: You've run into a question a lot of players have! LP loss and gain is all dependent upon the difficulty of the match! If you're facing opponents who's MMR is a bit lower than you, then they are deemed easier which means you'll gain less LP! Sometimes the Ranked Pool will pull players that are a bit easier, but it doesn't take long to even out. Keep winning those matches and you'll start facing tougher opponents and gaining more LP! You got this fam <3 {{champion:25}}
Okay something like this happened to me but with my LP loss. Basically, I played 3 games, lost the first, won the second, and lost the third one. But on both my losses, I lost 22 lp and 21 lp respectively and I only gained 16LP on my win. First, I checked my mmr on op.gg but it said it was normal so I thought maybe I was playing with lower ranked enemies but when I checked the match history, on both games, both teams had the same amount of plat and diamonds in the team. I guess, there was 1 plat player on the enemy team on the first game while my team had full D5 but come on 22 LP loss? That's so high, it's usually just 18-19 LP specially since my mmr was normal. So, what's up with that?
: > [{quoted}](name=MEWK Dunkprophet,realm=EUW,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=4KAg8Y1F,comment-id=000500010001,timestamp=2017-08-24T00:10:19.172+0000) > > I think Hextech Freezeray ranged slow ratio is too high for a low cooldown of 8 seconds Very possible, there's still a lot of tuning to do!
Thanks :) actually, I think it's just too high early. For comparison, a iceborn gauntlet's slow is 30%. So maybe a small tweak like a 10% reduction on the ratio early can make it less punishing for ranged-melee match ups.
: Yes! both of these names are very very temp. There's a chance Freezeray sticks, but we'll see!
I think Hextech Freezeray ranged slow ratio is too high for a low cooldown of 8 seconds
Sw4de (OCE)
: Deflecting what, i dont care about the outcome of a low elo game lol, this is something that ive been posting about since season 6, when junglers were given power relative or exceeding solo laners, and has remained that way since then, i played that fight better than anyone in this thread of replies would have, i reacted fast and played pretty well in the moment when i got jumped on in fog of war, and if this was a jungler before season 6, i would've stomped that fight easily.
yeah you reacted fast, just was't the right one or the right timing lol. you're facing a bruiser, which means they're tankier, which means that even though they're 2300 gold and 3 levels behind, as long as they buy the right item to negate some damage like the specter's cowl, they'll be outlasting you either way just like this xin zhao.
Sw4de (OCE)
: mass upvote the hard stuck silver player for 4 years, he really understands how this game is supposed to be played, i mean a fed midlane assassin has never been able to fight a bruiser who is 2.3k gold and 3 levels behind before, that can't be right, thanks for enlightening me.
you misplayed big time. you panic ulted immediately as you saw him and sacrificed all your damage when your first instinct was press R instead of launching both of your blades on him before you engaged. he's xin zhao, he doesn't need to be the same level or have the same amount of items as you do. He's a strong duelist, you're obviously going to lose if you immediately go melee form instead of even trying to maximize your range against him.
: One time per champion per season. Each PvP season (once a year) it resets. I've had somewhat good results with ARAM, but I still ended up with 9 keys at this point and 0 chests to match. There is a bonus to chest chance if you're playing with a premade, since the allied S ranks can count. (According to what the various in-game tips still say.) The idea is being a master of more than a couple champs and being able to succeed on many, not just a select few. This bar is set a hair too high lately, given the varied nature of games and clarity toward what counts for which roles. (Meaning despite best efforts, you could still come away with an A, which doesn't cut it for the chest, all because you didn't get 10 more minions kills or 3 more wards placed or 1 more dragon or the game lasted 1 minute too long..)
that's the thing like as you said the bar is already too high. Doesn't matter if you go 13/2, if you have 20 less cs or 1 extra death that's it, only an A+. And the chance to get it while in a premade is incredibly small. So limiting it to 1 champ per season is overkill in my opinion
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