: Riot, Bring Back URF.
You have URF... the game right now is pretty much old school URF. Minus the random part ofc.
: I know how your game works internally and it's predictable.
: Dear teammates, we do not need four fucking people to clear super minions
But it´s super minions! SEND EVERYONE, CALL THE PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 23
Ehm you want to keep the game "stable"? Some random elements in the game + the enourmous amounts of dmg that champions, runes and items have makes the game UNSTABLE by default! CS 1.6 was played by tons of people many years without any changes what so ever, stop ruining the fundamental idea of LoL!
: A Riot RED promised a server in south africa would eventually come forth.
Same here... if I knew Riot would take a huge #%()# on their own game I would never played it or bought RP. If I knew they how they behaved in their offices I would have started an anti Riot campaign from day1.
If this is a question a question mark would help. In case it is a question Ill have to guess they have alot to do... alot of players and not enough people working with responding to your msg,
: People who say GGEZ losers are a**holes
I think you can report them for negative attitude. Its nothing compared to the shit Riot employees apparantly says in their offices but still annoying as hell. Or to quote Brandon Beck “No doesn’t necessarily mean no.”
: Mortal Kombat says Hello
Riot oh Riot your time and money sucking scum of a being. We want LoL not one shotting deathmatch BS!!!
: Fuck.
Ofc you don´t deserve to feel that way! Hang in there... there is so much more in this world than annoying humans(there is exeptions to this) Smile until the smile becomes real. Look around you and find that there is so many cool things happening all the time not caused by humanity. The happiness is within you its not something you need other people to give you it´s something you find in yourself and then share with them.
: I Routinely Leave Games I'm Losing or Just Arbitrarily: AMA
I encourage you to step up the leaving... it will eventually send out a message to Riot that we are NOT HAPPY WITH THEM!. Don´t do it in ranked though.. that piss off innocent people trying to climb.
Skorch (NA)
: Is league actually dying *eternals*
Riot Games has become a fucking joke...
: thoughts on this: game has devolved into a big team death-match at the cost of strategy. Whoever gets the “first punch” wins, outplays are rare. Runes have bloated the system with damage, CD-R, and sustain. Things like mana management are gone while items are handing out CDR. I think League thrives when there is a healthy mix between strategy, creativity, and fighting. Game duration has also suffered due to the compounding changes.
5050BS (NA)
: Riot Created Iron rank but Im seeing worse players in Upper Silver then I did before Iron was added.
Im going to take a guess here... I think Iron´s could be rather new players and they still try therefore play decent while the silvers have played for a rather long time and is more fed up with the community and Riot´s BS and they don´t care at all and therefore play really bad. Just a guess though. If you are even right I dunno.
SlothSex (EUW)
: Riot = FAIL. And I got proof. (Suspended until April of 2016 :D)
They still have asia which is ALL they care about anyway.
: remove executes from the game
But that would mean logic and fairness... Riot have proven not to believe in either.
: People who love rage quits, might as well uninstall the game.
I think EVERYONE should uninstall the game... that would teach Riot Games a lesson :) DO NOT SUPPORT THIS CLOWN COMPANY!
: Is it me or ..?
Riot has gone to hell and they brought as all with them... Riot Games is a clown company... do not support them!
: man im trying to get away from pyke support..
Now we only have to wait 1000years for Riot to turn him into a SUPPORT instead of an ASSASIN! RIOT YOU ARE A CLOWN COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Circus music: ratadadada datadadadada
: cant play if it doesnt work half the day
I´m happy becouse that ruins things for Riot... Im sad for you as a person as you can´t do what you like.
: Fix ur client
Riot Games is a joke... why would they do anything... its more fun to just ignore everything and play games while working
: Ornn passive feels really slow for what it does
Riot Games balance team feels VERY slow for what they "do"
Jiangshi (NA)
: I woudln't go as far as to say that, im just sad that my champ is ruined T-T
I would... they have proven it time after time.
: Armor feels so damn useless
GO 100% damage... Riot wants a mindless brawl with 9999999999999 deaths like the lil clown company they are.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: Katarina bug fixes when?
Probably never... RIot is a clown company!
: Why doesnt riot do something useful
Becouse its a clown company and they do not care!
: LOOSE STREAK vs win streak SEASON 2019
Riot Games is a joke and a clown company!
Teh Song (NA)
: The fun of some mechanics is too tied to your enemies being bad or your allies not being bad.
Jiangshi (NA)
: What happened to Tahm Kench...
Riot Games is a joke and a clown company!
: @Riot, I seriously advice you to make "let's fix it" the motto of Season 10 when you'll develop it
: What item combinations are you most sick of seeing?
DAMAGE DAMAGE AND MORE FKING DAMAGE! Any ad assasin or bruiser build.
Cołonel (NA)
: The Community will literally end the game. Period.
I think RIot themselves is doing a great job at ending this game.
: Pyke is a clear indication that no one at Riot cares about balance and game design.
If we stop supporting and playing this game they will be forced to do something other than ignoring our justified complaints.
: How to even support an ADC when he/she cannot cs
Give the finger to Riot Games and play something FUN! Or suffer the extremly long and painfull learning curv of being a support in this dmg greedy meta. That is the only advice I can give you based on the information you presented.
: How much games can you lose before being demoted?
A better question is... how many games can you play before you are wishing every horrible thing in the world to happen to Riot Games?
Loriely (NA)
Honor leavers.. its the only sane thing to do. Stop supporting this insult of a company. They do not deserve your time or your money.
: I recommend everyone in low elo to turn allied chat off.
I recommend every player in the world to turn LoL off and never support Riot Games again.
: How do you deal with bad players?
If you tell me how to deal with bad companies I tell you how to deal with bad players.
: It is the same SHIT every single game,
Stop supporting RIot games... its a clown company!
: you keep ranting about riot, but I bet you're just hiding your insecurities about yourself ^^
Gupparun (NA)
: can someone explain to me why shyvana does such stupid fucking damage
: i swear to god if im perma banned for trolling
I hate Riot games and they hates us all... stop supporting Riot Games!
: It's time to do something about Nasus.
Riot will never do anything about anything... they don´t care.... Stop supporting Riot Games!
: Do something about the shit fucking matchmaking.
Riot doesnt care and they hates us all... stop supporting them!
: Rant Video....
Its this game.. it turns people into monsters. Stop supporting LoL and Riot!
: Banned for not promoting suicidal chat
Riot Games should delete themselves... do not support this clown company!
: anybody even cares what you write on this section?
Riot Games is a clown company... do not support them!
: > [{quoted}](name=MuminsAreGreat,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=37Er0YE3,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-07-01T17:37:42.676+0000) > > Here is another idea... if everyone quit playing and supporting this joke company... they would be forced to listen. League somehow had people playing it during S8. Riot being shocked into actually making their game worth playing again is pretty close to a pipe dream nowadays. (please tell me I'll get rid of my habit of checking Boards really soon...)
No need to check the boards... just go for negative or positive threads and fill them with negativity :) Takes no time and nothing for you but drains alot of energy from readers and Riots mods
: Can you not nerf lux
Stop supporting Riot games... they are a joke!
Uruburus (EUNE)
: Rito servers are ...
Stop supporting Riot Games!
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