: it's how i built him on PBE too, far more satisfying than shitty tank garbage but it's not riot-approved so im sure if it ends up better than tank they'll slap it down, so I won't bother
It is Riot approved. They mentioned on numerous occasions that they want him to build AP items and not just tank.
: wanted an anti-mage fighter got a tank zzz
He is basically a fighter. Or at least that's how I play/build him.
Ralanr (NA)
: So nothing new?
: yeah well i hate it im gonna be a rude dude to galio players i find too, ally or enemy
: it does. Galio is almost impossible to combo with now. His W won't allow his other abilities to trigger, which means the taunt is kinda useless if you don't have others around you, his E takes to long and is SUPER telegraphed...its all in all a fail to me.
Really? I played him a lot and he feels really smooth to me, it might be due to his animations being rather stocky since he's such a colossal champion.
Zenkage (NA)
: agreed. but who do you when hes picked against you?
~~I cry.~~ He's susceptible to DPS and making him itemize against AD makes him miss out on a ton of his power. So either counterpick with AD or play something that has magic DPS or something to shred him. Or sustain. He can burst Squishies and he can wear down bruisers and other tanky characters but the moment they get sustain he's kinda boned
Rioter Comments
: MFW botlane has no ADC
That's what they get for picking MY Morde >:C
: No :P Her E is annoying as hell. Hard to dodge even at a huge safe distance (huge because besides the big cast range, it also has a wide AoE). Backing off enought to dodge it means being far away from the minion wave. "She's supposed to do that, she is a zoning mage" Ehh still it's too huge IMO, I'd rather Lux to have a smaller AoE with more damage that would grow on size and lower damage as it grew. I know this is on the gameplay boards but I had to comment how cute turns into annoying af
This is the story and art boards. Take your salt over to Gameplay.
Jaredan (NA)
: It's not out of the question.
Objection! He has a ton of children! Children of the Grave to be precise!
: Time to throw some shade bois
What's this? Can't hear you over your Shenpai having his knees shattered by the nerf hammer! Shenpai? More like Shenpain, am i right? ~~Pls don't kill me.~~
: Mordekaiser. Shit! he comes with a built-in play list
Iron Man-Black sabbath Ace of Spades-Motörhead Harvester of Sorrow-Metallica Symphony of destruction-Megadeth Children of the Grave-Black Sabbath Dragonforce-Through fire and flames The Prisoner-Iron Maiden All great songs.
: Exactly, except that wasn't everything her fanbase liked in her.
To be fair, 90% of her playerbase consists of BIG PLAYS 1v5 TUMBLEDORES. No wonder Riot would cater to them.
Vartius (EUNE)
: Well, that was what I said in the post: that he is invulnerable, but if he'd ever get his body back, he could be killed and that's why it's a weakness - I might have not made myself clear there.
It's not really a weakness though. because what's the point of an Empire if you can't enjoy the perks of it, he's got a conflict. Remain virtually untouchable but not be able to feel the pleasures of life, or get your mortal body back, thus becoming vulnerable. He has an actual motivation now for his conquest instead of just doing it for the hell of it.
Vartius (EUNE)
: When making this post I was actually wondering "Will Malicious Metal comment on it...?"... And yes! Senpai noticed *-* And that furthermore, he agreed... Damn. Best day evah. Anyways xD On the whole "humanity" thing I was just quoting the podcast. They literally say that it's "His one biggest weakness". Also I wonder now - is there actually a way to destroy his bones? The guys on the blessed isles clearly couldn't do that... Also the liches - are they destroyable? What do you think about it?
He IS Invulnerable in his current form, as stated in the podcast. Even if his wraith form is banished to Oblivion he can rise again, this endless cycle seems to have no end in sight and each resurrection makes him lose more of his humanity. The bones might be indestructible, or rather, even if they're just dust they could still be used, what we do know is that there's no way to currently kill him. But that comes with the downside of being undead. You might rule over the entire world... But if you have no body to enjoy the perks of it it's kinda redundant. That's why he wants a body back, and doing so IS his biggest weakness because he'd be able to be killed once more. His Liches, well, I think they're just bound to his existence as a wraith, would he cease to be a revenant they'd be freed as they are bound to the ritualistic cycle that's keeping him alive.
