Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 11
Take a page out of AzuBK's book please Meddler and let Shaco be. he is not too strong. He does not need a nerf, don't touch him. if you nerf his boxes, his clear is screwed. the level 3 gank is not too strong. like what makes you think. also do what AzuBK does and actually talk to the mains of a champion. instead of essentially gutting a champion without getting an ounce of feedback.
Zemasu (EUW)
: Switch to Overwatch so, 80% of new champions are black people Also why we haven't an indian, italian, mexican, thai champion? so racist >:(
> [{quoted}](name=Zemasu,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=dNcgRRkk,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-07-31T16:30:34.495+0000) > > Switch to Overwatch so, 80% of new champions are black people > > > Also why we haven't an indian, italian, mexican, thai champion? so racist >:( fact is overwatch is based on the real world map with some fantasy elements, LoL has an entirely new fantasy world of Runeterra, your point is null because as far as LoL is concerned real world nationalities dont exist in LoL's lore. you cannot compare LoL to OW for this reason
: Out of 145 champs, 2 are Black....
> [{quoted}](name=Power Cosmic,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=dNcgRRkk,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-07-31T16:21:48.207+0000) > > They even made a guy with a chains theme who is part of the majority (which shows black people have zero voice at the company). It so intentionally disrespectful I don't even know why this game is allowed in the USA. The government is so far behind the times. With something the size and influence of LoL everything they do matters. Race doesn't matter til it is made to matter by ignoring diversity and its benefits. is this a troll post? or???? Ill just say, Its a fantasy game with no room for politics. please keep politics out.
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Jojogomon (EUW)
: >>Rune Tuning<< Are you going to look into Morgana/Ahri/Lux and few others being absurdly frustrating to play against when they have Glacial Augment? The rune basically removes the skillcap on champs mentioned.
glacial augment Lux??? no just no. look at the runes she takes please. 0.7% pickrate. Morg has a 10% pickrate so its not so clear if thats out of line, id disagree that glacial morg is better than aery/comet though. Ahri does take it but... its not even that bad... and her damage lacks. electrocute has a higher winrate and pickrate.
: For yasuo: Couldn’t you do a thresh Q Cooldown mechanic on him? Like increase his cdr by 3 sec on tornado and if it hits champion lower the remaining Cooldown?
do you know how yasuo Q works??? o.o that wouldnt work at all
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 11
Can you fix the jungle without making it unviable for 99% of "junglers" . IMO the fix would be a revert back to the season 5/6 Jungle, that was when jungling felt good. when you could play a vast array of junglers and actually have a chance of not being totally useless. the jungle changes with scuttle being to prioritised are absolutely unhealthy, I also liked the smite buffs camps gave, those were interesting and actually quite nice to have, why you removed those I do not know. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE listen to the community and junglers alike and revert the jungle back to its old self. it really doesnt work in its current state no matter how you try and "fix" it. and your "fixes" make it worse and worse and worse. oh, and the fix to making these broken gank early win game junglers, would be to nerf them instead of letting them run rampant for 6 months. {{champion:5}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:56}} and a few more, need nerfs if you want to make other champions viable, because playing our old mains (I used to main {{champion:102}} , {{champion:77}} and {{champion:113}} back when they weren't instalose champions), means we instalose the jungle because they get outfarmed, outganked, out-pressured and every other good jungler metric because you have repeatedly nerfed them and the jungle xp into the ground while leaving the real issues at large and terrorising the jungle.
Meddler (NA)
: Nothing concrete yet. First step's likely to be assessing the previous round of shroud changes and whether we ought to start with more work on that ability or not.
Honestly, do something that some Akali mains want, (im not an akali main, but I enjoyed her). and revert her back to her old form. honestly her old kit was less toxic than this one. and much more healthy imo.
Profirix (NA)
: Hey Meddler, what impact do you propose scaling changes will have on champions who exist to powerfarm and aren't capable gankers pre-6 and even beyond? {{champion:102}} really comes to mind here. The proposed dragon damage passive change doesn't really help her all that much with champion interaction and arguably these scaling changes will kill her the most given that her MO is to hard farm the jungle to get ahead of her opponents. Nerfing jungle items and XP is just going to pile even more pain on this champion and realistically she doesn't bring anything to League that other champions can't simply do a better job at.
Riot seriously dont realise they need to buff shyvana or revert some of the old nerfs, they went nerf happy after they changed her e without allowing her to settle, she wasnt OP after she was reworked, she just needed some more time, revert the nerfs post E update and let us have her back, buff her W damage by +10 at each rank as currently she farms so unhealthily that some people max E instead of W and use W for movespeed and nothing else. @meddler OH and give her a passive that isnt RNG as hell , something you explicity said in the past you wanted to minimise is RNG, so instead you make her passive totally useless in a vast majority of games. her passive was fine, not amazing but fine, the new passive of wanting to be a "dragon slaying queen" just is unhealthy, and she needs a passive rework that doesnt make her feel useless.
