: How can you guys still play ranked and not go insane ?
Sounds like blaming everyone else is your problem with ranked.
: You guys ever have that one champion that you're really good with
{{champion:75}} He used to be way more fun for me when he had less lifesteal and no Q reduction when ulting. Maybe I'm a glutton for punishment, but it always felt so good surviving a hard lane and getting to 20 minutes and wrecking anyway, but those buffs just let you start winning from level 6 too often. Not to say he doesn't have hard lanes still... but it definitely feels less rewarding and intense, and ends up just making his kit seems way less interesting.
: Arcade Kai'sa's true identity
Now they just need Kai'Sa to say "This is the ultimate---Chaos Control!" when she ults.
: In your example you have a maokai who has specifically built items to counter jinx's damage and he only gains 1 extra auto from it (and you haven't factored in that jinx will also be attacking faster at higher levels) Vs a magic damage dealer he is now considerably weaker as the armour does nothing Tank items SHOULD outpace damage items in terms of "how long it takes champ a to kill champ b" because tank items at their core only affect half of the incoming damage so a champion which does the other half will kill the tank "relatively" faster Combine that with damage items are self multiplicative (attack speed is a multiplier of damage which is multiplied by crit, CDR is a multiplier of ap which is multiplied by rabadons) while with tank items there are no internal multipliers, in fact tank stats get weaker as the game goes on as penetration and % health damage gets larger Tank items should be buffed, flat out
Well if you wanted to buff finished tank items without at all keeping the early items in tact, you'll end up running into the problem we had before when they were unkillable. We don't just want to buff them to be far more efficient than they are, they have to be a lot smoother so that getting just the cheaper components doesn't cause them to be unkillable early and then remaining unkillable. I'm not against tank item buffs, quite the opposite, but just flat out buffing them will for sure just bring back past mistakes that no one wants to revisit. EDIT: Maybe just damage all around (including tanks) needs to be chipped and the problem might resolve itself.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: 70% gold efficient tank items I see nothing wrong - Riot
I don't know why everyone just glosses over champion base stats in relation to items. There's a reason tank finished items are less efficient than damage items - It's to stop them completely running over the first 20 minutes. Here's an example. Let's say maokai is level 7 and backs with 1.4k gold. He buys 2 cloth armour and two ruby crystals. At this level (without runes), he has 1025 health and 58 armor. Adding another 400 health and 30 armour is going to make him extremely tanky to physical damage, essentially having 2.8k worth of health. Now you take a Jinx, at this point is probably level 6 (or 5) due to shared xp. At level 6 she has 70 AD, bases and spends 1.4k on a B.F, raising her AD to 110. Before buying items at that point, it takes her 24 auto attacks to kill maokai. After buying those items , it actually takes 25 autos. That doesn't seem like a drastic increase, but at this point maokai is offering a lot to the team - He's able to initiate fights, provide CC and has decent base damages to allow him to start chunking whoever he catches. He also gets tankier to all types of damage, just from buying raw HP Jinx however, who is only providing damage, is now less useful because she still can't get through maokai quickly enough to be relevant in a fight. it seems trivial at first but it does matter. Finished tank items maybe be inefficient overall, but basic tank items are very efficient when being added to base stats. Edit: I would like to see changes for tanks. I'd be happier if they had a small bump to overall efficiency for finished items and secondary items, but a reduction in efficiency for basic items. That would give them a small dip from their first back purchase, but let their first/second item spikes be more impactful.
Mr Yi (NA)
: would like to always acquire the "permanent skin shard" when rerolling
They probably won't. It's all designed to be as inconvenient and annoying as possible to make you want to just outright buy things.
: Morde ult needs some kind of particle.
They should have an outline of the champs, I think that would both make it clearer and would look great.
: Riven mains reacting to your suggestion... https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-p4ZERR70u9E/WahhQz5Hm4I/AAAAAAABEwo/kdomHtdC9DwZlB3NHtyFT7Sox5ocWyN-QCLcBGAs/s1600/fed0fe2189e77c0a.png
I welcome it to be honest. I haven't played Riven for so long because she's been too broken. Would be nice to get a main that isn't clearly too strong again.
: Melee toplaners weigh in: Who's the most tilting ranged champion to face top?
