: why not make it a softer version of untargetablity where you can be hit by skillshots but cant be directly targeted.
It would be oddly specific no? I think Riot want to avoid that so there is more clarity.
: I kinda hate how support is no longer about protecting your adc, but more about killing. How can it even be called support? It is just a better mid laner but on bot lane.
It was like that with Blitz, leona and alistar (later tresh) in S2/S3 so it isn't anything new. Just that the meta always favor a type other an other
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: The support role sure has changed
You not gonna talk about tham kench support on SKT and rakan? _<Removed by Moderation>_ Gragas support exist since S7 and even fucking S6, the fuck you try to make it like the role changed. Gragas was always an issue and Elise always have been able to do this.
: > [{quoted}](name=Nevrankroaton,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=6yyeg1bu,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-01-18T07:03:34.789+0000) > > Nobody wanted AD mid caster Varus. > > Nobody liked to be snipe for possibly half your health from afar with no retaliation. > It is like in S3 when poke mage became super strong and people discovered that actually, it is unfun as hell. > > Oh sure, it isn&#x27;t the dreaded Zed killing me in minus 0,0000003 second, but it was horrible to play against for tanks, for bruisers and for squishy alike. So what? Everything is unfun depending on who you ask.
If you take this kind of reasoning, then it is normal to ignore ANY feedback from the board about ignite and damage because it is just "unfun" to them and not real data. When someone rise an issue to them, there is always some truth or things to explain that. When people spread BS like "you die in 1 sec" or "that a ward is more resistant", it is the idea that fight struggle to last longer because assassin and burst damage is high and squishy target lack resistance option + peeler are weak atm. When people were talking about Varus AD mid, it was the idea of non interaction and huge reward for him for no cost. It is EXACTLY why Zoe was so frustrating at first and people didn't even react that much about her W, because she could sniper you with E and burst you with few interaction. The idea is how you analyse the way something is considered unfun, etc. If you tell me "I hate that ahri can kill me" but you always take her E and don't play about her early level being meh, of course I won't consider it very interesting unlike someone who whine about Ignite but show the numbers being very high and how much it cost on a squishy life late.
: Rek'sai
It would be so strong if she wasn't, you wouldn't be able to CC her during the travel, which mean that you can only use it at where she will come out. You would think "Well it is fine no? It is telegraphed" but it mean that she suceeded to close the distance anyway and sometime it is the worse part (she could then Flash to use her E on you and bump yo ass). Also sometime she will burrow to be behind her minion and you could only CC her during her travel and not at where she will come out. Etc, etc. It is a LOT of hidden power.
: ELO hell doesn't exist and kill participation doesn't matter.
I mean, to be fair, jungler is one of the best soloQ role with midlane since a long time now. You can have a lot of agency and snowball a lead with just one teammate that has a lead or is fed. Especially with Herald, in a game where people don't want to take tower or do pointless fight when people try to push the minion waves on the other side of the map, herald give a lot of agency to be able to solo punish bad mistake. And if you have a fed laner, gosh it become a big bromance (or sismance).
Kivolan (NA)
: Can You *Please* Remove the Needless Delay on Cho'gath's W?
I wouldn't call ChoGath weak, even with a WR under 50%. And he NEVER has been a counter against highly mobile champion, if anything, he is a giant meat shield that can heavily punish misposition and low mobility target (Good old Q/E/R chogath on an ADC that wasn't well positionned).
: I agree that the damage on all of them is absurd, but I disagree that some of them (namely neeko and sylas) aren't good designs. Neeko is designed to actually play mind games with you. She does it even better than LB! Her issue? Her ult is probably the BEST AOE in the game. You dont know when its there if she disguises because of low charge time, does tons of damage, and STUNS. The only AOE nearly that good is malphite ult (quick and does good damage) EXCEPT, he has to go AP which can be dangerous for him and you KNOW its him when hes coming. Did I mention she has a root to set up her ult if not disguised? Sylas is simpler, he does tons of damage. Maybe its his passive being an AOE sheen? Who knows :P But again, good concept. Is the enemies ult 'broken' in your team fights? Well thats fine, because then they have to deal with it and any counterplay it may or may not have!
