Aosy (EUW)
: Matchmaking... Broken as per usual.
Its rigged, starting with glorious promotionals that make no sense at all but still around. There are a lot of threads and analytics about that proofed it multiple times; tho, people still pretend the mm somehow. just dont defend greedy decision guys.
: Remove Promos
*push* Yea, it's necro'd but jeezus friggin god damn this promo-thing. f this, iam out. get a real ladder for ppl that dont play 12-15h a day. And even then....
: Hextech Too Strong. Will Be Broken for 4 Weeks.
Its just annoyingly strong and just goes on as the enemy item are evolving. Its like phantom x4 in late game; it takes out even more champs right on start. Go Hextech, go win.
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