: Preseason: Rise of the Elements on PBE!
I have a complaint: The Keystones of the Sorcery tree. The only real option for me as a Midlaner is Comet 90% of the time. Aery has a bad scaling and Phase Rush is, well, Phase Rush. Every single other Mastery Tree has a ton of variety in their Keystones. A.e. Precision: * Lethal Tempo for Insane Late Game scaling and dueling Potential * Fleet Footwork for sustain, agression and savety * Press the Attack for simply more Damage. (btw. why does it only proc on autoattacks??) * And lastly Conquerer, which is still teh best mastery in the game. This can be said for every other Tree, besides Sorcery. Please give Sorcery a 4th Keystone. And maybe change Aery/Comet for them to be unique.
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 7
Guys. Can you please stop with the Ezreal Buffs. He does enough Damage. For real. He already obliterates you once he puts points in w. And you still want to buff it? Why? The Winrate? Hes the old Ezreal with an extra source of Damage. If his Winrate is low, its not the lack of Damage for sure. Its already frustrating to play against..
: Why is Aurelion Sol so unpopular?
Simple: Too many Fighters and Assassins Asol cant do shit about. U dont believe me? Play Asol against Akali, Zed or Yasuo and see for yourself :D And that is just the tip of the iceberg
Jagatrip (EUW)
: same for me.. {{sticker:sg-soraka}} Edit- It works now in the luncher for me {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Got it working, the Launcher doesnt work. on the side it worked :D https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/year-in-review-2017#/summoner/euw/mrbutternuss
: My tab is working, maybe you need to play enough ranked games for them to collect data, idk.
Got it working, the Launcher doesnt work. on the side it worked :D https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/year-in-review-2017#/summoner/euw/mrbutternuss
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: Does Focused Assault Keystone amplify True damage?
True DMG is like the name says ;D the TRUE Dmg True Dmg does not get amplified by anything and does not get reduced by anything. The Number it says it deals on a.e the Abillity WILL be the Nuber it actually deals.
Diggyy (NA)
: Ezreal Needs a Nerf
he already has a Nerf on Pbe. Q - AD ratio lowered from 125% to 110%. Thats quite the nerf ^^
: 10/0/10 in 10 mins and we lose???
Well, the whole reason to the ADC Role is so there is a Carry for the Lategame.
: Maining veigar, can he be viable?
Veigar can be really strong, yes. But the problem is hes sitting Duck for 5 secounds when he has his combo out. In higher elos they abuse that. But lower elos? :D Have fun ^^
: I think the only reason some people recommend Dark Harvest is because she resets her AA with her E and it resets when you kill someone, that has synergy with kata. It scales infinitly and it will outscale Eletrocute, i think that's the reason why they recommend it.
Dark Harvest outscales Electrocute way to late. You dont want games that long with kata :D
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Jo0o (NA)
: Does the attitude skip gold somehow? I'm confused.
I dunno, everytime i play with my friends (2 of them are gold+) there are nice people :/ And when i play with Plats they always think theyre like "gods"
: Eletrocute or Dark Harvest on katarina?
Electrocute is always Free dmg. For Harvest you need to aa AND you need to stack it first.. so the answer is pretty clear
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: is there anything about this game that needs fixed?
Its a changing Game, and thats good. Only thing i think they should change: Less proplay based changes, more for the main playerbase ^^
Chrysi7 (NA)
: Hextech Hammer
So its 120 AD, a hextech Gunblade Active (WITH A 45% SCALING????), 100 Amor and 300 HP for not even 3000 Gold? This items cost has to be like... 7000-8000....
: > [{quoted}](name=MrButternuss,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=7prlNTfh,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-12-03T23:10:18.396+0000) > > Its not her. Its the mastery/rune "Sudden Impact". > Thats what makes chaps like Zed, Kata op atm. > > :D but her winrate is 5% higher than zed. zed winrate is 50%. her is 55%. she has been sitting there before the rune changes
Dont forget, a Kata snowballs way Harder than Zed ;D
: I just don't think katarina is a very balanced champion right now
Its not her. Its the mastery/rune "Sudden Impact". Thats what makes chaps like Zed, Kata op atm. :D
: Aatrox's rework skillsets are out
5050BS (NA)
: So this is how you play him now.. Get {{item:3092}} (once you stack it you have storm raiders) Then get Presence of Mind
tried that too :D Its ok, but it delays the GLP and if you get it after GLP it just takes too long ;D the games are too fast nowdays
: The 3 attack mechanic on Phase Rush is exactly the same as the 3 attack mechanic on Electrocute, so his Q and individual stars can proc Phase Rush just as well. They're adding slow resistance back to Phase Rush for ranged champions on the PBE, and that's where the real buff is. Personally I've been having fun with Glacial Augment Asol, it works really well with Hextech GLP and you can get the magical boots for extra movespeed, and stack that with celerity. It's not ideal but it's actually pretty effective.
