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: Here's the thing: When balancing the game, Riot tries to consider every elo. The reason why the don't nerf Garen or Yi is, because those champs would be literally useless in any other elo, especially because they are already weak. But they also don't buff champions like Camille, despite her being super weak in Bronze elo, becase in high elo she is good. There are champions that are worse or better depending on which elo they are played in. And Riot can't simply buff/nerf a champion just because one elo struggles, because that buff/nerf will affect every other elo.
They cant even get it right using that method, they shouldn't be balancing by win rate or by elo both are worthless when it comes to balance, how hard or easy a champ is to play should make no odds on balancing decisions. There might be 140 champs or w.e in the game but im gettin real tired of seeing the same 20 over and over.
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: This guy had nothing to say in the first place, just 'wrong' and has nothing to back up his own statements.
The the current system does have serious issues. The league system is practically worthless because it doesn't influence matchmaking and it cant because it is a poor indication of a persons skill because MMR handles that. Yet at the same time the league system is used to put in place arbitrary barriers to people playing together. For example im silver my friend is bronze and my friend is gold, we cannot que together in flex. Yet the next solo game i have I see a silver, gold, bronze on my team. It is for lack of a better phrase. A fucking stupid system implemented by idiots.
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: Can we not get Blue essence after a game , like we did with IP???
The solution is simple if they want to keep this capsule thing. Balance out each capsule with BE. So best case scenario might be 1300 BE from a capsule. Then they should simply add BE to bring every capsule into line. So if you get a Garen and Ashe shard for peanuts u get like 900 BE or w.e as well to balance it out.
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