1: {{champion:85}} 2: {{champion:150}} 3:{{champion:126}} Kennen feels borderline impossible to play against top. It's all because of his E, too. It gives him far too much safety and lets him shove well as soon as you have to back from all the poke. And then mid-late game rolls around and he wipes your team. Jayce isn't as bad because he drops off, and for him to have real kill potential he's gotta go all in so he at least puts him self in harm's way. But he still will obliterate you at any chance so it's not fun. His melee E seems unfair to me still. Gnar does what kennen does essentially but has an actual drawback with his E cd early (22 seconds, compared to Kennen's 10 second cooldown). Still pure evil whenever he is strong. {{champion:67}} {{champion:236}} Vayne and Lucian are honorable mentions. They're really not fun to lane against, but they are more easily ganked and usually don't help their team comp - usually sacrificing front line for more damage which is rarely worth it considering how much damage there is already.
: LoL Youtubers
*Zooms into the streamer's face 29 times a video* Comments: "WOW SUCH GODLIKE EDITING!!!" When that's the main market you can see why they do it.
: Sick of Damage buffs
They don't care to do all that much work. It's much easier to just have an algorithm tell you a champion is under/overperforming and just tweak a couple numbers. Every now and then though they'll pull their fingers out their arses and try to make legit changes to address champions, but it's not very common and the time it takes them to do it usually makes people annoyed even when they change it - like Akali's healing on Q.
solopolo3 (EUW)
: Lethality
Unique passives that aren't named do stack as long as they come from different items, so two {{item:3067}} won't give you 20% cooldown reduction, but {{item:3067}} and {{item:3133}} will. Named unique passives (like _ lifeline_ on {{item:3155}} and {{item:3053}}) work the same, but they will also apply both effects, **however only the highest value of each of those effects will be used**. For example, {{item:3025}} and {{item:3078}} both have the _Spellblade_ unique passive. When the effect is used, it will apply the AoE slow from {{item:3025}}, but apply the damage from {{item:3078}} as it is the higher value of the two. You will **not** apply the damage from both spellblade procs. It's essentially just to stop people from only buying whichever item is the most gold-efficient and preventing items being overbearing when stacked. Hope that helps.
: The AS doesn't do anything for like....every champion that buys it right now. Almost all the users rely on AA resets to get the procs and not their inherent AS which is why they don't buy like any other AS items besides Trinity (Jax) or BoRK (Lucian). The AS opens it up to more users. Removing the AS will do absolutely nothing to the likes of Lucian or Riven who really just don't care about that stat when they are weaving in abilities during their attack timer anyway.
It does a lot on the fact that it's making you proc the effect much more often, and the effect is already good enough for it as a 2nd or a 3rd item, but throwing on that bonus attack speed will probably push it over the top as a 1st item.
: Are league of legend "Bosses" way too weak?
Baron needs to tougher to kill in order to help offset the effect of minions and pushing past 15 minutes being stronger, alongside the slightly buffed turret resistances. I would not be a fan of it targeting lowest % champions, It would juggle damage and not incentivise people to build tankier for it. I personally feel that Dragon buffs need to be weaker overall (I like the idea of the first being strongest still), but even with that the Dragons need to be a bit more durable mid game, but not too much. Elder dragon needs to apply a burn effect as part of the grudge passive it has, so that tanking it when the enemy team is nearby is a real concern, especially if your team hasn't got a tank.
Neriticc (EUW)
: Wtf is this Spear of Shojin item on PBE?
The biggest problem with the item is that the essence flare gives attack speed, which should definitely be removed, makes it way too effective. I'm Ok with it having a small amount of health.
: > [{quoted}](name=goodiesohhi,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=TWit591J,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-12-08T21:56:54.420+0000) > > "Low range dueling adc is good at dueling in low range broken" > The number one reason people complain about things being broken is they refuse to understand that league is a game of matchups. low range would be 500 vayne is 550 which is standard range
> [{quoted}](name=flibitydoo,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=TWit591J,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-12-08T22:52:38.236+0000) > > low range would be 500 > > vayne is 550 which is standard range People don't say she's low range because she only has 550 - It's because she only does any damage at that range. I think her condemn has slightly more (around 600?) otherwise it's all auto attacks. Compare that to basically any other marksman and her effective range is lower, and is usually why she flat out loses lanes in most cases.
Acanthus (NA)
: Why were AP Bruisers slowly phased out, anyway?
Well ad bruiser items have changed a bunch because of adcs. The same happens for ap bruiser items, but because mages end up being too strong with them.