Neeko ult being so strong is a non issue, she is balanced around it and I saw many neeko dying when they tried to force their ult when an assassin or a burst mage was near. The only issue possible with her ult is the interaction with Zhonya (like Ryze before) and it can just be removed.
floo (EUW)
: Yea instead have more 3 dash champs that deal mixed damage, including true damage and execute you on like half hp. Better than those dang control mages.
They are both bad. I will not promote lung cancer because at least it isn't cancer in the pancreas.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ater Lupus,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=6yyeg1bu,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-01-17T06:54:45.195+0000) > > Rather than try and level the playing field to some degree, they purposely boost and bump them down depending on what THEY want to be played, rather than what people want to play. This is so true. I'll never forget back in 2015 when mid AD caster Varus was played for the first time in pro play. Riot wrote an entire article hyping the strategy only to then nerf it and deem it unhealthy after they got tired of seeing it. This has happened many times to many champions. Balance team doesn't care about balancing, they have their own agenda and it changes over time. One month something is cool the next it isn't and it will be gutted.
Nobody wanted AD mid caster Varus. Nobody liked to be snipe for possibly half your health from afar with no retaliation. It is like in S3 when poke mage became super strong and people discovered that actually, it is unfun as hell. Oh sure, it isn't the dreaded Zed killing me in minus 0,0000003 second, but it was horrible to play against for tanks, for bruisers and for squishy alike.
Roark1 (NA)
: Recently released champions reflects Riot's poor balance choices.
If neko is agile, then urgot is an agile juggernaut because he has a dash...
: Top lane and population
I really REALLY REAAAAAAAAAAALLY fucking hate how TP warped top lane more than anything and how everyone think this spell is fine because it isn't frontloaded damage so "Muh ignite is dumb, TP is smart". Like the benefits of TP are such that they made tank far more popular instead of balancing better the class. TP was like "Well like that, Top lane won't be an island. You are so dumb Nev, if you nerf TP, top laner will feel useless again" when the issue is that it made pressure on bot even stronger and it STILL DIDN'T FIX THE ISSUE OF TOP LANE." Teleport allow for a lot of smart decisions but also gave insane power. You could make "bad" back timing but have TP to not loose any minion. You could basically force people to cancel a gank by launching TP and CANCEL it so you don't loose CS. You could make a bad call and basically go like "WELP, NOT GOING THERE", etc. Then they rightfully smacked TP (which is still an insane pick toplane in pros/organised play) and since ignite got very strong, we had ignite instead. Top lane is a mess, tanks are a mess and I hope the changes Riot made to basically gut them in term of organised play so they could be stronger solo (looking at you ornn) is the first step to make Tanks being able to SOLO lane instead of being bottom biatch who don't do shit but have so much agency in their initiating power/tempo that they are too much in organised play. I honestly don't know what we could do to help top lane. The scuttle can be up there, the rift herald is a good objective, like... I don't know man. I don't know if fixing toplane is easy. I do think they need to continu to work on tank so then juggernauts feel more valuable. I do think TP is a interesting summoner spell but is bonkers and totally deserved to be nerf as much. I do think that Top laners lack agency or way to smartly play macro.
: Who do you think is the best designed champion and why ¿
I love a lot of champions, I find many people choice great but honestly Kindred take the cake for me (if we really speak about designs). The fact they made a characterisation about the concept of Death in runeterra, how wolf is violent and honest/almost innocent while Kindred is collected and somewhat cold/without emotions, the way they introduced it, etc. Kindred voicelines are simple amazing, like truly amazing.
Cosnirak (NA)
: Mastery 7 has a lot more meaning behind it than these rewards will. And it IS a gimmick... Riot already gives one of the worst ranked rewards in the entire gaming industry outside of the challenger only reward, if you happen to care about that kind of item at the time. Adding a nearly 0 increase to that means it's still one of the worst in the industry.
