: Let's try to encourage real talk over bm.
Nobody gives good criticism bc u will get flamed for that , people have too much ego due to poor education and this is x100 bigger in the virtual world where nobody has any responsibility .
: Okay, Since this is acceptable, I should do it too.
SW Rudy (EUNE)
: This kind of player make me sick.
: Riot is GREAT
Well Riot gives bronzes an actuall way to get diamond : {{item:3504}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:117}} 1. or {{item:3193}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:57}} . No skill required to play these broken champs with those items , now go spam 1500 game and you will be in D5 , a gift from riot so u dont kill ur self releasing that after all this time u are not so bad .
: Bring back red and blue's small minions please .
Indeed , the game needs to be more punishing than its current state .
PhRoXz0n (NA)
: Heimerdinger Changes for 7.10 (Request for Comment)
Turrets gets destroyed too easily , and thats a major issue . And this issue needs to be addressed , he will still be weak if his turret keep getting killed by a random aoe mid game . need a general health and resistance buff or reduced dmg from aoe dmg . Also the scaling of the turrets could be more " interactive " with how you build heimer , offers more theory craft .
: go to ur mac settings. go to displays, then display, scaled, more space. and u will b fine. u gotta restart the game but it works
: GUYS! This happened to mine and my boyfriend's one too. We usually play on fullscreen so I was playing with the in game settings (You have to drag the box down to see this part) and in the "Video" section, there's "Windowed Mode", followed by a drop down box which I changed to 'windowed' instead of 'full screen' and it worked :) I hope it works for you guys too EDIT: I just changed it back to fullscreen settings after setting it to windowed and it's perfectly normal now.
can't have access to the video section
: Do you want the game to be really snowbally? Because a lot of what you are asking for/complaining about is keeping the game from ending at 20 minutes.
he asks for solo success to be more rewarding than right now , and having the game being so team based adds matchmaking rng witch impact your win rate .
: Let's say you have the ability to delete 5 champions of your choice....
{{champion:157}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:78}}
: season 5 > season 6? POLL
s6 could be completly fine without dynamic q
Zorasama (NA)
: {{champion:35}} is probably the closet
: Do u have a champ that you are amazing at but everyone are saying he/she/it suck?
{{champion:69}} in fact she is one of the worst champion of the game but tards think she is op . and im amazing at cass
lolptwo (NA)
: Watched the entire video, agree with many of your points. Your English is also coming along nicely keep practicing it. Just to further on your point. It's just as bad, if not I would argue worse for True Solo Q low elo players. The randomness is multiplied to a point where. It doesn't matter how good they play. If the other premade is better than your premade you will outright lose. I've seen this happen many times, and I can't even offer advice I just have to say "unlucky" The reason for that is that previously low elo players would work on their solo Q mechanics and rise slowly. You and I both know this takes time. Unless you are outright smurfing, No Silver player will begin playing as Plat in a day. With Dynamic Q a True Solo Q player placed in any sort of premade is now at the behest of that premade for them to beat the other premade on the other team. A Silver player who's facing a fed enemy premade for ex: Lets say you have a JG go 0-4, Bot duo go 0-7. A single solo Q mid laner Silver player will not possess the mechanics to beat a fed enemy team especially a premade, even if he is winning they will now just focus their attention to him. This is unfair to ask of low elo players, the whole GIT GUD or PREMADE. They should be allowed individual growth and a chance to rise in Solo Q, but right now they are just entirely punished.
it is true that dynamic q is shit for all elos , not the only the +D4 . Actually , i cant play late at night as a plat player because most of the time i will have 20 min q + shitty premade in one side and not in the other side . this cost me a promo .
http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/YEI5WEzl-only-dynamic-q-is-not-healthy-bring-back-solo-q hi
: Direction of New Cassiopeia Passive
http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/98ZNokyz-cassiopeias-rework-reaction-from-a-only-cass-player-pros-cons-and-what-can-be-better here is what i think
: @RiotRepertoir Cassiopeia Feedback + a rework idea :3
I just agree , not much to say i wish this skin becomes the new ultimate skin of 2016 {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
Mael bro (EUNE)
: Things mage mains are guilty of saying
sry but mage mains are fair , and if they whine its because of a legit reason .
