: Buffs in 9.24 for Yi and Illaoi
actually, having illaoi slow you if her Q hits both a champion and his vessel wouldn't be a terrible idea, she would need to be terrible for a change like this to exist tho
Rioter Comments
: Hot take: Triumph is one of the biggest factors to the snowballing problem in League
That rune is lowkey broken, can't count the amount of times a Jax or Irelia was about to get killed and then randomly healed for a huge amount of HP because someone they barely touched had the audacity to die. This rune should work only on takedowns imho, after all, there's no triumph if someone else does your job.
Zac x Me (NA)
: Like they would. They didn't even make Taliyah transgender, they completely scapped that because it would ban the game in a region. They also had a tournament where no female champions where allowed to be chosen because it would be banned in that country.
> [{quoted}](name=Zac x Me,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=72Nt3U2R,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-08T19:53:51.823+0000) > > Like they would. > > They didn't even make Taliyah transgender, they completely scapped that because it would ban the game in a region. > > They also had a tournament where no female champions where allowed to be chosen because it would be banned in that country. why tf should Taliyah be trans?
: This seems like it can be a very good idea, good timing too, with pool party most likely coming next PBE cycle or the cycle after that, if at all. Qiyana's inherent thiccness also helps make this quite the good design :D
I think riot confirmed this year we won't be getting pool party skins
: This is ridiculous. Sona has received almost nothing but nerfs the past few years besides a small AD and Q number buff. She is NOT anywhere near the range of OP, and you all need to revert these nerfs before she becomes even weaker.
: Skill and time
he literally said he's actually P2 with 72% winrate lmao
: Lol sucks. Feel pity for wasted time. Played around 1500 games and still in bronze.
dude, I am one of the worst players in the game, always first timed different champions in soloq and tanked my winrate when I didn't feel like winning yet I still could get to gold iv at least...
: ***
>Yuumi sucks, cancel her. It's a cat with a book, the least creative thing Riot has done over 10 years, and the only reason it's going through is because it will give trucks of money no >Morde rocks, speed his VGU up It's just not the time yet >Omen deserves to be in the game more than Yuumi especially since we now know the kit thanks to FeralPony sharing it really? link? >Bring back Magma Chamber since you scrapped the idea of Nexus Blitz as a permanent game mode and went back on your word We'll never see Magma Chamber again but a 1v1 or 2v2 game mode would be cool >Ranked has been a trainwreck this month, add Split Point gain for losses too Agree >Remove Stopwatch Agree >Remove Conqueror or at least the healing side good lord Why not just bring fervor back >Return Ultimate Hat Idk ultimate hunter feels good too >Why is Ohmwrecker still here The said they're going to mini rework items so I guess it will change soon >Make any stasis prevent healing if it also prevents damage. This is genuinely dumb in general because why would it stop one if it allows the other? Agree You literally only got downvoted for saying that Yuumi sucks, the rest of your opinions are actually sharable
Napoleon3 (EUNE)
: vayne sustain damage
Is this post a bait attempt?
: Is YOUR name OFFENSIVE???????
I am ƒμςκεδ, my name is formed by ''Maligaro'', a crazy guy from the game ''POE'' who likes to sodomize people and ''Spike'' that might be a reference to knives and guess what... knives are used to kill! {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: {{champion:555}} Dash Stealth AOE Execute (with indicator) + cooldown reset + dash Infinite sustain Best grab of the game (like Blitz + a bonus slow) "A champion has clear moments of vulnerability and is generally weak to a significant number of champions (roughly 20+) or a common mechanic (like hard CC)." None. I think he's got about all the "too strong" part you mentioned and no weakness except he's support only and I guess not so tanky so can be burst after CC. Honestly I don't mind though, just noticing
IMHO Blitz grab is by far the best in the game simply because of how far it can pull you, it's so powerful its entire kit had to be balanced around this single ability. Pyke's grab is strong too (like all grabs tbh) but between cast time, tinier hitbox and not pulling you all the way at max range makes it much easier to play around other than "his grab is up let's play pussy until he wastes it"
: > [{quoted}](name=Ayzev,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=FmQVsKzG,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-12-08T20:52:52.689+0000) > > https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/001/007/923/d4a.png Sounds like he's talking about morals.
Yep, this and the infamous "people die when killed" are out of context but make sense once you watch the anime (or read the VN). Not gonna complain tho they're good for a laugh
: Then don’t try to 1v1 the champion built for duels.
Did you really get mass downvoted for stating the true?
wolvius (EUW)
: Wasn't khazix bush version of this nerfed for some reason https://youtu.be/EveF2F9FKMY
kha got nerfed because with mobis he could roam the map perma-stealthed and avoid all wards not because he could spam invis during a fight
: That Vayne PBE change
isn't there really any other way to make vayne viable?
