: If you play Wukong mid, you're the scum of this earth
50% winrate in toplane with less than 1% play rate 48% winrate in the jungl with less than 1% play rate midlaners are scum if wukong has better winrate there XDD
: was nerfed for low elo
ok, nerf on Q, E, masteries and itemization = lowelo, u must be right. U cant nerff for low elo bcs u cant low elo has no mechanics
: It's about time we talked about Wukong - a lovable champion
- His kit is reliant on anemy team to be dumb, thats the thing. -His initiation feels trash compare to other champs bcs of his lack of sustain. - He cant oneshot anymore even the supps without being kill from the distance. If still he had some kind of boost with his ult actiuve but he just receive ms. His q feels like hiting with a noodle and hes dash can be stoped with almost every cc. - His high winrate is based on low elo, and unplayable in plat +. I already qquit playing him bcs of his lacks in every facete of the game. Playing him this season is like wantint to lose. Hey but he is unhealthi to the game meanwhile mundo can 1v3 or twitch kill 2 ppl in 2 aa from stealth. KEEP THE GOOD WORK MEDDLER. -5 ms on{{champion:39}} and -3% as on {{champion:164}} btw
: [Problems with Wukong] , A present from Wukong mains to Riot's balance and Design teams
: Wukong players need to calm down and relax.
WATCH THE NEW CHAMP W xd they laught at us
: Wukong players need to calm down and relax.
Mundo and Morde both being played as broken champs in top and botlane respectively until they got nerfed, Nice try!! . Wukong just showed up one time at lcs and got gutted just bcs of his gameplay style (NOT EVEN BROKEN, JUST PLAYABLE). Thats why the player base of mainwukongs are acting like that, because of the different treatment depending on the champ (look at Sejuani), we complain about balance team being disrespectfull to some champs and players, not because they forgot about wukong as a result of a problematic champ (binary), what indeed they have.
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: I'm so glad 9/10 games are decided by the champions played and not the skill level of the players!


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