > [{quoted}](name=Luther King Jr V,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PHkIZEtK,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-07-31T15:09:29.656+0000) > > Rylai's is an ok item on velkoz it helps you land all your abilities more efficiently especially the ult But Vel'Koz ult already has a 20% slow, which negates Rylai's passive
I thought velkoz slow was his q not passive how does it negate his passive?
Hawt (NA)
: Not a lot of people play TT. The addition of TFT mode to LoL forced riot to retire TT. The more modes there are the more the player base is split, which will cause higher queues for each mode. Last year riot released stats for the different game modes. Apparently, Koreans don't play TT at all. I don't think it even had 1 percent. The NA and Brazil servers barely play TT. From the charts, it's less than 2.5 percent of the player base in NA play TT. The Brazil server is like 1 percent. Compare that to Aram, which has around 15 percent in both NA and Korea. I imagine that in China the play rate is similar to the Korean servers, near zero percent. Here is the chart: https://media.comicbook.com/2018/10/league-of-legends-game-modes-1138435.jpeg There are so many things wrong with TT, including bugs, imbalances, and more bugs. The fate of TT reminds me of Dominion. Both Dominion and TT got progressively worst with time due to the lack of game play balance for those modes and bugs. Every game mode has to have some balance done overtime and bug fixes like what Riot did with Aram.
Fk tft it doesn't belong on the client ik nothing good will come from this "mode"
: LoL forums in a nutshell
Please stop silencing people with dumb free game arguments, it's just a part of the appeal of the game to make it popular not charity for the poor...just stop, if riot gated their game with money who would play it with how many issues it has
: Just wanted to bring attention to the Twisted Treeline removal
Instead of fixing the botting issue you remove the mode now I don't feel like playing this shit game at all
: No, I'm exactly on point. You could find a million such examples similar to yours and completely change the game. You may have YOUR line drawn, but to implement something like this opens a whole can of worms. The fact is, it DOES make sense for her to be knocked up while jumping, just like it makes sense for annivia to get knocked up (WHO IS FRICKEN FLYING...IN THE AIR). I mean, should ASOL not be knocked up during flight just because he can fly over walls? Ridiculous. Stop trolling
you could stop trolling as well xd if a sol or anivia flying doesn't allow them to skip anything in game then it's not an intended mechanic but riven can skip terrain in game with her third Q why not the skillshots on that terrain then?
: And then give lux another skin
Mowgli IV (EUNE)
: Low priority
you can't get low priority from tft so you can't clear it from there?
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