: Are there any news on the Lissandra story that appeared on the Russian server?
A rioter will confirm or not but I do believe that even if a story is being written or done, it doesn't mean it will even come out during the same year. Riot release their stories according to some sort of planification if I am not mistaken. Let's say Lissandra stories talk a bit about the war among the three sisters and the void, Riot won't release it until a specific comic is out or when they also want to kinda tease a new champion that is a voidborn one. Also it is very possible they scrapped stories because even if they finally kinda settled their lore goal, they keep retconing some part of it/trying to find a way for some archetype like the darkin to coexist/be logical in this world (think about how Kayle/Morgana became connected with targons WHILE being themselves and their own stories). So maybe a story isn't "good" anymore for the lore. Aint easy to be a writer and be a lore fan, because it isn't a high priority (and fans don't hype much this kind of content alas) and therefore there is delay /need to harmonize with the events, champs release, etc.
: Fair and Fun aren't mutually exclusive.
Fun is entirely subjective. I now enjoy quite a bit to play mages against Yasuo, but I sure hate to hell laning against Syndra or a Xerath. It is why I think they are exclusive in the sense that "fun" is a subjective metric, fair can be more easily argumented about because it goes on some facts.
: > [{quoted}](name=Nevrankroaton,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yU5k25O5,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-06-06T07:34:54.279+0000) > > If you think Zed is strong/broken atm, nothing can save you. > Also, if you think Talon Vs Zed is in Zed favour, you never played the match-up because Talon dumpster Zed in and out > > Zed is also certainly not meta atm, do you even see what the top pick are? Ryze, Sylas, Irelia, Akali (less priority tho), Vlad, Neeko (flex, not OP as a mid), Leblanc. > We see Syndra, Orianna, Lissandra too. > But by NO MEAN do we get a Zed in pro play and he is rare at high elo. Whether or not {{champion:91}} beats {{champion:238}} is beside the point I made. The point I made is that whenever I see those two go at it. {{champion:91}} usually loses. Whether or not that changes in higher elo, I don't know. I play the game, I don't watch it.
What the fuck is the point of saying this then? If I say I saw recently three kayle beating a renekton ignite early, it doesn't mean that the match-up isn't hard or bad for kayle early, etc. There is no fucking fact in this, I could tell you "I had two yuumi player saying hail hitler", it doesn't mean I would be right supposing or claiming yuumi player are fucking nazi (yes, point godwin, fuck it, it is too dumb of a conversation).
: Why is zed allowed to be strong/broken season after season.
If you think Zed is strong/broken atm, nothing can save you. Also, if you think Talon Vs Zed is in Zed favour, you never played the match-up because Talon dumpster Zed in and out Zed is also certainly not meta atm, do you even see what the top pick are? Ryze, Sylas, Irelia, Akali (less priority tho), Vlad, Neeko (flex, not OP as a mid), Leblanc. We see Syndra, Orianna, Lissandra too. But by NO MEAN do we get a Zed in pro play and he is rare at high elo.
: {{champion:157}} I would take him with me so everyone else could enjoy a normal :3
I am quite sure he is a pleasant person to talk with, dude lived through a lot of shit and had time to reflect on stuff. Also, he could use some friends to help him with grief/self forgiveness/find his place.
Oriaxis (NA)
: Pyke passive/scalings
No, Pyke must NOT scale with hp or resistance, Pyke tank was played at his release and it created a lot of issue because his utility is high, he had an execute and with tankyness, he was a tank/slippery catcher. Riot gatekeeped him in the lethality build so pyke stay squishy and so him having high sustain with his W/passive make sense. He is here to harass you, move back and all-in you when the timing is right. Pyke is certainly at his less toxic moment (despite Pyke top...) because of that, because his kit reward building damage and keep him from abusing tankyness like Ekko/Nidalee and others did. So no. Never. I love pyke but for the sake of everyone, pyke must NEVER be able to build tanky again. And you can build AD on pyke, there is no issue, you can build two lethality item and after that some other AD item.
