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: Please Tell me When You Talk About Changes to Essence Reaver You Mean Revert it
: End of Season Boosting
I hate it because my rank ( gold4 ) is just based on luck atm. So i'm just leveling a smurf in turkey :| .
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: Toxic Community Problem
If they don't spam, you should try to ignore it. If you have a bad game (it happens) "/ mute all " and just let it happen.
: White rectangle visual error as Kai'sa
What you think of this kai'sa bug ? {{champion:145}}
Dad Rock (NA)
: looking for coach (mostly analyst)
: Thank you LOL for creating a Map of Runeterra!!!
I would love it if they make a mmorpg from it. Just start for a world of WARCRAFT MOD.{{champion:17}}
: Yasuo rework concept.
Or give him more damage and let basic attacks trough(not abilities).{{champion:51}}
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Sarkhis (NA)
: I got matched with 4 people that i had blocked...
Just mute them. Rito has a great report system... If you don't talk nothing happens. Just let them enjoy their false hope <3.
: Making 5 man need bronze or silver ranked flex players
: Looking for help.
Sure why not ... My NA account is named willem of orange
: This guy. This guy right here.
Hey Would it be posible to make a game mode with the old map and jungle (season 2/3/4)? It would be fun for a limeted/rotation gamemode and might bring back some old memories.


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