Masteries 7 show that you either spam this specific champion or had enough good games on them that you 'mastered' it. That is 'all'. What is the difference with stuff that show that you suceeded to get gold or that you broke the diamond barrier? It is just to define your accomplishment, it mean that if it mattered to you, you have ways to express and show it. Icon, ward, skin, border, emote and now armor plate. It is a lot of variable to say "Fuck yeah, I passed silver finally" or "I got diamond!" or "I am a damn freaking challenger pal, where are you at?" What kind of rewards did you wanted to get? Because I don't think games like HOTS or CS:Go or Overwatch do much to show a difference about it compared to it. I don't even think they give anything physical like riot if you are in the top 100? I mean, if you find them ugly, it is a whole other issue and we can talk about it (even though taste are... well very personnal overall). But what make you credible to say the rewards suck or are an insult? I would get it if you found the lootbox system bad or the whole blood moon capsules fiasco bad, but like I sincerely fail to see how these rewards are bad. I sincerely find you biased about this, the fact you downvote my precedent comment when it is a sincere opinion toward a rioter to give them a different feedback prove that you don't really care about discussing it and that you are more about dissing it out.
: Who do you think has the best visual design that matches the character and who has the worst ¿
I think at the moment, the worse are the ones said in this thread. For different reasons. Caitlyn is a relic of the past, she is this reminder of the cartoon way that Riot was making character and how the lore couldn't live ever to their thematic. Singed is honestly such an incredibly "evil" character in the lore, even "despised" by the noxians. He has SO SO SO much influence on some characters and yet, Singed is cartoony and weird. But not the good kind of weird, he is just flashy in colour, all over the place, he is an OTP pick that doesn't fit its thematic. And... yeah Malphite. Model is horrible, he is like... He is a titan, even like a chaotic force in some sort, a force of nature... And like... Gosh. This poor boy. I think like MANY of the new champion have amazing design that match their characters. Same for the VGU. Mention to Ornn & Urgot.
Echoing (NA)
: "I am Yrael. I am the hammers."
I... don't agree with this take. The idea is to make the opposition threatening, he is slaying EVERYONE in his ways. EVERYONE. It is the number of people taken, the idea of incoming doom, the "easiness" of their death even. You present him and you don't know how strong he is, but you see during the comic that he never falter, he never go back, he kill everyone in his path. That is how you make a buble pop, how you introduct a narrative to a new dynamic. It isn't about Ashe's internal problem with her mother apparent madness, it isn't about the quest when he is here, it is about a new doom. Something that just destroyed among Freljord best warrior. I think it is fair, I think it show that people that are spoken as incredible warrior are kind of "no match" against him. It prove how terrifying Lissandra army truly is.
saltran (EUW)
: Make it full VGU
I honestly feel his kit would use better the Ezreal treatment, like reworking a spell, making strong VFX for his other ones (like the roar being actually big and with thunder, improving how his ult VFX work, making his passive look different so it really show he is regenerating and have him scream lines when it activate, etc). For once, I don't think Moody is wrong on this one. Volibear need a better Q or W but I don't feel a full one is as much needed as some guys like Mord or Panth (and panth ult is quite good as it is).
Vlada Cut (EUNE)
: Camille. Oh boy learning her animation cancels is like reading a book. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
When you see a top elo camille player doing the animation cancel and you don't understand life anymore except you are scared, VERY scared {{sticker:sg-janna}}
Moody P (NA)
: Animation cancel double standard
As a fighting game player, this really trigger me in some sort because cancelling animation is a fun way to learn to do combo. You know like doing an AA --> W reset + tiamat kind of combo with Jax. I don't mean that cancel can't be unhealthy but I think it is kind of feel good thing that can be fun to do and not that bad to take. Renekton can do that since years and it never caused any issue, it was always one of the big point as a renekton main if you wanted to suceed in your trade. I am certainly biased (I don't main Riven btw, but I do love to play renekton top) but I feel it is a good feeling. As long as the cancel aren't unhealthy or make things clunky (like a tiamat cancel isn't bad, but me doing 3 spell in 1,2 sec by cancelling is not good either), keep it.