: So.... I'm guessing we're going to see Taric/Sona Duos for awhile.....
Sona/Taric fucking exist since one or two month, why are you complaining about it now? This shit is only used at high elo and even there, it is quite rare. I can tell you since it started mainly in EUW (SKT banned it against G2 at MSI because they don't really know how to play it/against it as korea didn't use that strat) and that I frequently watch high master/challenger EU streams, it isn't even really played atm. You smash this lane with any kill pressure lane, pick a blitzcrank/naut or even tresh/leona with a draven/lucian/kalista and you are going to destroy their lane. Sona/Taric is made to scale mid game and ESPECIALLY late game where sona has her carry potential and with Taric, their provide so much heal/peeling along with taric gamebreaker ult and sona good damage that they can carry TF as long as their three other laner aren't monkey. It isn't even an abuse case, there is clear counter to it, there is interaction in the lane, them loosing plates since they are outpushed mean the ADC snowball harder and allow botlane to have bot pressure which unlock dragons and possibly first blood turret. I am not saying it is weak but it isn't even really played atm (the hype kinda went away in EU), you guys in NA didn't fucking talk about it until your NA team picked it while this shit exist for months and clear counter have been shown. Obviously, support item have abuse cases and it is an interesting talk but don't freaking talk about Sona/Taric like it is the new "abusive" strat when it isn't. Ps: Also the team C9 is facing is CLG, which is bottom 2 team with 100thieves atm, it isn't like their own level (they compete for the 1st spot as a NA team) isn't to take into consideration in this match.
: Exhaust is dead
It is still strong, it is just that when you pick tank support/catcher like alistar/thresh/naut/leona/rakan, ignite is way better to use your early pressure. but exhaust is still strong, it is still very strong against diver/assassin/hyper carries. People just feel better taking barrier mid against AD assassin than exhaust because psychologically, you think "shield" is stronger than just destroying any all-in. True damage isn't the issue. Btw, every janna player use ignite. Like, Janna player who maxxed W weren't playing an enchanter, they were unleashing years of cockblocking let me tell you.
xAcidik (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Nevrankroaton,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tbwxVkgU,comment-id=000e00000000,timestamp=2019-05-27T20:37:56.141+0000) > > Because it is their role, they are taken as bully laner and have other weakness for that (bad teamfighting capacity, bad wave clear, scaling not so well, etc), it is their job to bully a lane and try to make it behind. If there wasn't bully laner, you couldn't punish strong tank or weak early top laner. Wait on what planet do Vayne and Kennen have weak teamfight capacity?
On the same planet turret are weak. Not everything I mentionned are their weakness. Kennen have TF capacity but don't scale as well/have not the best waveclear. Vayne isn't with a huge wave clear and is tricky to use in TF depending of the ennemy team/her team, etc)/
: > [{quoted}](name=Seba7290,realm=EUNE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=ReJXbbaE,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-05-28T18:57:37.221+0000) > > Now we just need a Freljordian John Wick and Runeterra will be saved Braum Wick
: Riot had the perfect opportunity to give Xerath a skin next patch, but nope, not even after 4 years
It will come after, if it isn't now, it will be next month or the one after, be patient. Sincerely, from a freaking Urgot main, trust me, I know the feel... Also I am happy for Shaco Mains.
: I'm actually incredibly surprised that Karma was chosen. Not to offend anyone who mains or plays her, that skin just doesn't really fit her.
I do like champions that aren't easily visible in a skinline being throw into it, it challenge my way of viewing of just always going for what seem obvious (dark start urgot made so much sense in my head, but §I bet no one think of the pool party Urgot concept I am having, the same way a Zac main maybe have some crazy skin idea that we would never think as fitting for him).
Aamano (NA)
: @Riot, please bring back King of Clubs Morde's long flowing cape
I propose to wait a bit to see how the skin truly is ingame because with just this model, it is hard to judge to be fair.
