: Whenever I'm losing an argument...
The Shen changes were for the better, his Win rate increased by 2%. How do you explain THAT?
: What's the difference to your mind? I'm genuinely curious.
Back in the day there were a lot of things that were objectively overpowered and unhealthy, yet people didn't really seem to care an awful lot about it. We had 90% ban rate Kassadin, yet nobody played him in normals. There was stuff like AP YI and Tryndamere, DFG one shots and overall the game didn't really seem to be based around actually winning and more about *just* having fun and messing around. Nowadays Ranked and Normals are pretty much the same and you don't feel ranked being more professional or more *tryhardy*. IMO the game was more streamlined once you guys at Riot figured out a *design compass* on what to orient yourself when designing your game. Overall the way the game is supported/handled and everything feeling more professional is what makes me feel it has become more like a sport and not something quirky and weird like it used to be in its original form. Or maybe I'm just looking at it through rose-tinted goggles, it's been almost five years now since I started playing.
: "Back in black" is and AC DC song... (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAgnJDJN4VA)
: Haha, yeah, he'd one shot someone with his ult and then a 2nd person with DFG -_- Man I have a really unhealthy sense of nostalgia for old League of Legends...
To be fair. Back then League was more of a "game" and less of a "competitive Sport"
mecharri (EUW)
: Your drank Malicious
I do have to admit that I do like to consume some spirit from time to time.
: The title of this makes me think of a wierd passive Mordekaiser could have.... What if every time he dies he gets bonus armor?
"It's not Inting, I swear! I just need to stack armor!"
: Who should join the Fit Girls Club?
Habbyman (OCE)
: Does Malicious Metal exist?
He ain't a Phantom. He's a Revenant! You filthy Wraithcist! Stop misclassifying Spirits!
Rioter Comments
: Ok. http://i.imgur.com/qW8nNj9.gif?noredirect
Holy sh*t! *readjusts helmet* Screw this! #GO CHARIZARD! https://media.tenor.co/images/1fbf22b9a187a824025fe166d4e69177/tenor.gif CHARIZARD, USE FLAMETHROWER! https://m.popkey.co/c606d3/qxJ5A.gif Really?! Oh come on, obey you big dummy!
: good news for you then, sej is going to be more like morde than you would've expected. or wanted.
I played her on the PBE, I'm a huge fan of the changes to her kit and think she might be the best out of the three tank reworks.
: Magikarp, use surf! http://31.media.tumblr.com/a959a90a147a55ffb81ad59aa26781ae/tumblr_myu3c7wtHp1t6mtrzo1_500.gif #IT'S SUPER EFFECTIVE!
http://pa1.narvii.com/5719/d7860fa41d4117fcbdede444a9d000555ddc46ce_hq.gif #Get back here!
Reav3 (NA)
: We have started on exploration for the next 2, yes. The plan would be to talk about them in the next devblog. That is if we have commuted to the next 2 by that time.
Oh, I'm really looking forward to the next Ryze VGU.
: @Malicious Metal, I challenge you to a Pokemon battle!
Go Aggron! Show 'em why metal trumps all! https://49.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_ma3olvKeWX1qd87hlo1_500.gif
Sharjo (EUW)
: Got the Etwahl to do beatings with if you've got Nightfall!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IoyToHOWSV8 Of course.
Reav3 (NA)
: It's the moment that she is inheriting the helmet and becoming the leader of her tribe.
Do I feel the cold chill of some cool Freljord lore?
Sharjo (EUW)
: The woman wears armour with ice in it. You think she gives a damn about frostbite?
You see, Frostbite is so afraid of her biting back that it leaves her be.
Sharjo (EUW)
: The fact this twerp just arbitrarily decides how male sexuallity works pisses me off to high heaven. I will fight him I swear to god hold me back Malicious.
I wouldn't hold you back. I'd join in on the beatin'
Sharjo (EUW)
: Says the the edgy teen with a japanese word in his summoner name for extra edge.
: Sorry, but only beta males find visibly muscular women attractive. Go ahead, down-vote me. Doesn't make it any less true.
I find confidence extremely attractive. That's why I like Sejuani.
