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: Text is kinda hard for me to read.
Sorry, I used to want to go to med school so I worked on my handwriting.
: I wouldn't mind some more romance/flirting between characters
: > [{quoted}](name=Crimson Anam,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=7yEANkPn,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-03-19T17:35:58.417+0000) > > Swain and Irelia should make up. Compliments shrouded in insults and snark between Swain and LB are what matters.
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Nylisa (EUW)
: Swain did not look happy to see her! (Courtesy of TUMBLR)
: I mained skarner from his release date and i definitely think he needs a full update for his gameplay and visuals, can't complain about that one :) He is meant to be a shuriman scorpion , a mean and ruthless dueler, but look at him he is purplish half attack speed half tank without any interesting gameplay
I never said he didn't need a visual overhaul to go with it but he looks mighty fine compared to other champions. What he needs first and foremost is an actual thematic gameplay niche that works for him and actually feels satisfying to play as.
: Sion and Galio were complete reimaginings. I'd say Swain (and Evelynn too) is on about the same level as Poppy (kept/modernized the theme, changed the character). Irelia, along with Warwick, are exactly what you said: "modernizations" (kept the theme pretty much the same, character still relatively the same).
New Swain looks nothing like the old one. Most of his core aeshtetic design elements were completely removed in favor of new ones.
: SKARNER looks good? ya you right...
Mastery 7 Skarner player here. He looks perfectly fine in game, in fact he's really fucking cool. His kit on the other hand, oh lord, it requires extensive work.
: Quite sure this looks pretty different, and her clothes are very different. Heck they even switched her weapon out. But mind you, i am not complaining, rather i do like this one a lot ^^
Eh, I think this Irelia looks extremely close to her pre-VGU self. She retains the same hair colour, armour design and overall aesthetic. Sure, she looks a bit different but this looks more like a modernization than a complete reimagining like Swain and Galio.
: I really like her new splash but idk maybe its just me but i think her eyebrows need to be a bit thinner
Not every female character needs extremely thin eyebrows. I think they add to the uniqueness of her facial features.
Phazanor (NA)
: The fact it's not Mordekaiser prevents me from being 100% happy.
Eh, we'll get our due. And we'll get to Hue of joy over Mordekaiser's new awesomeness.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 16
Anything in store for Nautilus? He doesn't really see that much play anymore and struggles to compete against other tanks. His niche of THE CC monster got overtaken by so many new champion releases anyways so I think he should get a new, more clearly defined gameplay fantasy.
leakinb (NA)
: Revitalize still NOT working on Mordekaiser
Well, I'd say for the time being you should go for something like Bone plating and the soon to be released Chrysalis.
master36 (EUNE)
: Mordecaiser
Ha ha. Original joke. Not like it has been memed into oblivion already.
: Just a question since you're a well known morde main. With all of the (un)reworks/reverts right now, would you want old mordekaiser back?
Tough question. It's a mixed bag honestly, since I do like some parts about new Morde; -Shield scaling off max hp -W is more interesting -Less uninteractive E spam -Actual DPS for a Juggernaut But I hate stuff like: -W restriction -Gimped through his Dragon clone/W xp -Q no longer being AoE -ALL THE BUGS The things I miss most about old Morde is mostly the VFX's and SFX's as well as the more self reliant kit.
Kivolan (NA)
: At This Point, Only 20 Champions Have No Mobility.
Mordekaiser's W couldn't even be considered a true MS buff. It's so extremely situational and there are so many conditions to meet for it to work that it's basically useless 70% of the time.
: This is exclusively because of his innate sustain and passive shield being up almost 100% of the time; which also makes him hell to balance as long as it's part of his kit.
Same thing with Shen though. He has a lot of ways of gaining temporary HP in form of his passive shield and W. Shen's base hp being that low is justified with the same principle applied to Morde's stats.
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: Instead of Chrysalis can we just get Legendary Guardian back?
Eh, I like Chrysalis on Morde. The 60 hp helps in early lane and the 15 AP is neat once you get to actually fight people.
: I think more power into spirit rush is better. Charm should be primarily crowd control, not a "I hit you with one ability so you're guaranteed to die" ability
Most mid laners work like that though They hit an ability and combo you from there.
: PBE is testing 2 version of Ahri, let's vote which one we prefer.
The charm change is a good direction. I'm still unhappy with her W, it could be more interesting.
: do you think you're relevant?
: If that doesn't work, what will?! Cat gifs? No. That'd be too easy...
The other kind of *excellent* Python gifs of course!
