Teslyn (NA)
: Why do you hate Yasuo?
His early game is ways too strong for how broken his late game is, also his jumps and his windwall are annoying to deal with as well. But thanks to Riot senpai I can make sure I never have to see this emote spamming POS ever again. <3
: Denying the Holocaust isn't against the Summoner's Code, as far as I'm concerned. He might have said something inappropiate over chat, but that's up to Riot to verify.
Was about to post this. Denying the Holocaust happened is an at best uninformed opinion. And as long as he isn't throwing around slur words in chat the system won't catch on to him.
Jofeyy (NA)
: WOW You can get a mystery champion for 100 Tokens???
Hahahaha that Trump image is hillarious, is it an actual quote? XD
VulDread (NA)
: Never rat out people
Foudn a scripter. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: > [{quoted}](name=Deep Terror Nami,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=UkQ6AzbK,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-06-06T08:57:19.768+0000) > > This isn&#x27;t actually correct; the IFS can and will give permanent bans the same as a chat restriction. It can move you through the entire escalation path. I remember being told by some of the forum mods (or Rioters can't remember) that permas are handed out manually on my region's board. Not sure what's going on there. Unless there is a difference between NA and OCE in handling methods due to the population size differences or something; or I just remembered it wrong (which, MB). Who knows. But thanks for correction.
I believe this is the case when it's not a very cut and dry case, aka someone behaved toxic but didn't actually use any of the trigger words. When someone goes around spouting racist garbage and such it's a very easy case for the IFS.
: How did you get out of bronze?
Climbed from Bronze 3 to Gold 5 in season 2 by maining protective supports (Janna and Soraka). Should still work, they're both so easy and effective maining them should be considered a form of elo boosting. Just peel for your adc and you should start winning games very easily.
: Your mains' Passives are now three times as powerful. How OP are they?
{{champion:39}} Still shit lmao good luck with that Tenacity in league of knockups and permaslows.
: How did he live???
Someone delete this and ban this OP holy shit!
: Waiting 10 minutes for 5 games BECAUSE I LEFT FOR 5 MINUTES TO EAT EGGS
You left your team alone for selfish reasons, got punished for it an expect my sympathy? You fool. You got **E X A C T L Y** what you deserve, hell I'd even say you got away lightly. Next time wait for the game to end to eat.
: You didn't even show the basic list - aka this
He did on my screen. http://fs5.directupload.net/images/170602/frsct5rv.png
: Great question! You can't, sorry! This is done from the backend in HTML. While I'd love to see some personalization from the ~~plebs~~ community, it's not as simple as making a post here and when not done properly will result in a jumbled and impossible-to-navigate mess.
> [{quoted}](name=Deep Terror Nami,realm=NA,application-id=6heBIhQc,discussion-id=64ypaBVX,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-06-02T19:35:55.077+0000) > You can&#x27;t, sorry! This is done from the backend in HTML. While I&#x27;d love to see some personalization from the **plebs**, it&#x27;s not as simple as making a post here and when not done properly will result in a jumbled and impossible-to-navigate mess. ignored blocked and reported!!!! https://image.spreadshirtmedia.com/image-server/v1/compositions/1012780303/views/1,width=300,height=300,appearanceId=1,backgroundColor=E8E8E8,version=1478262588/delete-this-feel-women-s-t-shirt.jpg
: Boards Usage: Part 1 - Formatting
You didn't answer the MOST important question! How do I make dropdown-menue-like-text like you did?
: This board needs stricter ruling in terms of what kind of content's allowed
Yeah god damn it! Make place for the Mordekaiser love threads!
: You are arranged to marry the last champion (of your opposite gender) you played
Hahaha no one posted a male character so far. League demografic in a nutshell. Also, {{champion:69}} fuck!
: Which one will you choose?
1. Take yellow 2. Pay Dopa to boost me 3. Have top 10 challenger teammates every game ggez
: When your team mate threatens to afk and you say "ok" and then your mid blames you for it
I always try getting them to go afk so they get banned. I don't like being threatened.
: ffs plat is not low elo
It's not a lie, but the truth. Any Elo I can reach must be filled with terrible players, or else I wouldn't be able to make it there. This means anything but Dia 3+ must be bad, and thus low elo.
: >You suck unless you're diamond 3+ I like how this number changes depending on the person saying it: Diamond 5 player: "You suck unless D5+" Diamond 4 player: "You suck unless D4+" etc
Only players that aren't Diamond 5 think Diamond 5 is any good. I personally have never been to Diamond 3 so I think people get good at Diamond 3 (because if they weren't good I could make it there).
