: glad they removed revive, i remembered it used to deal 400 true damage to me
It still finds a way to come back and kill me even if it is gone...
: > [{quoted}](name=KGBcommunist,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9PzNwxW3,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-06-05T17:27:17.441+0000) > > I forgot to mention that in- game arguing when we were WINNING was happening because one player wasnt getting fed and the rest of the team was. It was a jungle riven that was 1/2/5. He was so incredibly mad he wasnt last hitting the enemies and he started to take out his frustration on the poor mid viegar. > > {{champion:45}}: " sorry dude i didnt mean to take that kill. I trapped him and used a auto attack to weaken him." > > {{champion:92}} : " go jump of a bridge only reason your fed is because i ganked for you" > > I tell that champ to seriously ethier clean up his attitude or go afk and leave us be. He doesn't go afk. He fucking roams the map and feeds for 30 whole mins. All in the while mocking my team and spam pinging all over the map. Ive been playing for months now and I've NEVER had such a bad night like yesterdays. It sucked man it truly did. Wow. When junglers start calling KS, you know its summer.
Its not just angry teenagers that are the problem, its riven mains in general.
Lugg (NA)
: Lux is pretty balanced except for one thing IMHO. Her ult either needs a longer CD or reduced damage. At max rank it's up every 30 seconds with max CDR. That is way too short for an ult that does that much damage.
Lux is extremely reliant on her ult to do damage so it is completely fine right now. And why the hell would you even consider nerfing lux out of all champions?
: Why did you pick your summoner Icon?
Because Valentine's gift from my friend.
Rioter Comments
: People have gotten banned for exploiting the Sion ult bug (the one where you spam H and it makes his ult more controllable.) Why is this any different?
One person who I saw that happen to got unbanned. Riot thought he was messing with the game files. If the game allows you to do something without you changing the game files, it should not be a bannable offense. Riot should fix their bugs and not punish people for them no matter if they did it intentionally or not.
Pæan (NA)
: {{champion:35}} to {{champion:117}} , after hearing "shaco and lulu's querky encounter" ive always wanted to know what they would be like in a conversation. {{champion:35}} to {{champion:92}} , it would be so fricken awesome for shaco to say "i know what you did last summer" then laugh. Implying riven killing yasuo's master. {{champion:35}} and {{champion:27}} , something something common insanity.
Ðïana (NA)
: That's like saying if there was a glitch where if I pressed P Q W N L J H B F while playing Akali with the Stinger skin made me unkillable, that I should be allowed to abuse it every game simply because it exists. There's a huge difference between a "Feature" And a "Bug". Using one is totally acceptable. Using the other is abusing a glitch in the program.
The problem is that if there is a bug in the game and player doesn't realize its a bug, does he or she deserve to get punished? That has happened before and is really unfair. Riot should fix gamebreaking bugs and not punish players who intentionally or unintentionally use them.
: "X is fine, X doesn't need changes"
I play Jinx only, because she is really fun, not because she is "freelo". I would be okay with a nerf to her.
: Should I get a gecko?
Yes buy it. You won't regret it. Why? Because I own one myself.
: Love Triangle with Champs
{{champion:99}} and {{champion:222}} The triangle of crazy girls?
: Exactly. I used to juggle between {{champion:18}} {{champion:222}} as my go-to ADC's, now I pick ONLY Jinx. Tristana no longer is the late game god she used to be, and her early game is just as bad as it was before the rework. Nerfing her passive crossed the line.
: Your favorite champion just punched you in the face.
{{champion:99}} Because I joined the dark side. Though Lux seems like the kind of person who slaps not punches.
: Survey: Why did you join League?
My friend forced me even though I hated this game early levels due to getting shitted on all the time. Glad he helped me survive through the pre30 phase.
: It's not reversing the balance to favor melee champs. It's making OP champs more OP. See: {{champion:32}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:113}} etc. etc. The champions that benefit most are all champs that had a strong presence if not outright domination on the map anyway. ARAM was the least balanced of the game modes but at least it was more balanced than Amumu getting a reliable 20s CD 2500 range true damage dealing gap closer. The most unfair the random champion selection could be would be a full melee team vs a team of full ranged CC/poke. That one-in-fifty game is not a reason to fuck up the other 49 as well.