Yeh, i did that too, but it doesnt really fit my playstlye ;:D But it looks dope when u use GLP XD
Troxic (NA)
: Aatrox ult needs love
I think they should make his ults AA AoE in a Cone infront of him. i mean.. his ult is called "massacre"... so it should be one, im i right? :D
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: zoe's Q is not okay.... [Abilities on garena)
Its basicly like Karma. She has only this abillity to actually deal soem dmg. And the skillshot is so easy to dodge. I bet her winrate will be ...like 28%-38% in the first week
Maldini30 (EUW)
: "Ez" is an obvious taunt and needs to be reported. The system will detect it and you will get chat restrict. However, this is not only for a 0/14/3 Yasuo player. Actually, the KDA has nothing to do with a so called "right" to be toxic. Because yes, saying "Ez" as a taunt is toxic. Hence, even the good guy who carried and is in 25/3/12 can't say that. Even for joking, because not everyone is to catch the joke.
Dont worry, it was just an example :D nobody has the right to be toxic.
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: Zilean feels bad man
Then they could force your ult.. nah. What they should do, if you dont target anything you cast it on your own. And like a 20% cd refund if you use it for your self
: Only if Bloodthirsters stack again...
Or tiamats :P remember, 6 tiamat fiora ult
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Kei143 (NA)
: They've already dunked "premade honoring". Getting honors from premades don't mean anything. Chances are your friend plays ALOT of games and doesn't get reported in every game.
And still, honor 5 is the best rank and you should not receive that when you flame in more than half of all your games. And this guy REALLY behaves poorly. He even got perma banned on his snmurf account a year ago cause he flamed this much.
R7 Factor (EUW)
: "Honor is too easy to get" *sees complaints everyday about not being able to rank honor up*
Yeah, those are the people that flame others and think they are the one getting flamed... we all know those people
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Meddler (NA)
: We're testing buffing AA range bonus during R, it's not guaranteed that'll be one of the changes yet though.
Hey Meddler, how about making aatrox ult autoattacks aoe in a cone infront of him similar to twitch? I mean, his Ults name is "Massacre", so it should be one, am i right? :D
: hmmmmm, nooooooooooooo. I feel like morde fine the way he is. Even though he has over 151 bugs in game.
Its not like he cant W Teammates anymore. :D He just can W Enemys too :P
: Zac One-Trick -- MUST SEE
These are the Concept Boards... not the "I advertise my Twitch Channel"-Boards.
Reletr (NA)
: Vorn, the Bloodied Trap (Original Creation)
DO u want another Teemo? Do u really want that? Thats how u get another Teemo.
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: Azir Gameplay Update: Goals and Directions
Pls DONT go for direction 2! With this you would remove the most fun part about Azir and reduce him to just another control-Mage.
SnobyYT (NA)
: YASIN MONTAGE - The Best Yasuo & Lee Sin EUW | League of Legends
Pls only Ideas and Concepts. This is not the Advertisement section.
Bradyo (NA)
: If Mordekaiser gets a skin, Skarner also gets one.
Its not like he should get a completely new skin. I just think that the Dragon should also change with the Skin ^^ Cause the Dragon is basicly the Main reason most people play him or started to play him ^^
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Bultz (NA)
: Undo the Yasuo Nerfs Riot
If the reason really were B5s whining...ZED would be nerfed into the ground. think about that ^^ Yasuo is to strong/abusive atm. Thats it.
Kaeliwien (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=SpicerXD,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jIEZxfck,comment-id=0136,timestamp=2017-05-03T15:03:05.332+0000) > The Q is nerfed early game! > - Q's damage is only "nerfed" if you don't have at least 40 AP, which you can easily get from runes. And the damage on his turrets is actually buffed if you go full AP in runes, which gives you 50 AP. not the complete truth. You need 100AP to equalize the nerf on lvl5 Q.
Dont forget: Heimer has 3 Turrets from the start ;) Of course they need to nerf the dmg
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: Wait... don't you max e or q first on {{champion:82}} ?
no. u max ur w first because it gives u the most shield, an INSANE heal and very good dmg. If u are lowlife just go with a Lvl 5 w to the raptors and pop it. BOOM fullife :D
: Is there ANY possible way to win lane vs Yasuo?
I main {{champion:268}} and i beat Yasuo like every time. Tipp: {{champion:157}} players are most of the time pretty cocky. They love to dive u at lvl 3,4,6 Take some cc with you. With {{champion:268}} i have my wall to push him back into tower. {{champion:101}} is also not bad because he cant use his Windwall against ur Q and W. And MANY {{champion:157}} Mains are relying on this wall. But if {{champion:157}} comes close to u...u ded :P Tipp 2: Sometimes i pick {{champion:82}} (Full AP with Rylais and Gunblade) against him. Its a pretty sick Counter. Ofc u have to play {{champion:82}} pretty well but IF you do {{champion:157}} cant do shit against you, if he even comes close u can deal some RETARDET Dmg and Heal urself. Just hold your shield up. ^^ Max W first and violaaa.. he cant farm.. he cant deal dmg.. he could just go afk it would not change anything. :D For summs go {{summoner:3}} or {{summoner:14}} or {{summoner:21}} (last one is depending on team and matchups)
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