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: Hell, some people will troll just because someone was "rude" to them. Seriously, someone on the forums said that. "Just troll, if someone is rude to you, they dont deserve to win anyways". Thats why i support their rules against toxicity. You got brats who will troll just because they have a toxic teammate.
But that toxic teammate is toxic because of the trolls mostly... that's why i said cut the bad in his roots, if those base trolls didnt exist the toxicty would be a lot smaller, and there is two types of toxicity the dumb one ( '' fucking noob i hope your mother dies'') and the other one ('' wtf are you doing stop inting are you dumb? stfu and group''), the first one is just ban on the spot the second one could've come from a troll...What im saying is that sometimes the second one is not always that person fault for the flame, im defending more the second situation perspective ,the first one is instaban and that's it
: > [{quoted}](name=cuddlykitten4,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=dctYO4Aa,comment-id=00000000000000010000,timestamp=2019-09-16T22:01:01.693+0000) > > Save the champ shards and just cash them in as you need. Cuts your price down. If you don't get the shard you want you can always cash in 6300 worth anyways. yea that's kind of what I'm doing... but it sucks when you get 3 soraka shards in a row.... I mean not only are you only gonna use the shard once if you want soraka, but every other shard after is only 90 be..... Put into perspective, back when ip was still around, you could make enough ip to buy 2 or 3 champs that cost 6300 ip in 1 month. This was because losing a game would net you 40-60 ip based on how long the game ran. Now you only get 50 for win of day and every game after that you get nothing. But i mean, it is a business, they need to make their money so i can't really hate. Just saying to give you as someone who has all the champs, that it also sucks on our end for those who don't have all the champs. I guess, it sucks for both sides but eh, they gotta make their money?
they are creating events and they need attention on those events or it is a waste of money, to have that attention they make missions wich gives keys and chests, a special token or even blue essence , so basicaly if you want to get more blue essence you can't miss any event and any mission so you will need to play like crazy to have all that blue essence, that's what riot wants, but if you dont have time for that then it'll be hard since they putted almost all the blue essence focus on the events
: You either win as a team, or lose as a team. All 5 contributed to the loss or the win. That's how I look at it. Besides, I'm more likely to play another game with the really chill 0/9/5 Rakan than the asshole 17/1/19 Zed.
you're right, even if a zed get 17/1 and the others lose their lanes is their fault bc they lost their lanes, now if they comeback the game and they lose the comeback because zed goes for stupid picks just to get kills, it is his fault, even if his micros are good his macros can be horrible and the rest of the team can have pretty good macros, and if he reaches a situation like that and he keeps doing what he's doing instead of listening to his teammates, he will be the main reason to their loss that's what im talking about, there's something between playing for the winrate and playing for the kda, the second one is only acceptable in normals, you dont start the ranked wanting to lose the game, you want to win, even if you lose your lane, if you win the game you will get the lp, is it good to focus score on rankeds and lose the game? in my opinion no but i can be wrong
: Old runes: read a guide, find 1-2 builds, farm 2+ years for runes and pages, use those 2 builds without touching them ever(because for some reason you couldn't change runes on pages in pick phase, only pick one of prepared pages) New runes: "hmm, i am playing top tank against vayne, lets pick double armor and second wind so that i can survive lanephase", "oh this time its kled, i should use bone plating instead, and maybe even get a precision rune that adds damage to lowhp enemies so i can finish him faster when he is without his bird", "i think i will roam a lot this game, let's go secondary sorcery with waterwalking and bonus speed" New runes are just better
Those are masteries not runes, the runes that im talking about are the ones that give you or ad or ap or mana regen or hp per level etc, what riot could do is lower the price of them but mantain them and there you have it , your problem fixed, ''ahh but there are lots of matchups and i have only two rune pages!'', they lower the price of buying pages, simple as that, you maintain the strategy of the game without making people lose by that side, and btw a full page of runes would cost around 13000, 2 years you can get a lot more then just 13k that if you put effort and time to the game. So to they just need a visual update and lower the price of the runes and rune pages... And btw nowadays getting Blue essence is kinda easy, so you shouldn't have a problem to get the BE to get them
: My favorite of all the /facepalm crews is the ones that try to claim alpha dominance in post game chat like, "I had the most dmg, I carried", boy, I'm a 1/2/19 Nautilus. Of course you did more damage, and besides, the Nasus that took every top tower and killed the nexus by himself while us other lanes were still working on 2nd tier tower carried us if anyone did. Good job shooting the enemy tho. Probably why you lacked cs all game. I agree with the original point though. The old runes were so much more strategic. I also have nothing I can do with all this BE now since I have all the champs. It just sits there waiting for chromas to go on BE sales or an essence emporium. Before I could at least buy runes to make me feel like I was kind of making some progress in some way.
im in the same situation have all champs and im basicaly stacking blue essence, but yeah you got the point i was trying to show, what does it matter if someone gets 20 kills, what does it matter if someone deals 100000 damage, if it is a normal game it is for fun so it isnt that much of a problem but in a ranked game having someone like that is kinda disgusting, i could push 9 towers gank all lanes,do 6 dragons and a baron as a jungler that the carry woudnt be me, it would be the 20/7 zed that kept stealing my jungle and stealing kills from the whole team...