: Hello Meddler. This is about the new guinsoos version on PBE. Instead of reworking guinsoos, can you please just give kaisa a proper nerf? She is the only prominent guinsoos user at the moment. You are forgetting about {{champion:10}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:429}} who have guinsoos as their core item. The PBE version is really bad because you lose a lot of AD/AP for flat penetration, not to mention flat penetration is really bad on {{champion:11}} since his true damage scales with AD. He is already one of the worst junglers in the game, and he will hit <45% winrate again like in season 7, because he will lose a huge chunk of AD. Please, just give kaisa's passive a proper nerf. Supports like {{champion:12}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:412}} instantly apply 2 stacks of her passive. Or nerf her execute damage early and make it scale with her level. Please do not ruin guinsoos for the sake of the other users who are all weak right now because of the previous guinsoos nerf in 8.13 .
Yi weak, in what world is Yi weak??? the issue with Yi is that he's either broken or useless, and hes getting to the broken point after repeated buffs, for him to be in any good spot, his old and broken kit needs a full update. for his toxic playstyle to be fixed. hes not weak in any way, and the 45% wr is plat+ where people start to learn how to counter him in some way, any lower and he terrorises everything, hes not weak at all.
: Can you guys revert Galio please? You all ruined a lot of what people loved about him and turned him completely into a different champion. He's not fun to play and his look is horrible as well. You've reverted LB and others. **Please revert Galio!!** {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
I loved old galio, but ye I highly doubt he'll be reverted he's too "successful" as he is, yet hardly anyone has any attachment to him like the old galio. riot dont care about the attachment mains had about a champion and will rework them into abominations anyway
TopperH (EUW)
: So Kai'sa dropped at barely 50% winrate after the lastest nerf and she is getting nerfed AGAIN. Meanwhile MF, Draven, Lucian, Twitch, Sivir, Jhin are all at >52% winrate, not to mention the more exotic picks like Heimer, Swain, Yasuo, all outperforming her. And it's Kai'Sa that gets the nerf bat AGAIN. I just started playing the game again after taking a break because of the atrocious 8.11 patch, and you are making me want to stop playing again.
Winrates dont mean everything, and look at the pickrates for all those champions, literally only mains are playing champions like sivir and twitch.
: Hence why soloqueue is currently trash atm.
Jax if fed can 1v5 , so can Yi, you're absolutely wrong on this. and not being able to 1v5 is a reason soloq sucks? really????? really???? its a team game. I admit its not as easy to solo carry anymore (this should be raised a little) but ye being able to 1v5 every game is a terrible idea.
Antenora (EUW)
: Will {{champion:21}} be looked at anytime soon? I'm sure many people have had enough of a champion who's supposed to be a lane bully walk up to them late game, press Q and instantly 1 shot them. The problem is Dark Harvest but any chance of some temporary nerfs to weaken this playstyle? She's only unhealthy when paired with Dark Harvest.
MF seems like total trash to me tbh. even with DH, just doesnt do anything when I see her
: Please do something with sejuani she is one of my favorite champions and at the moment is almost unplayable for a low elo scrub like myself
Honestly this reworked Sejuani is awful, another revert candidate in most ways. her old kit was fine in my opinion. it just needed a few minor buffs to the non ult spells and it could've been fine, but no they give her a rework where she gets another 2 stuns at a cost of her AOE stun. i think maybe keeping the storm after the ult lands and then reverting her kit would be great. just in her current state shes terrible in soloq and sometimes broken in pro, theres no inbetween and it really sucks
: Hi meddler. I only play mid and top lane yi (99% of games mid) as I hate, hate jungle. However what was already a hard role for yi has been made 10x harder he has no wave clear what so ever and any mage with good wave clear just wins by pushing (if they know) yi can not keep up, and against melee match ups pretty much everyone has better wave clear then shove him in to easy and even if you do get a kill yis still to slow the laner will be back to lane by the time the wave hits there tower and it makes backing akward becuse its impossible to shove the wave fast enough to back and be back before in time for the wave. with how that the jungle item has been changed to stop funnelling can yis q nerf be reverted or work without a jungle item. Also yis q still has the damage against minnons on aram stiill. also id just like to ask ontop of the above is double stike meant to use 2 autos of hail of blades up? my normal style of getting double strike and harassing is inefficient because ot this. I know im one person but lane yi is the only thing i like any more and have for years please, please reconsider Q damage revert. you fixed funneling and kasai was always a bigger better funnel issue then yi anyway
buffing lane yi for literally the only lane yi ive heard of. is an awful idea. Riot have already overbuffed Yi to a point where his banrate in lower elos is absolutely sky high. hes an absolute misery to play against. has 0 counterplay (in low elo). and can 1 shot someone with a Q. he needs a nerf more than a buff. or a full rework. Yes I'm using lower elo as my point as hes non existent in higher elo's minus some otp's. Theres also a reason Yi has no safe waveclear among most other assassins. look at the reworked LeBlanc when that was broken, you could 1 shot a creep wave yet still tear your opponent to shreds. So in actuality, Yi needs nerfs more than buffs. I know you're a Lane Yi player but Riot shouldnt have intentions of making him strong in lanes, it would only make him stronger in the jungle. and even worse than he is now. The only way for Yi to be fixed is for a full VGU, his kit is rediculously outdated and really needs a change.