Vartius (EUNE)
: Let's talk Mordekaiser....
Let's do just that. it's my favorite topic after all. Firstly, I totally agree that Mordekaiser should be calm, collected, yet have this subtle hint of contempt in his voice. He **knows** he's powerful, he knows the power he commands, he sees every other creature as being beneath him. All the other Juggernauts are "Into your face" and are well, loud, Morde should be the uncanny threat, this towering wraith that's driven by this steeled immortal will. On the topic of his humanity and him wanting to be human. His only weakness are his bones, he has to guard them, they're his only connection to his mortal life and his achilles heel. Being an Immortal being that has an actual body would take care of that problem. It's the safest place for his bones; Being in HIS body. In fact, Morde's one of the most interesting League characters and I definitely look forward what the future has in store for him!
: I am mildly upset by this. Retconning some of her best characteristics for the sake of Vaynespotting meymeys.
It works though. Meanwhile I dread the day Morde becomes the incarnation of Brazilian memes.
: I love Vayne's new lore. I just wish she had more depth.
Let me stomach her killing Frey first. Just... give me a moment.
Sharjo (EUW)
: They've revisited areas before so they'll get to Sona.
She might get hers in the Ionia lore update perhaps?
Sharjo (EUW)
: Do not resist! Let the feelings flow forth! LET THEM INTENSIFY
I got two feelings fighting over dominance. Utter disgust and contempt for Vayne And a fuzzy feeling about Galio and Lux's story
Reav3 (NA)
: Don't miss JohnODyin's short story on Galio/Lux http://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/story/flesh-and-stone/ One of my favorites (Though I'm pretty biased) :P
Why do you do this to my feels?! Why?
Sharjo (EUW)
: The Demacia Update is Live!
I thought I couldn't dislike Vayne more than I already did. But oh was I proven wrong. Murdering her mother figure, mentor, friend and savior in cold blood. Absolutely vile, even Mordekaiser would be disgusted... Rest in peace Frey, might we get a female Shaman warrior champion in your honor.
: Plz be careful when nerfing my Ivern as I don't want him to be like he was on release
Ralanr (NA)
: It just occurred to me that Galio healed himself off the pain of others.
It was a tradeoff. He gave THEM Mr/armour and got the heal. he could also just self cast it. He healed off the magic absorbed by his bulwark.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: I don't know... but Karthas has two souls. I remember ulting him for fun and his passive and my ult spirits were there
Rioter Comments
Elikain (EUNE)
: I've been meaning to ask you this MM, how do you play Morde nowadays? What kind of a builds, runes, masteries do you use? Can he work as a bot/mid laner or do you strictly play him top?
I usually play him top or mid, sometimes bot, IF i have a premade support^^ But, if you need some reference, here ya go. Just ask if you need anything specific. https://s23.postimg.org/ekdl72xd7/rustymorde.jpg https://s30.postimg.org/jmbwiwu6p/mordermastery.jpg https://s17.postimg.org/w7gs8bwrj/morderune.jpg
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Mcloved (NA)
: im not gonna lie i think think this would be awesome, however we should get him an tyrant of the galaxy skin( kinda like veigar and blitz's skins that where their arcade skin but where the villains....
