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: Put yourself in his shoes. He's getting harassed by this one person who's actively trying to ruin his channel and chronically annoying him. He has one slip up because he is frustrated there isn't much he can do to stop it. I think maybe he should apologize for what he said but I dont think he should get removed from LPP for his frustrations with a person harassing him.
i agree with you about the apologize thing . ill change to /apologize
Myrmiron (EUW)
: ***
this forum is about Player Behavior. he is a league player just like all of us. and he told this to someone. all i did was give proof. not shaming. i did not say anything bad about him or anything at all out side of the facts. what he did,
: how did this other streamer check?
dont know. he said it on his stream just a minute later. i would check but his vods are subs only.
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Eedat (NA)
: by right clicking
but he uses his weapon on e...
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