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: Wukong Buff? You must be joking....that Guys Kit is to effective without delay One Shoting, Knockbacking and Damaging unbalanced at the same Time, even Lategame Teamfight without Problmes like no other Assassin.....stop it pls...... **Rather Look at Katarina and Diana they are very very bad at the moment in this Meta and after your Rune Nerfs they are currently deleted.** Pls Revert Katarina like LeBlanc, Kata Mains want her back without the stupid W/Dagger Delay! Why is there no Love for Kata, Diana, Ashe? Also Morgana Midlane is currently also very bad after her Nerfs for Sup. At least your "frustration Champs" u should stop ignoring them Patch for Patch... Look at more Weakspots and Nerf them in correct Way! {{champion:142}} Why Nerfing always W, W, and W? Makes no Sense what we hate about her is this crazy DMG on Q and after paired with E whos CD for this Dirty Spell is to short, thats not fair anymore, after Playing against her with Morgana Mid....She spamms more often her Spells while i casting only W and getting Out of Mana while shes Full Mana .... wheres the Point of this Logic? Nerf her Q Scaling and Q base DMG but her paired DMG with E+Q should still be there, and Nerf the CD on her E. {{champion:157}} Finally Nerf him, whats the Meaning of a Late Game Champ that not even sucks at Early Game...he has to Much Power and Pressure from the Beginning... His Shield should stop delete all the DMG and ofc after his Shield delays theres a frustratet short of WIndow where he dont even get DMG too. Also his Crit Passive should be removed and shifted to something like Stormraizors. Also make his E CD at least to 10-5 seconds (Lv based) so we have Breath to make some Plays. Also his Windwall is to strong too, make it so that the Wall can only take a amount of DMG until the DMG is so much and the Wall falls off. {{champion:11}} Look at him and then look at Katarina. Yes Master YI has no Weakspots just engage and make Penta. Because of his one-dimensional Gameplay style its pretty hard to balance him in the right spot, but i think removing the CD reducing on Q for every AA, would him make more intelligent rather then brainless killing all.
Master Yi and Yasuo are broken yes, they really need full scale reworks for them to not be extremely toxic, their kits as of now are just not healthy for the game and nerfing them hard would make them unviable. Katarina is in no ways weak, quite the opposite until you get too higher an elo, something to do with her being an assassin with a highly counterable ult. (A revert could work, but isnt nescessary), Wukong was only strong because of the runes/items, hes like pantheon (his playrate is also up because of this) their kits are outdated and have aged poorly, the AD/Lethality items being too strong is what made Wukong a monster, the direct nerfs were a little uncalled for. the items are the issue not Wukong. Diana/Ashe are both special cases that may need looking at seperately, I dont play either so I won't comment. and last but not least Morg is absolutely disgusting and I hate her with a burning passion. I also don't care for Zoe, Whatever...
: When Is the world championship coming{{champion:22}} {{champion:22}} {{summoner:4}} {{item:3085}} to the UK
MikuSan (EUW)
: ... Shyvana too strong... you buff her cos shes doing poor, then you want to nerf her??? .... this is why people think meddler nerfs champs too much... let her breathe before chopping her arms off.
P.S shes fine, dont nerf her again, you already made the mistake after essentially gutting her kit after her 6.23 update
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 28
... Shyvana too strong... you buff her cos shes doing poor, then you want to nerf her??? .... this is why people think meddler nerfs champs too much... let her breathe before chopping her arms off.
MikuSan (EUW)
: Kennen isnt even that strong, its the items that were op on him, now theyve been nerfed, kennen is fine, dont touch him-
I used to main kennen before i went back to the jungle hes my 2nd most played champ this last season
: We're working on Kennen as well.
Kennen isnt even that strong, its the items that were op on him, now theyve been nerfed, kennen is fine, dont touch him-
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: Why are we nerfing Kled?
welcome nerf, kled with his stupid invulnerability mount thing, (idc what skaarl is, i hate the pair of them), his q literally is a free 3/4 of someones hp ggone lvl 2 if you can do so. its broken as hell. welcome nerf , thanks rito {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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