Arakadia (NA)
: As Kayle evolves more towards her divine ideal of conformity and inhuman, unbending divine law she should be more covered up and less human. Faces and feminine expression do not imply this ideology, in fact this is more appropriate on Morgana, her exact opposite.
If we go in this kind of tangent, she shouldn't even be covered or have face, she should be a mass of pure light with a vague humanoid shape and incredible wings of fire. Don't forget that aspects in lol have clear defined shape through their enveloppe (Zoe, Pantheon), if kayle become the enveloppe of an aspect, she will still keep her body look.
: League would be 1000x better without assassins.
I am sorry sir, the "Rant" section is under the "Gameplay" one, I think you mistook where to put this kind of topic.
Jinto (OCE)
: Am I the only one who gets this?
Playing the same champions over and over can give you very bad habits at time that you don't properly see until you play another champion that challenge said conception. Like it is amazing to me how Yasuo is now nothing to fear with my mains champion on mid when 3/4 years ago I was really stressing/raging about him with them. But playing new champions clearly made me see my champions strength and weakness more. You know like, how you always play xerath and you get f*ck and then you play leblanc or ahri, and you do better. And then you realize you never played xerath while respecting your own lack of mobility, but you also never abused of your range and capacity to zone people of creeps. I feel it is what happen, it widden your view. And I definitely agree with playing with less stress at time because your focus is on improving, not having expected result.
Monlyth (NA)
: Can Kayle get a helmet mode toggle like Kai'sa?
A rioter explained that very very very few people used the toggle option so it proved to Riot that it wasn't a very fitting solution/something to rely on.
: “Clarity” gotta know when Kayle does big damage. That’s when she removed her armor that she gets stronger. *rolls eyes*
The hell? She is becoming exalted/a godly being. I can assure you that she isn't needing any armor when she is becoming someone that make any armor useless.
: Why is riot removing/reworking most of the awesome things that the original LoL had ?
: At level 6 Leblanc can root a target for 3 seconds--as an assassin
She is a fucking shitty champ who should have never been reverted. I will enjoy her being garbage, old leblanc suck as hell to play as and play against. I stand by my bias, they wanted one of the most boring/shitty assassin to be back? There, now back to the gutter so her mains can reflect on their BS.
: LeBlanc nerfs on PBE are missing the mark
She is a fucking shitty champ who should have never been reverted. I will enjoy her being garbage, old leblanc suck as hell to play as and play against. I stand by my bias, they wanted one of the most boring/shitty assassin to be back? There, now back to the gutter so her mains can reflect on their BS.
: I can tell you as a Morgana main: The reason we don't see it is because its damage is ALREADY worthless. Most champions out-regen the pool unless they are Q'd, or at best take negligible damage. BunnyFuFu might be able to pull 1700 AP in a rigged Youtube game with Bronzes, but that doesn't even come close to the reality in ranked games. Even at 1700 AP, it takes him the full duration of the Q/W to kill someone.
We always used W for pushing anyway, never hoping that "big dmg W" would make a good Q rewarded. Hence why I want the -5 ms reverted.
: Please wait for Morgana mid's pick rate to rise before nerfing her W's AP ratio.
Morgana main say her nerf are minimal so if a champion mains aint really bitching about the nerf, I don't think you need to be scared. I would still love her -5 MS nerf to be removed tho.
: Why do you refuse to acknowledge nasus
Because he isn't a true problem except for low elo, he will be used for some cheesy jungle game where he will have tons of stack and make a youtube video about it but outside of that, Nasus still have the same issues and once you and your teammate get better, he will go back to not being relevant.
: In-Depth Ezreal discussion/Why Riot's "nerfs" are going in the wrong direction.
You don't even need to work on compensation so far. Just give muramana a lock out of 1,5/2 second and see how it goes, reduce his W base damage or AP ratio just a bit if needed and don't remove/touch his Q ap ratio as they are not the current problem of Ezreal current build.
: Anyone else bored of dodgeball?
Isn't that a copy paste of an old topic?
: Chain CC (i think) needs a nerf
You can't nerf CC without nerfing mobility. If you nerf mobility, you need to add compensation for some champions. Said compensations could open the gate to others issues, etc. If a team effectively stunlock you, maybe you need to think your strategy differently.