: Having the hots for a freljord. http://i.imgur.com/w3hUyFC.gif
The comment of a Mordekaiser main being IRONic. https://www2.pic-upload.de/img/33078800/w3hUyFC.gif
: New Mao and Sej Splashes and Graves Cigar Returns
God, I'm so glad I own most of these skins. These new splashes look absolutely Amazing! ~~Not to mention me low-key having the hots for Sejuani~~
: I really hope he stays entirely metal-themed. If he becomes generic shadow isles stock I'm gonna be upset; I like that he's his own character and want them to remember that i want them to play up having unique sorcery too; if it were up to me it'd be black death magic combined with sith lightning on all his spells, and distorted guitars for all of his sound effects I like his current kit a lot but I'd be willing to part with most of it as it is as long as he keeps some of it in at least some fashion, like Galio keeping his taunt as a normal, channeled spell or Sion and his shield. His shield and his ult are really the most iconic things about him but I can't say I wouldn't be sad if he lost his metal storm to the rework; I'd actually say I think it's cooler than his ult
Are we by any chance related? I feel he's still going to have an enslaved thrall somewhere in his kit and personally he SHOULD keep his shield too, but it should be windowed and give the enemy some way to react to it. And yes, it might have gotten worse in terms of visuals post rework but he really should retain the shroud of metal shrapnel surrounding him. It just looks plain badass.
: Sion is a juggernaut though :^) how worried are you about the mord update? I'm really hoping it's a Warwick update where they keep most of his stuff and his theme intact, and not a Sion/Poppy/Galio where the character gets replaced with something entirely different i haven't been able to play one of my favorite champs in ages and i'm getting itchy over it
Honestly, their track record for reworks nailing thematics is impeccable. Thing is, Riot has a pretty solid image of what Morde's supposed to be and he won't really be warped into a completely different character. He has a solid theme and if it translates well into gameplay he'd be one of the coolest champions. He's just horribly outdated. At this point, I'd be willing to give up all of his spells as long as he still has the "feel" of what makes him Morde.
: yeah I'd like for the ghost to become more of an 'assistant' than 'I need this or I'm fucked' tenacity would be a neat idea; you could probably push him as being the super-resilient juggernaut if that were the case. depending on how his animations are, in lieu of tenacity you could give him a sort of 'hyper armor' mechanic when using spells that lets him tank the CC or void it entirely but not letting him ignore CC chains, depending on whether or not his shield is up, and then compensate that by giving him very telegraphed attacks like a proper raid boss.
My buddy Tidal always says Morde should be Juggernaut Sion. Feeling heavy and powerful with telegraphed spells that have a huge payoff. So yeah, Raidboss!
: i think one issue is that mord is more ghost-reliant than previously to some degree, but his best ghost is on a 6 minute timer. Dragon ghost gives him better siege than he had pre-rework, gives him a huge chunk of HP which means a stronger shield, makes him do even more damage/apply Rylai from further away, and it helps him shit all over turrets too. being picked for damage isn't bad on its own, i don't think; it usually comes down to how well you can make use of it. but mord is short ranged unlike a siege monster like ziggs, and he's immobile unlike lucian/kat/yi etc, so he's sort of a special case. I would say that the best solution is to give him either a way to keep you in range (which involves either hard CC, a pull, or having a grounding effect to prevent flash/dash away) or a way to deter you from running away in the first place (like Illaoi auto-vesseling you if you run away)
Exactly, he usually doesn't even feel like a champion without a clone. Which is stupid. He's a Warlord, the Soul he enslaves is just a thrall, not an equal like Yorick's Maiden. Also, I always thought Tenacity would be great on him since he'd be hard to stop in his tracks but be relentless in his approach. Highly telegraphed and menacing, hard to stop dead in his tracks but being able to see him from miles away.
: Just curious.... (Irrelevant to the thread) But would you ever consider writing a mord build guild? Atm I go Rylais-->Tri--->Protobelt-->dependent (With boots in there somewhere) Idk... It'd be nice to get some insight Thanks in advance? :D
I might do one, I actually started gathering some footage for a Mordekaiser montage. Might repurpose it into a guide.
: Kat ability
Holy shit, why the bloody hell do you post the same thread every month or so? What's your bloody obsession with Mordekaiser's Clone?!
: ........ steraks or maw on morde XD You just made my day! Im a morde main
I am a Morde main too and I build Steraks. It's criminally underrated on him.