: Did we really need to have another "Old Ones" in the League lore as well? It's so overdone at this point.
Imho it's just a teaser for the new "coven" skins even tho i would like to have a new champ with a theme like that
: There's also an Ahri animation on Twitter, is that on the way or just purely the designer playing around?
i missed that, could you link it to me?
: After numerous amounts of reworks to Guinsoo's Rageblade, what do you think of this new iteration?
it definitely kills or at least hard nerfs the guinsoo+nashor into full AP build since guinsoo lost the +%AP and the AP scaling on hit (now only flat) on top of being unable to build void staff. I think the intended goal is to stop Guinsoo users from exploding people since on-hit is supposed to be about dps and not burst but i feel like this initial iteration will need buffs. Penetration is less effective on squishies than raw AP or AD so it hopefully normalizes guinsoo users damage (looking at you {{champion:11}} ) Pretty curious about the guinsoo+wits end combo tho, looks pretty nasty.
: https://imgur.com/a/M4f6d6c
well they said it was going to be colorful {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Moody P (NA)
: she's even more dependent on melee allies to proc her shit except now instead of just stunning you she'll 100-0 any squishy with her rotation lol see how fast you change your tune when E max sej deletes you
considering she lost her slow on second W and E stuns for less i guess is fine that she can do damage
Leto GT (EUW)
: Hi. Could you move the shield to his E and give it the condition that it has to hit a wall to get it? I think he should keep a shield somwhere in his kit.
Imho he won't need a shield with his new free empowered items making him tankier
: My favorite Jungle season was 5, there was so much diversity almost every champ could jungle due to https://i.imgflip.com/2lvtau.jpg The jungle buffs were also cool like i think krugs gave you a stun on auto to monsters, and wolf or chickens gave an orb that kept vision on your jungle
My favourite jungle was season 4 instead, literally everyone could jungle cause monsters would deal so little damage
: ***
Urgod dash can't go over walls, it has a delay and its range isn't that great, he definitely isn't a mobile champ. Also CD stays somewhat high because it's maxed last
: If you do decide to nerf Urgot Riot, please nerf the LCS build
I wish he scaled better with AD tbh, once you have {{item:3071}} you don't really need anything else since all your damage is loaded into your Passive that is %max HP dmg and an execute with no scaling. He also has got one of the worst durability among Juggernauts since he doesn't get any crazy healings like {{champion:122}} or {{champion:420}} or a Steroid like {{champion:86}} or {{champion:75}} but instead has a shield that scales with HP forcing him to get tanky items in order to not have his shield blown up.
: **Re: Execute Indicator:** I'm a bit confused by all of that... Numbered points below for easy answer. 1) Adding an indicator to Darius is unlikely because "a really significant part of the skill expression is in gauging the reset", but isn't that the case for Pyke? So why did Pyke get one in the first place? 2) You mention Cho and Garen already having an indicator, just not as clear as Pyke's, but say nothing about Urgot. Urgot does have exactly the same indicator mechanism as Cho, already, doesn't he? 3) Also, for longer term plans, what about Eve-like indicators, where it's not a sign that the ability will kill, but a sign that the ability is optimized? Could they be converted from VFX to mark on the health bar too? 4) And whether they are VFX or health-bar-mark, will you consider adding them to Veigar or Riven R?
Darius ult damage changes dynamically based on how many stacks you have during a fight so you should be able to determine the minimum amount of stacks required to get a clean execute in the least amount of time, at least that's the reason i guess.
: Low elo players must earn my respect. They won't be getting any from me until they climb higher.
good thing then i don't need your respect at all
: Mage mains be like {{champion:99}} damage is trash. has some of the biggest base and scaling damage while being aoe and passive multi proc with no cooldown
I guess they refer to the fact that without ult on she isn't much of a threat while champs like Taliyah or Zoe always have strong kill pressure even with ult off but I agree her full combo with ult is nuts
meowwow7 (NA)
: you also forgot that {{champion:2}} has a health cost that scales on how much dmg it will do
wow TIL I always thought it was a fixed amount strange it isn't mentioned anywhere in the tooltip
: Master Yi: Too Many Buffs In a Row
He doesn't need a nerf but a rework that gets rid of his comically low skill floor but still maintains his skill cap, I know master yi is supposed to be an easy champ for a fun game but in his current state he's literally braindead unless you're daring to play him in d4 or higher.
: Once we get the new items (Essence Reaver :( ... ) and the new mastery (hail of blades) champions that rely on attack speed will show up and be able to duel people like xin, and Graves. {{champion:11}} will be the main one in the jg running around with infinite q's ... :( Even if he runs Conq, Essence Reaver is going to make him too strong. I don't think rammus will be enough to stop him from diving the backline, and getting 2 second q cdrs. Not fun man.. Not fun. {{item:1419}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3508}} {{item:3153}} {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
Yi already shits on basically 99% of champions when he gets his items and the next patch might make him scale harder but this actually isn't really a fix for his main problem, his early game is just too weak any competent jungler will close the game while you're still sitting on bloodrazor especially in this actual meta.