: One of Riot's biggest mistakes was indulging in mages as "supports," enforcing damage over utility
So TL:DR You got stomped by mages bot and hated it. Because I see more naut/tresh/braum in my botlane, at high elo and proplay than any mage support, be it velkoz/zyra/brand. Hell, I see more enchanter than mage recently (Karma/Sona/Yuumi notably, lulu if we have a hyper carry or a diabolical lulu main).
TheGrot (NA)
: How to nerf top Jayce without nerfing mid Jayce
You don't need to remove the mana regain from his hammer stance, if anything it promote Jayce to be melee and give trade back. Just increase his mana cost a bit (especially if he full combo) and if you really want to nerf him, reduce his MS while in cannon by 5 (even 10 if you want to smack him hard and compensate in other area).
: Nobody wants Jg.
Don't forget that with Yuumi being out, many more people play support in ranked to abuse her or just train her. It is the same when a new jungler is out, suddenly you are autofilled top/support. And fun is subjective, I don't think anybody had fun when jungler could afk farm their comp with feral flare, I don't think anyone had fun when bulky tank would come out of the jungle and be so hard to kill, I don't think laner liked to have lvl 3 gank all the time, etc etc. You can still do some solo action, but the role of the jungler was always to make move according to his laner (gank, counter jungling, warding deep, taking objectives, contesting scuttles), it always felt miserable when everyone loose their lane and you don't have any priority, S2/S3 wasn't different, people just weren't as aware/good as we are now.
Du Ma Mi (NA)
: wait u like Peter Parker?
sho ayane (EUW)
: im a poppy one trick, more base damage for tanks is a massive mistake, it will only make things worse. Although, i would love to read the angry threads by adc players afterwards
The main reason tanks were outliner weren't base damage, it was ADC lack of self sustain/defensive option (+ their weak base stat, since they don't scale as much as other, you can't soak up good base damage like a bruiser would) along with some tank item giving natural damage boost (frozen gauntlet, sunfire cape) + them being way too hard to kill at mid game time and having way too much way to engage someone (hello righteous glory). It was honestly a LOT of issues (not especially link to them, they just abused it the same way Ezreal would abuse klepto) at once that made them that way. Anyway, I mention base damage not because I want more damage, I want some tank to be able to contest wave/pushing so they can be useful. Sion wasn't just taken because of his good defensive stat, he was able to push/control waves well early on and it really helped him. I thought the bami cinder lower cost would help but you have other item to rush to. Loosing 6 stack dematarialiser also kinda hurted their capacity to contest the push.
: If a champ has a 54.7% win rate with a 15.8% play rate and best on win rate of 61.6...
It is exactly what one of the Rioter was saying. He showed stats about some champions and didn't showed their name. Everyone agreed that Jinx's stats were warranty of a nerf, thinking it was vayne or riven. Riven had some high number that made people see a small nerf and I believe Vayne was actually fine (which made people quite tamed). There is perception Vs facts (you could say reality), you pinpoint more easily your point of frustration that what is strong. It is easier to say "Vayne is too strong because she does a lot of damage on me" Vs "Jinx actually ate up 2 turret after one bad TF at the start of mid game". You notice when what you fear or dislike, aka "Vayne is gonna ult and duel me and kill me", is present Vs what you ignore/dont really mind (Jinx poking you with the bazooka stance and making you move back, her slowly chunking out your frontline, her destroying neutral objective or just making any turret melt). Even if one is CLEARLY better/stronger, frustration is what people focus on. Why do you think we get people making topic about their loosing streak or this bad game with an AFK and they never talk about the 10 games before where nothing special happened? Add to that confirmation bias and we are in for a loop. If you wonder, Jinx don't get nerf because her proplay presence is abyssal atm (not an issue at very high elo too) and nobody complain about her. At the same time, people ban/hate fighting Draven while he doesn't nearly have the same stat as her. It is logical but funny.
