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: I just played against Cass...
Early game damage is hugely depending on runes. Arcane Comet, Scorch, Double AP in stats (and maybe Absolute Focus, but this one has been nerfed significantly) + Dorans ring start makes a huge difference. I suppose your enemy brought phase rush + transcendence + gathering storm and maybe even additional mr in the runes.
: A serious question to the "live design team".
Like, generally speaking, if there are like 5-7 champions with a consistent banrate of at least 30%, even after multiple nerfs, there has to be something off. And the thing also is: you cant even play the champs yourself properly. About last week, I wanted to try Irelia (I used to play the old one a bit, and now after the nerfs I had hoped she would be banned+played less often) and in 5 games I played with friends (=my team never banned her) she always got banned by the enemy. Im not looking to play her anymore, even if it turned out that Im the greatest Irelia in the world, it does not seem worth investing time into a champ you usually just cant even pick...
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: Combating Hypermobility Without Nerfing Champions Into the Ground
Personally, I have much greater problems with Kassadin / Zed / Fiora than with Yasuo / Irelia etc, the difference being that the latter need a target they can dash on. If your mobility allows you to go in, but not to get out, then you dont have mobility in situations where you shouldnt go in. A lot of games are decided by someone getting caught out (and I dont have a problem with that), so its the champs who can always escape who "break" the game, not the ones who can easily get in. Just compare Kassadin and Diana... Plus, I highly dislike the idea of nerfing mobility champions in general with a grounding item and such - instead of nerfing those "hypermobile" champs -, because its going to destroy non-hypermobile-but-mobile champions (as someone else pointed out already).

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