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: >giving a chat restrict doesnt help at all, only triggers the person even more. The person did a mistake(broke some rules) > he gets punishd for it > and gets mad about not beeing able to control his own emotions ? Why does chat restriction does not help at all ? (it does stop flamers from flaming by telling them they broke the rules, ) Tho maybe you are right ,,, chat restrictions are way to soft ,,, instead instant 14 days bad would be better .. no ? :D Thats how i see it at least :p ... maybe im on the wrong side of things. {{sticker:sg-poppy}}
not everyone is the same, not everyone is born the sameway, even if you're able to control you're emotions perfectly there are people that are kinda instable and can't do it aswell as you do, and there are lots of people breaking rules not flaming ones and not getting punished by it and those rules that are broken make other people mad and those break another rules, it is still a snowball,and a instant 14 days would be horrible, can you even imagine how many people would stop playing the game??? If riot bans the trolls first the snowball doesnt even start to grow ,if there are no trolls the quantity of flame will be reduced like a lot. ''cut the evil by its roots'' in my opinion that's what needs to be done
: the only possible way for URF to return without randomization would be to somehow wipe everyone's memory of URF the first URF was great because people were experimenting and discovering broken shit by the second URF, it was all figured out and every game had a 1v9 sona or garen by the third, OP shit was either disabled or had URF-specific nerfs and it just wasn't a 4fun mode anymore at this point, URF only serves as an easy way for me to power level an account without boosts. stacking my champ pool with garen and shit, with my perfect 900 iq builds, just means that account will get SR win exp every single game
That's true, but the idea was balancing the champions for example reducing the damage of garens E so he wouldn't be able to one shot the entire team at lvl 1, and for example bringing back the old items, with these many new champions and we the items that got removed a lot of metas could be created, since the game is always changing it would be possible for urf to get different things, they could even fuse two gamemodes into one, like Urf and ascension for example there are lots of things that riot can do with urf , and about the exp pool since you will be leveling up a smurf, it doesnt make sense that you take so much time to level it up so it only helps,new players wont be able to be that broken in urf since they are still learning the game. And to level up and account to 30 is kinda annoying when it comes for a player that plays the game since a lot of time ago, so i see it as a positive aspect
: My idea is to make it so the client looks at all 10 player's match history and auto bans the last 2 champions that everyone played. This means there could be anywhere from 2 to 20 bans and the chances that you or anyone in your game are ever able to pick one of the highly played champions are very low.
that's correct but that will make no only one player not able to play that champ but everyone else wont be able to play it, it is kinda unfair if i want to play shaco for example but it is autobanned because someone from the other 9 players played it 2 games ago
: Or just autoban the most picked 50% of champions in URF so as to limit the number of matches that the most broken champions can show up in. S tier champs will be nearly always banned, and A tier champs will be banned often enough that you'll only have a few of them in each match.
As it is, it is a good idea, but too complicated, if a player goes against a zed in 3 games and then zed is autobanned in the next 5 games that person will have to go with people that went against a zed in 3 games aswell, that compatibility would be hard or nearly impossible to achieve.
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: > now banning people saying '' dude why are you inting , wtf are you doing, dont be dumb'' I have a question , why do you even bother asking a troll of his intentions ? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
i wasnt saying that it was me xD,i would just mute everything fromm the player and leave it like that but not everyone does that. When someone gets triggered it is very common to say these kind of things , and people get banned for saying them, even if it wasnt their fault... That was the main point.
: I wrote a board post before when riot was announcing that they are planning to make runes free for everyone that I hate this and i know it's gonna be a bad idea. Yet i got mega downvoted and look at us now. A lot of people are unhappy about how much damage there is now.... Yet the new runes are a big factor to why we have so much damage now. It's not the only reason, but it is a big reason.
yeah you're right it is a big reason because people nowadays only play the game to deal damage and have fun, they think that league of legends is just one shoting dealing damage and that's it, this game was too a strategy game, and it still is but only in macro and micro plays, the rest is just press the bottons and make booms, the reason why there are so many people on iron/bronze/silver is because those people play without using their heads, if they deal dmg they're not doing anything wrong that's what they think and that's the main reason to this much low elo players, and some of them that try to improve their own gameplay just get stuck in the rank because they get people in their games playing for the score and for the damage or even trollers or even afk, those afk are mostly people that get 3/0/0 and go afk just because they already have a good kda , and people that downvoted these kind of posts are people that are mostly those ranks xDD people that only care about having fun in rankeds instead of playing in a competitive way and try to win the ranked games... i dont care if i lose a normal, because it is just a normal, but people think that it is funnier to make others lose ranked games somehow...Riot removed the little brain we needed to have to play this game, it went backwards and they still have time to fix it, but sooner or later the good league of legends players will leave this game this game will be an habitat to ''monkeys'' ( not wanting to offend anyone)...
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: All these disturb me, but why is Yandere Lux a thing on these boards?
Because before doing rabadons and deathfire grap on veigar was like giving a gun to a monkey you would one shot everything without even knowing a little spam on the keyboard was all you needed. And why the ideas disturb you???
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: I would be ok with EVERYTHING YOU SAID. With only one tiny condition, People can't pick the same champ for the next 5 games or so. So people have to alternate between at least 5 champions and not spam Jax evelyn eve every game
wow didnt even think about it, yeah it would be great if they did that, nice idea!!! :D
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