: IMO the perfect VA for Mordekaisers VGU
How can I upvote more than once? Edit: Real talk though, he really does manage to capture the essence of an ancient evil whose voice is filled with contempt and an overwhelming sense of superiority. His mockery and threats do carry an overwhelming presence of power and he never devolves into angry, rage-fuelled shouting. Instead he commands a certain presence and a lingering threat of an eerie, ancient power which is really what Mordekaiser should be.
: {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:82}}
Let's be honest. How the bloody hell do you even make an eight foot tall hunk of heavy metal run without it looking unintentionally hilarious?
MrNhbdy (NA)
: This is too soon to ask for but......
I'd rather have 'em roll a gigantic disco ball. You know, for the memes.
: Nunu’s voice is even cringier than akali’s, zoe’s and the god king skins
Reav3 (NA)
: That wasn't one of the options :(
Hey now, that's just quitter talk! Where there's a~~n iron~~ will, there's a way.
: New skin teases for Lucian, Thresh and Urgot
So. The Good {{champion:236}} The Bad {{champion:412}} and the Ugly {{champion:6}}
: Nunu Teaser is here
Here's also the splash https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DkfCwVVXoAAK-Wl.jpg:large
: You are Pennywise..goes on a rampage and goes away and comes back again...
At least Pennywise's funny. This is just sad.
: Alright cant wait to see the morde rework and your inevitable crying. I'll be there to tell you he's technically still in a suit of armor when they turn him into a medieval paladin.
I'd dig that. Literally anything is an improvement, and arguably more unique, than current Morde.
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: A message to everyone who thinks that every sensible person who plays League doesn't enjoy it:
Well, I still enjoy the game a ton. Maybe it also has to do with the fact that I mostly play with friends...Which gives you an entirely new layer of enjoyment and appreciation for the game. ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯
: If you arent a burst one shot assassin, dont expect any thing good to come out for your champs. if anything other than a burst one shot assassin does well in lcs, expect it to get nerfed.
Any particular reason to necro a ten month old thread?
Meddler (NA)
: I can't confirm for certain which VGUs we'll have next year or in what order. Can say I think it's very likely Morde is one of them though.
Now those are some good news!
Fasmodey (EUW)
: > I'm sure there's an internet rule that predicts this very question... :-P I'm not into furries! It is not my fantasy. But I must admit Nasus has a gorgerous body. :P So it's officially confirmed universal canon that Nasus was in love with his nipples. He wanted at least them to stay. Nipples <3 Nasus
That's EXACTLY what a closeted furry would say!
: When Your Main is an Outdated Mess You Refuse to Abandon
Nrsh (EUNE)
: First of all, I would like to tell you that I appreciate you so freaking much Malicious Metal, reading through your passion filled words made me feel as if you were my childhood friend, my Metal Overlord Loving ass childhood friend. When my friend first introduced me to LoL he told me to look at the champions and choose one I like. I browsed through the champions and after a minute or so I saw Mordekaiser. "This one looks cool", I said to my friend, he responded by bursting out in laughter "What's so funny?", I asked, "Mordekai, that champion's name is Mordekaiser! You randomly chose a champion with your name!". At that moment I already knew that I'll devote my time to learning how to play him and he became my unchangeable main. Reading your thread made me go back to that moment, the one that made me play LoL in the first place, and I'd like to thank you for that. Now, after I'm done being all emotional, I'd like to bring up something that you didn't mention, and to be honest I don't see many people mention, that thing is Nightfall. Mordekaiser is awesome enough as is, but to add on his unending badassery, his mace is named Nightfall. Now, in my eyes that means how special his mace is: it's not just any mace you can buy at your local market! It's his ass kicking spikey partner Nightfall! The fact that his weapon has a name means it has a personality, it can't be replaced, something I don't currently feel while playing him. I see this as a very important thing, and I really think that a lot of thought should be put into making Nightfall feel like a special mace, Mordekaiser's mace. I really do believe that together, we Mordekaiser mains, can make at least some kind of impact on Riot, and get ourselves a true Iron Ovelord. Mordekai (aka Nrsh), a true Mordekaiser Main.