: Thoughts of an Orianna main
"Ok when I casually entered the forums couple of days ago I was stunned when I found out that people are complaining about my lovely main, my perfectly balanced main who was never called broken or toxic (at least by anyone who understands the game). For the first time in 7 years of maining her" "who was never called broken" "7 years of maining her" I call BS. Because I actually remember how incredibly broken she was on release.
: I remember this back in S3. Back then I laughed at the people in plat 1 with 99 LP getting 0 LP in a win. Now I feel sad
Remember season 5 Diamond 5? That was cool. I personally went from getting ~27LP each win in Platin 1 to getting ~15LP each win in Diamond 5. "Oh, you got to Diamond? Well, fuck you!"
: It is pretty technical, but long story short, an integer as a type in programming can only handle so much because it is a series of 32 1's and 0's with the left most of the 1's and 0's being used as an indicator for if it is negative or positive which effectively allows it to hold numbers ranging from -2147483648 to 2147483647. So adding 1 to the value when you have 2147483647 will have it be 2147483648 (which puts a 1 in the signed space, so it is now negative).
Should have used unsigned integers. XD
: I just hit top 8% and...
My next elo tier would be Masters... not in a million years.
Swegmec (NA)
: It has a MUCH higher factor in games than a bronze/silver game. The higher up you get, the fewer random factors that occur such as a huge CS difference, large errors in jungling/roaming, off-meta or inefficient build order, and just basic mistakes only solved by playing and climbing. Master-tier players are almost equal in gameplay, meaning champions have a much larger factor on the game as they decide teamfights and lane matchups.
Are you seriously telling a Challenger player how his elo works?
: Here's What I Do to Autolockers/FF Refusers
Wow, you're so edgy and cool, I wish I could be like you. I bet you're the coolest dude on your entire school.
: Azir support 3-10 in rank
Wow stop blaming everyone but yourself, Plat 5 is literally so easy I even got there only playing troll picks. And I'm, not even THAT good! Git gud and you'll climb even with a 3-10 on your team.
: Aside from riven and yasuo mains, who are the saltiest champion mains
Can't believe no one mentioned {{champion:67}} mains...
Aeszarck (NA)
: That's a frog???
JnFnRu (EUW)
: I know right, I need to be able to ban put {{champion:157}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:11}} in absolutely every game
I WILL ban Yasuo every-single-fucking game. Not even memeing right now, I'm so looking forward to being able to do this!
: Where TF is 10 bans.
Spot on old chap, gonna quit league until they come! #NOT GONNA BUY A SINGLE SKIN UNTIL MY DEMANDS ARE MET!
: Rare icons available for a limited time
I have a much rarer frog. http://new3.fjcdn.com/pictures/Rare+pepe+don+t+steal+the+rarest+pepe_d03ee3_5524015.jpg It's a shiny!
: Had coffee with an old friend who played League years ago this past Sunday
You should have told him how Vel'Koz didn't like anal anymore.
: The fact that Ninja tabi is more often the not better than merc treads...
Also Merc's are especially not worth it on Irelia since Tenacity stacks multiplicatively, thus actually reducing the effectiveness of her already weak passive.
: New computer
Here's my suggestion, let me know what you think! https://pcpartpicker.com/list/vNjYBP
: New computer
What's your current machine?
Mezbaradr (EUW)
: i think he means an automatic system
LP loss prevention needs to be enabled before the game has ended to work. I think it's just flatout impossible to edit LP after a game has ended. Also if you think logically about the problem it's actually fair the way it currently is. After all, implying that you're not the int feeder, him appearing on the enemy team has a higher chance than him appearing on your team. I don't think int feeding is that big of a problem tbh and I son't think it's worth it to rethink long time elements of the game just to combat it.
JZ Jora (NA)
: Your team should get their LP returned if one player gets punished for intentional feeding
Riot employees can't change your LP, Division, League, or anything such. This is to prevent abuse of and by the Riot employees as well as your fellow summoners.
: Is Kayle good in silver - plat?
Every champion is good if you know how to play it, especially up to Platinum. You only need meta champs if your skill isn't good enough to compensate for the shortcomings of your preferred champion anymore, and it keeps you from climbing further.
: Why does lux E + Auto proc thunderlords
So what do you propose? Have some damage sources trigger Thunderlord's and some not? RIP Clarity (1 of the core design values of League of Legends).