: Typical Riot, does something questionable, gets backlash, ignores the situation in hope that people forget about it.
Can you really say it is a huge backlash tho? I don't hate on you guys being passionnate but some topic on the board with having 65 upvotes (it was maybe more at the end) isn't the biggest backlash they would receive. If you don't see anything on twitter or reddit, or very minor, it really mean that the backlash isn't as bad as we make it out to be. And as Bonzai said, they certainly made a lot of changes already in the back and are waiting to show them. So it is like "Shyvana gonna stay like this because it is link to others things we will show in the future". I also think the retcon could have been made better, especially when Shyvana story was a nice one for my taste and didn't need much tweek if Riot wanted to adapt it to their new setting. But honestly, I think it is very niche.
Jamaree (NA)
: Sorry man, you know the rules of nostalgia, there wasn’t any problems at all with the old stuff
It come with a simple rule "If I liked it, it wasn't bad."
: If you're ever going to nerf Vladimir, nerf the thing that makes him problematic.
Falrein (EUW)
: Little call out to the community
If I can make one assholish comment about this, it is that I love to suddenly discover people who "LOVE" a part of the lore while this was never expressed in a topic before. And suddenly, we discover 50 people who also feel the awful pain of a retcon/rewriting and upvote said topic. Sometime I feel people want to agree more on argument based on someone disliking how changes works than actually get a real discussion. It is the same when a "niche" champion get reworked, suddenly everyone loved that champion to death and feel its identity died, let they let said identity die and never feel impactful by never playing or talking about said champion before. Dont get me wrong, I am being cynical, of course you can agree with someone points and feel that what they defend is legitimate. It is just this pathetic mob mentality coming with spitting on the workers because what they did didn't please you that just make me laugh and want Riot to take every lore you love and replace it by "Suscribe to PDP" or whatever BS joke you guys make.
Moody P (NA)
: My cat is a good boy
I didn't expect you, of all people, to make me think "Aw it is cute how he talk about his pet". You are supposed to rant Moody, not make me cheer for you damn it!
: Soooo can we un gut vision yet?
I am not in the main opinion on this one as I am glad vision isn't as easy to set-up as before. Too many time could we have the team being ahead having over control of the jungle and also deleting the ennemy vision, using their gold advantage to actually suffocate the ennemy behind and not allowing any comeback as long as you played as clean as possible. It is why the removal of tracker knife and nerfing vision ward to 2 for every people made fighting for vision so important, it allowed to remove the overcontrol/safety that lanes/jungler with priority would get. It would allow actual creative path because early ganker will use particular ganking route or pathing to trump the ennemy team/jungler on what he is doing. I agree that the real problem come from lack of defensive capacity for a laner who don't have priority in lane (notably top or bottom).
: This is a rant?
Doesnt mean people can't critic what you are ranting about.
: This game makes me cry
You need to properly learn to fix your own shit and find ways for you to focus on this game for what matter: What you do, improving, your performance. When you aren't mentally stable, it is really proper to take a step back from this game and work on yourself first so you can feel healthier mentally and be able to play this game without letting negativity affect you as much. Take that from someone who would have immense wave of sadness and would just disconnect games not even because he raged but because he was so sad he didn't even care to play.
: > [{quoted}](name=Nevrankroaton,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=3o2TPgG0,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2019-03-01T06:28:03.606+0000) > > "Unpopular opinion". > > On bitching on Yasuo? > > Yeah, you sure are a brave soul, I am glad you enlight people about his "broken" Q. > > ... Really need to moderate this place. i hate you cause ur mean
: Yasuo's q is broken and needs to be addressed
"Unpopular opinion". On bitching on Yasuo? Yeah, you sure are a brave soul, I am glad you enlight people about his "broken" Q. ... Really need to moderate this place.
: POLL: Positional ranked yay or nay?