Thank you so much for your kind words, I really appreciate 'em! :) And of course Nightfall's also a metal reference! A Blind Guardian one no less, one of my favorite Metal bands. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IoyToHOWSV8
: All this talk about a Morde rework is good shit. But let's not even consider a rework for a second. Let's take Riot's statement about how they're not reworking Mordekaiser. You know what, that's their priority. But why is Mordekaiser not ever allowed to be a strong champion? He hasn't been strong since the juggernaut rework back when he was op in LCS, because of his XP passive and his old synergy with runes. Then pre season hit, all his runes got taken away, and his, "stat adjustment," gave him LESS than old runes gave him, when every single other champion in the game got either the same or even MORE in cases like leona and supports. He's okay now. But Fleet is not Mordeakiser playstyle or fantasy. It's a sustain type playstyle with very little damage. And I know technically this means Riot's rune rework was a "success," because Morde has different playstyles. But the reason I take fleet is because he loses every trade top into things like fiora, Jax, Kled, and the most obvious one, Garen (one he used to dumpster. Now he gets dumpstered). They all used to be skill matchups, Now you just get beat, so you either are going to need to gimp yourself with nerfed Aery, or take the sustain route through fleet. He needs a base stat adjustment. He has needed one for far too long. He needs 10 more movespeed, more armor, and more scaling HP. His armor and MR are meant to be low. They were never very high. But his Health pool was, and there's no reason for him to be so slow as a melee champion. The reason his move speed is so low is because he was designed to be a bot laner, and with W active, it boost your movespeed way up, so it was Riot's idea to give him meaningful cooldowns and window for power. He is not a bot laner any longer. So he needs movespeed so he can keep up with his opponents.
Precisely. Also a reason for them neutering his MS was because if them balancing around the {{item:3116}} {{item:3078}} combo, because they deemed it core on release. Well, Tri force isn't really a staple Morde item anymore and Rylais was severely nerfed, the slow in particular got lowered from 40 to 20%. Not to mention the constant nerfs to other toys of his like celerity. 10 MS can't really be too much to ask, especially not since his MS pre rework was a whole 340.
: Solid thread good to see you’re alive. I’m curious if any champs out there are giving you the experience you’re seeking with morde. Maybe Aatrox or Darius?
Well, I do have some champions I resort to whenever I'm having a rough time with Morde. Be it Swain, Aatrox or Urgot, they are all very enjoyable to me and really do deliver on themes they share with ol' Kaiser.
: the mace with the fire inside and the face like design made me think of something that might be somewhat interesting. Could morde be a (former) human who took over a darkin weapon when he was alive? It'd give us every side with aatrox being a darkin who won, kayn being in the process and then morde would be the human who won. They did use several forms of magic that could be described as "dark arts", necromancy surely shouldn't go beyond them. Or would that not work in the current timeline? I honestly don't know if morde is supposed to have been around before the darkin or after.
Well, there have been a few ideas regarding Morde's connection to the darkin, seeing that he rose to power after their defeat. Probably one of my favorite theories is that his Mace, Nightfall is actually a hollow Darkin vessel imbued with necromantic energies.
: Tbh if there was AP juggernaut/fighter itemisation he would feel A LOT better to play. Currently he builds the same items as mages.
{{item:3116}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3089}} is the current cookie cutter build. Not very juggernaut-y, is it? :P Anyhow, I think dual scalings could be the way to go if everything else fails, Morde really loves the things Steraks, Gunblade and Trinity Force provide but he can't really itemize to include them most of the time. Hell, Titanic Hydra could be really cool to use too!
: I've got a feeling Riot is waiting for CertainlyT to come up with a Mordekaiser idea. Here's the thing about CertainlyT: he really gets the champion he's making or reworking and has an idea how to properly express those champs in game. Look at his other reworks: Warwick still feels like a werewolf and Akali still feels like a ninja. I think he's the only designer who'll be able to do justice to Morde and give him a badass playstyle. CertainlyT, since you just got done with Akali, the Morde fans need you.
Honestly, It'd be poetic justice He was responsible for the Juggernaut Patch Morde, but he was also severely limited by time and resources. So yeah, as ironic as it might be, he could definitely give Morde a rework befitting for the Revenant King.
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: REAL TALK i'm very positive considering that he is one of the most requested VGU champs. Plus, now that my nunu is almost done, i'll support mordes vgu next alongside panth and mundo.
: I'm honestly positive that he is one of the VGU's next year :)
That's what we said last year. And the year before that. And the one before that.
: http://orig00.deviantart.net/8502/f/2014/015/0/a/mordekaiser_is_no_longer__1_by_eltonel-d729tog.jpg
Well, I'm just done. It's been three fucking years since that colossal mess that was Morde's abomination of a class update, and all we've gotten were half hearted apologies and empty promises. That's it, I fucking quit.
