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Skeem689 (NA)
: Wow, nice work. This took how long?
Thanks, we are on it since last year, this is pretty much yes ^^ .
: This is AWESOME. when it's finished Link plz ^^
Of course ! I hope we will see it on the front page the release day :D
Va1N (NA)
: Gj, the map is amazing. Suggestion: Make one for Summoner's Rift or Howling Abyss It would mean a lot to me too :D
We stopped Minecraft construction for a while (you can check our channel [here]( ) And while playing some League of Legends we decide to create this map for our come back. We have two or three other project and maybe we will try to launch an another League of legends map ;-)
: This is so sick.
PapaFizz (NA)
: Great job so far. You guys can probably add minion cycles and a gold system from Mob and player kills just buy using command blocks and scoreboards.
Thanks ! We want to, but the map is already heavy for the server (because lot of clock). We will see that when everything else is finished (remember no promise!).
: Riot needs to give their team thousands of RP for their efforts. WHERE CAN I DOWNLOAD?!
Hehe, the download will be available when the map will be finished !
: Get this thing on the roosterteeth megacraft videos so it can get more visibility! This map is awesome!
That could be awesome !
: Wow. This is awesome. The shot of the windmill is amazing. You guys are doing an incredible job. Post again when it's all finished, would love to give it a a try!
Of course ! and thanks !
: I'll be honest.........................this looks better than the actual map. Good work.
Ahaha, it was our goal :P
: This is amazing. Well done to you and your team.
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DrJekyl (NA)
: Azir ult will not push back enemy champions
Just played him, no one of my ultimate worked. Riot pls :'(
Ypherion (NA)
: Preseason 2015 Q&A [Completed]
Are we gonna see the new void thing item soon ?
: Uh, wtf. Of course you cannot use the original sound files. The sound files are owned by Riot Games, and you would need permission from their legal team in order to use them. You can 'parody' them, make something that sounds as close to the original as you want, but if you directly copy the sound files and port them over - you're stealing content from their game. Always get permission from a company before using something that they made - it's copyrighted by them.
Since I don't plan to sell this minecraft map I don't see the problem. If someone can make a video with all the voice and monetize it, why can't I share a minecraft with those sounds ?
: Short of Riot simply giving you the files I would go in game and record them yourself. Just turn everything else down and get a few friends to help you out.
Good idea, if I don't find a solution I will do that.
: {{champion:51}} Bumping this for good luck. That's a damn fine build you've got going there.
Thanks, right now we have finished the build but not all the redstone system.
: This may help you. (View video description) Also, all the voices have that echo sound attached to them. You're free to use any assets from anything ever -including these sounds- as long as your game doesn't make you profit (you're not selling the map or putting it on websites full of ads). Would love to see more pictures from the ground view!
Thanks for the help ! I tried to follow this tutorial and there is no announcer voice from the spectator. > You're free to use any assets from anything ever -including these sounds- as long as your game doesn't make you profit (you're not selling the map or putting it on websites full of ads). Thanks for the confirmation.
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: Azir and Xerath Story Discussion
These stories will be translated in another language ?
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: Sion Champion Update Q&A [COMPLETED]
Hi guys, I saw the Sion login screen and he is pretty amazing, the animation who follow the movement of our mouse is awesome. Do you plan do more thing like that for futur Champion or Champion Update ? Anyway I hope we will get more login screen with interaction and you did a very good job on that rework.
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: {{champion:31}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:161}} **All hail our master** {{champion:112}} **Thank you, thank you. You are all to kind** {{champion:72}} **All hail our-** {{champion:112}} **No one likes a brown-noser Skarner ** {{champion:72}} :(
{{champion:96}} :'(
: I made a thing
This is awesome, how do you do that ? I always wanted to do pixel art. And if you want do all champion GL !
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Tershi (NA)
: We have Lost someone great today
Man i'm so sad, today, i liked this guy a lot. RIP. Zac's Dad is dead...
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Aamano (NA)
: inb4 Ultimate Skin theory
Why "J" is always for Jungle, I'm sure it's for something we don't expect, like a color or a region...
: Gnar Q&A - Art & Sound [COMPLETED]
Hi ! Got a little question, why the "Big Gnar" is not on the splash ?
Opeli (NA)
: Gnar Q&A - Creative [COMPLETED]
Hi ! Dino Gnar was your first idea of skin for Gnar ? If not what was your other ideas ? And also good job for that skin, he is awesome and so cute !
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: What do your mains say about you?
