: So if you manage to gap close on her it she just be free guaranteed kill in your mind? Considering the damage and burst level in this game thats pretty close to being true already. Considering how easy it is for many champion so simply jump on you, if a mage couldn't out duel an assasin in close range they would be absolute trash.
I'd love to see you outduel a Xin or a Zed as Lux when they get up close. I'd love to see you outduel a Yi as Orianna. Or Camille as Viktor. One of the many examples. Mages aren't supposed to win these fights, they only do if they outplay the enemy/ he's just bad. Mages provide a few of the following: damage, cc, utility, roaming potential, oneshot potential (and the respect that demands). Assassins provide... Damage and mobility. Assassins are supposed to win in close combat or they'd be garbage.
Meddler (NA)
: Not certain yet, we're still talking about whether now's the time to prioritize some larger ability work, or whether we should do some power compensation now with ability adjustments later in the year. Will let you know once we've got a certain answer on that. Larger work whenever it happens will likely be around the same amount of change as the Rengar and LeBlanc changes earlier in the year.
I enjoy playing Karma, please don't halfass something now and then don't touch her again for 4 years. It wouldn't be the first time that happened. She deserves proper changes, just go with the latter please.
Vanjie (NA)
: These are problems they created themselves. They work on content that doesn't' need to be worked on but have an excuse for not working on what really needs to. After five years and six months of dealing with Meddler, Morello, and Reav3s . . . there is no excuse as to why Karma cannot have any work done on her. Dedicated Karma mains and myself have been creating threads for years now asking this single Developer to work on a champion that has been blatantly ignored for years now. Every year he says she needs work, has an identity problem, is a mess, and will probably get work done later on in the year. I only started being vocal 3 to 4 years ago and communicating with Developers. Think of all the mains who have been asking for 5 years and 6 months. Past and present Developers are purposely ignoring Karma mains and we are now getting to a point that being nice, offering our suggestions, and giving them the benefit of the doubt is not working. The excuses and community that is defending their horrible, bias work ethic is not acceptable. We have Lissandra mains asking for work to be done on her for months now. We have Morde mains pleading for reverts, revisions, or a VGU that is consistently ignored. We have FIzz mains waiting for reverts like LB received. We have Malzahar mains asking for his kit to be looked at since he is no longer fun to play because of recent work on him. Finally, we have Karma being brought up daily, weekly, monthly and yearly with the same passive aggressive answers that say they are aware of her problems, but choose to work on Ahri and Lux for more than 3 months and 4 patch cycles, give Ryze 4 reworks and 2 VGU, and prioritize work on anything that isn't the right thing to work on. Excuse me if I am a little upset and no longer care about your complete devotion to a Developer that has shown a clear favoritism towards the same champions every year. I no longer care about his feelings and I am not even being that mean to him. I calling him out on his choices and work ethic. His work ethic and comments clearly show that through-out the years he is aware of the problems with all of the above champions, but chooses to prioritize work on champions like Ahri, Lux, and Ryze every year. Ahri received 3 reworks the past 3 years that didn't really do that much for her, all because she had a sub-par winrate that has always been higher than Karma's. Get over yourself and accept that fact that there are a lot of players out there who are really annoyed with being ignored year after year for the same content to be worked on.
Ahri didn't need work. She was a healthy balanced champion. Her new passive sucks, and so does charmp amp. It's never 20% in reality, and 53 base damage @18 with full combo isn't much anyway. Also makes her so binary, can't combo freely anymore etc. I have no idea why they don't touch up Nunu, Mordekaiser etc, give Udyr a new model instead... When it ain't broke, don't fix it. Sincerely, a salty ex-Ahri main
Meddler (NA)
: Potentially. Karma we think's especially likely to need followup. Do want to see where the 8.12 changes put affected champs before committing to anything though.
@Meddler When duskblade got nerfed, the assassins who relied on it were buffed as compensation, why not do the same thing here?
