: If you actually believe that ... lul.
https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/7c2l9i/top_20_keegun_1_pantheon_world_3_challenger/ {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Dessem (EUW)
: Zoe is another young girl. Now we need young men.
Omg yes please {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
Kloqdq (NA)
: Do people want more Visual Updates? (Twitch, Karthus, etc.)
This question is kinda biased. Almost everyone wants more VU's, me too. But that doesnt mean I want a VU over a (V)GU.
: With This New Honour System...
I hope it lasts longer than a week..
: 1. Iceland 2, Norway 3. Sweden 4. Finland 5. Russia 6. Ireland 7. UK 8. Denmark 9. Portugal 10. Spain 11. Andora 12 France 13. Belgium 14. Luxemburg 15. Netherlands 16. Germany 17. Poland 18. Lithuania 19. Latvia 20. Estonia 21. Monaco 22. Italy 23. Switzerland 24. Lichtenstein 25. Austria 26. Czech (can't remember if it is the czech republic or something else now) 27. Vatican (hard to tell what this is pointing at) 28. San Marino (I think this is what it is referring to. Again hard to tell.) 29. Slovania 30. Croatia 31. Bosnia 32. Hungary 33. Slovakia 34. Malta 35. Albania 36. Serbia 37. Macedonia 38. Bulgara 39. Romania 40. Moldova 41. Ukraine 42. Belarus 43. Greece 44. Montenegro I think I got them all. That map is kind of bad though.
Belgium is small but not that small ^^
: Can Apples get a thicker peel?
But if apples get a thicker peel, you will have to peel them like oranges and you will miss out on a lot of vitamines.
: League changes every 2 weeks
Am I the only one who thought this was a rhyme? I was so confused..
Wuks (NA)
: Hmm, I wasn't actually aware that the EU Boards Team was trying something new with their Boards Home. Let me ask around!
It has been implemented a long long time ago.
: He isn't a rioter, he is an Arbiter.
Ah yes indeed, hopefully someone who knows more about this will see it. Ty :p
Wuks (NA)
: Let's Talk Boards - Introduction
Why does the NA boards still have the ability to upvote posts on the main page, but not EUW boards? You (some RIOTER) said you wanted to see the results and afterwards decide what is the best, but this was a long time ago already. Just curious about the results. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: I'm putting a lot of faith into this new client. I play on a laptop.. had a lot of issues with it before.. I hope those "massive changes" really make a difference.
lt really is much better than before, I also play on a laptop and l don't have any problems anymore :)
: Why do some champions attract some player behaviour?
{{champion:11}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:92}} : Players who think their team is stupid and think they have to solocarry their team.
Hrd2H1t (NA)
: I'm so glad Galio is no longer blue.
: ^ I'm always 10+ down cs when autofilled adc unless I spend my whole game farming bot and the only adc's I technically own are{{champion:104}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:18}} and {{champion:4}}
: You know, I haven't seen any of those honor badges since they came out a long time ago
Bârd (NA)
: ... it's like you didn't even read. He is SUPPORTING. HIS. TEAM. Support only means you 1) Aren't taking gold from your team. 2) Are playing with your main goal being to enable allies and fuck with enemies. League is one of the only goddamn games where the player base has gotten the notion that the support is, and can only ever be, the ADC's bitch, and that's just because the meta is so stagnant that whenever someone tries to change it (like this Nunu, or that Singed player), they get banned. Go on youtube. Look up some Dota 2 gameplay of roaming Bounty Hunter support. Now, what do you notice, even without any knowledge of Dota? 1. He is, undeniably, playing this hero as a support. 2. He doesn't lane. 3. Holy shit there is a lot of gameplay of this.
So then the jungler should be banned, he isn't taking gold from the team: he is taking jungle camps noone else would have taken, and he supports the other lanes. Jungler steals support role confirmed?
Rioter Comments
: WookieCookie? What?