: they recycled a lot of mechanics here. his e is literally darius e with armor pen swapped for magic pen. the ultimate is {{champion:114}} ult that they originally wanted to give her with her rework. i still like how he turned out overall.
If you go like this, you can belittle many champ abilities. Neeko E is like zyra E. Pyke R is like Darius R. Yuumi E/R is like sona W/R. It come to the chemistry within a kit and the nuance in it, him having innate magic pen mean he can make a build path very differently from other AP bruiser (well there is no true AP bruiser itemisation but you see my point).
: with all the metal he must weigh a skele**TON**
: Well he has MY vote! Totally unbiased opinion. If you have to pick between two evils why not pick the GREATER of the two?!
You are obviously a terrible example, you would pick your CAN man to my SPIDER LEG BOY in term of coolness. I can't accept that, you are a false prophet Malicious Metal! BEGONE.
Rioter Comments
Sherogarth (EUNE)
: Lets face it: Mordekaiser's ult will become a balancing nightmare.
Just for info, it was confirmed that the ult can be remove by cleanse and QSS
: > and can't be rewarded Yes please reward {{champion:17}} / {{champion:67}} / {{champion:85}} / {{champion:126}} for outpushing me. I don't know why, but let's just do it!
Because it is their role, they are taken as bully laner and have other weakness for that (bad teamfighting capacity, bad wave clear, scaling not so well, etc), it is their job to bully a lane and try to make it behind. If there wasn't bully laner, you couldn't punish strong tank or weak early top laner.
: Odyssey: Extraction and Star Guardian Invasion need to come back
If you guys didn't know, a Rioter made a poll about the modes we wanted to see again (including nexus blitz) for a bit of information. While it was kinda skewed by the multiple vote, it included all of the PvE mode and the category was kinda high (under nexus blitz, dominion and possibly urf I believe).
: A guide on how to stop getting autofilled support
How to truly avoid being an autofill support. Be a support main. OR (watch out, challenger trick), learn some support because in my damn old fucking times, you would learn 1 to 3 champ to play in other position!
xAcidik (NA)
: Buff Towers
If a turret was like near your recommendation, there would be no interaction in lane. You could just let people push and farm safely with no consequences. Longer range = Anyone trying to hit your turret while wave is crashing is hugely at risk and can't be rewarded for outpushing you. Buff their damage = Remove any benefit of trading/trying to harass you despite you turtling. Reducing aggro = No possibility to force a dive, to take advantage of champion kits or early aggression, to punish a weak early laner. No, it would be terrible. People wanted turret to be more resistant and they are, that is all. They also got their AD buffed with the whole turret plate changes and it actually is strong enough to reward people outplaying a dive/punishing someone being aggro near/under their turret.
: Tahm Kench in top lane is filthy
And remember that he was even stronger top before...
: Can Yasuo Ult Stop Taking Him Out of Turret Range?
Is it possible I gain 1 dollar everytime we have this topic? I am pretty sure I would be able to pay myself a new graphic card after 2/3 month...
: https://media.giphy.com/media/qmfpjpAT2fJRK/giphy.gif
Answering in gif, the good old classic when you can't even form a proper opinion.
: A Patch in the Right Direction!
What a simplistic way to judge balance... Like... dmg creep is in the board head, riot nerfed EVERY runes/items/summoner spell that the board said was responsible for dmg creep over the past year and a half. The also kept ADC "nerfed". So what the fuck are you talking about? You think that S2 or S3 was about low damage? It was about people not having the same income (hello S2 jungler 2 gold/5 item, vision elixir support) and their itemisation being shit (Remember when Orianna became stronger/more used once mage had a proper mana regen item in graal athene? When BC allowed AD bruiser/assassin to scale?). The only true change was how CDR is more implemented in items/runes, it is all. That and the game evolving about minion push, the way turret work, drakes and barons, etc. Just try to fucking read the patch note for the past few months, try to at least pretend to know the way the game evolved. It is more about mechanics and the way kits interact between themselves atm than "Dmg creep". You guys oversimplify everything.