: My issue is that one auto on the enemy champ provokes some minions to chase me to the fountain, while it seems to only mildly annoy others
A problem that has been getting worse now is getting aggro from minions when auto attacking them even though they're already targetting other minions. Not sure how it got to this point.
: > [{quoted}](name=Chum Your Waters,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ulpHjZar,comment-id=00000003,timestamp=2018-10-30T22:20:48.377+0000) > > I think the marks are OK, the biggest problem about her is the damage from her Q, it's ridiculous that it procs on hits and has a good **_total_** AD ratio, on top of the mobility. > > I swear, she'd be so much more enjoyable to play against if they took away the base damage on Q and reduced the ratio by 10%. That won't solve the issue With marks she can still reach you even if you reach her , by removing her marks , its a damage nerf too , mobility like this shouldn't exist
I personally disagree, I don't think her being very mobile in all ins would be too overbearing as long as she has to auto attack more often for her damage - because that alone helps slow her down and pushes her damage more towards sustained rather than burst. The problem she has is that her damage, which is a lot of burst, is directly tied to her mobility.
: To be honest , it's fine to have her W damage reduction Her damage is fine what needs to be fixed is her E hitbox and the Marks should be removed , this mechanic shouldn't exist , even Yasuo doesn't have such a thing
I think the marks are OK, the biggest problem about her is the damage from her Q, it's ridiculous that it procs on hits and has a good **_total_** AD ratio, on top of the mobility. I swear, she'd be so much more enjoyable to play against if they took away the base damage on Q and reduced the ratio by 10%.
: > [{quoted}](name=A Bad Varus,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=BEBB8Eka,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-10-25T23:56:42.523+0000) > > Marksper_**SON**_? Why not marksperdaughter? There's no winning. Daughter? What, are you against non-binaries? Marksperoffspring.
> [{quoted}](name=Warlord Rhinark,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=BEBB8Eka,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2018-10-26T06:45:23.601+0000) > > Daughter? What, are you against non-binaries? > > Marksperoffspring. Marksperoff_**SPRING**_? What, are you against the other seasons?! Marksperseasons.
: When every game looks like...
Even irelia just plays like an assassin. Everything is an assassin. This is where you'd hope tanks would have some value but there's only Sion left really. And people complain about him (because they're all playing assassins).
: IMO: Knockups are largely responsible for what feels bad about being a tank
I really like that idea of being less affected by knock ups based on bonus health. That would be a big boon for tanks, though their items could do with a little work still.
: for Akali, Make shroud cost 0 but also not restore energy, instead put the energy restore on her passive auto so that she actually has to proc a proper combo to get her energy back, having her arguably already overloaded defensive ability also restore energy so she can continue combo-ing is just too free.
YES. Clearly they designed her with the idea that she'd land an ability, weave in and out to proc empowered autos, then ult for the finish. But you're right with the free energy returns, she doesn't have to care about it at all.
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Okuma (EUNE)
: What's your favorite champion/skin quote and why?
Mecha {{champion:14}} to {{champion:432}} "Off the rails, you hobo!"
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=taleofsonata,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9E5F7f9f,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-09-29T03:50:11.695+0000) > > E, W undodgeable aoe 90% slow... What is this shit making it sound worse than it actually is? AOE slow? It only slows by 90% if you're isolated. AOE doesn't matter in that situation. Not to mention it has to be evolved to get the slow in the first place. Get out of here with this BS.
People are making out the slow is worse than it is on isolated targets (it was already 80% percent, you weren't going anywhere in the first place), but it being AoE does matter even on isolated targets because it means it's harder to dodge. Why they added damage to his passive and buffed the non-isolated slow is worth complaining about. But is a bigger number so people seem to see that first.