I am known to often critic the community whining but I honestly think positional ranked has too many flaws to be allowed to continu in its current state. Too many way to abuse the system and the system will sometime "punish" you because you swapped positions. I understand the idea, I sincerely think it was a will to make ranked a better environnent and allow people to not feel punished by autofill and make them able to progress in game that are more of their level depending of a position. But it is too flawed, Riot also overestimate people willingness to not be human piece of shit and improve. I don't pretend to have an easy fix, maybe make sure that a loss affect everyone normally? So no splashing, if you are autofill top and you fail, your main role take the dick slap? It is okay I feel because position rank disapear at high elo so it isn't like loosing 20 lp as a high master/grand master.
: I think the "Hot" section should remain. It'd be difficult to find a topic that people discussed half a day ago, when people suddenly stop commenting, but the topic itself would still be worth to talk about. All you see are new threads, since there would be no other threads to reply to unless you search for a while. The "Best" section was always a little useless in my eyes as most of these posts were 3 - 4 years old and nobody cared about these posts anymore anyways.
My issue with "hot" is that it very often promote viral topic more than topic with actual discussion. We all know what kind of topic rise in hot...
: I am sure you are referring to yasuo, I always said they should make his double crit chance passive start at 25% more crit chance and then scale to double by level 12. Level scaling dependency like pretty much all the other insane scalers.
Wtf dude, a post that isn't saying insane shit like "Remove his shield passive" or "Windwall should be destroyed after one hit" with no compensation? Something good, simple and logical? You need to stop, it is too much for this hell place.
: Gameplay/Client Feedback Megathread: One +, One -
**Positive** You guys try to do better. I don't mean that in a typical board "Oh yes let me not totally spite on you" comment, I mean you really try to improve things that you add and not stay in your bubble too much. For example, people suddenly love who kayle was and got on your ass with it, but you really tried to make it better. It won't be perfect, some stuff I can critic you, some stuff I just laugh at how the community act, but I know you do. You finally opened the huge gate of the lore since 2017 and it is awesome, you made more cinematic or animation content, you did super diligent work about balance despite having people shit on you (your work on ADC itemisation was very good, only stormrazor feel too gimmicky in my head but the reast is awesome). I can really tell that you try to make better process and try to also correct the error that said process bring (Skins not being totally in synch with splashart, changing the way you get the new "chromas" skin so it isn't as "whale producing" as before, some skins loosings VFX in VGU, the way you handle balance). Continu, I really feel that even if the community stay the bunch of little biatch it is, you are getting better at improving yourselves, reaching them WHILE not indulging them in their BS (But I still hate you all for reverting LB). **Negative** Some itemisation feel stale while some item clearly can break a champion/class. It is very problematic at time for Riot because a class or a champion can get too strong because of its interaction with a specific item or how an item improve so much a class or cover its weakness that it make the class mandatory/the item a must buy. I am not a mage circlejerk but I still feel that flat magic pen/tankier AP items could need at least some light work. In and out, I don't mean that badly but I don't think items are work on as much as they should and that sometime Riot end up in many problems or having to handle a lot of rant because of itemisation. Many people talk about Yasuo, about assassins, about this, about that... But I really feel itemisation is a key point that could really use more interesting active without contributing to make frontloaded damage. It is better to have items that help a playstyle (getting in, having stronger peel, enhancing an ally) or create a moment than just making someone VERY strong without much into it (spear of shojin, how duskblade frontloaded a lot while having vision denying tactic, zhonya having a low CD way back, old abyssal scepter, DFG, IE increasing damage too much). I think it is better than an item give a nice damage boost BUT give a good/strong active than just BIG damage boost or insane active along with good stat. Or some items are too gimmicky. Stormrazor really is and if it wasn't for RFC interaction, it wouldn't be built at all.
: It was the same exact item, except ER had mana, and shojin has HP. HP matters more.
ER was cheaper and had more AD. Everyone was saying that the item having mana baited people in thinking it wasn't super good for its cost and that manaless champion like renekton wouldn't love it. The item is more expensive, have less AD and you don't care for the small amount of HP. Every Riven main would tell you the same.