: i think in paladins they have that there disabled and no1 can play them in ranked only in normals idk if its still there anymore i dont play anymore
Revali (NA)
: I think it should match karthus e in terms of range, it sounds bias but its also an item favored by mages who want to build a catalyst but don't want to build {{item:3027}} first item everytime.
that's exactly the point, prevent mages from building an item that gives them damage and completely invalidates their opponents unless AD, tanks like Maokai would have no problem sticking on targets and the better magic damage amp is actually very rewarding
: how about this god comp top: {{champion:516}} jg: {{champion:106}} mid: {{champion:101}} bot: {{champion:268}} supp: {{champion:34}}
> [{quoted}](name=Sir Jacks,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=U95KH3r8,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-03-07T17:51:52.975+0000) > > how about this god comp > top: {{champion:516}} > jg: {{champion:106}} > mid: {{champion:101}} > bot: {{champion:268}} > supp: {{champion:34}} change Xerath with Aurelion Sol and I think Kindred are better than Azir as ADCs if you consider them gods
: Triforce as a core item just doesn’t work with modern junglers.
Actually, jungle Jax is pretty strong and he builds trinity
: Where are items for Juggernauts?
{{item:3065}} while not being designed for Juggernauts it synergizes so well with most of them that even with another mres item designed specifically for the juggernaut class I think they will still rely on the better healings unless ahead
: Wow what absolutely retarded logic you have there. You do realize you can bring ignite vs those champions _**CURRENTLY**_ on live right? like nobody is stoping you from bringing ignite? Except nobody does because teleport is way better. So you are suggesting we should nerf top laners to "buff them" . 10/10 boards.
: Technically Zac is a self proclaimed hero. They changed his lore recently so i dont know if its canon anymore. He wanted to bring peace and justice to Zaun.
IIRC right now he just wanders around Zaun and gets on a killing spree if there are too many negative emotions around him but he's still a nice guy normally
: {{champion:24}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:134}} I think they'd make a good super hero squad
Syndra and Camille would barely collaborate with the rest of the team or even looking for joining the enemy if the perks are great enough
GenoXx (NA)
: Can we not just judge the new champion based on her looks before anything gets properly revealed?
so having a slightly more pronounced than normal neckline is considered oversexualized nowadays... oh dear god
: They won't listen. Meddler wants to nerf or remove tp so top laners will have even less impact unless you are obviously... A tank. So don't expect to get a context of changes from them because they just want their precious bot lane and tanks to be relevant and no other role.
i think if tp is removed or hard nerfed everyone will bring ignite back and tanks will be in greater danger when facing a Riven or a Kled with ignite but i might be wrong
Danjeng (NA)
: How to nerf Ryze in competitive play while buffing him in solo queue from a 900k mastery 5 OTP
I've read somewhere that Ryze ult should teleport only him and minions and provide him a full passive charge to compensate the loss of utility
Yenn (NA)
: Draven got a triple kill, guess we'll just AFK because he's now three shotting everyone on the team
AT LEAST draven is oneshotting your team from 550 range and no mobility, tristana "twoshots" your team from the other side of the map and can escape easily
: (For Overwatch Players) Sombra Meta incoming?
If only i could play that game without getting kicked out by a random disconnection every single time :(
: Apparently, Riot doesn't give a shit about certain champs
There is actually no way to buff Wukong meaningfully without making him op, everything he has is damage, he is a giant ball of stats, buff his dmg and he is either the same or is one-shotting everything with off tank builds. Wukong needs a rework but they are too busy with their schedule so yes we will have to wait for a long time still
: Will this be another incident of Tantrum coming in here to smite some fools?
i hope so tantrum's sick smites are quality content
: Saying words gets you banned, what next? playing off meta?{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
well what's wrong with trying to force people into being acceptable human beings in-game?
: Diana isn't an assassin, I'm sorry? I've played a lot of Dia and I can very much tell you she is VERY much an assassin. Her whole point is to jump on a squishy in the target backline/out of position and combo-burst them down.
she is a diver, her role is similar to assassins but she completely lacks the tools to make it out and instead rely on her shield and Zhonya, she oneshots your ADC for sure but this isn't enough to label her as an assassin
: I feel like "kill steal" is something you only hear in lower elo, I mean yeah IDEALLY the carry should get it right, true, he needs the gold, but damn we are all spamming everything in this fight, my shit just went in last, you still got paid
even in silver elo almost no one is complaining about KS, only the occasional support taking kills instead of ADCs but nowadays with all this safety even noobs just want people to die in one way or another
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