: Absolute Focus is getting nerfed on PBE
It is a very good rune, taken by many mage and ADC. I am surprised the board doesn't go full "Better now than never" because it was one of the few damage runes in the game that never got touch.
BigFBear (EUW)
: 3 Things i miss in the Voli Buff - from a 2 Million Mastery OTP
I was going to be doubtful as OTP player are often out of line in term of what they ask for buff and nerf but it isn't a bad idea. I especially like your first point and third point (a very big QoL). The second point is... meh, I don't feel volibear should be strong against tank, for me, his kit is good against bruisers and squishy because of how much mix damage he get by his kit which allow him to build tanky. Btw, his third point would be a strong QoL buff. Being able to move instead of cast mean not loosing like 1 sec of movement and that is huge for dual/gank. I also feel that the resurgence of ignite made him less prevalent (his regen isn't as crazy as mundo so...).
: Hashinshin has been spreading the word for years. Riven is AIDS.
Hashinshin whine on everything that beat him. If he died to a veigar AD, he would say it is op and abusive. It is how he works.
GigglesO (NA)
: Wow Assassin mains are petty
I mean, you say that in the board where everyone hate assassins so... Tho, as a biased person, fuck old leblanc. New one was maybe buster and needed to stay olafed but at least she felt fun.
: I doubt they are goig to nerf him. Tachm is an unfun tank while Pyke is a LC$ OUTPLAY$ character.
Pyke isn't really pick in LCS, many challenger say that as strong as he can be in a SoloQ environment, he has issue when it come to organised play. Tahm is an unfun tank to play against if you are a melee tho x)
: I'm sorry the rewards don't hit your standards or get you excited about playing Ranked, but I appreciate the feedback all the same.
I honestly dont feel that the reward are bad. If we keep the prestigious skin as an end of the season reward along with a ward, I feel have icon + emote for each split is entirely fair. Many people said masteries 7 woulf be gimmick and yet many people spam them for pride or the bm/banter, I feel emote about rank would be the same. Tho I understand that the summoner icon is always a tricky choice for people. Do we still keep the special border along with the armor? Because I feel it would let people feel special WHILE givibg thel an opportunity to show off in the way they want.
: Riot: "We're having Akali keep her shroud as it makes her very unique."
Aren't you the guys that say kit are overloaded and stuff? Isn't that a good thing if you take what the board always ask?
: > [{quoted}](name=Nevrankroaton,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Ir4w1Ern,comment-id=000100010000,timestamp=2019-01-15T06:54:44.790+0000) > > Any top support or top elo person will tell you have ignite dmg early is worthless, you only use it in pure all-in or if you made a good invade. That is it. Damage is damage/lane pressure, especially if you toss it on top of their first pot. Doesn't have to kill anyone, just puts some more pressure on them after 3 min.
Nobody want to waste a summoner spell like that. It is like me telling you that I can exhaust someone just for the sake of doing a better trade in-lane because it give me 2 auto. They are supposed to use in optimal/critical conditions XD Like you want your ignite to be used on an all-in, when you want to kill someone, not like a poke XD
Karfuss (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Nevrankroaton,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=faIrZPXM,comment-id=000700000000,timestamp=2019-01-15T06:57:01.249+0000) > > Yeah take the upvote farming in the biatch board, people saying pink ward is tankier than real people... > > Then someone is going to say &quot;Wow Dragon is tankier than tank LOL RIOT NERF TANK SO MUCH DID YOU SEE GUYS&quot; That would also be true doe. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
It is the idea you don't compare fucking apple to oranges.