: Can we talk about how the level of fun has dropped dramatically and the level of toxicity has risen
Na, the level of fun didn't change. Meta, your life, what you life, etc. This change, and it affect how you see a game but a game doesn't suddenly stop becoming fun and seasons introducing meta change doesn't remove the fun. People especially forget how the first month or year feel so much better because you don't know shit, you are discovering, you can't hate on some stuff because you don't even get it or your brain is already working on getting used to the game, the map, the gameplay, this champion that catched your eyes. You have that with every game. The rest of your post is just "hurr durr balancing" which doesn't say anything at all. As for the ranking system, it a big mess atm, be it EUW or NA/KR with positional ranking.
: Essence Reaver was a more situational item than Spear of Shojin.
ER was better than shojin as an item. It is just that jax doesn't need the extra AD like riven does (even if she use it, the item isn't as good on her on term of stat) and is still a VERY VERY strong champ even after the nerf.
: Jax + spear of shojin = Perma E
It is discrimination against helicopter! I protest! Riot just want us to have some representation!
Cloud273 (NA)
: I honestly feel like triumph is a bigger issue than damage this season...
I don't think triumph is a bad rune, it reward you sometime taking risks and suceeding to win your dual but almost dying due to minion wave or a tower shot. It is indeed a "win more" rune, I agree on that but I never felt triumph made the game unbalanced because except for some very tense duel that finished in the favor of one person surviving a minion hit because of triumph, many time someone killing you had the upper hand and it wouldn't make much of a difference. There is some very small and simple nerf to do if needed, as someone said, lower it to 10% or make it slightly delayed or gradual (so you still don't get too punished by a minion shot almost finishing you but you don't survive the tower shot?).
: I am the only ones that dont like this? Why teemo gotta be punished because low elo players?. I think that teemo is fine and the only thing that need some changes is his W and probably his traps where only the person using oracle is able to destroy em so you dont have 5 people hitting your mushrooms with only 1 oracle. Even tho i dont agree with almost anything there i am going to say why: 1) E changes, invisibility on his current passive was one of the things the make a difference between a good teemo and a bad one, abusing this was great to watch on good teemos. Now it is like copy from twitch BUT you get slowed down which is lame... if you guys make it so you turn INVISIBLE in the bush and CAMOUFLAGE out of the bush that would be great but otherwise is garbage. 2)Teemo´s R taking a huge nerf is awfull you are not only nerfing R base damage but also nerfing his scaling... ill prefer the current one, thanks. It was already unfair that 1 oracle could counter you the whole game.. as i said before, make it so only the person with oracle can destroy your mushrooms and not all the allies. 3)Riot is literally cutting power off his whole kit just for a camouflage and stupid health on mushrooms that does not help at all when you have 5 players hitting em... their goal is "make teemo great in high elo" which is not going to happen just because you add more health to it.. i repeat it once again and i wont get tired of it, the player with the oracle should be the only one being able to discover and remove the mushroom..
> Why teemo gotta be punished because low elo players?. I just want to react on this, he isn't being punished simple because of low elo, it is because his kit lack agency and therefore his obnoxious strength (invisible mushroom that lower elo don't deal well with) are pairing with a lot of reliability (on-hit AA dmg input, his Q being point and click, being a ranged toplaner with MS boost). TL:DR He is easy to play and be rewarded too along with having a playstyle that is a good "noob killer", making him able to have more agency on his own option while making his lack of agency weaker allow teemo player to have more option and power into team fight or late game or even during laning phase WHILE he will also be less stomping for the wrong reason. A good teemo isn't good because he can AA like a dumbass on someone who doesn't know how to handle ranged match-up and pressing Q. A good teemo is tricky, mine everything and search for punishing AA reliant target (or burst someone down out of invisibility if he build this way).
: Why do you constantly try to balance URF?
It is an unbalanced mode that isn't truly fun except if you play the op champ or found a genuine funny strat while stomping people. that is it.
: Hmmm...
Urgot nerf + return of carries in top lane + death dance being VERY strong and synergising on her + spear of shojin still good on her (but the item cost + lower AD really helped taming it) + synergize also super well with aftershock and shield bash = Riven happy.
Syrile (NA)
: Yasuo is "Fair"
I don't really care for this whole Yasuo witch-hunt but could you please stop to act like you are a just defender fighting against evil yasuo main? <*removed by moderation*> because hating yasuo is league nationnal sport and nobody will ever try to have a normal conversation about it. You are going to take 80 upvote for 30 downvote at worse, like for god sake.