: How would you re-design Cassiopeia?
its not a full rework , the rework wil only change 1 or 2 spells at max . and it will propably be the passive and some changes to her poison mechanic and interaction with the rest of the kit
: cassiopea
yeah , i dont like this buff since it makes her easier to play but she needed a buff and riot didnt want to directly buff her . W/e her rework is near
Anish22 (EUW)
: Cassiopeia Rework Idea
there are so much things to say about this rework idea being one of the worst possible concept . it guts 100 % of her identity.
Mael bro (EUNE)
: Jungle mains are generally decent human beings..
: I have design ownership on Malzahar and Cassiopeia for their upcoming changes.
wich direction are you taking for cassiopeia ? whats your goals with this rework ? what will change ?
: In general, I would like to see Cass focus more on utility than damage. I think you've got a great opportunity to turn her into League's debuff extraordinaire. You should consider playing up the 'gorgon' aspect of her in addition to the 'poison' aspect - in my mind Cass is Medusa more than as a poisonous snake. The Necromancer and Mesmer classes from Guild Wars 1 have a large number of examples of cool debuffs. ***** EDIT - brought the ideas to the top. These debuffs should perhaps be paired, with one effect thats debilitating for mages and another for autoattackers on the same spell. Maybe even give buffs for ally casts. Short Sightedness - reduces range of autoattacks and maybe spells Double vision - Leblanc style clones appear. These clones would be hallucinations that vanish when attacked, and not player controllable. Confusion - all the enemies look the same (you just see 5 identical shadows) Migraine - Slows spell casting and auto attacking. If hit by twin fang during animation, that action is cancelled. Pacifism - Debuff that deals flat damage every time the enemy AAs or casts. Blurred vision - Crits deal dampened damage, rather than amped damage. Heavy feet - can't dash for duration, or dashes move at a greatly reduced speed. Ringing Ears - Cannot cast summoner spells Petrify - Tag them a few times, they get stunned Dreadful Gaze - enemy cannot face cassiopia Fatigued - Adds +X% cooldown to spells cast while debuffed Cursed - lowers crit chance Hysteria! - While debuffed, Charm allies within X units on spell cast or AA. Pariah - Take DoT while near allies. Tainted Remedy - Healing damages you instead. Antidote - on ally cast, cleanse (and go on longer cooldown). Apply Poison - On Ally cast, next X AAs from ally apply dot and a debuff Stone Armour - On ally cast, give +Armour and immunity to knockup and displacement CC
nice retarded rework into a support .
: her twin fangs spam and unique ineterraction with poison is unique and is A BIG PART of {{champion:69}} . But i would like to be less dependant on this tool , but i dont want it to get reworked either . it gives good skill cap to the champ ( hit and run like a adc bro ) but the frequency is too op and cant spam it to her maximum potential when kitting , only a good script could do it . a full poison kit just cant work since Dots are easy to deny think about of the possible qss , shields , heals ; zhonyas , mickael . It just cant work and make cassio not fun to play . Her twin fangs is doing what her poison fails , secure kill : sure all ins . Its a great reliant tool . + her poison and her twin fangs is such a charismatic duo , thats why you guys should not remove it . **Do not rework her twin fangs , balance it in return of a empowered poison and a new passive . **
make her not fun * i dont think you missed a word
Darthkor (EUNE)
: Cassi main here since season 3 with more than 2000 games with her. Leave the cd of twing fang as it is. Remove staticking passive. Tranfer power from her e to other abitlites. She was meant to be a teamfighter not a hypercarry. Just leave the twing fang(from mechanical prospective not power) as it is. PLLLLLZZZ i am addicted to it.It's the only reason i still play her in her pitful state {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
Mansana (NA)
: How often does a snake bite when it tries to eat its meal? Once maybe twice? Then it swallows. How lethal are those bites? How much pain/ what is the aftermath? Should the bite inflict poison?
she is not a snake , she is a gorgon .
: I'm not a cass player so honestly ignore my opinion if you want but from someone who plays against her, it's really not fun to get hit with one low damage ability and then get melted by twin fang because you got hit with one poison. I think she needs less power in her twin fang and more power in her other abilities if that makes sense. Ignore me if I'm wrong I might have no idea what im talking about lol
you are totaly right , her twin fangs needs to be balanced around her new kit . but it should not be reworked into poison shit .
Mimaropa (NA)
: Seems like a good idea. But her Twin Fang seems like her only damaging spell late game(which is loaded too; heal, mana refund, cd when enemy is poisoned). I would prefer it and also her passive to be changed. Perhaps her passive would be that her AAs would amplify her poison? or Her AA would be a Twin Fang with Cd and it would reduce its Cd when you apply poison to an enemy? Cass maybe needs an ability that shreds MR(acidic poison)?
i dont want to right click , it feels horrible I AM NOT A ADC .
