: @Riot Can you even out matchmaking so it does not feel like we are being forced loses.
Okay so if it is evenly matched, right? And the enemy team has Vayne and Pyke botlane, and your team has Tristana and Braum botlane. That's not gonna help your winrate. It's not the player, it's the champion. And I honestly am starting to feel like we should have 20 bans for the 140+ champions we have.
: How powerful is Renekton and Azir in lore?
To be short and sweet. Xerath's the strongest.
: This needs to be an emote
OMG Imagine killing Varus with that. Or it instantly emotes when you kill Varus with it.
: Darius is inherently unfun to play against as any melee champion
Darius is similar to Teemo. You don't poke him, you go in and bruise him up and you can't back out of it. Against Darius it's an easier situation because his main source of damage is limited to a certain range. If you can subside his slow with his W or E and always stay in melee range of him, he will have a harder time killing you. I.E. Why {{champion:86}} Garen is a great pick against Darius.
: Riot, can you please allow some sort of MMR reset in normals?
Amen. Now players like me who play for fun, then have their normal games in the lowest tier because they fail one or two _placement_ games permanently makes the game a little less enjoyable everyday.
: Well it is more of a personal problem, that needs to be adderessed. Ranked MMR has nothing to do with Normal MMR. So if you play with bad players in normals, that's where you belong. Plus don't forget some people don't take normals as any serious activity, so if you want somewhat serious play go ranked. It is purely your problem to treat ranked like you do. The best approach for playing ranked is ignore loss/win and focus on your own improvement.
"I know it's hard to assess someone's skill if they just play for fun, however it gets irritating for me and a few friends whenever we deal with people who always treat every game like a ranked game."
: True, mages need to stop being off tanks and shouldn’t be able to build 5 damage items which give them resistances, health, and a stasis active every minute
Along with that, AD champions need the same utility from items which they aren't getting. If you're not an ADC or a Fighter then you are building tank items hoping to still be useful after the enemy mage has Spellbinder, Banshee's AND Zhonya's. (Cough {{champion:164}} Cough) Three items with speed, spell shield and invulnerability. Mages are made to do HARDCORE damage because their power is tied to items. But Riot keeps forgetting mages are also the original squishiest class in the game for a reason. Mages are high-risk high-reward from Ekko to Lux regardless of range. One good shot from the enemy team champion should pop you. Meanwhile they just combo Banshess, Barrier and Zhonya's for around 4 - 7 seconds of not dying in a 3 v 1. Also, CC mages like Lux and Neeko with these items? Awful balancing.
: > However that said, why is it when players who don't play ranked are always matched with the lowest possible tier? I don't understand what you're saying with this. Do you mean that you're frequently matched with bronze and silver players? (and I guess iron now too) Because unranked does already have a background MMR style system of some kind. Even when you're in unranked you will be placed against people of some filtered experience or skill. It's not exactly clear how it's done, but it does appear to be more volatile and flexible than ranked. Or do you mean this? > I know it's hard to assess someone's skill if they just play for fun, however it gets irritating for me and a few friends whenever we deal with people who always treat every game like a ranked game. In which case the issue is with how few ways riot divides their community across SR games. There's only a few queues for SR and the result is that all of the "practicing for ranked" players get lumped in with the "get my position" players in draft. But worse is that blind pick is made nearly unplayable, because high tier champions are exponentially more powerful than low tier champions in a situation which you can't counter-pick.
: Morgana Passive idea.
I like your idea with her E being the spell thornmail, so maybe have that be her passive and the shield she gives will reflect 3 times the power of her passive.
VortexV9 (EUNE)
: Hell no... {{champion:141}} in Kpop style? No God ew.... What Rhaast should look like? No just no.. Put {{champion:44}} , {{champion:157}} , {{champion:126}} ...
One more Yasuo skin and I'm going to nuke Los Angeles. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Riot, it's time to start selling Map skins.
"Personalization in League is laughable compared to the competing DOTA and HOTS." Hots has no items and DOTA has such little customization without mods that it makes Palladins look decent. Whatcha talking about?
: Odyssey Varus by Arclightporo
ChrastGR (EUNE)
: Kills/Deaths/Assists
So from reading what you said you basically stated: {{champion:78}} Poppy is being focused by Talon. {{champion:91}} {{champion:238}} Zed ults and kills Talon. {{champion:91}} {{champion:117}} Lulu gets full kill gold because she ulted and shielded Poppy. {{champion:78}} I like the idea of sharing the kill gold.