Terchio (NA)
: First off, the PBE excuse is old. Not only have changes rarely been backtracked from PBE data, we just got a [Rioter response](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/lW4HPLIZ-honestly-whats-the-point-in-pbe?comment=0019) as to why that is. There are very good chances that this change is meant to go live. Second, this is a definite potential issue for laning, as well as teamfighting. Ignite's 210 second cooldown matched Exhaust, so now the 30 second sway means if two champions traded the two skills, the ignite one gets to have 30 seconds of zoning space above Exhaust, which can be a huge deal for a support in bottom hoping to gain an edge early in the game. This also effects a number of junglers who often relied on sustain to tank such fights. On top of that, from 210 to 180 seconds goes from being close enough to Flash's 300 second cooldown down to being really close to half of it, and being ready for skirmishes potentially twice as fast. Prior to this, instant-advantage summoner spells were on a minimum 210 second cooldown. Now if they can cover the nerf damage gap, champions can not only snowball better early, but they can also use that advantage more often lategame because instead of waiting for the 5 minute timer on everyone's Flash to fall off, you might be able to sneak in an ignite kill between teamfights and lose little to no effectiveness during the teamfights. The only fair/non-abusive attribute to this change is that the cooldown now matches Barrier. Ignite was quite popular mid, as was Barrier, so this brings the Ignite/Barrier skirmishes to more of an even point instead of the Barrier champion holding a 30-second edge where they could zone. All-in-all, it's a hard call what will happen, but there's plenty of room for abuse situations to arise from this "nerf".
You don't use ignite the immediate moment you have it, obviously having it sooner make you more aware of creating a fighting situation in your advantage but it is up to you. If your opponent timed your ignite or used exhaust at the same time as your ignite, he will think "Okay, I am close to having exhaust so it mean they must have ignite, I will play safe". Ignite lost a big chunk of damage and it mean that even if you can use it more often, it is less efficient. Think of it this way, do you want a situation where there is 90% chance that you will die every 210 second or do you want a situation where you have 70% of dying every 180 second? You see what I mean? CD Buff are big, I agree with you but if you lower an efficiency, it isn't that big. It is like making ezreal Q having no base damage BUT having 2 sec less lvl 1. Is it op? Is it actually hurting his poking style (especially early)? It is a shift of power, I honestly wouldn't scream at the wolf, especially when other dmg instance will be nerf in number, that they are giving some go on tankiness, nerfing some of the current meta abuser/top tiers, etc.
: teleport, yorick, and quite often silly reasoning with changes they make. it's happened before and it will likely happen again power shifts also tend to rarely work because they often do not address what is the main problem what you do is: nerf abilities with problems, observe the results and record what the intended change was supposed to be, if the outcome is undesirable, address another part of the kit or change the numbers One step forward and one step back doesn't get you anywhere. You have to have a goal for what you are doing...
Look at my answer on PaffWasTaken, because if you don't explain to me how a lower CD is a big issue, your answer is void of interest.
: 1- Certain aspect of the game has a balance problem 2- Community ask for the balance problem to be solved 3- Riot fixes the balance problem 4- Riot introduces at the same time a potential different balance problem without actually giving a care if the certain aspect needs it 5- Community rightfully complains about how this isn't how balance works 6- "Omg gameplay boards so dumb asking for nerfs all the time"
Where is the problem about ignite having lower CD? Explain it to me, please, tell me with strong argument why ignite have 30 sec less on its CD is going to be a big issue. Because the issue was how much ignite would deal as a front loaded damage input, not that it exist. We saw with the nerf on eletrocute that it effectively tuned down some of the stupid damage input that make people mad while still letting the spell promote fighting/trading if the person want to do so. Having ignite with a lower CD and less damage will promote more fighting, notably in botlane, and also make toplane be less scary because you won't have to fear taking as much damage as before. Also, it is the PBE, things could change the next day so it is better to wait for the PATCH NOTES to see what the final itineration is. And yes, it is how balance work. For example, if a champion has a super long range but is too strong in this area, you nerf it. But if this champion is BALANCED around that, you need to sometime shift power so he doesn't feel clunky/with only one arm. Because he could have others weakness because of this strength and therefore said weakness aren't necessary/need to be as big.