: I don't particularly care for it as a "machine-gun" type spell, because I had always felt machine-gun made more sense as Ryze's niche. I think it would be more interesting to have twin-fang as a catalyst for enabling her poisons on targets. Perhaps separating q and w(and maybe R?) into actually different poisons, and having Twin Fang enable a different additional effect based on poisons that are currently applied to the target. Basic example - if applying twin fang to a target poisoned with noxious blast, the target suffers an additional % hp DOT for the remainder of the poison, while applying twin fang to a target poisoned with miasma applies a stronger slow for the duration of the miasma poisoning.
pls god no , as a fcking only cass player i just asked for better poison . Now 0 time cassio bronze tier want to rework her into shit . do not get rid of twin fangs .
: Cassiopeia Twin Fang expectations
: Cassiopeia Twin Fang expectations
Her poison , Aslong with her twin fangs they make the duo that makes cassiopeia what she is and what she was . I DO NOT want to give up on my twin fangs ITS CORE ON CASSIO'S IDENTITY AND GAMEPLAY . PLS just make it less twin fang centric but keep the spell as he is .... I beg you , dont rework her twin fangs ; people who yell at you and ask for full rework never played cassiopeia .
: {{champion:38}} ?
he is not immobile and he is a assasin .
: @RiotRepertoir 2 cents from a Release Cassiopeia Main
whats the point on just reveting the old cassi / with better quol and a " reworked " w . It adds nothing you to her boring kit .
: Unpopular opinion time! I actually like this new passive more than the old passive. But before you start downvoting know this: I'm not saying that her new passive is *good* i'm saying it's *better.* Allow me to explain: Old passive: Spam spells and run out of mana in order to slightly reduce her mana costs (Which won't matter because you're already out of mana.) [This has the unfortunate side effect of forcing people playing Cassiopeia to stack mana regen, which gets nerfed.] New passive: Keep things poisoned and build up some stacks in order to gain a big buff if you can keep your farm going. To me, her new passive is an *improvement* but I can agree on it being an annoying gateway on her power, and I would be happy to have a new, new passive. But please: Not the old one. Personally, I like her current QWE. It gives me a clear focus on how to do damage with her kit: Keep someone poisoned and then light them up with E, reapply poison as needed. (Perhaps we could even make E reapply poison?) However, as some other people have posted, her R doesn't make a lot of sense aside from "SEE GUYS IT'S MEDUSA THE GORGON STONE STATUES GREEK MYTHOLOGY GET IT?!?!?!" What I'd enjoy seeing would be a new ult that allows her to cycle through extra poison effects: Neurotoxin: Increases Cassiopeia's DOT damage duration. Hemotoxin: Does extra damage based upon target's maximum health. Dendrotoxin: Slows the target while they are taking poison damage. But I'm just thinking out loud here, I'd love to hear feedback.
its fine , i find her old passive retarded too . but this one was just an argument to gut all of her numbers : " yeah but late op " , fcking troll rioters .
: Good lord. Her old splash was so much better.
i replaced the old splash instead of the current one thanks wooxy
: I don't know; it seemed like a lot of people in the cassio thread wanted a poison-mage. :/
those people played cassio once on their live , and cant deal with the current one because she ask a normal brain to be played propely . Typical of the boards , no clue on what they are talking about and still give their worthless opinion . dont feel concerned .
Rioter Comments
Blainezy (NA)
: @Riot Repertoir- A couple ideas for Cassiopeia
Noxious Blast (Q) " every jungler can shit on you and destroy your game " Petrifying Gaze (R) i dont think make it stunning no matter what is what she needs , whatever riot wont do that because faker needs to side step those stuns ^^
: Could you expand on why you think so?
people who never played cassiopeia want her to be full poison mage wich is bad in term of gameplay / balance . she needs her e to be here to do the work ; the cassio players just want her poison to be more usefull and unique than just a set up for twin fangs , without gutting it totaly ( her e ) .
: > They just need to make her Q and W either a real damage threat or utility threat To clarify, does that mean you would like both her Q and her W to serve the same purpose? Or you would like one to act as damage and the other as utility?
i feel like her q and w should still be damaging tools , but with different new mechanics .$ I mean , her poisons should interact and bring new mechanics with her ult and her twin fangs depending wich poisons she used . It should be more than just poison and set up for twin fangs , the 2 poisons should have their own identity . So the rest of the kit can be cohesive with the poisons .