: To be fair to Akali fans, it's not their fault CertainlyT came and literally murdered the character's future. I have no idea what they thought was gonna happen with her new kit. They've removed half the passives she had at launch and she's **still** too hard to keep in check for high elo. It's like they haven't learned anything from the many Ryze fiascos or what happened with Mordekaiser, also courtesy of CertainlyT.
Old akali was as bad and more cancerous than old akali. New akali problem is just her number, notably on her ultimate and the way she can make strong trade. She is far less problematic than old akali, don't sell dumb narratives because CertainlyT added a new mechanic that made people rage and then pretend the whole kit is the anti-christ...
TomiMan7 (EUNE)
: Why would you want to buff anything at all on him? He supposed to be a hard champion, like akali, yet she gets nerfs even tho she had a 46%wr. A lot of new/noob players drag these champs winrate down. That doesnt mean they need buffs.
The fact you get upvoted kinda prove you don't know what tool Yasuo need to win lane against mage/make him able to do properly his job in skirmish/TF. Whatever, it is the gameplay board, what did I expect, a conversation that isn't about black or white.
: They should keep this Yasuo "bug"
Let's say they make this bug becoming an intended mechanic. What do you buff about Yasuo then? Base hp? HP regen? Shield creation? He surely doesn't more damage or MS, WW having lower CD will make people even more furious. So what do you do for him?
Meddler (NA)
: Wukong Prototype on PBE: Additional changes
Wukong having an AD ratio on magic damage should enforce him as a bruiser I hope (it is very strong and will help him).
ßlameMyADC (EUNE)
: Agreed. His ult is not what I have trouble with. What annoys and this is honestly the only thing that annoys me, is that he get's a shield that doesn't just represent a certain amount of dmg, it fucking eats up almost any dmg source like it's nothing and he gets it for **drumroll** walking... Malphite has a similar shield, but it has a proper CD and it isn't a fucking "dmg blackshield"
He is a wanderer. Let him walk damn it, he doesn't even have a home anymore. Poor dude, you all rude.
Laura ß (NA)
: Just one of many reasons this games trash and you should never play it to relax after a hard day
Bad game happen, if you play a competitive team game and can't handle loosing or bad teammate, just don't play it. There is tons of easier or less frustrating game to play for you. I get mad/salty in game and I know it is my fault for doing so, in the end, I could learn to see when a game seem to fail and detach myself (at worse, try to do some good things in it so I get a good feeling/better knowledge from it).
Ryzê (NA)
: is there a thematic reason why yasuo gets placed outside turret range during his R?
So you can all make ten billion fucking topic about it like it killed your children and pets. It is clearly not the thing I would even argue about Yasuo, but since people want to pinpoint every one of his strength when they hate on it, it is as bad as satan.
: If I were God Emperor of Riot and could do whatever I wanted for season 10..
