: [Patch 8.24b]Heimerdinger Ult Turret(AA) stops firing
What I meant is, u need to throw the grenade faster than 1 sec, if you take longer or as much, the bug will not occur.
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Drkjay (OCE)
: MAJOR Heimerdinger changes have accidentally been pushed to Live. Winrate's dropped: 52.9% -> 47.1%
Along with the hotfix, the RQ turret no longer scales with AP!!!! https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-reports-eu/EEoE5dM7-bugs-with-heimerdinger-exist-after-the-hotfix
The Cal (EUW)
: Heimer Turret beams not shooting
Yeah, happens a SHITLOAD of times to me. Made me loose a few kills too. This one is not only visual bug, it must be looked into! Then there's also a pretty annoying visual bug that happens all the time, when u basically stop seeing the turret attacks (it stops completely), but it's still doing damage, it works but it makes last hitting rly hard cause you can't see projectiles.
MerloJohn (EUW)
: Heimerdinger nerf 8.1
AUFault (EUW)
: Frustrating Heimerdinger bug since patch 7.6 [GAMEPLAY]
Fortunately the turret placing bug does not block other spells usage so it doesn't affect game much, but for ppls that don't use smartcast like me its very noticeable, and it wasn't like that before, it should say the spell is not available or something and not "half-cast" it. About the shutdown on inhibitor bug, that is a truly annoying one, lost games cause of it, when trying to backdoor inhib and turrets do not work it's rly frustrating. Fix pls, GJ on sharing the bug m8.


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