Xizz3l (EUW)
: > Numbers tuning on some other runes that are just not balanced well enough (e.g. Approach Velocity is weak, Celerity is strong etc) This is really interesting because some smaller runes really just need buffs in my book to not get outshined drastically by other stuff, those would be as follows: Precision - Overheal; Still needs some kind of tweak to make it worthwhile taking on anything that isn't an ADC (e.g. excess self healing 30% ranged, 60% melee) Precision - Legend:Bloodline; Needs a minor buff so it scales better since it's comparatively irrelevant to Alacrity & Tenacity (e.g. max LS 8% -> 10%) Domination - Cheap Shot; Still gets outshined by Sudden Impact and needs to be some sort of Rune to take for more DPS/CC oriented champs (Cooldown 4 -> 3 seconds) Domination - Feast; Small buff to ratios OR CD to not make it irrelevant later on (0.2 bAD + 0.1 AP -> 0.3 bAD + 0.15AP OR Cooldown 20 sec -> 20 - 10 sec. scaling with level) Sorcery - Nullfifying Orb; Needs some increased scaling so it's not completely irrelevant as the game goes on (e.g. 0.1AP + 0.15 Bonus AD -> 0.15 AP + 0.25 Bonus AD) Sorcery - Waterwalking; Since this replaced the old Rune 'Wanderer', I feel like it also needs some bonus added when in brush, like the old one (New: Additionally gain half the MS / stats while in brush) Resolve - Font of Life; Add back the ability to heal yourself with half the effect, this was a really neat concept for some tanks and sustaining champs Resolve - Overgrowth; Small buff since it feels lackluster (0.2% max health -> 0.25% max health) Resolve - Unflinching; Same as Overgrowth, make it more useful for TP / Flash engage users so it's more useful throughout a whole fight (Tenacity duration after casting a summoner 10 sec -> 15 sec) BONUS: Since Chrysalis is added and Iron Skin / Mirror Shell removed next patch, PLEASE swap Boneplating with Chrysalis so Second Wind isn't always a go to option and to not make Boneplating + Second Wind as overbearing to deal with as it currently is Inspiration - Hexflash; It's really never taken unless on very situational picks, needs a small buff to compete (Channel time to Hexflash 2 sec -> 1.5 sec) Inspiration - Approach Velocity; Either a small general stat buff or make it a very good team reliant rune (Bonus MS on impair 10% -> 15% OR Bonus MS on Team impair 10% -> 20%) That's my thoughts, would love to hear what you think @Meddler
I prefer legend bloodline over alacrity, wouldn't say it needs a buff. It allows adc's to wait a little longer with buying lifesteal and gives additional lifesteal when you do get it- because it's not that easy to come by and you always sacrifice something for it. You don't gain offensive stats like attackspeed, but because you can itemize more offensively you gain damage that way.
Artolla (NA)
: Hey, Meddler! I just wanted to ask about how you feel the current access to grievous wounds affects the game. Riot has stayed away from items that counter certain champions (with a big exception being qss as it has many applications and provides a gameplay high that doesn't safe you from all cc, rather one instance every x seconds). Grievous wounds, however, is accessible now from any role. It's on a tanky item, a mage item, and an ad item. This is a much larger array of options than you have when buying qss, which only builds into an ad item (therefore making it a bad answer for, say,{{champion:134}}, but she still might pick it up because of how valuable the active is). This makes the champions that it counters ({{champion:90}} and {{champion:72}} in particular) still feel okay about being countered because even though their ults have been effectively rendered useless unless their team blow the qss cooldown, they are forcing their opponent into a bad buy (or opting into cleanse as a summoner, which is also a valuable slot the affected champion is essentially taking from you). This means it'll feel good for the champion being countered, and good for the champion countering because they now have a new tool to play around. All this being said, Grievous Wounds doesn't follow any of the established Riot Certified TM gameplay design. Being available to every class, passively, affecting the target at any health threshhold (and upon ANY damage application in two of the three items), not to mention being available on a summoner spell as well, means that there are just too many ways to apply something that completely guts several champions. I don't want this post to come off as accusatory, because it most certainly isn't being drafted as such. But Grievous Wounds isn't tied to a specific gameplay moment, leaving no counterplay to be had other than "don't get hit." Meanwhile, the champions it counters rely on specific gameplay moments to work. I'll offer an example: You are Mundo. You rely on your ultimate ability to survive over time so you can do what you need to do (stick to target/deal sustained damage). You are incentivised to use this ult when you are already low to maintain the low health threshold needed to output your damage via E - Masochism. This means that Riot has already incentivised Mundo going in and ulting rather than ulting to escape. This is important because this is the design philosophy Riot has followed for years - rewarding champions for going in, rather than leaving. However, what currently happens is that Mundo uses his health costs (which is refunded on his q if he hits), but he's taking more damage than intended because the costs are supposed to be alleviated once he's able to heal. This means that ANY time you decide to fight, all your abilities will hurt more than intended and your ult won't actually keep you alive. There is no active to wait out, no abilities to bait, no cooldown to play around. After the enemy team builds it, every time you fight, your kit has been neutered. This has been longer than I meant it to be, but it's been increasingly frustrating to watch as all the unhealthy mechanics from the early days of League got reworked into healthier systems (lethality, mana pots, qss cleansing marks like zed/fizz ult, etc.) while grievous wounds has just continued to be put on more and more things as a permanent passive. I know it's hard because champs like Fiora and lifesteal adcs need release valves, but it lowers the base efficacy on a lot of champions who then have no options left (other than just not picking them, which isn't a good solution). TL;DR Grievous wounds has no counterplay and is readily available to all champs in the game. This effect directly counters a handful of champions and makes their game post GW purchase really hard. Thank you so much for your time.