Right at the start, I want to make sure to have someone stab you in the back dear emperor because: > No more pushing a meta. Certain meta-enforcement design decisions, like locking jungle items behind Smite, would be reverted immediately. It is here for a reason. Like all of the changes Riot made was for a reason and jungle items not being lock by smite brought a lot of issue, the same way exp not being gated for non jungler or afk farming jungle camp and minion brought a lot of issue. > I would prefer buffing over nerfing wherever possible. Getting nerfed feels terrible, and it's worse if you're a onetrick. One tricker are not people playing lol, lol is a game about playing more than one champion, being more than being unidimensional. It is also about teamcomp, counters, etc. We all saw what happen when too much is buffed, as a fighting game player also, you thinking buff are better than nerf mean you have no idea how to properly handle the game design you have. > I'd be open to average game length going above 30 minutes, based on a wide and universal poll of players. (I have the power to pop up surveys in the client, after all.) So it mean early will be irrelevant again, we will be back in S2/S3 with games taking forever to finish. 30 min game doesnt mean a good game, what people want is not having some mistake be too snowball heavy. But you SHOULD be able to snowball, if not your early decisions making/being ahead don't matter and it remove agency. > The same applies to ingame information. Someone quoting "0/10" at you because you've died 10 times is not bannable. You don't get ban just for saying this. It is just often quoted as one of the thing you do when you are being overly negative/toxic. You just put something without context, ofc you can say that "X sentence" is not bad, but it is often the crystalisation of you continuing to be an asshole/shittalking instead of shutting the fuck up and playing the game. I can totally see what kind of person you are when you say a little further: > Inting should be treated as cancer and handled just as seriously, as it destroys game integrity. Of course... The famous "Me being mad isn't bad but this person isn't having a bad game, SHE FEED INTENTIONALY. CANCER PERSON. ME RIGHT, PLEASE BAN THAT". Typical. > Introduce a "prime matchmaking" queue. This is the opposite of DOTA-esque LPQ. You are granted Prime status by going a certain amount of time with no behavioral penalties and verification of some real life information like a phone number, and paying of a token fee. Prime queues are basically ranked, but with extremely high standards for professionalism, behavior, and competitive integrity. This queue would use normal solo/duo MMR and not be a separate ladder. You DONT fucking get a cookie for being a decent person. Especially because you invented this BS queu just so you can get rid of a problem that riot try to deal with, aka disparity in role and people trolling if you don't give them assigned lanes. > You do not gain mastery, XP progress, or item drops when playing on a locked champion. You get to play the champion, that's it. What? why? You still played the game, you still invested your time. When you play a free rotation champ, you don't own it and yet you gain exp. Wtf is this BS? > The matchmaker will attempt to create balanced team compositions (i.e. not placing a team full of poke against a team full of bruisers, etc). You fucking ask for it to be true ARAM, aka true random. BUT it shouldnt be true random? What is even the fucking point then? You do know that randomness mean no fairness, it is random, it doesn't have a thinking or logic. When you toss a coin, jesus isn't here to give you a pat and make sure Face come out once after 5 try. There is stuff I don't disagree or agree with (The clients, I would take you if you just made sure the clients was functionnal for all, I don't even truly suffer from it but it is honestly very bad) but like, jesus christ. It is why I hope it is never random people or reddit/board/twitter/pro players who balance a game but people who are deep in the core design/philosophy/date of the game. Of course it is all opinion (I am vehement because I hate the board echochamber BS), we happen to disagree on a lot of things but like... Urgh the trigger (especially the jungle item things, like... urgh, you give forget the past way too easily) show me that you don't truly think about the game or the lessons to take from it, but more about how you feel/what you think yourself.
: To be totally fair, with regards to ignite, it was still overall buffed. Ignite went from 70 - 410 damage to 80 - 505 damage on patch 8.6 It was then changed back to 70 - 410 on Patch 9.2, but it also had it's cooldown reduced to 180 seconds from 210 seconds. I totally agree with the rest of your comment. Idk how this thread is still relevant in the Kai'sa/Vayne era we're currently in. Yeah Zed will oneshot you if he lands his shit and you're a squishy caitlyn while he has his two lethality items before you've got your boots. The Boards: Damage is too high! Everyone always oneshots everyone! Also the Boards: One person doing badly will ruin the game! Can't Carry!
Oh no no, I didn't mean ignite nerf was like "bad", it is more like I meant that they ALREADY nerfed a lot of things. Hell, even Guinsoo got nerfed, vayne got nerf, riven got nerf. What else do they need?
: > [{quoted}](name=ShakeNBakeUK,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Q6hjXNbN,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-05-19T23:23:54.478+0000) > > her early game sux and could use a little help > but yea her late game is nuts if you know what ur doing ;) > untargetable, unkillable, unkiteable, and turns someone on ur team into a raid boss. Her early game isn't even bad at all though. Her poke is really strong and she can get plenty of harass off with aery autos which leads to shields and then going back for more Q harass. I think her early game is extremely underrated. But yeah, I usually dumpster her with strong early game engage supports.