: > [{quoted}](name=Chum Your Waters,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=OyBEt1Mr,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2018-09-27T11:58:16.669+0000) > > I think she's probably relatively easy to fix. I've lately started writing down changes I'd like to see on various champions and I have a couple of notes for Soraka that I'd like to share and get opinions on. > > Q - Higher CD early game. Buff the HoT. Reasoning: Too effective and oppressive for harass early, can just be mindlessly spammed, when it should be more carefully used to ensure the HoT for her W. > > W - Reduce the flat healing by ~20%, but shields for 30% of the flat heal for 1.5 seconds. Reasoning: Stops her hiding away and spam healing, but increases her power during skrimishes/teamfights when healing at crucial moments. Also forces her to land her Q more often if she needs healing in lane. > > E - Reduce base damage early, slightly increase scaling damage. > > R - Seems fine to me. So your fix is "make her a joke with no lane presence whatsoever in favor of an ever so slightly stronger late game"
Well that's her problem, isn't it? That she can get through lane phase by both constantly harassing (her Q is only 5 second cooldown, and it's very strong early), undoing any mistakes in lane, and **still **turns into a late game healing monster. Though, what would you suggest in order to keep her fairer to play against whilst not gutting her? Also, is it too much for people that clearly disagree with it to provide some reasoning as to why, and maybe a better solution?
Naymliss (NA)
: People need to stop with the "all X players are like this"
> [{quoted}](name=Naymliss,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=dabIxwaL,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-09-26T22:09:17.378+0000) > The boards are starting to feel like an echo chamber circle-jerk against certain champion/role mains. I've seen it directed towards assassin mains, mage mains, adc mains, and jungle mains, zed mains, yasuo mains, and much more. It just derails the conversation. It's always been that way. Truth of the matter is that most people here don't want to converse with any one, they just want to vent and have someone else confirm what they believe.
: Seriously, can we talk about Soraka?
I think she's probably relatively easy to fix. I've lately started writing down changes I'd like to see on various champions and I have a couple of notes for Soraka that I'd like to share and get opinions on. Q - Higher CD early game. Buff the HoT. Reasoning: Too effective and oppressive for harass early, can just be mindlessly spammed, when it should be more carefully used to ensure the HoT for her W. W - Reduce the flat healing by ~20%, but shields for 30% of the flat heal for 1.5 seconds. Reasoning: Stops her hiding away and spam healing, but increases her power during skrimishes/teamfights when healing at crucial moments. Also forces her to land her Q more often if she needs healing in lane. E - Reduce base damage early, slightly increase scaling damage. R - Seems fine to me.
: I'm probably gonna get murdered for being a Mastery 7 Yi and Garen player but Perhaps we can separate complicated and difficult? Like Hellawhite is just straight up wrong, Yi is mechanically simple unless you play Mid Lane Yi which is nobody, but being a squishy melee with no good defensive waveclear is pretty difficult against a team with basically any macro coordination. Just throwing in 2 cents.
Very true, people think that being mechanically simple instantly means your champ is "easy" to play - not understanding that that simplicity is what causes them to be weak more often then not. Ofcourse, there are times when patches / certain items can be exploited by them and they become overbearing but those tend to be few and far between, usually the simpler a champion is the worse they tend to be.
Skycrowx (EUW)
: Am i the only one that likes the current state of the game? I started to play in season 4 and i loved League of legends at that time it was a new game and all that to me back then. Then s5 came and riot in my opinion has done ALOT of things wrong. Changing mages Ap items, nerfing them over and over but it still was kinda nice. Season 6 was starting to get horrible. that was around the time when adcs started to slowly build more and more crit-like items. In season 7 it got even worse, when riot decidet to buff adcs, bring rift into the game, changing all dragons etc, and slowly over time the entire game was shiftet poorly to one lane (bot). Winning that lane meant almost everything at that time. Over time riot finally changed the adcs, buffed/changed Ap items again. Buffed Bruisers, weakened tanks. Now currently rebuff tanks. Allowed to make engage types of supports and peel supports being viable at all time. Stopped the perma roam from mid to botlane. Stopped the perma tp ganks to botlane. And annulated the most and dumbest standart countermakroplay by getting first tower bot moving top getting top, getting free rift getting mid. Season 8 is in my eyes the second best season right now, after season 4. And i honestly never want to see smth like s5-s6 and s7 ever again.
Even though I've played a lot less this season, I've enjoyed it quite a lot. I've seen so many more champion picks in my games, as well as champions in unusual lanes, which is a sign that the game is doing fairly well. The biggest problems with the season have been damage (still a bit too high) and the balance team being either slow to react or overly cautious when it comes to banning clearly overpowered champions, like Irelia/Akali/Kai'Sa/Graves/Jhin.
: How has Graves/Jhin avoided nerfs for the past few patches?
Well they just buffed Lucian for no real reason when he's already strong. Now hear me out, but.. I think the balance team... ... has no idea what they are doing.