: Rework Morde pls. Make him the sorceror mace-weilding dark lord he should be. Also pls don't listen to the metal-heads if they complain because they played Morde just for the heavy metal part.
You can go and take your opinion somewhere else. I don't want Morde to be all about that sick Heavy Metal either, but not even keeping it as a minor reference, even if it's just in his ability names, would be what we in Morde Culture call a "Dick Move".
Ahpe (NA)
: Mundo lost his pupils from the years of child abuse. Mordekaiser's eyes are fuelled by edgy goth teenagers who listen to heavy metal therefore unable to create pupils.
Kelg (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Reav3,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=A8GGBPWR,comment-id=000e,timestamp=2018-08-01T18:26:57.204+0000) > > Won&#x27;t be this week guys. Should be sometime early next week {{champion:82}} pls pls pls {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
: "Yes, my name is Gregory Mordekaiser - M, O, R, D... Yes, yes, just like it sounds. No, A-I. It's German. I know, I know..."
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: Was Mordekaiser born with that name, or did he adopt it?
Okay, it's triggering me more than it should, but everyone keeps getting it wrong. Mordekaiser does NOT mean Death Lord, but is more literally translated to Murder Emperor. Which is miles cooler than that edgy joke of a name. *insert Heavy Metal REEEEE here*
: I figured you, of all people, would understand.
: 🎂🍷 Vladimir birthday/ Blood Moon celebration thread 🍷🎂
I can always appreciate some good ol'champion ~~fanaticism~~ ~~obsession~~~~ unhealthy dedication~~...enthusiasm, yeah, that's it.
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Ramaero (NA)
: Akali Tattoo, why though.
It fits her whole rogue Ninja aesthetic. Think Yakuza, but Ionian :P I'm personally fond of tasteful, appropriate tattoos so I think it works for Akali.
: We havent heard the full VO, the same happened with Aatrox, Riot already said that there are more Voice Lines. Lets wait for the whole thing.
Are you sure? We got her "full" Vo already, it's rather short, clocking in at only around 5 minutes. Similarly to WW, who was also reworked by CertainlyT.
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: > Infernal Morde just wasn't metal enough, so we decided to change it into Crimson Morde!
: Champion Update: Akali, the Rogue Assassin
https://lolstatic-a.akamaihd.net/frontpage/apps/prod/rg-champion-akali/en_GB/63965efc30ed7f0c41c17d7c2fbdd350812a16b1/assets/img/content/akali/wallpaper/silverfang-splash.jpg Well, if you put it that way Rito, I'll gladly become an Akali Main.
: No, it's Riot's perspective. Several of us collaborated to pull it together. I use my own voice because players are pretty tuned into when a communication feels like it was generated by CorporateSocialMediaBot9000. I put my name on it because that feels more personal than a generic "From Riot" response, and also because as the lead designer, I stand behind it.
And by doing so you put a gigantic target on yourself. I suppose it's just everyday business nowadays, playing the Scapegoat who unsatisfied players direct the blame at.
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Ralanr (NA)
: Now when you say release, does Mordekaiser really offer freedom from Sion’s suffering or just another leash? I could see Mordekaiser trying to appeal to Sion’s desire to not be this undead abomination constantly coming back to life to fight, but I doubt Mordekaiser would actually follow through with any promise. At least not in how Sion predicts it. He’d probably just remove what little humanity Sion would have left and make him a pure war machine.
Well, we all know of Sauron's promises, they always had a catch. Mordekaiser would of course offer him release of this pain, but he might just enslave his soul to his own will. Making Sion just a puppet of the Revenant, bound in darkness by a promise that was too tempting, too good to be true.
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: Something I'd Honestly Hope to See With the Mordekaiser Rework (@MaliciousMetal)
I do agree with this sentiment. In fact, I am working on some exploration of Moredkaiser's character that might actually try giving him some more complexity.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: Can we have a mostly evil character that loves someone deeply?
But what about {{champion:82}} X{{champion:203}} Let him be Runeterra's Thanos.
Rexxiee (NA)
: Caitlyn WR down to 44% wr this patch
Well, Riot themselves said they're hesitant to but Caitlyn because she't the literal gatekeeper of bot lane. Whoever can't compete with her in lane is not going to be viable. So expect her to stay in the gutter for at least 3 more months.
Jackom1 (EUW)
: All this talk of the Void as the ultimate evil
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