{{champion:254}}{{champion:222}} {{champion:80}}
: I came here to start this thread, and was pleased to see it at the top. One more board for lore discussion wouldn't hurt, Riot. Players who care about lore might be a small subset of League players, but we're a pretty active and engaged set. We buy lots of Teemo skins and create a lot of artwork and other stuff that many people enjoy. I think we deserve a board.
And we also deserve something like the journal of justice.
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: I like him a lot. Except for one thing. One major problem. No health regen. That absolutely screws over his laning phase automatically. He won't be able to take any poke, has to be super conservative about spell usage, and every time he recalls he will need 5 health pots to just survive. I see that he has heals in his kit, but without his ultimate he only has one, it is limited by cooldowns, and requires a minion (or neutral monster, it is not specified) within range to use. The other heal he gets costs health, and if he is not building damage it will likely cost more health than the amount of health that will return to him. I really want to like him more, but the kit is absolutely unplayable with no health regen.
I agree with you, but i think if he have health regen, he will be too OP. PS: Not neutral monster, because he eat them entirely.
: This, in my opinion, is a very cool champion idea. I like how he works and also, I like how he is kind of an evil and demonic version of Braum. Only one thing though, his E. I find that a bit too overpowered because say he is fighting someone 1v1 and he just eats a minion right next to him. Boom, he's at full health. Maybe he could just heal him self permanently but for a lot less. But overall i think the champion is great!
Actually his E is like the red pot. If Dimitry eat a minions who have 500 hp, he will have 250 hp for 10 seconds, after that he will lose this bonus. I maybe fail in the explication, i saw that like a shield.
AlexXeno (NA)
: Hmm.. I think that the moveset doesn't really fit the concept thematically. you say he's masochist, but doesn't really have anything that would cause himself pain(other then the costs) I think a taunt or effects that gain power, not with his AD or something like that, but with his missing health. Also, the time spans for his self buffs(passive and buff) seem a little ridiculous. hmm.... I would suggest something more like this: Passive - MADNESS ! Dimitry gains X/Y/Z attack damage, amor and magic resistance for every % of his health missing. Dimitry can't have health regeneration The reason I suggest this is he could turn into a really abusive laner other wise. Run in, harass run away once he gets low, and just heal in some way(life steal, support, potions) until he has 300/600/900 Attack damage/Armor/Magic resist. and just... not care what his lane opponent does at that point. Over all I like the concept of the character.
Thanks for you comment! I agree with you he need lose health. I like your idea for the passive, i will take it. But with that new passive maybe i should increase the cost of his abilities ?
SirTezla (NA)
: Quotes Upon selection: "Ready to suffer? Because i am." Upon starting a match: "Finally the moment I prefer." "With who I will enjoy myself?" "How many scars will I have this time?" Attacking: "SUFFER!" "I like that." "If i hurt you, I would like you to hurt me." Movement: "So much flesh to work" "To the pain!" "Let me have fun." Taunt: "You like my scars? Because you will have the same one." "Don't worry, it will be painful." Joke: "One second, I need to prepare myself." "You know what? I can do that all day." Skins Gentleman Dimitry: He would have an awesome suit and have a gentleman attitude. When he is in Infinite Rage he tears his suit (become topless). Note from author: Hi guys, first of all i apology for my bad english, it's not my native language so if you can help me to correct my mistakes I'd appreciate. Anyway thank you to take your time to look my champion, if you have any question i will try to answer them with a FAQ. I also would like some help to find better names for Dimitry's abilities! Note from editor: At first I didn't really like this concept, but I kept reading and I liked it. Mundo just wasn't really the madman the League needed.
SirTezla (NA)
: If you can write it in the best english you can, I'll be glad to translate for you. Just link the post here and I'll translate for you in the comments of the post.
[Here]( ! Thank you for your help !
: Champion Concept Contest! (ENTRIES HERE)
Hello Sir ! This is my champion, [Dimitry]( . He is finish, i think i need to had some detail but a big part is done. Thanks !
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: Champion Concept Contest! (DETAILS HERE)
I have a question sir ! English is not my mother language and sometime i made some mistake when i write in English. Will i lose some point cause of that ? (i try my best)
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MrSc0tty (NA)
: "Vi got a male skin? What the heck, Riot?"
I was against that skin, but now I agree with you. I'm a big fan of Vi, she reminds me Debra from Dexter with her personality and also my girlfriend. For me she was enough manly to give her a suit skin, I was like "why a girl with a big personality need to be like a men". Anyway, I buy this skin.


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