Of course he'd be the big baddie. He'd be a space conqueror like, and I'm not making that name up, Lord Dominator! http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/legendsofthemultiuniverse/images/5/5b/Hater%27s_perspective_of_Dominator_(1).jpg/revision/latest?cb=20151004155749
: How many months ahead do you plan your daily Mordekaiser threads? If I pay you, will you put daily Vlad (or Vlad x Vayne) threads on your schedule? Ples. http://imgur.com/aSh38Tt.jpg
I planned them in a millenia long past... Simpler times back then. I'd do that, since I accept the souls of the damned as currency and soul-stealers have more than enough tormented souls to share. https://68.media.tumblr.com/c5ef5e57b7af89963b37c8ad0506f941/tumblr_nx3falp6481ukyxlgo1_540.jpg
: I just checked his top wr...
He's got a 54% over in Korea too. He's far from being bad. His problems aren't power-related.
: Doesn't fix the fact that he is bad. Edit: WTF 50% win rate top
https://www2.pic-upload.de/img/32886562/wrmord.jpg I beg to differ.
Rioter Comments
Tôast (NA)
: Not too hard of a matchup. Just bait out Morde q and go back in when it;s on cd. Morde E gives a decent shield if it hits yas but is also easy to dodge when you have a no cd dash.
Really? I always win my matchups. Yasuo players are a cocky bunch, they always face the mace sooner or later. Plus Rylais+Exhaust makes for easy kills
Skelenth (EUW)
: All the facts about God Fist Lee Sin
God Fist Lee Sin is ACTUALLY Numero uno! (~~Sad hue~~ {{champion:82}} )
: What are some good counters to Yasuo?
: What are your favorite splashes as of 2017?
Ralanr (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Canastus,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=aUkqAiZP,comment-id=0002000100000000,timestamp=2017-03-20T18:47:04.130+0000) > > They're clearly ignoring her at this point, **how else do you explain Lee Sin of all people getting a legendary skin teased on social media right now?** As if he needed one to begin with, really. They had an idea they wanted to explore? Rioters aren't perfect, even with the many different fan ideas for Cass skins, Riot might have trouble really liking the project enough to finish it. If they don't like it then it's probably not good and won't sell well. > All they seem to care about is releasing content for the same champs over and over again, There's some truth to what you're saying since Riot tries to get profits from their skins and popular champions tend to get more skins because of this (not always the case though). But Lee hasn't gotten a skin since 2015 with Knock Out. So he's not exactly getting a new skin over and over (though he does have a lot, won't deny that). >meanwhile Cass remains completely forgotten after more than 4 years. Maybe by the skin team since she did get enough attention to be reworked.
Apparently she's also hard to find good skin themes for, as some Rioters already states. Then again, there are some cool concepts for her ranging from some dragon-themed to Noxian high command. And you're right, unpopular champions don't make them money, thus they usually have a very limited skin catalog.
: It needs more passives. 3 more at least. Certainly(T).
Nah, I got a better idea! let's link his abilities to a ~~spirit ~~void ~~sword ~~dagger he has to carry around the rift! That sounds fun and interesting!
: Malzahar thing because my computer broke and I am off work for 3 boring days.
Wait a bloody minute. Someone who proposes a rework that tackles the problematic aspects rather than making them even more prominent? Blasphemous.
: "We need a tank" - last pick Support Proceeds to lock in Nami Last time I let my team decide what I play I fed. It's better you play what you know than what supposedly fits the comp.
I don't even bother picking according to my team comp anyways. Whenever I do pick Naut, which is my second best champion, they don't bother playing WITH the tank and make my pick utterly useless. That's why my Nautilus Win rate's a pitiful 45% while my Morde's 64%. People are selfish, team players are getting shafted most of the time.
: {{champion:82}} ~~So MM shuts up about it~~ Because I think he has A LOT of potential that is going to waste in his current state {{champion:31}} Similar to Mordekaiser, he has the potential to be a very cool champion, but his current state doesn't live up to it at all :/
: Does the "no skeletons" rule apply to written lore as well?
Canastus (NA)
: Today marks the 1500th day since the last Cass skin was released.
Riot knows, spamming the same thread every week won't accelerate the process.
Knalxz (NA)
: It looks like they all just came from Satan's BDSM chamber.
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