Grievous wounds isn't easy/an optimal option to pîck up, similarly to qss. Morello's is specifically an item to counter healing now, and you miss out on other valuable passives/actives you might otherwise want. Buying an executioner's delays damage spikes significantly (800 gold for little stats, your lane opponent can buy almost a pickaxe with that). Thornmail provides no health, making it an awful pickup early on. Even later you only get it into certain comps, not just because they happen to have a mundo. Also, healing is balanced by grievous wounds. It would be extremely oppressive if it wasn't this way.
: Definitely. I almost always favor *more* change rather than less. If the current iteration of that fantasy isn't living up to expectations, then let's lower the ult CD and tune some other numbers. I would rather have a unique champ than a balanced champ that is too similar to other champs. We've already got too much of "pick the champ that does X best" in the game, and balance changes should be aiming to lower that, not reinforce it.
The second iteration is interesting, and I agree it would make her unique, but you have to realise here, that a lot of Ahri players play her like an assassin. That's how they enjoy playing her. The rest likes to play her as a kite mage. Most of us want to feel like they're still playing Ahri, not Ryze with dashes. They can always recycle the idea mechanic of a mobile dps mage later. I'm not saying I like the first iteration better though, I find charm amp a boring and binary mechanic.
: PBE is testing 2 version of Ahri, let's vote which one we prefer.
I don't like the charm amp. At all. It's way too binary, I can't vote for that. I don't like the second version either though, Playing like a Ryze in teamfights... I don't know. I play Ahri for her strong post 6, good midgame, her awesome combo's, her fluidity, and the intense satisfaction of outplaying opponents. Dashing in, hoping they don't flash charm is and then mashing my buttons is boring in my opinion. I also wouldn't like to play her as a dps mage, and change her Ahri as a champion completely. I'm torn on which one I'm the most okay with. Preferably I'd just see w changed, and her movementspeed reduced/removed. None of the changes come even close to achieving what I had hoped for and the w delay feels extremely awkward. I'd take the scaling reduction over that delay any time. If they go through with any of these iterations I'll most likely stop playing Ahri as much, I've tried her and neither versions feel 'fun'.
eaglei3 (NA)
: So how exactly do you think this will increase interaction more? I mean, take top lane for instance. A lot of the match-ups top have you go in for some last hitting to try and stay even with CS. All I see this doing is causing one person to sit back longer waiting for health to dwindle down before they move in to CS. And besides, if the minions last longer, wouldn't that decrease interaction time? Part of fighting is you want to get a minion advantage or atleast lesson the amount. You have more minions up, you engage less or take more minion dmg.
The changes will mostly affect midlaners. They need to hit certain tresholds to waveclear effectively, and now they're messing with them, essentially gutting the waveclear of most mages.
: Waveclear work for 8.6 or later
This will only make good waveclear (Taliyah, Aurelion Sol, Anivia, Orianna, Azir) etc become better in comparison.
Rioter Comments
: A champion with a Confusion ability?
Sounds interesting, in reality the champion will turn out to be more frustrating than Zoe. By a long shot. Let's not.
: Janna, Tahm kench, Braum, win rate, and shielding Discussion
You make some good points, but there are some clear flaws in there aswell. I don't think you quite grasp how powerful the impact of a Janna can be. She's a major cockblock, essentially making most assassins/divers useless, and her adc a powerhouse. Tahm Kench lacks the healing and shielding she provides, yes, he can get his adc out of situations Janna can't save him from, but she has a lot more sustain and that's not to be underestimated. Also, you stated the biggest problem Ahri has. She's not garbage, she's actually in a good spot again with the new items, but her weakness is her skillcap. There's only so much you can do, and it doesn't take long to learn her. While you can do some sweet sweet flashy outplays, the difference between an experienced Ahri and a beginner is... low. She's as intuitive and safe as it gets. Her issue was that she couldn't do much besides 'not dying, getting carried and charming whoever jumped the adc' as she lacked the burst to oneshot someone. Right now though, if a squishy mispositions I can at least kill him if I play it right. I hope Riot gets it right with her changes and makes her a bit more difficult to pull off to increase the rewards when I actually DO pull it off.