GigglesO (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Malicious Metal,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=zEEXFXrd,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-03-07T21:51:08.913+0000) > > The W circle gimmick has to go to be honest, it was used as a shackle to keep him chained in bot lane and it restricts him whenever he tries fighting out of lane. Now we are talking. It should be opened up to be useful outside of being in minions/ontop of an ally. It is already hard enough to be in melee range to use it. I honestly want morde to have the same MS at other juggernauts. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
If I could be greedy the things I'd change would be; -W damage lowered by a bit but can be used on yourself for the DoT/heal, let damage shrouds STACK again so smart placement gives you ways to maximize your dps -10 more MS to put him to 335, still lower than most juggernauts but in the same bracket as battlemages -REMOVE Dragon AI and make it only follow manual input so you actually get to command that bloody thing
: > [{quoted}](name=Malicious Metal,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=vraqtLBO,comment-id=00040001000000000000,timestamp=2018-03-07T22:09:20.322+0000) > > Damn, sounds like my sex life. Leave it to a Mordekaiser main to murder _themselves_ in a comment. Yeesh.
: Your defeat shall be miserable and humiliating.
: Hey Interloc, May I ask who was on the jury and whether you liked my fic? Please? Are you convinced of the power of the black magic battlemage bros yet? {{champion:8}} {{champion:50}} Best, a friendly blood cultist
Don't turn this into a contest who gets Riot Senpai to notice them, Maria! I challenge you to a one v one, your strange ladyboner for Vladimir against my...erm..devotion to Morde!
GigglesO (NA)
: He's pretty much only played by his mains, and has below 50% average winrate. That isn't a decent spot. Stop using VGU as an excuse to put it off. They used that on aatrox since practically release, and he still doesn't have a true VGU.
If they touch him it shouldn't be just stat changes, they should give him more agency with some power shifts and actual functionality changes. The last thing I want is Morde actually being buffed to the point where people will start bitching about him. The W circle gimmick has to go to be honest, it was used as a shackle to keep him chained in bot lane and it restricts him whenever he tries fighting out of lane.
: Please adopt the mien of Mordekaiser and submit the story next time! If only to throw the rules in our face, and remind us that they are for the _ruled_.
Fools, we all know the glory of Mordekaiser cannot be contained in a measly one thousand word limit! I require at least...hold thousand two hundred and sixteen words to even scratch the surface of such greatness!
GigglesO (NA)
: Morde needs some love.
Eh, he's in a decent spot. Riot doesn't want to tinker with him until his VGU. If anything he could use some minor buffs in terms of MS and resistances.
: Unpopular opinion: nocturne should have stayed in the dirt
If they'd balance the game according to the stuff you spout there wouldn't be any junglers in this game. I for once rather see Nocturne being played rather than those godawful tanks like Sej and Skarner. At least he has the decency to pop like a balloon.
: So malicious, how do you think Mordekaiser feels about the new Noxus? You brought up specific interactions but how does he view the nation as a whole?
He would probably see the worth in their principles of strength and conquest. But it would be similar to an architect watching a child build a sandcastle. It is cute, it has its merits, but it's nothing compared to what he's capable of. Those who opposed him are already dead, other than leblanc and he would give Noxus a ultimatum: "Welcome your master's return with cheer...or screams of agony."
Vartius (EUNE)
: The question is: If it was his sense of superiority that brought him to fall in the past, wouldn't he be now a bit more careful with his judgement? Not saying he shouldn't be prideful and have quite the overblown ego, however I feel like Mordekaiser would be one to learn on his own mistakes.
Oh, he definitely would, but that doesn't mean he'd become all reclusive and paranoid about it. It would make him appear weak, and confidence over your enemies' inevitable doom does serve its intended purpose of sowing fear in the hearts of mortal men. And let's be honest, we don't need another Ryze who's always going on about his scroll. Or in this case, bones.
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: gotta sell that new skin am i right
They're compensating every Duskblade user, MF happens to be one of those.
: You forgot one of the larger "taking customers for granted" companies: Jagex with Runescape (Beginning of EOC)
DeusVult (NA)
: Riot, why does GP need to invalidate melee champs so hard early if he is a late game champ??
Because he spikes mid game. He isn't the late game monster he used to be in earlier seasons.
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: Riot says a lot of things. I'll believe it when I see it.