Felvyne (EUW)
: I rly wish next Ahri skin is a more dark vibe line, like Dark Star or Coven. For the sake of difference. Even if it's in 10 years
Indeed, she also lack a kind of horrific/aggressive skinline other than foxfire (and foxfire is an old skin) and I think it could make a good fit to take a "sexy" character and make it different. Quite sure people wouldn't be angry at this.
PhRoXz0n (NA)
: Crit Item Explorations Part 2
If you want quick feedback: I am kinda worried that PD giving a shield make it feel very generic, the previous passive sucessfully mitigated damage and I think it felt more cohesive with the item name/feeling. It is like a "ADC Sterak" and I fear it create some abuse case with such high number (or will it scale with lvl?). The only other thing that bother me is IE being back at a "DMG more" item. I rather have it either convert crit in some kind of bonus stat or be a "stronger tank melting" option. You will tell me, LW get buff... But I feel it make IE be again a plain item.
: So you're saying that all champions take at least 4 attacks to die in this meta? Cause that's a big lmao right there
Yeah take the upvote farming in the biatch board, people saying pink ward is tankier than real people... Then someone is going to say "Wow Dragon is tankier than tank LOL RIOT NERF TANK SO MUCH DID YOU SEE GUYS" or other kind of r%%%%%ed comparaison and people will applaude and upvote this. No wonder nobody with common sense talk here anymore.
: > [{quoted}](name=Super Cow Swag,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Ir4w1Ern,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-01-14T23:41:26.131+0000) > > Why lower the cooldown to compensate though. lvl 1 ignite bot lane so itll be free damage and ready for all in 3 min in :D
Any top support or top elo person will tell you have ignite dmg early is worthless, you only use it in pure all-in or if you made a good invade. That is it.
: Here we are at it again. Riot being completely incapable of just nerfing something without adding a compensation buff
As someone say on reddit, it is because Ignite is here to promote fighting and since the dmg is rightfully nerf, having a lower CD make people search for more trade/fight without ignite being so strong it make it a death sentence. There is no big issue in this, only people in gameplay think something should be nerf to oblivion and that shift of power isn't allowed.
Moody P (NA)
: Why remove Irelia's unique strengths?
The shield thing was out of place in the firdt place, it was here to give some of you boners because we had ardent meta last year... You play irelia so you can attack shield? Most of you would forget that shit and it was stupidly strong for no reason. The disarm mechanic make me far more surprised to be honest but again ireliea was always about her mobility and sustaib/on hit style before, she alreafy destroy adc so the ult was like an even bigger win button for it. Rather see the disarm mechanic on a support or a tank, make more sense. You cant want to nerf irelia overloaded kit and just say "damage damage dmage" when some of you said -3ad nerf on graves was nothing when it effectively reduced his winrate....
: Pink wards actually feel tankier than quite a bit of champions right now
"Not exagerating" And this get upvoted. This board...
: Why are people surprised about the Vayne buffs?
LeeSin got nerfed when new skins would come, it was almost a joke back in S3 that having a legendary skin would make you nerf at the same time. IDK what you smoke with your BS illuminati theory.