: Conqueror is busted
It is funny because I see a lot of people in high elo actually saying it is weaker because you can't stack it in lane so you are force to commit in longer trade. I would say it is good on champion that used old fervor well or don't dislike long trade, but I think that even if the runes would need some nerf, it is still healthier the way it is now because you have to commit in attacking to be able to proc the passive. What is crazy tho is that it proc from any ATTACK dmg so you can stack it with urgot W easily, etc.
RJay123 (NA)
: Unpopular Opinion: Good and Evil are not relative @Riot
How is it an unpopular opinion? Everyone suck the D out of this one topic whining that Kayle is not loyal good and is instead a flawed character in the vision of humanity. Nothing unpopular about that, stop with this kind of clickbait title.
: Overloaded has lost its meaning. Nowadays you just say it when a champion does more than one thing
You saw it coming when a champion has "true damage" or "%health damage" or "dash/blink" in their kit, it is literraly how the board work.
: Ok, then why **once again** the angelic figure gets dehumanized and goes into a zealous rampage while the "dark character" gets to be the more human like again? You did good on 2 dimensional stuff with Kayle making her just a zealot. I'm pretty tired of these "it's relative" answer because it approaches only half of the issue. You guys are making the hard work to make even Darkin relatable while making any "holy" figure detached by anything human-like and what is usually defined as good morals in order to turn them into zealous rampaging fire breathers that want to eradicate the mortals because they are impure. Edit: I wanted to add a good example of Riot writing that offers non 2-dimentional characters who actually offer a relative look on good and evil: Jayce and Viktor. Those 2 are well done because have fallacies and virtues that create a good contrast without making one of them entirely a good/bad guy. This means that you are able to do it, it just looks like you **don't want** to do it when certain factions/creatures are involved.
You realize that even in catholicism, angel are true impersonnal creature with no true emotions or real empathy right? Old Kayle wasn't less zealous either.
: But are they so much unprofessional not to realize that they not only haven't fixed it but just turned the table in favor of Noxus and Bilgewater? I'm just waiting for Taric to become evil too at this point since he carries the original sin of being Demacian. The only thing Demacian heroes can hope to is to be stupid simpletons like Galio or illude themselves like Garen.
You are just overreacting. Noxus has a lot of issue (the war? Riven story? Corruption since years by the black rose? Urgot entire character being made by Swain destroying his life? Draven and his incredible narcissism? How noxus multicultured society come from dominating otherwise free people?) and in no way do you look at Swain, Talon or Katarina and think "Aaaaaw, such nice guys". The same way, Garen didn't propose to kill ten puppies in front of a crying girl, Lux is still the heroine we all love, Galio is still a shiny and bright character fullfilling a purpose that is defending the land, etc. Taric is still one of the nicest character lore wise in the game, every character who knows or interact with Taric have positive interaction. It isn't because a society has bad flaws that it is evil. It isn't because someone isn't bad that they can't be toxic. You see Kayle justice in the eyes of this story but Kayle is also the one to bring to court the evil people of the world, the one to stop the monstruous army and ennemies from killing (and other horrible thing) other people. In the same way, Morgana can be naive in her attempt for redemption, she can also lack the resolve to truly stop evil people or make justice be claim. You need to think more about this.
I cant wait for the english voice teaser because korean voice (I SUPPOSE IT IS KOREAN OK) really don't help me to feel the emotions as easily.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sleep On Stream,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=mR1HAnPW,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-02-17T01:10:20.121+0000) > > the game is going to die mark my words Everything dies, young child.
We said that last year and the year before, the game freaking grew and gained even more money. It is not SC2, idk what people are smoking.
SatomiKun (EUW)
: Another skin vote?
I feel it was also cool even for a simple commercial reason: If you make skin for a champion who is not very popular or often challenging in term of creativity, having a poll where the community help you to see what they want assure you that the skin will have some popularity/sucess, at least a bit. You know, it is like "If I must fish with a wood rod, I better ask what is the only fish they want so I can get with it before it break".