: Actually if you play it right you either E and Q or W and Q to start you overheat and just destroy the opponent.
Not sure why someone downvoted you there, that's exactly how his passive is intended to work. You want to overheat on your Q after using his shield/harpoons, then auto. It's massive damage.
: > [{quoted}](name=Chum Your Waters,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=T9oMmupk,comment-id=00040002,timestamp=2018-09-13T09:16:13.396+0000) > > Very different abilities with VERY different damage. Kat's ult also has nearly 300% AP scaling Don't forget that Kat's ult is also a long ass channel
> [{quoted}](name=ONLY PLAY TO WIN,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=T9oMmupk,comment-id=000400020000,timestamp=2018-09-13T11:41:39.028+0000) > > Don't forget that Kat's ult is also a long ass channel A fair price to pay for being targeted, on three different champions.
: LIKE Katarina? Katarina's ult is a 90 second cooldown and she only gets 15 seconds off it per kill. Lux gets a nearly full refund for killing one, lol.
Very different abilities with VERY different damage. Kat's ult also has nearly 300% AP scaling
: The issue is it’s not just garen. So many champions have damage reductions built into their kits it’s not even funny, so to combat this they have a lot of champions more damage, which led to them instant killing people under their turrets from full health.
I agree that damage reduction in kits can be a little silly, like Irelia's. And I'm personally much more up for less damage reduction on certain champions. But buffing towers simply punishes champions without those for playing a dive really well.
: I disagree when it comes to turret damage. A garen with a triforce and tabis should not be tanking both nexus turrets for half an hour while still one hitting your back line.
Fair enough, but that's quite hyperbolic. Though Garen is good at tower diving because of his W armour passive and the active, I wouldn't say that's down to towers as much as it is down to Garen's W being strong.
: What do you do when your ADC doesn't trade in lane?
If they're refusing the make trades and only shove, your best bet I'd reckon is to shove with them and look for roams mid or invade jungle if your jungler is botside. If they cry about that, then /mute and get on with life and make another person on your team happy.
: The problem with towers dealing high up front damage is that it greatly impacts the power of hook supports that can drag people under tower, particularly in the early game and particularly at low elo. If you increase tower damage even a little, iBlitzcrank will spike in winrates on Smurfs.
Not only that, but champions that waveclear well become really strong because they will be under way less threat of a dive. Edit: And we know how those games turn out. Just 50 minutes of people clearing waves.
: Make turrets do something.
I'm fine with the damage they do early on. They don't (and shouldn't imo) scale to keep that same damage ratio throughout the game. I'm fine with their current durability, because it's far less fun being forced into a long game because superior macro play doesn't guarantee any objectives (Also, wave clear champs become a problem and extend games for far too long, without any fun on either side.) I'm not fine with their targetting, it's been slowly getting worse for a while now. The worst offenders appear to be DoTs. I've notice that if someone applies a DoT, then walks out of range, and an ally attacks under tower, the tower can sometimes get confused - It's trying to target the source of the DoT, but can never find it.
: Honestly, it's not just runes; their full build items are pretty gold inefficient compared to those of other classes. Some examples: {{item:3001}} 87% gold efficient without its aura (which doesn't do much for a tank) {{item:3194}} 89% gold efficient without it's passive (so this one is actually decent, probably close to 100%) {{item:3143}} 78% gold efficient without special bonuses, closer to 90% if they have lots of crit {{item:3068}} 80% gold efficient without its passive {{item:3065}} the only good MR item, 105% gold efficient without its passive Now let's look at some assassin items {{item:3147}} 90% efficient, but if you count the extra burst damage, it's closer to 100%, not counting the sweeping passive which is pretty op {{item:3142}} 106% gold efficient out of combat, **133%** with active {{item:3814}} 97% gold efficient without active {{item:3812}} **115%** gold efficient without DoT passive Now for some ADC items {{item:3031}} Only 78% without passives, but with a single full crit item it jumps to 111%, then with two it jumps to **133%**, not counting the true damage {{item:3087}} About 78% efficient without passive, but since passive is basically a Luden's proc it's close to 90% {{item:3094}} About the same as statikk {{item:3095}} **130%** efficient counting the movement speed but not the free crit {{item:3153}} **140%** efficient on a 1000 health target, + an extra **63%** efficiency for every 1000 more health the target has {{item:3072}} 101% efficient before shield, 128% with it As you can see, full tank items are just inefficient when compared to most other item. Tanks' items hover around the 80-90% efficiency mark while assassin and ADC items are typically 90-100% with some up to 130% and higher
This isn't to say that tanks are doing well at the moment, but the gold efficiency argument for them being weak doesn't help much on it's own because you always have to consider base stats as part of the equation. EDIT: http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Gold_efficieny http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_champions/Statistics_at_level_18 Looking at that, the combined value of base armor/mr/health combined is going to be a lot higher than AD and attack speed.