: Problem with mages: 1 build path
As a main mage, the fact you think we should distribute magic pen on multiple item tell me that you don't realize how broken it will be to have multiple option like lethality do. And also how pointless it would be to have 4/5 pen mag by item, it would hit some champion too hard. Diversity is a lie, there never had been any diversity for mages except "Morello or Graal" which was a fake flipcoin. You always built the same item. Ever. If you didn't, it mean that your champion follow an other SPECIFIC set of item like rushing liandry or leachbane or whatever. Also there is mages that use hextech probelt or zhonya first, etc. Like lissandra or ekko or vlad. Problem is that luden is too good of a generic choice when seraphin is for champ who spam spell (and was broken when it wasn't cattering to that), and the other item is too 'weak' compared to the two but its big ass active could actually be far too strong if it was buffed improperly. I do agree to improve some AP on some item to make them more attractive but let me you this: Mage will ALWAYS want burst dmg and whatever make them scale fast. Old void staff, DFG, luden, old morello, etc.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Nevrankroaton,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Fmbs8YXB,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-01-11T05:55:27.988+0000) > > If you dont think rakan w/r combo being nerf is pretty big to actually give time to people to flash/disengage him, it doesn't, from 2000 speed to 1400 speed means instead of taking 0.5 sec to reach 1000 range he will take ~~0.7 sec, IT DOES NOT DO ANYTHING
It is HUGE, are you insane? It mean he doesnt benefit from his ult MS bonus too or celerity or any MS bonus from items, it mean that rakan can't freaking R/W at light speed. It is what made him so strong in pro play and made him have so much nerf in the first place. As someone said, when Leblanc W has 1600 MS on her W and they reduced the speed to 1300, it felt so bad for her combo that they rebuffed her to 1450MS... You are properly insane if you think it doesn't do anything. It is as quick as a charged Vi Q, you flash that on reaction EASILY.
: 5% more AS for Jarvan won't be enough to make him 100% meta again, but it for sure will help with his jungle clear, i like this change
I feel it is the safe bet to make him better. People always ask to not buff his dmg and his issue came more with his cleaning. At worse they can buff just a little his base armor or hp so he is more competitive in the jungle.
Lhuhz (EUW)
: {{item:3715}} nerf omegaLUL They removed the true vision, what a fucking joke.
If you could all fucking wait for surrender at 20 to get all the info. They nerfed the duration and the dmg on the dot too.
: > [{quoted}](name=the shy top,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Fmbs8YXB,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-01-10T22:11:03.807+0000) > > Reverting 8.1 brand buffs a year later. So you&#x27;re meaning to tell me his winrate was bumped +4% and stayed like that for a year? > > Balance team makes me want to harm something. Harm them, they are the guilty ones.
It is one of the most cringe post I saw here. Might want to reconsider your life if you come to write bs like this over balance in a video game.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: Trash nerfs, Trash buffs
If you dont think rakan w/r combo being nerf is pretty big to actually give time to people to flash/disengage him, you shouldnt talk ever about balance. For J4, it is a qol buff for early. 5%as is nothing to laugh at. It is one or two auto by camp meaning you kill it faster meaning you take less damage and meaning you have a quicker clear time too. Urgot I would have make it from 4 to 3, I say that as an urgot main. See what it does but 3,5 is too nice. The rest you didnt wait for surrender at 20 to get all the info, as usual in this damn moronic section. They nerf the dmg and duration. Maplenectar also shared the ignite nerf and it is good nerf (bigger cd, little less dmg dmg and way lower at lvl 18). Stop making gamrplay board upvote farm ffs...
: Need to be careful with external sites when it comes to reporting the current day - there tends to be weird things with how the data gets parsed. See below for an example on Cass - her winrate certainly didn't plummet to 44% today. https://imgur.com/5pnaFmu The image below is what we're seeing in regards to her winrate increase at high mmr (plat+). https://i.imgur.com/rC5edyD.png Can't for the life of me get those images to work inline with the post, but if you hover over them you can see em.
Careful with bringing critical thinking here, people in this section arent used to it.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: What the fuck are those neeko buffs
The only crazy thing in my opinion is the leap duration being shortened, the rest is entirely fine/over estimated.
Moody P (NA)
: rubick ult actually takes skill to use and he isn't a burst assassin with two massive survival spells
Rioter Comments
: Jeez, He is one A**hole. He doesn't view Galio as a kind being with sentient thoughts and feelings, he views him as an object of what he hates. He's an emotional manipulator and arguably an abuser with Lux. Honestly? For someone who hates oppression he is a Jerk.
I think you don't grow to like a society that oppress you and used you to finally put you to jail for the end of time because of an incident you couldn't control. Dude is being incarcered and see that the higher class of Demacia got freedom despite having bits of magic while the lower class is being punished harshly, dude got like sentenced to DEATH because he talked with Lux and asked for one book. Can't blame him for being biased.
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