: to be fair i find the mordekaiser rework a success considering that the champion needed a VGU, he's played in the lcs botlane without being permabanned. the champion is less binary than before due to his new W healing an ally, and just like darius he takes more time to do damage instead of being a burst mage. he still lacks of counterplay which is why they're giving him a vgu, i would say mordekaiser mains hate the rework because he became a duolaner but IN MY OPINION balancing mordekaiser in sololane is a nightmare as he should be immobile without a cc and champions like this need their team to do something, old mordekaiser was able to sololane by just pressing E on a wave+champion, pokingand getting his shield full (which is no longer possible since the rework) so when certainlyT said to mordekaiser mains that morde can't be balanced in sololane objectively he was right as i remember multiple time facing old mordekaiser, and i don't know if you could balance him in sololane without a full VGU
This statement has some merit. Old Mordekaiser suffered from being a huge lane bully who just spammed E on the enemy and hoping they either got low enough to die to R + ignite or had to back. He was extremely binary in that he either just killed the enemy over and over again without them being able to deal with him or just getting behind and being useless. New Mordekaiser isn't as oppressive and has ways to be outplayed or actually "outplay" the enemy due to having fallback patterns in form of R, W, E % shield and dragons (although it's pretty horrible design) The problem with Morde being able to work in a solo lane is to give him a reason to be picked beyond just being grossly overpowered numbers wise as he only brings Damage and Durability to the table. And as great as double D's are he needs to provide more to a team. He CAN be made to work in a solo lane, which is why he needs a VGU, and there are many ways to go about doing that beyond just giving him CC.
arcinex (NA)
: If Irelia were to be reworked I only ask that they do not change her Q.
They already stated that her Q would most likely be the only thing to stay.
: But Darius Rework.... How is it in reality?
Honestly, Darius is the perfect example what a Juggernaut should be like.
: The Kinkiest champion in league
: ***
God forbid someone makes a joke in MEMES and Games, huh?
Florro (NA)
: The worst part about URF
Why would you play urf when you can play Lee Sin and get the same experience?
: The Reforging of Mordekaiser.@Riot
Honestly, you pinned down his themes and what he should feel like perfectly. Not a fan of the ultimate though, I feel it's just way too powerful. Personally, I wouldn't really care about Riot actually changing all his skills in favor of making them satisfying and still delivering on his fantasy as a Revenant King.
: Mm, most of the lore update for her was fine even if I am a little sad to see her old lore go, but the fact that she had a lover and can't get over him just depresses me. idk even know if I want to one trick her anymore.
Do us Immobile bruisers a favor and actually stop playing her.
Sharjo (EUW)
: Jellbug was the writer for all of Ahri's stuff. I'll pass along the good word!
Jellbug might just be my favorite writer.
Sharjo (EUW)
b..but, braiding one's hair with the bones of your enemies...
Sharjo (EUW)
: Stabby kitty's cute, but not Nami cute. Marai > Kiilash.
Speak for yourself! They're cuddly cute!
Sharjo (EUW)
: Best vastaya. Cutest vastaya. Come and fight me on this; I won't yield!
What about stabby kitty?!
Rioter Comments
Sharjo (EUW)
: Wait you're a heart now the sod? Things are not normal around here...
Sharjo (EUW)
: Updated Bios for the vastaya champions: Ahri, Nami, Rengar and Wukong have arrived!
Dr Mercy (NA)
: May just be me, but "Shrug off Poke" has always been a worrisome trait, considering some mages early games.
Galio does the same thing with his W passive. As does Fizz with his passive And a lot of mid laners have a way to mitigate poke (Viktor shield, Vlad heal, etc.) A lot of melee champions that work mid have a way not to get completely bullied because they have the range disadvantage. Top lane's the same shtick with a lot of champions having sustain to recover from trading.
Dr Mercy (NA)
: Well, I think we have to first remember why he was able to work Mid as a viable pick, and whether or not the reason why lies in some of the core problems Morde had before the...unfortunate rework. I for one, can not remember.
He can still mid. The thing that makes him work there is being able to shrug off poke and push just as hard as other mid laners.
: Play Vlad. He's like Swain but you don't afk birdman.
Or play Morde. He's like Vlad but you don't have to sit back and farm like a pansy for 20+ minutes to be revenant.
Ralanr (NA)
: I think %HP costs were usually the problem more or less with HP builds since they punish you for building more of your primary casting resource. At least that's my assumption when they turned Aatrox's %hp costs into flat HP costs like Mordekaiser.
Yeah, Mordekaiser's HP costs are pretty balanced as they're there to inhabit his early game to be too oppressive. Not to mention him relying more on a SHIELD than a heal to survive, meaning he isn't hard countered by GW's.
: i've never had an overly large issue playing morde top the only person I don't like fighting is fiora/Irelia. Favorite lanes I like to go up against is renekton/darius/riven.
Riven is so laughably easy, it's always a joy. Thing is, in my elo the most common top laners are Jayce and Kennen, both of which shit on Morde.
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