Zeref (NA)
: List of ALL Champions && their number of skins
Don't forget that the quality of the skins is also rather important. A lot of older champions have terrible recolors, or completely outdated skins. Ahri has 8 skins, and even though not all of them are quite as good, not one is complete garbage. On the other hand, champions like Shaco or Kennen just don't have as many good ones, despite the overall skin count being 7, only 1 lower as Ahri. I'm an Ahri player myself, and I adore the yearly skins, but some champions deserve a little more love. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: You put GP doubled in the 8 skins category. ^^ Seeing {{champion:127}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:154}} In the 3 skin category breaks my heart, they are pretty old already and still don't have many skins.... I understand the "not popular" argument, but {{champion:36}} has 9 and is he that popular? And please give my beloved blade leg lady something. {{champion:164}} {{sticker:sg-janna}}
You don't only have to evaluate the amount of skins, but also the quality. Lissandra's skins are pretty good overall, Zac has SKT (at least I think it's good?), Yorick FINALLY got a new skin, and it does look pretty sick. Mundo has a lot of horrible old skins. Out of all of those, Urgot and Rumble are the ones who deserve a new skin, despite Super Galaxy Rumble.
: Ahri Problems and ways to fix them
Her mana costs aren't the problem, her overall lack of damage is. However her damage can't be buffed because she's too safe - largely due to q movespeed-.
: Same tbh, I've either been playing {{champion:89}} and {{champion:45}} support in solo queue, or I just do something completely stupid with my friends like {{champion:238}} {{champion:64}}. None of the ADCs I've played countless hours on ever seem to actually be able to come online on their own like they used to.
Me and my duo have our own patented {{champion:103}} {{champion:238}} lane. Hilarious post 6, everything dies. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: Is there any champion you have fun playing against?
{{champion:99}} , {{champion:20}} , {{champion:10}} , {{champion:75}} , {{champion:432}} , {{champion:161}} , {{champion:201}} , {{champion:157}} (I hated him badly at first, playing against him for hundreds of games made him very predictable), {{champion:497}}, {{champion:429}} , {{champion:103}} (biased cuz Ahri is bae) etc. If I feel like the enemy has to put in effort to get ahead and has clear trading patterns/weaknesses I usually don't mind them. However shit like{{champion:142}} , {{champion:90}} , {{champion:55}} , {{champion:45}} ... feel very obnoxious. {{champion:268}} would take top spot 100% if everyone I played against knew how to. Kat because of her insane burst, Zoe is Zoe... My main issue with her is her range. It feels like you can't ever touch her if she plays it right, while she's free to spam her stuff on you until it hits. Malz's ult is just downright annoying, I feel too helpless playing against it. Matchup wise, Ahri into Talon is pretty fun, eventough it's disadvantagous, Ahri into Akali, Ahri into tf. The non-cookie cutter matchups where you have to play everything perfect to succeed in your lane are the most fun -but you atleast have a chance to succeed- Ahri into Annie is kind of nice too.
Kaìju (NA)
: I mean, she has no poke. Unless she has a heal support it's pretty easy yo rush ER over IE and like her out. It's what I do.
If certain champion is a problem/will become a problem, you have to make a team effort to shut it down. Just like how peeling for the carries is a team effort. Against a fed Katarina, you have to coordinate as a team, save your cc and focus her the second she goes in. Save your stuff for her. The same goes for Vayne. Wait for her to go in, the second she does that she'll get bursted/cc'd. If you're a jungler: gank her. Make her use her summonersIf you're a midlaner: 4 man dive her. If you're a toplaner: 5 man her with them dank tp plays. If you play adc/support: pick lane bullies like MF, Jhin, Brand, Zyra, or outscale her if you have to. (Contrary to popular belief, Vayne can get outscaled.) P.S. Not advisable if the rest of your team is early game focused. Jinx, Kog'Maw and Twitch all do the trick. Jinx because her big aoe crits really hurt, and the second she gets that reset you pretty much lost the fight, Kog'Maw because Kog'maw, and Twitch because he'll 2shot the backline. All three have longer range and or aoe. The one thing Vayne has going for her is her dueling potential. She can do what other ad carries can't: duel those pesky assassins/divers/tanks. Don't be reckless and think you can kill her because 'she's just an adc'. Some ad carries deserve special respect. I stopped trying to kill a Kalista/Vayne as Ahri long ago. And by the way, people say Vayne has low range because she has no damage from abilities whatsoever. Unlike Lucian, Jhin, Sivir, etc she doesn't have any abilities to do damage from further away. Most other ad carries can sit back for a few seconds and throw their abilities at the enemy, and those seconds where they're safe and out of range make a huge difference. If Vayne wants to do any damage she has to be in auto range or closer. It makes fighting with her rather tricky. If you find it difficult to play against her, how about you try playing her a few games, it does help tremendously. You'll know how she thinks, where she'll tumble, and more.
Kaìju (NA)
: Then just four man bot since she has a weak early game and you have three teammates. If you dumpster both bot laners and get tower plus drag you can put her behind. I very rarely struggle against Vayne before 30 minutes and I'm a bad as fuck Ashe main.
