: NOW COMPLETE - [Q&A] Ask Ivern's Creators Anything!
Hey there, just wanted to ask some (many) Questions about Ivern, but also some other stuff. 1. What does Ivern think about Yordels, specially Mini-Gnar? 2. What's Iverns Favorite Food and drink? 3. Have you thought about giving other Champions abilities Ivern has in the past, like his passive or the Q? (E is pretty "common" and from my knowledge you already thought about giving champions the ability to place bushes some time ago) 4. If Ivern has 3 Wishes he can make true, what would they be? 5. What was the funniest bug you encountered in Ivern design evolution? Now three not Ivern related Questions: 1. Did you thought about giving a champ an Ability like the ultimate from Abbadon (dota 2) where people heal when they get attacked or stuff which require more knowledge to counter? like strong DoTs, but only if you move or abilities that are Point and click but only can hit moving targets etc.) 2. Which was the craziest Ultimate you ever thought about bringing into the game? 3. I dunno if you can answer this, but what was the craziest skin Idea you had planned? And a Lore Question: which was the coolest/craziest scrapped lore Idea? Thank you for your answers! (sry for long post, but I need to compensate for my silver V noob skills)
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: I'll give a small hint. The 4th one is a AP Assassin as well ;)
: Champion Q&A: Taliyah, the Stoneweaver
Some Lore Wise Questions: 1. How does Taliyah know Sivir? When Im thinking correctly Sivir is just a mercenary who works for anyone as long as the coin pays. And the Shurima Event is not so long ago lore wise so I think Sivir should not be so famous that Taliyah knows her that she can taunt her like she is doing. But there is still the new Sivir Lore coming so that could answer my question also. 2. Whats her Opinion about Renekton and Nasus? How exactly does she know them, like stories about them or so. 3. How long did she spend time with Yasuo? I want to know how long she trained to get stronger in Ionia, also is she know wanted in Ionia because of Yasuo? 4. Whats her favourite meal? 5. How is she accepted in her village/ tribe with her powers? Are her powers rare or do same powers exist? 6. Who is the great weaver she believes in? Is it a godlike being like Nagakabouros or is it more like Lissandra and the Watchers? I really like her Lore and its just so cool how Yasuo got brought in there (not even a Yasuo fan), so an Off-topic question to finish of. How is Yasuo advancing with his search for the murderer, and whats his favourite meal?


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