You poke early early isn't that big, like yuumi at lvl 1 is good because you have the free shield + your Q but lvl 2 isn't very impressive (despite her heal being clearly underestimated). I felt I got online more at lvl 3/4 where the lany bullying could come. I just feel people don't see how strong her R is at lvl6, being in an all-in ADC like lucian/trist or helping an initiator... Almost every gank can become a guaranteed kill. add to that your good sustain, good shield and your ranged slow that ALLOW to close the distance.
: > [{quoted}](name=Exıtus,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Q6hjXNbN,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2019-05-20T01:47:42.759+0000) > > I think the hotfix was fine, but I don't think she needs the 'training wheel' buffs a Rioter mentioned to get people to stop calling her bad. They even said they might have to nerf her so I do'tn think its a good idea for 'training wheel buffs' if you plan on nerfing her. Sadly, despite what people say, Riot is beholden to lower-tier players rather than higher tier players. If enough Gold or below players complain, Riot acts. Its been this way since Season 1 sadly: The worst player gets buffs catered to them more than the best, simultaneously complaining about "The LC$" and "The smug diamonds" all the while being given a cake.
It is BS. Camille nerf as a jungler was made especially for high elo SoloQ for example. They made many nerfs cattered to pro play (and I don't mean that as a bad thing). It is a hard balance, to find a way to nerf obnoxious "noob stomping" champion like Yorick/Yi while nerfing champion that are hard to master but entirely top tiers or broken (Hello Ryze, Hello Irelia).
Rαy (EUW)
: This game isn't enjoyable anymore. And the reason is too much damage.
They nerfed basically ignite, many damage runes, problematic champions, etc. Yet I still see topic like that. Sometime I wonder if you guys actually don't die from simply positionning terribly and you try to think being in the range of a catcher with an assassin near mean you shouldn't die...
Yenn (NA)
: If normal matchmaking can't actually be fixed, can we at least opt-out of quick matches?
I never had an issue with the MMR of my draft. Sometime you get diamond/high diamond, sometime a rare challenger/grandmaster appear, sometime lower. Whatever. It is draft. I don't see your point.
: Hmm
I know you wanted mord to have this cat to pet. But Mord is way too metal for this, instead of having the cat to pet, he had the cat owner to pet.
: Replace "none" ban with "pass" to another teammate
If you think you loose because 4 champ were ban instead of 5, you are truly delusionnal...
: I'm not opposed to that either. I'd much rather have the old abyssal sceptor as an AP/MR item than the new banshee's.
The fact you want old abyssal back show that you are a filthy mid laner player like me and you don't want balance but just what suit you. I respect that. But for the sake of people playing this game, I don't want old abyssal back.
Even (NA)
: Disappointing patch releases
You know, I almost jumped at you like "WHAT DO YOU MEAN DISAPOINTING, YOU DAMN BOARD WANTED RIVEN NERF, VAYNE NERF AND YOU GOT IT. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?" and then I read what you wrote and I become "Oh...". On topic, yeah I agree it is weird to delay EVERY content. I can understand for the skinline but why did Yuumi not go live with the patch?