I know, Vayne is not really an issue for me either, just wanted to point out it doesn't usually take 30 minutes to buy 2 items. Vayne has plenty of easily exploitable weaknesses. {{sticker:vayne-pose}}
: POLL: Where do you put your potions?
S is for my first active, so pots until I get something like Zhonya's. After that they move to 2.
Rykagnar (NA)
: So how exactly are you supposed to counter-play Vayne?
Against Vayne: In lane: Poke. All-in. Depending on what support she has. Don't pick a passive support against her if you can help it. Sona, Mf, Draven, Ezreal, Nami, Jhin, Xerath, Brand, anything that keeps her down and makes her regret starting a game. In teamfights: targeted cc/nukes, or big aoe so that she takes a lot of damage even if it's not necessarily directed at her. Syndra R, Maokai W, Panth W, Rammus' taunt, Flash R W rakan, Lissandra R/W, Nasus' slow and plenty more. Just picking assassins is a mistake, she is too good of a duelist, and with a little bit of help from the team the assassin won't accomplish anything. Just don't ignore her when she's stealthing, don't waste your skillshots trying to guess where she is. Abuse her Q cd, and murder her.
Kaìju (NA)
: A few ways. You either CC her with a tank and have your mage blow her up, or you have two or three frontliners all rotate how close they are so she keeps marking different people and doesn't get to use her W as much. As for winning the game, you have to end before 30 minutes. With how cheap crit is, if the game goes past 30 she probably has IE Shiv and she is gonna start to take over. Panth does okay against her because he's early game with a targeted stun so you can follow up the CC with say a mage or tanks own CC.
If not horribly behind she has IE Shiv at 20.
: Give it a charge skillshot cast system exactly like Irelia's ult except only 3 and they only hurt the first target. Each hit marks the target, causing the next fire to deal bonus damage. Hitting two fires would equal the current dmg of landing 3 fires, but if you fuck up and get hit by a third, it'd deal about the damage of the previous 2 combined, or however much is balanced. They'd have a slight delay inbetween casts to make sure that landing a lvl 1 charm wouldn't guarantee hitting all 3. Just an idea though, some might not like that.
Ahri relies so much on skillshots already, changing her W to what you suggested would nerf her into the ground. Even if her new W did good damage. Especially the 3 cast system isn't a good idea, she's supposed to have asassin traits. It would make her full combo slower, and that in itself is a very big nerf. She already has to hit all her skillshots to do about 60-70% of someone's health, adding more would make it incredibly difficult for her to get kills, since she'll be lacking any sort of reliable damage, something almost all other assassins have. (Think Talon, Leblanc, Kha'Zix, Rengar, Kat, Fizz, do I need to continue?) I agree her current W sucks, but it still adds that bit of much needed reliable damage. There's a reason it's maxed second, instead of opting for lower charm cd, longer duration and more damage. I'd like to see some W changes, but if they make that a skillshot, she'll be the most unreliable 'assassin' in the game. And since she needs her ult to make any plays, she'll get screwed way too easily.
: **Feature/Suggestion Name:** Jungler always gets bleeping smite **Opportunity/Problem Statement:** Sometimes the jungler forgets to take smite and the team is screwed because of it, that game is wasted. **Brief Description:** If you are in the jungle role, your non-flash summoner spell is switched to smite when champ select starts **Target Audience:** forgetful junglers and their teammates.
Some people swap roles though. Being forced into taking smite seems kinda sad when you swapped with another lane. A notification seems better.
: Feature/QoL change/Idea Generator for 2018 and beyond!
Feature/Suggestion name: Debt displays how much gold I can spend -rather than lend Oppurtunity/Problem Statement: If you want to buy multiple items (for example. Lost chapter, boots, a potion and a pink ward), buying with Future's Market feels awkward. Having to calculate how much gold I can spend takes a few extra seconds, seconds I could use to walk back to lane. Brief description: Instead of displaying how much I can go in debt, I'd rather see how much potential gold I can spend. Target Audience: All users of the Future's Market rune.
Rumkatten (EUW)
: What low elo s8 support?
Anything you enjoy and will continue enjoying for a long time to come. Pick about 2-3 champions, and master them. The second you did that, you'll start learning about the game. Different champions will teach you different things. The champions don't matter, so long you play them well. Like Sky once said... Before something can be out of meta, you need to be in the meta first. What works in bronze and diamond is completely different. Following the meta and the FOTM (flavour of the month) is generally a noobtrap. Don't fall for it. Play what you're good at and what you enjoy. Personally, I really like Nami and Rakan- both a mix of defense and offense, with lots of options and potential playstyles. Have to sit back and survive? Heals and shields will take care of that. Engage? Check. Kill potential? Check.