The nunu ban case, first comment. http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/FrILlWp7-14-day-ban-because-playing-nunu-support-with-smite-is-stealing-other-peoples-roles The post has 1K+ comments atm {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: In both of your examples, where is that extra player coming from or going? If it's the support player that's filling in the blank, I would say agreement by the ADC and the lane (or jungle) that the support will join. If it's the jungle joining mid or top for a double lane, I would say permission from the lane that they're joining and at least one more lane to be polite about dooming them to no ganks. So I believe it's less of a "what % of my team must agree" and more of a, "get permission from the players that will have to play greatly off the standard deviation because of this tactic". Otherwise if you stick to percentages, you validate situations like; (in a situation where you would need 4/5 approval or less to pass) Player X wants to double top-lane (instead of jungle). Mid, support, ADC all say it's fine. But not top lane. But since it's majority, they said "deal with it" and now top-lane, the one most affected by this off-meta tactic, is placed into a situation they did not want by their own team. or (in a situation where one would need 4/5 team or full team approval). Player X wants to support toplane instead of bot lane. Top and ADC says it's okay. But since mid and jungle say no, they wouldn't be allowed to do it. Despite mid and jungle being the two positions that are least affected by the change.
> So I believe it's less of a "what % of my team must agree" and more of a, "get permission from the players that will have to play greatly off the standard deviation because of this tactic". That's what I would think aswel, but what happens when a (almost) not affected lane decides to report you? great explanation btw :)
: Go into game with the intention of staying around with your adc in lane as much as possible, with maybe the occasional quick roam to another lane if there's nothing else to do because your adc is at base or you are dominating lane hard. That's really it. It's less about 'what is a support lol' and more 'go play your fucking lane like you were assigned to do' because it was made very clear that the roles handed out by the new champ select would be enforced under power of ban in order for the assignments to mean anything at all.
> [{quoted}](name=Arcade Sâber,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=yfFEH1Ow,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2017-02-28T17:09:58.581+0000) > > Go into game with the intention of staying around with your adc in lane as much as possible, with maybe the occasional quick roam to another lane if there's nothing else to do because your adc is at base or you are dominating lane hard. > > That's really it. It's less about 'what is a support lol' and more 'go play your fucking lane like you were assigned to do' because it was made very clear that the roles handed out by the new champ select would be enforced under power of ban in order for the assignments to mean anything at all. But is someone who leaves his lane and adc (after for example level 6) to help other lanes and jgl not doing his job and should he get reported/ punished?
FighterA236 (EUNE)
: What about the one-tricks in general? What about the guys that pick Yasuo even though we don't agree and then go 0/12? Should they also get banned?
That's a different case.. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Support and ADC work off of each other in the meta, one requires the other. I believe that a top lane player can execute a strange playstyle such as counter jungling with smite with very little adaptation of the rest of your team. But support or ADC? If your tactic involves leaving the lane for long periods of time your lane partner is forced to completely change how they play (which they may not be prepared to do).