Sherogarth (EUNE)
: TBH tank champions are mostly fine, it's Resolve rune path that drags them down.
> Bone Plating ...It turns out that Bone Plating is worse than 6 point of either armor or mr (based on type damage taken) on a champion with ~100 armor or mr... That's hardly fair for how useful it is. It might degrade in value over a game, but starting a game with roughly 25 armor/30 mr it's very, very strong.
: Defense is mathematically inferior to damage
Though it is true, damage items are more efficient than tank items in general, I think you've made a bit of an error here because there's no consideration for base stats too. These numbers are rough, but paint the image well enough - On average a champion has around 2k base health, 90-100 armour and around 110 (?) base ad at level 18. When you factor that in, the difference is largely reduced. If tank items were more efficient, they'd be unstoppable.
: Having people become dependent on welfare is not going to help me in the short or long run and is not going to allow them anything beyond just enough to live. I say remove it but people say it is heartless and they would die without the welfare. At this point just let them die by their own lack of adaptiveness. The people saying keep welfare are often the same people who complain about overpopulation anyways. Why should I care about them any more than the left care about an aborted fetus?
It's not quite so black and white though. Welfare systems are very important, but they're abusable. Most people only need it for a little while - in between losing work for whatever reason or during times where they're needed to care for someone else etc - but there are definitely cases where people are using it to get by without doing anything. To strip away welfare can and will be a death sentence for some people that aren't able to get by without it, say severely disabled people. If you'd get rid of it, you'd have to ask yourself how much money saved is worth a life.
: Anyone else feel like they lack basic human empathy?
I feel the same way about a lot of stuff like that, but I don't think it's that you don't care about anyone not immediately around you. I think it's just that life is full of suffering, and that getting hung up over every incident that has no relation to you doesn't help you or those around you. Also, those people posting crap like that just want to virtue signal. You can't really help it, people praise others for their words rather than actions on social media so they'll just keep doing it.
: Some years ago (Back on the old forums), there was red discussion of giving her a passive similar to Malphite's. I think that could be an interesting direction. >Passive: IceBorn Obstruction Lissandra takes 5-25% (Based on level) reduced damage from enemies while they are affected by the CC from her abilities (Anything that affects her live passive). This would encourage her more dive-heavy play styles. Reduced drastically early game to prevent her from auto-winning trades in lane phase. >Passive: IceBorn Legacy *"This is but a battle, I've already won the war."* After being out of combat for 5 seconds, Lissandra's **base** mana regen is increased by 100-500%. If we want to keep the sustain mechanic, this will let her become a mage Garen and loosen her itemization options a bit. >Iceborn Tactics When ever Lissandra CC's an enemy, she gains 10% bonus move speed for 1.5 seconds. If she CC's an enemy champion, she gains an additional 10% move speed and ignores unit collision. >While under the effect of Iceborn Tactics, Lissandra can recast <E> while immobilized. This does not remove the immobilizing effect. Because, during release, Riot identified her as a kiting poke mage. (>_>)
I've thought about this a while back, but can't remember the exact details but it was something like: Whenever Lissandra impairs an enemy champion's movement, they lose X - Y AP for 4 seconds, stacking up to 2 times per champion. Lissandra gains half of the lost AP. I'd enjoy her a lot more if she had a little more design to stay in a fight and have her Q as a main damaging tool in fights, rather than her current playstyle of just trying to instanuke with a Q-R-W-Q combo.
: Who has the most satisfying execute ult?
I'm a little torn, but I think it's still Garen over Urgot. The sound it makes is too nice.
: Eve just needs a bigger range on E...
I would disagree, I think it's fine that it's a small range, but she probably needs a short burst of movement speed in her kit somewhere, I've suggested before that maybe a burst of movement speed when her charm (meter?) fills up fully, to help her get into position, and reward for patience.
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