: I think by making ADC very overpowered you are making them the most stressful role of all
You got something wrong. The Darius will be useless for the rest of the game, especially since he'll just get kited, the Xayah/Ashe (idk what it is lol) get items, and start doing a truckload of damage 150 cs later. 0/9 or not, every adc hurts when they have 4 items. The game is botlane focused because the adc and the midlaner are the primary source of damage in a team, the adc doing far more in teamfights. Setting him behind was always a good way to win a game, and it still is. The whole team always depended on the carries doing damage, nothing changed. Imo the game is rather balanced right now, no overly strong roles or items. Some champions are busted, but there's always someone broken, so that's nothing new. (Although rito, you might want to look at Malzahar, he's been sitting at a 55% winrate for months now.) If you get flamed you have to kind of suck it up, mute them and report them afterwards. There's not much you can do about it. :/
: Why would you ever play Brand mid
His waveclear isn't that bad, and he aoe nukes people when they group. He's not that strong, but he's not complete shit. Worst wavclear in the game... lol? W, and the backline is cleared (at lvl 9), then e for the spread and auto a few more times and you killed the wave. No midlaner can oneshot the backline minions with one spell -except for maybe Zoe- pre lvl 9. Viktor, Ori, Ahri, Ekko etc. are only able to do that lvl 9 and onwards. Brands combo HURTS. He does plenty of damage. I don't understand why you're complaining about him, of all champions. What about Fiddlesticks, who has a 45% winrate in the jungle? There's more as enough other champions who could use some love. Also, If I'm not mistaken Brand support has a 49.68% winrate, and Brand mid is sitting at 51,19%. That's pretty much balanced. https://gyazo.com/ca1396e799c39b92ad6380c7b78565e2 https://gyazo.com/47e870ba3b727af889616c4e0c6899f9 If you're not doing well on him, it's not the champion being bad. It's you not playing him well enough. No offense.
: I dunno this farming shit kinda pisses me off sometimes, especially when they have less kills less assists less cs and more deaths than me but somehow manage to get 2 levels ahead of me and closer to their item because they farmed for a measly 2 minutes. It's like a huge middle finger to all the work I put in for my lead.
Ask yourself why high elo players don't roam too often, and people rarely die or play aggressive needlessly... There you got your answer. You get so much garantueed exp and gold by just staying in lane and last hitting it's barely worth it to try and kill someone unless you get objectives. Especially considering that, when you roam, your opponent will push and you'll lose 1 or 2 waves (that's huge).
Muzét (EUW)
: {{champion:103}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:497}} SSS Swiftness Seduction Sassiness Oh I need a last one? {{champion:164}} The charm lies within her thighs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
> [{quoted}](name=Muzét,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=46ALLy0s,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2017-10-31T19:29:04.506+0000) > > {{champion:103}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:497}} > SSS Swiftness Seduction Sassiness > > Oh I need a last one? > {{champion:164}} The charm lies within her thighs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Le me: Writes almost exact same comment Le me: scrolls through other comment before posting Le me: sees your comment Le me: ... Le me: upvotes {{sticker:sg-lux}}
: Weekly reminder that Duskblade should be looked at in S8
If I'm playing against Zed, and I'm very far ahead of him (30 cs over him at 10 mins, 2 kills and 1.5 lvls or smt), I know that the second that guy gets Duskblade, I can't 1v1 him anymore. I've had multiple games where I had 3 levels on him, and 2 items. He got his Duskblade powerspike, ulted me, and guess what... I got obliterated. It feels unfair that 1 item turns the whole matchup around - while I was super far ahead the whole time, and technically still should be. {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
: Illaoi nerf
Illaoi isn't even good... Just learn how to play against her and you'l win every time.
: How do u find your Main?
I hate playing short ranged champions (including all melees) or champions without waveclear, so I started looking for champions that fit my requirements. I came across Ahri. She has an amazing theme and playstyle. It took me hundreds of games to master her- but now I'm very confident in my Ahri, and it was worth it. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} Just go through all the champions, and think of how you like to play the game, what playstyle you prefer, what theme you like. What champion looks really cool to you? I'm a big fan of casters, mages etc. It just needs a little safety aswell (like Ahri ult, Orianna e and w, Xayah ult...). I'm also a sucker for cool visuals and voice lines.
: ok riot
You type so much, holy shit... Just keep all that to yourself, it's just distracting yourself and your team. It's not doing any good. Trust me on that. Just drag the chat away, out of your screen or start your game with /mute all if you're having trouble not typing. Imo chat should only be used to communicate valuable strategies and info such as 'get baron control' or 'no summs, can dive'. In all 3 games you sounded so salty, maybe you should take a break from the game until you're detilted... If I had you on my team I would've muted you real quick, just saying.
