jama655 (NA)
: Sounds like what u really want is all of his variants to have this information
Would be nice, but if they remove it from battle boss I'd be happy too
Pika Fox (NA)
: Having a visual indicator doesnt reduce the amount of skill though? You dont keep track of more than possibly 2 targets in a fight for passive stacks, and youre likely tapping more than just those 2 in the fight. Not to mention his visuals arent the greatest at telling you when something definitely landed.
You really shouldn't be looking at just two enemies, Brand's just as good at killing tanks as he is at killing squishies.
Drugoth (NA)
: As a fellow {{champion:63}} enthusiast who does not own this skin yet, I agree with you. I hope Riot sees your post and gives this clear indicator to base {{champion:63}} and all his skins. It's not even like it's only a good thing for {{champion:63}}. Enemy players can play around this too! If {{champion:63}} has you at 2 stacks you can just hang back out of his range to let them fall off and go back in again, it presents an opportunity for counterplay as well! {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Yeah it's just way too clear in comparison to the default indicator
Jezbo (NA)
: This is so ridiculous. If anything, the particle effects are way more visible in a fight than the actual stack indicator. It's really not a problem.
: he can track it with a more convenient indicator, no skill lost here
The tracker is way more clear, a lot of skill is lost
: Is Brand supposed to be a "micromanage the UI to keep track of numbers" champion or an "ignite people and burn shit" champion?
He's supposed to track it
: or... and here's a thought, let's not reduce the amount of skill required to play a champion and just remove the indicator from the offending skin?
I said in my post that I'd be fine with them removing it.
: I agree they should nerf the W base dmg but make increase it`s AP scaling by 30%
Not really relevent but hey.
: 1: You can, it's just not displayed using a number. 2: I never said anything about it being a bad thing, i'm telling you to do a better job tracking it if you want to use another skin. 3: No, just seeing it's applied doesn't change a damn thing. What does help is the fact that: at 1 stack: It's a slight burn, it's mainly a firey overlay over the champs model with some very small flames. at 2 stacks: The flames double in size (almost triple i'd dare say) at 3 stacks: Circle of death. But ofcourse i'm not a brand onetrick like yourself. It's not like i've used Classic, Spirit fire, zombie and battle boss and never had issues with it. No not at all i just got lucky while guessing how many passive stacks i had. source: https://youtu.be/chOdAJ_592A?t=9s
Fair point dude, I'll admit I was wrong, still it's way more subtle than the battle boss brand skin. So subtle that I haven't noticed it after two seasons of Brand. My bad
: I second that similar indicators should be visible to all brand players no matter what skin are they using.
Yeah I'd prefer that as well, I'd be ok with them removing it from the skin though, fair is fair.
: I mean, you could do the exact same shit with any other skin. Just keep track of your passive better then. The passive visuals even change on base brand.
1: You can't see amount of passive stacks with any other skin. 2: I argue tracking passive stacks is a good thing, it adds skill to the champion. 3: The passive visuals change on base Brand? If you think that seeing that passive has been applied to an enemy is the same as having an extra visual effect that tells you the amount of stacks that have been applied to an enemy. Then that's probably coming from someone who doesn't play/understand the gameplay of the champ.
Sanngriðr (EUNE)
: You still gotta actually hit stuff. So there is nothing unfair about it. It also helps the enemy if it shows to both sides but i dont remember i got Vandal Vlad and cryocore.
How is it not an advantage if you still have to hit stuff? It has a feature none of the other skins have, Brand relies on his passive so much that this is such a handy tool to have. And sure it shows the enemy the stacks as well, but this only makes the argument that this is unfair even bigger. If it shows the enemy the stacks while it does't on other skins, they are advantaged as well. The skin needs to be looked at because it's a really unfair feature.
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