I may have posed my question a little weird, but I don't want to talk about this particular case. RIOT said that if you want to do any strange off-META playstyle (for example: double-mid, double-jungle,...), you have to ask your team if they are ok with it. Now I want to know: when is a team ok with it and when can't you get banned for 'troll'? (see poll)
Rioter Comments
: {{champion:37}} then {{item:3303}} wait 20 mins then {{item:3089}}
> [{quoted}](name=Whitney Houston,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=yfFEH1Ow,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-02-28T12:01:28.785+0000) > > {{champion:37}} > > then > > {{item:3303}} > > wait 20 mins > > then > > {{item:3089}} But there can be only one Sona each game (draft mode), so every game someone should get banned? {{item:3070}}
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=WookieeCookie,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=FrILlWp7,comment-id=00f0,timestamp=2017-02-28T04:43:04.612+0000) > > Here we are again! The case of_ “Unusual Pick that Throws A Game on Its head”_ vs _“The Teammates going WTF Is Going On”_. > > [If you’re just tuning in we previously covered this topic with a similar case in December: “Support Singed isn't bannable, but that's not the point”. ](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/79aGu3wR-support-singed-isnt-banable-but-thats-not-the-point?comment=006b) > > We feel that the situation between these two edge cases are very similar. But it’s obvious we need to keep updating a few processes to smooth out any rare repeats in the future. And rare is what we’d call this; it’s a very unique edge case that seems to only present itself once every few months among thousands of audits that we process. > > Let’s re-iterate our stance from before: > > **Q: Can I get banned for choosing a champion or strategy that is outside the current meta?** > > A: 100% no. Choosing a champion or strategy outside of the current meta is not a factor we take into account when reviewing accounts. On any given day tens of thousands of players are making unusual picks in the game and they’ll never receive penalties in any form. > > **Q: So why does this issue keep coming up? What makes it different?** > > A: Riot Gromp said it best in the previous post when they stated: “...common sense and good sportsmanship say that experimenting players need to clearly communicate intent and win conditions to their teammates.” League of Legends is a team game and sometimes the biggest challenge can be coordinating with 4 other strangers who share a common goal; victory. If a player is going to rewrite the rules for the rest of their team then there is more pressure to properly communicate to everyone what they want the plan to be, and what they think everyone should do to achieve it. Rewrite _what rules_, specifically ? You mean the meta? But wait, breaking the meta is allowed by riot. So again, what _rules_ is this player "re-writing"? > > But wait! Communication doesn’t stop after you press the Enter button on your keyboard; and that’s where we saw a problem in this particular case. All of us need to be aware of the difference of communicating “with” someone vs. communicating “at” someone. _Telling your team what you’re going to do and then ignoring them isn’t really working with them it’s holding them hostage_. Telling your team what you want to do and actually working towards a common plan is a central part to playing any team based game. You're conflagrating "communication" with "consent". This player clearly communicated _with_ players both during lobby and in-game to achieve victory. What makes one player's demands more important than another? So because two players disagree on the tactic, only the innovative one must bow down to the others' demands? Again, you don't enforce the meta, remember? Straight from your support site, "tactical disagreements are not reportable". So although this player utilized his champion _more effectively_ in an off meta way, as a "global support" for the _whole team_ not just the bot lane, is that against the rules? Because as far as I know, support role is the only role that _does not_ have a specific lane assignment, other than its been played bot for a while so that's meta. But you don't punish off meta remember? Also it has been mentioned before by riot tantrum that you can never, ever be punished for _not using chat_, do I take that to mean only in game chat then? Or is not typing in the lobby part of that. And what about hovering your champion in lobby? Is not hovering your champion Also punishable? > > In this case what we observed was an expert Nunu counter-jungler throwing the meta on it’s head with a respectable win rate of 53%. While pretty impressive on it’s own, we also found that nearly 50% of their games were reported by teammates as frustrating and unfun. Keep in mind, this isn’t just teammates in losing games, this is teammates across all of his games; victories included. > > The message was pretty clear to us, this player is serious about_ Making Nunu Great Again_ but they are leaving a trail of dissatisfaction, frustration, and anger in their wake. > > Winning is not the end all be all of League. We want players to have fun but not at the expense of teammates. Ideally this means players will coordinate among themselves in a given match and react to the unique circumstances they end up in. If a player is consistently forcing “their vision” on the rest of the team **and **refusing to adapt to their needs we reserve the right