: RITO PLZ *Aurelion Sol Concept*
The issue is that his champion model isn't round. There's no way they could alter his model without having hitbox issues. It would make a great custom skin though, you could ask some people to make the skin -would be hilarious. I also don't think this is really a skin that riot wants to make (It's a company after all. their primary goal is to make money). Maybe they would be willing to make Snow Day, Dark star, or Poolparty Aurelion Sol (Beachballs instead of stars, yes please). I do agree though, he needs a new good skin. P.S. Love the puns. {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
Destaice (NA)
: Ahri mains on this forum smh
> [{quoted}](name=Destaice,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=uun8Vp7B,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-10-30T10:09:18.307+0000) > > Ahri mains on this forum smh Don't generalize our kind. {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
: Will Duskblade's passive be looked at in S8?
I've played against Zed as Ahri so many times, and most of the time I manage to get kills on him early. Even when I killed him 3 times in lane, the second that guy gets Duskblade, I know I can't fight him anymore. Not even if I get Zhonya's (he can just wait for it to time out then kill me). This happens very often, almost everytime I face a Zed. It feels so bad, knowing I should be stronger... Yet it doesn't matter. He got his duskblade. The lane is over. If I do try to fight him it ends with me dead. Not a single time I've managed to 1v1 him at that point, despite me being several levels ahead, having 5 kills and 50 cs on him and having 1.5 items more. I wish I was exaggerating, but I'm not. The powerspike it provides is too massive. Any other champion with Duskblade just oneshots aswell. Imo it gives far too much power. Try playing against a Rengar who kills you in 0.35 seconds, or an ad Renekton with Duskblade (0.56 seconds with only a duskblade). The problem -in my opinion- is that it gives a lot of extra damage without having to really do much for it. Duskblade is the difference between getting oneshot in half a second, and getting oneshot in 1.5 seconds -something I think has much more counterplay.
: Not a rant but merely an opinion, question of riots balance team
Bad comparison. Galio q is an easy to hit skillshot on a low cd, with VERY high scaling. -Draven is not going to oneshot you -rather 2 or 3shot you. Difference is that Draven is immobile, has no cc and is easy to jump on and kill, and also doesn't have a global ult (very powerful tool might I add). He sucks when behind (feast or famine). -Gp is useless for most of the game, and will again not oneshot you, unless very fed. His barrels can get destroyed too. -When you know how to play against Heimerdinger he becomes near useless. He can oneshot you with empowered w, but just dodge half of them, or flash and you're good. -Jayce poke hurts, but not as much as a galio q. It has a much lower cd aswell, and doesn't scale with max health. Not to mention it's harder to hit. He falls off massively, whereas Galio doesn't. -The entire point of a Nasus is to farm and get to that late game fantasy. He is kiteable (as a team) and sucks ass early. -Teemo... No idea why you mentioned him... -Just don't chase Singed? Problem solved... As it is right now, Galio has little counterplay and no weaknesses. He has oneshot potential, damage reduction (that scales with ap) a global ult for map pressure, good waveclear, and a lot of cc on top of that. He even has a mobility spell. It's not even possible to get out of his oneshot combo as you'll be cc'd for most of it. If you play the game a bit more you'll realise how incredibly broken this is. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
yashovam (NA)
I would like to get up to mastery level 10, but idk about those high BE costs... seems a little unnecessary. I'd love to show off that dank mastery level 10 though!{{sticker:sg-kiko}}
Azadethe (NA)
: Tbh, anyone can jungle reliably with current itemization, except perhaps Lissandra, whose initial cooldowns are too long to be a reliable clearer. When I'm bored I've literally tried about every champ, and there isn't a melee who can't jungle, and sustain well enough for normal ganks. Most mages can too. And Most can clear fast enough to be competitive, because of gradual base AD boosts that make even mages good auto attackers and mana sustain on jungle items which make it otherwise viable. Three of my favorite Junglers: Leona (Some of the most monstrous ganks in game, fast clear with Cinder or Echo, especially post Sheen and Mobi boots) Reason she works: Basic attack resets, the Armor scaling on W, 2 aoe abilities with decent damage (She can pretty much solo a drake too). Rakan (has very slow immediate clear, but no slower than any other jungler who goes Red >Wolves > Blue > Gank) Has very high Base AD, so hunter's knife start clears very fast. After he has some AP and attack speed, becomes a pretty fast clearer, free roaming ganker who is downright oppressive for opponents since he has one of the strongest engages in game that doubles as an ally healer and dash peel from the engage. Much more viable after the last change which increased AP scaling). Karma (Decent enough mana regen, barriers, low CD Q, W heals her in jungle when Mantra'd, fast move speed, 100% lock ganks (W in a gank is almost an absolute kill, even if opponent has flash), Low risk ganks that don't feed even when the gank is unsuccessful. Clears extremely fast, Very low auto attack reset times. Leona and Karma are Rankable as Junglers. Rakan if you build wrong will fall behind.