: Karma's Old Identity on Hew New Kit (Healthy Compromise)
I like AOE shield and I am not the only one. I am not saying it is healthy and it should obligatory stay but if you could avoid making generalisation because you are in this Karma sect playerbase where she should only be THIS and never THAT... I love how EVERY "compromise" made by any vocal karma player of this sect is like "Okay so let's be calm and compromise and just put shield bomb". Like it is litterally what you wanted to do. Shieldbomb, then your fantasy kit (%dmg reduction along with an AOE heal that also can damage + shield that also hurt... Seem healthy and not all over the place at all...).
: > [{quoted}](name=Nevrankroaton,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=opkWX7yT,comment-id=0005000200010000,timestamp=2019-02-17T19:46:16.473+0000) > > So you are saying that if you go "4/10/8", it is only the fault of your teammate and never because you missplayed or forced a bad fight or went too far in the map? > > I am glad the world is convenient enough for you to never make mistakes, only your mate does : ) If you win lane like 2/1/2 and first tower but then in the mid game you get tower dove by 3 fed players over and over and end on a 4/10/8 scoreline is it really primarily your fault? If you start out that game 3/0/3 on Xin but your bot lane feds Kha 8 kills in 10 mins and he one shots you from stealth 6 times over the course of the next 10 mins is it really your fault you end up 7/9/4?
Yeah so it is always the convenient story. It never change. It is the fictive jungler going 100000/0/0 against your awful botlaner and never you who don't do anything with your lead or don't tell your jungler to play around you or mid.y top and that he is fed, you are doing good in the game as an ADC but there is no way you can face this fed jax/fiora/trynd. I am not saying you won't loose game because of 1 or 4 people, obviously it happen, obviously. But it isn't as convenient as we all want to think, it isn't all the time, we aren't always blameless and there is no way to work to reduce the snowball lead. It is just hard when you have 5 peeps who don't have coordination and don't talk, I get that but even in Challenger people do really dumb decision or tilt or continu to be hyper agressive when they should concede a bit. How can we really say "I am faultless" when mechanically, macro wise, decision wise, we aren't in any WAY good/very good/perfect.
ZoWeeLoli (EUNE)
: Riot sold the fun game it once was, now its just a competitive one, it doesn't matter if its ranked or not, riot completely ruined the fun from the game with their garbage ass decisions and "balance".
Yeah yeah, it isn't like everyone wanted to be a poke champion in the first itineration of urf or abused ryze/sona/hecarim to death.... Let's not forget alistar, our bro. It isn't like people ALWAYS try to find the most optimised strategy in a game mode because WINNING is fun for them. Urf is the best example, everyone saying how much ARURF suck but truth be told, you either took the op champ or had a miserable life. Counterpick champion would be even more insane. Aram? Aram was FAR FAR worse before... Poke comp were insane, diver had no way to properly initiate. But the snowball summoner spell, the new item, the health shrine... It gave so much new possibility. Make no mistake, you all ruin the game mode by yourself because what is fun soon become what is the most optimal to win, it is human, admit it already. Even nexus blitz began to find some regular champion that would be spammed.
: I feel like "mental boom" loses more games than "feeders".
I know that in my case it is true. If you begin to shittalk or be an asshole in tchat, it make me loose focus and motivation. Which lead me to be basically "Okay so I won't give a fuck since you don't give any about just being polite or not being a douche". I feel it is even worse because it reinforce in me a bad attitude about wanting to surrender quickly/give up because I expect people to just use bad results to flame and not like... just try. I can tell you that when I throw a FF at 15 by pure salt, the moment the game would end well wasn't because my top riven was stomping or shit, but because no one would talk and would continu to play. And since I am half decent in my head, I try to continu follow the game and if my teammate try hard, I try hard with them and it make me be better which allow them to be better. And sometime it fail. And some it work. But honestly, people should really shut the fuck up.
: You do realise that trash team contributes to bad KDA for yourself as well right? You will get slaughtered as well if your team hard feeds all game.
So you are saying that if you go "4/10/8", it is only the fault of your teammate and never because you missplayed or forced a bad fight or went too far in the map? I am glad the world is convenient enough for you to never make mistakes, only your mate does : )
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