I don't get why you're getting downvoted. I'll rather face a poke champion than any of those with the new spell.
: When the enemy jungler will not stop chasing you.
Sometimes i feel like they will chase me all the way tothe fountain laser. Worth it!
: ARAM + Snowball = NOT ARAM
I tried one match and now ive lost my all my interest in ARAM. Coming from a person who has way more games in ARAM than SR.
Rueciel (NA)
: I think if they nerfed all the obnoxious champs just because they are good with ludens, it would force those champs to buy a ludens just to become 'average'. Luden's definitely needs a nerf. If they nerfed the champions that are good with ludens, what happens to those champions when they dont have their ludens? They become extra weak. I dont think riot wants to make more champions that are FORCED to build specific items (like how lich bane did.)
Those obnoxious champs are already ridicilous without ludens, just rework them to balanced levels. Ludens is fine imho and i love it, the itemis not the issue if only few champs are a bit too strong with it.
: Luden's Echo is more absurd than DFG
It makes already balanced or underpowered champs better but still reasonable. However it also makes obnoxious champs even more obnoxious. Solution? Fix or nerf the obnoxious champs.
Krigjer (NA)
: Honestly this skin is worth a price bump to up the quality. It's very lackluster when her orbs don't match.
I wonder why they're so reluctant to do it even when a lot of people ask it.
: Can we make Queen of Diamonds Syndra a 975 and give her red particles?
They should make 750 rp skins ONLY if the particles and skin don't clash too much. Marauder Ashe as a warning example, I didn't buy it just because of the particles. Well, they did it again. I seriously wouldn't mind paying 225 rp more just so this skin gets what it deserves. Rito pls. There is already enough 750 rp skins this patch anyway...
: Heartseeker Ashe lost her sparkles D:
Saw her rework, got excited... saw this skin getting ruined, got disappointed... rito pls, i need my sparkles.
: Lux players,your wishes have been heard.New GIRLY Lux skin on PBE.
Rioter Comments
Aroph (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Malevolentslim,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=r49xJkkL,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-04-29T03:30:23.899+0000) > > What are you taking about? Her show and damage range are already the same They aren't. You can try testing it out in a custom with somebody else. There is a small area of damage but no slow at the very edge of the spell. Just walk out little by little until you're just out of the slow zone. You'll probably still take damage when it pops.
Yes this is a common thing. Sometimes my enemies won't even realize the E will hit them, because they aren't slowed.
: It's useful for support Lux, at least. But ranged mages *should* be using their aa, rather than always relying on their spells. Lichbane is good on Lux, at least.
Lichbane is a waste really. You are only using your autoattacks without too much risk early. Lategame your combo can oneshot squishies without even needing autoattacks. The money spent on lb is much better to be spent on just something useful with way more flat ap.
: Or we could just not qol buff her and actually buff her. {{champion:101}}{{champion:101}}{{champion:101}}{{champion:101}}{{champion:101}}{{champion:101}}{{champion:101}}{{champion:101}}{{champion:101}}{{champion:101}}{{champion:101}}{{champion:101}}{{champion:101}}{{champion:101}}{{champion:101}}{{champion:101}}{{champion:101}}{{champion:101}}{{champion:101}}{{champion:101}}{{champion:101}}{{champion:101}}{{champion:101}}{{champion:101}}{{champion:101}}{{champion:101}}{{champion:101}}{{champion:101}}{{champion:101}}{{champion:101}}{{champion:101}}{{champion:101}}{{champion:101}}{{champion:101}}{{champion:101}}{{champion:101}}{{champion:101}}{{champion:101}}{{champion:101}}{{champion:101}}{{champion:101}}{{champion:101}}{{champion:101}}
: I love the SSW skins but
That was my first thought when I saw this. Glad I wasn't the only one.
darkdill (NA)
: That's what these are: they reduce clunkiness and reduce delay-based failures.
I was referring with buffs and changes to what others are talking about in this thread. Your suggestions are nice though.
darkdill (NA)
: @Meddler: Since Lux is finally getting a new skin, how about some QoL buffs to go with it?