Hópe (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Dark Vaatu,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=sHI37xAg,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-03-06T14:53:52.536+0000) > > while champs like mordekaiser, shen, wukong, auroian sol. its true riot likes adcs alot. and lux gets **** tons skin. thats why i havent baught any skins Who the fuck is going to buy a Mordekaiser, Wukong or Aurelion Sol skins Are you actually joking? No seriously, You are **actually** trolling. The playerbase for Wukong and Aurelion sol is extremely extremely low AND Mordekaiser is set for visual upgrades. Im really glad you arent the head of any company because that company would fail.
No need to be so aggressive about it.
: Is that vi? (Sarcasm but yeah... That didn't look like mf initially to me.)
: MF discussion: what does the community want in an Ulti Skin?
My main complaint is about the champion choice and just the overall quality looking more akin to a Legendary skin other than an Ultimate. There's not a special quirk about it that makes it unique. Udyr finally masters the spirits when he maxes out an ability. Ezreal is the oldest but he transforms during the course of a game. Lux can choose which element she wants to represent And Sona comes with 3 different models, VFX's and of course THREE different music scores. This skin does not provide any of that and could've just been a legendary skin. Plus why MF? We got a SECOND ADC Ultimate skin before a top laner gets one? It just feels like Riot plays it safe and goes for Mass appeal by picking a broad theme and a very popular champion.
: this is bs. another adc gets skin.
Morde needs a VGU first before getting any new skins.
Eponine9 (NA)
: I don't think the point of Ultimate skins is to one-up the next one each time. I think the point of Ultimate skins is to give champions a better-than-normal skin that people will have fun playing as, and that people wouldn't mind paying the RP for. Yes, Lux has 10 chromas in her Ultimate skin, but she can only choose two (well, three including light) each game. Udyr's stances are dependent on his skills. GGMF's 4 chromas give you more choice, since to our knowledge you can switch freely between each one in base. And since the skin looks freaking AWESOME, I'd say Riot did a great job with this Ultimate skin. Plus, if you are an ADC main, you've probably been waiting 5-6 years for an new Ultimate skin that you can use often. Not everyone plays Sona, Lux, or Udyr. (Although top mains are still waiting lol) Finally, none of us have actually seen true in-game footage yet, so we should go into this with open minds. Don't always judge a skin by its cover.
PULSIFE EZREAL EXISTS. The one position that had not been covered with an Ultimate skin is top lane. We got a Mid laner: Lux Jungle: udyr Support: Sona and ADC: Ezreal This is just a cheap fucking move.
: > [{quoted}](name=Malicious Metal,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=jWPqPFzM,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-03-06T13:43:18.516+0000) > > {{champion:112}} Imagine a Viktor Ultimate skin where with each 'Upgrade' he upgrades his look, and depending on what order you get them in changes too, so a potential 9-10 looks depending on which order you do things, going from a normal looking guy to a full upgraded Evolution Perfection. But then, would this be purchased as much as much as, well, GGMF? Probably not.
"Glorious Evolution Viktor" Starts out as the mere University student he was and achieves his dream of the perfect technimaturgical human in the end.
: what champions specifically do you feel are neglected? Give me say, between 3 and 5
Non tier 1 VGU category champions: {{champion:136}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:112}} Champions that need a lot more than just skins:{{champion:9}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:106}} Jut to name a few.
: Next Ultimate Skin: Gun Goddess Miss Fortune
You know, at this point I don't even care about Riot's blatant favoritism when it comes to skin releases. It's always a champion with big player base, mass appeal and already a plethora of content that gets the good stuff. And I understand, it's the best course of action as a business to cater to your largest audience. But in the end it feels like Riot doesn't care equally about every one of their 140 characters but rather plays favorites. Niche designs don't sell well but they're good characters with dedicated fanbases nonetheless, disregarding them just makes League appear as a hostile place for them since they're not large enough communities to make a difference. It feels like League has grown into this mass consumer business like McDonalds where stuff's just easily digestible but lacks the love and passion it once had. Sorry for the short rant, I just felt it's been a common trend for the past champion releases, reworks and skins.
Eldeeo (NA)
: My high rank Monster Hunter World experience so far
Bazel is by far my favorite new monster. I just wish he didn't drop by in literally every High rank quest. Heck, even Deviljho doesn't do that.
: > Maybe if you guys do narrative again, perhaps open up the field. It felt like a lot of what won were dialogue-heavy stories and that there was a strong preference to talkative scenes. Perhaps something like an action scene in addition to something more discussion heavy. Sadly, detailed action and a plot are a bit hard to fit in 1000 words. We'll see way better works if next year the word limit is bigger.
Yes please. The world limit was one of the reasons I didn't bother submitting my draft.
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