: Full step-by-step guide on how to reach Diamond I
{{champion:238}} {{item:3142}} ?
: > [{quoted}](name=d5 police got me,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AVuF9xoR,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-01-19T19:06:27.171+0000) > > did i deny it ? i know it better than you . thats just a advcie to rioters because some fcktards who never played cassi in their lives are trying to propose in gameplay boards full reworked shitty poison " mage" fantasy . > > And btw there is a huge whole betwen .45 and .8 I said the base damage didn't change. The ratio did because the ratio was retarded. The point I'm making is that Cass wasn't ever a 'poison mage'. Twin Fang has always been the most important ability in her kit. She's also still a totally reasonable champion right now. She's got a tough earlygame, but then she finishes an item and a half and is a monster.
i know she was in " viable " during all the season 5 , but meta shifted assasin , shorter game ect ... blabla 46 % global winrate and played by cass mains ( 2% pick rate ) bla bla .. whatever healty # balanced , her current kit is just retarded and boring / awful to play .she is toxic to play and to play against And i feel like the mage update is the opportunity to make her change . the most of the immobile mages ( things like vel koz ) are fine in term of balance but it doesnt mean they cant get a rework .
: Do you people not realize that her Q base damage literally wasn't changed with the rework and her E was *by far* her main source of damage pre rework just as it is now? What the rework did was make it harder to spam Q to force people out of lane, and that's because a champion who scales extremely well into the lategame shouldn't be a massive lane bully. She's **always** been about her E.
did i deny it ? i know it better than you . thats just a advcie to rioters because some fcktards who never played cassi in their lives are trying to propose in gameplay boards full reworked shitty poison " mage" fantasy . And btw there is a huge whole betwen .45 and .8
  Rioter Comments
: An Idea for Cassiopeia
... rly bad idea .
: A Cassiopeia rework
i disagree on some points , but i feel like you got some awesome new mechanics to add . Honestly as a cassio player i would prefer her to be fifty fifty , between poisons and burst , if riot could use some of your ideas and keep her twin fangs spam ( more or less ) it could be the rework that everyone would enjoy . I hope riot will wake up .
: i REALY like your ideas the q new ms + , but there some things that you dont completly understand because as you said you are not a cass player ^^ Lets try to fix it and make it propably the perfect rework idea ( would be to make cassio 50% poison 50 % twin fangs ) : Lets not gut a part of cassio 's identiy ( current and old cassio ) + mechanics / skill cap hit and run / kit : i agree we need to nerf her twin fangs if we decide to buff her poison , but with that 0.5 ap on q its not worth imo it should be 0.65 ap (70% ? ) Twin fangs reset 0.5s -> 0.75 + make it go on couldown when it hits the target i think this nerf is fine Passive: Deathly Elixer i like this idea but why not put the mana sustain into it ? and then try to add something new somewhere else ? Noxious blast : 5 secs is too much if you are not going to make the duration longer , you need to keep it up for minions depush , twin fangs ect .. + you rly need a poison panic to deal with dash machines ; if not your are going to be totaly out damaged in all ins just revert the old couldown from the pre work cassio / or let it at 4 s cd Miasma : 10/10 Twin fangs effects : Icy Death : i like the finisher idea but i think its too op ( ? ) increased the poison dmg by x ( ? ) cassio heals x ( with another passive ^^ instead of the healing one ) the 2 others are realy good . + i didnt expect a slow on her q , i rly love it you can finish lyandri without rylais ! Well if we add my suggestion cassio can max q or e , she is fine with people who like the current cassio and people who miss the old one .
in order to keep cassio 50/50 as we want her ult should stay a burst tool tho .
: > [{quoted}](name=Oerba No Naja,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=MgbYGik9,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-01-17T21:08:25.500+0000) > > but in this current meta she is totaly unplayable. Nope. She might be meh, but she's still playable.
if your team plays around you propably , but she is no way going to carry if she isnt playing against bots at mid the lack of wards make it rly hard for cassiopeia since if she get behind by getting ganked : there is no comeback the ap item nerfs is another reason why its hard to scale as cassiopeia ; but wait , there is no scaling late game in snowball meta ? so there is no powerspike , no reason to play cassiopeia then .
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