As a Lux main I honestly don't really want much changes other than things that reduce her clunkiness. Her balance is fine atm so no straight buffs please.
: {{champion:131}} Dark Valkyrie; no-one buys this skin for her except die-hard Diana players.
I own that skin and play Diana a lot... I suck despite it.
: Which skins scare you the most on either team?
: The dumbest quotes you've ever seen regarding your main
{{champion:99}} "Lux is a noob champ" Ignore the fact that she is immobile and is nothing but skillshots.
Krytiam (EUW)
: Unable to connect to pvp.net
It seems like an euwest only problem. Got it too.
Tuggers (EUW)
: Unable to log-in since this morning. EUW
TehCraft (EUW)
: Unable to connect to the server
Same problem with me... After restarting the client and trying to reconnect 30 minutes I give up. Seems like an euwest problem?
wop (NA)
: Since the last one mysteriously sunk out of the front page with over 300 upvotes... cough cough
The regrets of refunding ip costs of champions when i was a noob. The regrets!
: Don't forget that your first 800 gold is sunk into sightstone or you risk being reported, and nobody else buys wards and finds excuses not to. You won't find people saying it's their job to ward anymore, but when you point out that it's still enforced everybody quietly downvotes you without trying to argue beyond "it's a great gold efficient item!" and conveniently forgetting the whole "everyone else buying wards" part.
I dont ever buy a sightstone unless the support is melee and that hp is a little bit useful. Upgraded trinket is so great for the low price of 250g.
: a SLIGHT change to ARAM...
Not too while ago I got Diana like 6 times in a row was it? I like Diana and all, but when I play ARAM I would like it to be random.
: Your post makes a lot of sense, logically. There's just one major problem that you overlook. Skillshots are inherently less fun than targeted abilities because they miss, and missing isn't fun - I mean, they removed dodge. Always hitting 100% of the time is fun, and I don't understand why it's okay for every ADC in the game to have manaless, 100% reliable, undodgeable sustained damage, but on click damage thats cooldown based and costs mana is somehow bad. If not for this enormous double standard, I might agree with this change. Also I just really hate skillshots, but that's not a fault of skillshots in general. Oh, and I just want to say, your post is very well written, and I enjoyed reading it. Although, I very much believe that you can have waay too much counterplay: I would put Soraka and Sion in that box.
I personally love skillshots and most of the time hate point and click spells. Throwing your spells and trying to predict where the enemy dodges is so much fun. Reason why I main Lux. Point and click is unfun, because when I hit an enemy I know there wasn't really any skill involved and when an enemy hits me, it feels really unfair. Having one point and click spell in a kit is okay, but any more than that gets a bit boring. This applies to most of the champs.
: As a Zed main, Zed needs to be removed.
If you truly were a Zed main, you wouldn't want your freelo removed.
jama655 (NA)
: But what if your a tit guy :/ and not interested in men??
Even if i wasn't into men, I would still want that booty.
: > [{quoted}](name=Velasan,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9HmOELvZ,comment-id=0035,timestamp=2015-04-16T01:47:52.000+0000) > > Jinx is a glass cannon character with no escapes except to drop chompers and run. > > She is the definition of an adc and her main counter, graves, is played all the time. > > People over reacting much? > > Daily reminder these boards are not actually for discussions on gameplay or balance. Jk... Sorta. Chompers are stupidly powerful though.
If you say that her chompers are what needs nerfs, you have no idea what you're talking about. Nerf her elsewhere if you must, not her only reliable mean of staying safe.
Aerothal (NA)
: I just had a perfect game playing Zyra! Do you know what that means?
Yes please. And could you buff her to be a viable midlaner again?
Zeref (NA)
: Pulsefire Vayne
As ultimate skins need to be unique, it couldn't be called pulsefire. Amazing concept though.
: Put the ward upgrades in the recommended items tab.
I cry every time I see no ward upgrades.
: ***
You have no idea what you're talking about...
: ***
I'm a Lux main and the thing on PBE is a TU, not a VU...
: ***
Lux definetly doesn't need a gameplay update... VU would be nice though.
Visigoth (NA)
: I honestly don't want URF to come back next year
I haven't played any URF to be completely honest... no regrets. Just bring back One for All and I'll play.
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