You should try Ahri jungle. I'm sitting at an 80% winrate with it right now... Her clears are not amazing early but they get far better, she's amazing at stealing objectives (hop in {{summoner:11}} hop out). Solid level 2 ganks and amazing level 6 and onwards. I love cheesing mid at lvl 2 (revenge for everytime it happened to me). She's a fairly good duelist due to being ranged and having amazing kite. She's also pretty safe -even if you get caught in your jungle you just press r to get out. Example build: {{item:1402}} , {{item:3020}} , {{item:3165}} , {{item:3089}}, {{item:3152}} because, yes, she needs 4 dashes {{item:3135}} No one expects the red buff Ahri :evil laugh: {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: Thats a total bullshit. Everyone knows Riot is forcing 50 % winrate. Any decent company would make ranked so you only play vs people with the same rank against the same rank. Silver II vs Silver II, Bronze IV vs Bronze IV, Platinum III vs Platinum III teams and so on. How can you explain the extreme cases where you are having a 10 game winstreak then suddenly you got 10 loose streak? Answer is simple. Riot is giving you unbalanced games so you loose a lot to get back to 50 %. Not to mention the cancer promo system where you are getting even more retards.(trolls, feeders, afkers)
That's not true though. If you go on a long winning streak your mmr skyrockets... so it only makes sence you'll lose a few games afterwards because it was so inflated. Just imagine how bad smurfs would be. If a diamond smurf got placed in a low tier (say silver) he'd shitstomp those players for so long- it would take quite a bit of games to get that account to diamond. Right now he's be placed against other smurfs up until the account gets similar mmr as his main. It would be unbearable to play in those lower tiers simply because the smurfs would ruin everything. If you can't climb it's not just your team. It's you. Only you are the constant factor in your games. Everyone else has the same chance of getting bad teams, trolls, flamers etc. Before you spout this crap think about the consequences please.
Penns (EUW)
: About assassins vs ADCs:
It's only fair Adc's stand a chance. If the assassin screws up and whiffs everything, he doesn't deserve the kill to begin with.{{sticker:sg-lulu}}
: ad assassins are barely any good if the item is shit for them well nobody is ever picking them even in solo queue. its the only way to survive against ap and be able to farm.
Look at Talons winrate. Also if you can't farm as melee vs ranged, don't tell me melee assassins are shit. They are not bad. Hexdrinker is too cost effective, and almost garantuees a win in a 1v1 situation, even though the matchup is favourable or even. The cooldown on it is 90 secs -lower as ults usually- so there's not even a window where you can go in.
Zerenza (NA)
: Thank you, a champion shouldn't be defined by the item's they get but by the kit's they have.
So you suggest every support gets a buff? I play support when duoing -never solo- and I finally feel like I have a high impact. The items are very strong good and cost effective, and I love them for that. Those items kind of define supports right now, true, but I prefer that over being reduced to a wardbot with either engage, poke or peel. That's what it was like for the longest time. {{sticker:sg-soraka}} If supports got a buff to their numbers I'd be fine with them reducing the cost efficiency of support items. But I don't want plain nerfs for no reason. I happen to like the feeling of being useful. Riot did a great job with the item rework. They really made the role a lot more interesting.
: Runes Corner: Inspiration Runes Slot Sneak Peek
If I understand correctly none of these is gonna get canceled? Stopwatch and channeled flash are actually making it to live, my god. The idea seems fun and original, but I can garantuee you, it's not. I do not want an Annie flashing on me out of a bush every time her ult is up, or get flashed on by junglers. Flash is a valuable cooldown, it balances out half the champion roster, and giving low mobility champions more movement spells is inherently a bad idea. You can't possibly keep every bush warded, especially not early game and I don't feel like getting preyed upon every time I set foot out of base, knowing that anyone can flash on my ass whenever they feel like it. Just like a 6 minute zhonya's - that just seems unfun to play against rather than unhealthy. I understand it's a one time use only, but that doesn't change the fact that you get a free zhonya at level 4/5 without even having to back to buy it. Not even having to back for it is what makes it even dumber. Just imagine fighting your laner, and your ignite is ticking -2 more ticks and you got them. Suddenly they get a free stopwatch, zhonya the ignite ticks, and you die. You could say 'watch what minute it is and play around that' but that doesn't change the fact that it's unfun. {{sticker:sg-janna}} This is the first time I ever wrote something on the boards, but I'm just disappointed. The other runes seem nice, although some seem more powerful as others, but I imagine the numbers will get changed to balance things out. These two just seem out of line with the rest. The runes don't have to be 'amazingly new and interesting', they just have to provide additional power according to champion strengths, and the other runes do just that.

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