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TMek7 (EUW)
: Old/Removed Items for Customs
Yes. The OG items need to be brung back. I would like a little more customization in custom games so we can make our own competitive modes.
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WakkiWan (EUW)
: Who actually thought the Nasus buff was a great idea???
1. Armor. 2. They made him like this because he was weak in jungle, even though his toplane game is strong. So it'll always be, whenever you play against Nasus; ruin his early game if you want the chance to win.
: Kennen, one of the weakest champions period.
Before you say that... Please look at ADC Kennen.
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Lavenora (EUW)
: Neon Caitlyn idea
Yes! And no. Sadly she already has a futuristic skin, however; unless there was some way to spin this off into the bad future side of things like the Odyssey skins, then this would be perfect. Otherwise, this would've been 100% PROJECT: Caitlyn.
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Zerenza (NA)
: Evelynn, The Widowmaker Rework Concept
Coming back to this and looking at her actual rework... I'm glad they didn't do that one person stealthiness.
: That would actually be kinda cool. Traditional eve could be a big hit. My brother who used to Main her would love that. He always liked joking about the hair.
Even the new one's hair is kinda like this but not as sharp. My sister said it looked like she was always walking in BDSM gear, while my mother thought she looked badass. Personally I like how serious she is in this splash, as if this were to be her actual Demon Shade... But now she's a thot. {{champion:28}}
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: That isn't even the OG splash art
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Jaredan (NA)
: I'm just a Narrative type bloke, but I personally think that's a really cool idea.
Agreed, especially with lore interactions too. Like Garen would chest bump for anyone who bested him, but would give a thumbs up and whistle at a Katarina. Except Teemo. Teemo's not allowed a bravo emote. Teemo is the ungodly wrath of toxicity. Teemo is Diablo. The Deity of Sin. Teemo. Is. Sin.
: Petition to make Rengar wiggle his butt when there's a pounce-able target near his bush
Can we get Ahri to wiggle her tail for the duration of the bonus damage she does when she charms a target? That both helps gameplay, cuteness and Warwick attraction.
: Stop with the Prestige skins already.
Agreed. First of all, they're all gold with gold effects in color. Along with it, a passive sparkle effect on each. That alone gives a MASSIVE gameplay disadvantage, especially on Akali and Vayne. Second of all, if you want to show off the pre-concept or different design again; either change it into a duplicate skin like Pajama / Star Guardian Lux or make them separate like Lancer Paragon / Rouge Blitzcrank. But seriously, listen to me. These prestige skins are just overpriced chromas. And before you try to correct me, notice how there was a change on Prestige Kai'sa and Akali's outfit. Now look at Aatrox and Vayne. Also let us not forget golden chromas are a thing too, as well as a few chromas which change the color of spells or auto attacks because of the gold variant. Should I say more? Alright. This whole prestige skins bull is money-grabbing at its worse. I'm okay with a champion having two duplicate legendary skins (Leona). I'm okay with a champion having two legendary skins and a mythical skin (Darius). But when you purposefully ignore other champions or force down the idea of having to cash yourself out for a "free" skin. Kennen's last skin wasn't even epic, and we see four champions getting "event special" duplicate skins. Before you make another Prestige skin on behalf of the community, we'd rather get new music for DJ Sona; golden chromas for the pulsefire skinline, chromas for the PROJECT skinline, an Ivern skin, a Bard skin, some actual sort of address at trying to lower assassin meta, etc. In fact, if Riot feels like this is a good idea; how about we get a preview of how you make the Prestige skins like you did making the Illaoi skin? Please, show us EVERYTHING you changed with Vayne and Aatrox. Tell us why these champions get the prestige skins. What makes these skins so godly that you need to pay 1.33 times the amount of cash then a Mythic skin? Tell us Riot. Your move because this is total bull.
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: Double jungle?
If only you were on EUW... I heard Twitch + Evelynn combo nicely when counter-jungling. Objectives are very important, and so is assisting. With how often teamfights break out before the 14 min mark, double junglers means people will be much more prepared for the outcome. However that essentially means a lack in cs in the jungle, making two people have "Support budget" and three with normal budget in gold. This also means people constantly monitoring lanes and duo quick objective capturing without out-of-jungle help. But it also means more threats in jungle with combos, as a Rengar / Ivern double jungle won't give you the chance to early game.