: Hey Meddler, thank you for the update and the hardwork. I'm a wuk main with over 2mil points on all accounts. My intake on the information presented in front of me [first we need to test it to see how it goes]: 1) the kit looks good, yet utility is still almost the same. 2) although heals have been added, the heal looks like will heal on Q AA only, which is part of why we needed the Q mechanic to change to begin with [ i still have no idea how the Q works if it's still AA reset or something else], but either way I was expecting a skillshot with added range + skill expression and slight CC. 3) Wukong still has no reliable form of CC compared to his class and other bruisers , he has no slows and still will not be able to provide for the team, rather, now he's a skirmishing bruisers from what I see. 4) instead of giving him additional resistances, we could give him % damage reduction on his passive or "R" when he engages the first second for example, that would give him more survivability, that's what Wukong mains want, to be able to last longer with the R and not be bursted down. 5) he looks like he has more potential to outplay the enemy with the "W,E" changes, but why not make the "W" stackable"? I dont see him being a better trickster with 1 clone only and it has the same invisibility as well. 6) Again, from my point of view, changing the Q to a skillshot with slight CC would give him a way better spot for laning phase and extra CC in his kit, the knockup on the R is not enough for a bruiser that doesnt have any form of "movement speed boost or slowing the enemies". 7) No form of shields [which again can be added to his stone skin theme rather than resistances]. I will test it as soon as it goes on PBE and will provide more info later on. _**Edit [ 3 Games played ]**_ I can only give feedback on how Wukong works in the jungle so far [im not a toplaner and I will let other top mains give their feedback]: 1) Jung wukong is really strong, specialy if combined with both Tiamat {{item:3077}} and sheen/tf {{item:3057}} /{{item:3078}} 2) Wukong now has 2 AA resets which makes him good in trading whether laning/ganks/counter jungling 3) There is no point in going Bruiser Wukong [for me I find the old assassin build playstyle is still viable though I recommend putting {{item:3078}} and {{item:3077}} as mandatory items for Wu since they will maximize his damage output with his Clone's damage and AOE at the same time] 4) Wukong lost 10% of armor shred but now the % armor shred can maximize his damage due to lasting longer for longer trades + his R can activate it on each tick] 5) I dont feel the heal or at least I find it a pointless extra addition 6) Wukong cant trade much with healers/shield bruisers [riven/darius etc] unless he bursts them down quickly 7) The armor/magic resistance part of the passive feels weak and irrelevant early/mid game and somewhat useful lategame [survivability problem still not solved] 8) I enjoy the Q passive that adds range, and if we want to make the Q healing better we should apply heal on each reset or can add both magic dmg and the heal as well for 9) Having no form of CC makes it hard to reach certain champs specially now that I try to save the W for trades rather than be sneaky [huge part of Wu's damage is in his W]. 10) Wu's damage mostly relies on the Q passive [AA resets/added range + W damage]. 11) sometimes the clone takes longer time to AA _**Edit 2:**_ This rework doesn't work: 1) Survivability problem is still there. and it's still dependent on 3+ enemies, which makes him less of a bruiser in lane, even in teamfight, stats doesn't make a bruiser anymore, rather, shields/heals/AOE sustain [look {{champion:92}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:420}} etc] + the fact that Penetration exists makes the passive even weaker 2) Heal is terrible, my opinion [we dont need heal, we want something that can block % of damage for lane trading] 3) I don't consider Wu a trickster: 1. 1 Clone is not enough, and the "S" stop command doesnt give you much potential to outplay anyone specially if they can AOE mash their keyboards to deny the outplay [{{champion:266}} {{champion:92}} ..] 2. Tricksters are assasins, with huge outplay potential and mobility [check {{champion:7}} can dash 2 times, and go back to same spot 2 times {{champion:35}} stealth that works as gap closer/dodge skillshots, W can trap/trick enemies, R can outplay any incoming damage] 4) Wu lost a lot of damage, and doens't have any source of reliable [hybrid damage/true damage/ % damage] that would allow him to sacrifice building damage and go for defensive items, even with the 20% armor shred on his Passive, its still bad, since he lost 10% comparing to the previous Q. 5) Now you save W in hopes you deal damage in case someone tried to duel, cant work as an assassin or you will lose high damage output, cant be sneaky anymore [part of why he's not a trickster atm] 6) No CC at all, you cant contest with bruisers who can {{champion:92}} stun-knockyou up, {{champion:266}} many knockups and zoning spell, {{champion:24}} deny AA damage which W is heavily reliable on right now, and stun you, etc, All what wu got now is 1 second knockup on lvl 6.
I don't see why Wukong should necessary have CC. He could be an evasive kind of bruiser/skirmisher.... Same with his shield. It is kinda insane, this rework seem like a big buff for him on MANY MANY case and you guys want "more"...
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