to intervene. That’s what happened here (and before with the Singed case); players cried out how terrible the experience was for them and we intervened. If you would clearly state that off-meta play like this is not punishable or reportable, then there wouldn't be any grief or frustration because players would know to adapt to each other when these things happen, instead of trying to force everyone into one meta box. This is like if you are invited to a costume party and when you arrive, a handful of partygoers tell you they hate your costume. You ignore them and keep partying. You come across some people that love your costume; others are in-different. After a while you're asked by the host to leave, and when you ask why, you're told "because some other people complained that your costume didn't match theirs and they didn't like it". You mention that the party is not a themed costume event, and the host agrees with you, but still kicks you out. How is that in any way fair? **** > > Moving forward we’re going to keep updating our processes for these edge cases. We will still be on the lookout for situations where a player is creating a really negative experience for everyone else and we will intervene when necessary. In this case it’s undeniable that TakeTheDraw wants to win even if their approach leaves a lot to be desired. The effects on others in his games were enough for us to lock the account and we stand by that. But our agents were not properly prepared with a process to handle this edge case when they wrote in and that is on me. I will be working with the team to clarify an escalation process that emphasizes clearer feedback and opens the door for ban reductions if we believe that someone can make changes to their play style allowing them to continue crushing the meta but not at the expense of their teammates. Explain to us why on your support portal page for what is reportable, you quite literally have it stating that "tactical disagreements should never be reportable". And in the graphic it shows a swain player saying _"but nunu I wanted you to go support bot!"_ How is this player's (tactical) decision any different? Unless you want to come straight out and tell us that support role _Must only be bot lane_ and you are not allowed to leave that lane, then his decision to roam around the map and put global pressure IS a valid tactical decision and as per your own rules not reportable, therefore any griefing done by other players in reports are INVALID. You yourself are on record stating that riot supports innovative meta changing gameplay **_"even if it ruffles some feathers"_. **, but what, this case doesn't apply? Sounds hypocritical. Your problem is you want to appease as many people as possible by being vague and saying yes yes that's ok, but turn around and punish the ones that actually do try to innovate and enjoy the game in different ways. **_stop trying to appease everyone by being vague; come out and say you either enforce the current meta completely, or you completely embrace any and all creative methods of meta breaking gameplay as long as it's not purposefully losing games._**
: Tired of the Meta?
To me it feels like TT has a smaller 'META-championpool', less viable champions.
: > [{quoted}](name=1Kn0wY0u,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1f05wIeA,comment-id=0015,timestamp=2017-02-06T22:41:54.172+0000) > > can't relate, l don't eat bread with broccoli http://99superfoods.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/broccoli-bread.jpg http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-ij5fxnVEhbE/Up-2Nnjsy1I/AAAAAAAAIUY/HPDBt0OsQlw/s640/DSC_0608.tiff https://static01.nyt.com/images/2013/03/06/dining/06TAKEOUT_SPAN/06TAKEOUT-articleLarge.jpg You sure you don't want to?
lm no cheese fan tbh
: How game Devs seem to balance
can't relate, l don't eat bread with broccoli
: Interview with Riot Developers.
That moment he says: 'Nidalee is still broken!' {{item:3070}}
: New gamemode idea: One for All vs All
> EDIT: One thing i didn't really talk about is the pick and ban phase. What seems to be the most ideal imo is the new ban phase that (hopefully) will get implemented (where everyone bans 1 champ at the same time) and the pick phase is random similar to the pick phase od the onriginal One for all. Every player chooses a champion of his choice and the end result is picked randomly where the precentage doesnät affect the outcome (for example if 4 players chooses Katarina and two chooses Ekko each champ has an equal chance of getting picked aka 50%, this way premades can't force others to play a certain champ just because they all chose the same thus they are the majority). plz don't allow premades in this mode xD
: i don't think marksman should automatically be the carry class
: Im excited to reach lvl 30 and join the cool kids in ranked
I hope your flame suit is enchanted (or atleast at max level).. Anyways, gl hf {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
dominusx (EUNE)
: Actually this is good. ANd in case the acc is permabanned you cannot make a new acc and you are forced to level again. hmm not bad lad
permabanned people will just ask a friend
: 100% of this games balance issues could be solved if you just removed all of the champions.
: Can we actually make ADCs have a BAD early game?
This might actually help the support problem :) people will enjoy playing support more when they have more impact on the enemy adc (in this case only early game)
: Same here


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