: Samsung Galaxy Karma
It's very Frostfire-y but it looks like an amazing addition to the team!
: Jinxylord said that she's a solo laner first, be mid or top. If he had to sacrifice all her other lanes to make her a good top/mid laner, he'd do it. And honestly, why even pick Kayle support? She has non-existent poke without a ton of AP, non-existent heals without a ton of AP, and can barely function with a low economy.
That's because she's a more Guardian based support, maximizing the Guardian rune. Her items would be Ardent then nothing but tank items. She was a tank who'd make others tanky for a short while.
Rαy (EUW)
: Another Conqueror rework concept
I can't bring myself to agree. We lost a very valuable mastery, Deathfire's Touch; which both AD and AP champions used to become more ability based.
Saevum (NA)
: uh.. no.. That's the wrong way of comparison between champs. Kits work differently. And also, two of them... _are taller_. **_I regret nothing._**
#Is that a short joke? {{champion:45}}
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: Nasus needs to reaffrim his identity
I feel like Riot has noticed that with the lack of original DH that Nasus lost a whole chunk of his godly offense blows, and they are going to buff his stacks to triple the amount against large monsters. champions and large minions. However, when I have a stack champion like Nasus, Sion or Veigar; I want to be able to know that with a good laning phase I can build full tank and still hurt the enemy team badly.
GigglesO (NA)
: Give Conqueror the Dark Harvest Treatment...
Conqueror has the lock to AD melee champions. While Dark Harvest was nerfed to be mostly it's basic mini scaling. All aside, it should be Dark Harvest with more damage per stack vs. scaling. With bringing Conqueror to AP champions, it should have to auto adjust itself as only giving half the true damage conversion on abilities.
Jarda10 (EUNE)
: The main problem is you didn't actually read Terms of use and Privacy policy. In fact you did already agreed to this, if you don't like it uninstall. I highly encourage you to read those.
Along with bugreports and the Hextech Repair Tool already giving more than enough information about our PCs on use, this is crossing the line. Especially without warning any users about it, especially illegal in the EU as you must at least say you've updated your privacy policy. - Mega Audinoz (EUW) Still, like all other companies; you must state this blatantly. That's why so many services have said "We've updated our privacy policy."
AjXtar (EUW)
: Why does Lucian and Thresh deserve to be in almost every game
I never liked Thresh. A forced to be ranged tank with long CC. Yet no-one has the balls to support full AP, as it's actually quite better to do.
: Something is seriously wrong with honor... (I'm honor 5, it's not that)
I always honor anyone who struggled. That's why sometimes if you completely feed your lane unintentionally, at the end of the game you get a few GGs.
: Is it ever optimal to push a lane with an destroyed enemy inhibitor?
If the enemy inhib is down, I usually do everything I can to secure the stampeding onslaught of super minions. Because even if you die pushing it in, you have around 4 super minions after each other bashing into the enemy turrets. This is especially effective when you're outside a teamfight, as then they'd have to postpone the teamfight to kill the super minions and you. There has been countless games where teamfights happen and they don't see a thing until they hear a turret destroyed. This could even benefit more if the enemies are clumsy. I.E, trying to stealth recall right outside the teamfight.
: Ess Reaver is so broken
{{item:3508}} {{champion:37}}
Hotarµ (NA)
: Is there any evidence showing that game length has been increased? It doesn't seem like that would make any sense given the amount of damage/snowballing that can easily take place in the majority of games. I could be wrong but this just doesn't sound correct to me.
I mean one of Riot's changes was to make games last more than 25 or less min. They did that. But the thing is everything before the lengthening through minions and towers was not adjusted for it. So you're basically forced to be in lane for 14 min before being able to do anything else AND have the average gold ( and more due to the bounty layout ) from the previous quick laning phase the last season had. Roundabouting to my point, how 20 min in a Jinx in Season 6 / 7 needed around 15 min to get Infinity Edge; while this current season in the same amount of time Jinx could get Stormrazor, Berserker's Greaves and Zeal.
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: true, the issue that riot doesn't seem to realize is that they let their items become too open and not making certain items become exclusive to certain champion groups or try to go further into the idea they had for both viktor and kalista and make exclusive items for each individual champion (with some background story for all items, sorry sorta addicted to lore ever since my time playing dark souls series).
Yeah, but these items... mostly looking at Sterak's Gage allowed some ADCs to stay alive when they didn't have a shield or heal support. Adcs keep getting the short end of the lamp I suppose. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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