: You are too bad to reach master for now, but if you kept playing and improving, maybe you could ;). But I understand your PoV, it takes a lot of time and dedication to reach the top and I dont have this time either. > I mean, what can I get from trying in Diamond? It's a game, you dont get anything real unless you are progammer, keep that in mind.
> [{quoted}](name=Starcraft243ver,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=hdEvU6ag,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2017-05-12T08:57:10.309+0000) > > You are too bad to reach master for now, but if you kept playing and improving, maybe you could ;). Yeah maybe if I'd play like 6 hours a day. It'd probably take me at least 300 games to get to Diamond 3 alone, thanks to the massive skill gap between the divisions in Diamond. I just don't have the mental fortitude to tryhard that much. Getting good enough to get to Diamond was fun because Diamond 5 is actually not that good, so every bit I got better was directly reflected by my rank. But I'd need to get SO MUCH BETTER to even reach Diamond 3, and higher Diamond divisions are completely out of my reach, let alone Master. You could say I'm stuck in Elo Hell. XD
: > [{quoted}](name=Myrmiron,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=dZjY1zOE,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-05-12T08:08:56.915+0000) > > So what do you propose? > Riot tried not punishing queue dodging some time ago. The result was everyone had to go through 5 champion selects 5 minutes before finally joining a game. Make champion select faster. Get rid of match found accepts. Change the attitude of players in que. 1) Players click Ready / Enter Queue whatever because they are at their computer and want to play a game. Go straight to match. 2) Ban dodge / Champ select dodge. Your 2nd and 3rd automated dodge function. If you pick a champion in preview it should pick that champ. If you don't ban it should skip your ban. Nothing will fix the general shit attitude many players have towards working with a team or annoying people, but this game (Draft Normals) especially drags out the experience when you restart many ques and go through the same lengthy process of afk checks and delayed timers.
I agree with these but it wouldn't change your specific problem. The server lost connection with your client and thought you dodged, which needs to be punished.
: The main reason is people aim for diamond, they reach it (or pay for it), then they feel like they are god and can act like jerks. Low D5 is where plat 1 tryharding to reach diamond and those who already reach diamond and dont care anymore meet. (Plus a lot of D5 stop playing ranked once they reach it, they just play one game a month so they are not demoted, but they dont care about winning or not, they just need to play a game to not be demoted).
That's me. Got Diamond 5 in solo queue some time ago, played a game a few days ago to not demote. Currently trying to get Diamond in flex queue because there is no reason to keep tryharding once you got to Diamond. I mean, what can I get from trying in Diamond? I'm ways too bad to get to Master, and getting to Diamond 4 or 3 is not worth investing the 100+ games for needed to get there.
: Now that Xayah has been out a few weeks
IMO Xayah seems a little too strong over all, but her Q seems too bad. Not sure how to make her Q more satisfying to use without of making her OP.
: Lee Sin falls off late game and is useless in high elo
> [{quoted}](name=Fed by Snu Snu,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1OxZ3YKz,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-05-11T10:03:44.378+0000) > > Of course, there&amp;#039;s always the argument that TSM is not high elo to be had. Fkn savage.
: Shout out to Riot's adult day care division!
So what do you propose? Riot tried not punishing queue dodging some time ago. The result was everyone had to go through 5 champion selects 5 minutes before finally joining a game.
: I'm close to. Hope you achieve it too.
Hey cool, good luck! If I find you on Taliyah I'm going to camp you though. :P
: Nice try. Problem is that rank=/=skill. Diamond players that get matched against Gold players tend to be boosted.
So all the gold players in theese games just have a bad game and don't get completely outclassed by the Diamond 3+ players stomping them? I don't think you understand how big the skill gap between Diamond 5 and Diamond 3 is, let alone Diamond 3 and Gold or even 600LP Challenger and Diamond 3. And yes, I have gotten 600LP Challenger players in my Flex Queue as well as Gold 5 players. It's a magical place.
zero356 (NA)
: The key to winning is simple Just don't lose
: But no one cares about flex as a queue. Riot's canning the whole thing soon.
dominusx (EUNE)
: Dunno i only get from D3 to Rank 10 challenger player in d3 flex que. In d5 flex que i'd get a bunch of plats tho lol
I'm Plat 1 in Flex and I get anything from Silver 1 to Challenger 600LP. But lately I have been getting a lot of gold players on my team versus Dia 3+ players on their team. Always a fun time!
: That's pretty easy to do, 3 steps : 1) Make a group with 4 challenger friends. 2) Ask kindly to anyone higher than gold to disconnect from league of legend. 3) Start a queue.
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