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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 11
The SR changes seem interesting. When are we gonna get news about the new marksman champion?
: Teamfight Tactics-- /Dev Update: Your Feedback and the Road Ahead
I think most people agree that giving everyone the same amount of items is the less frustrating way to handle RNG. I would also keep the number of items quite high, so there's more to work with and make decisions around. Another thing I would like to see during the game is damage dealt by each one of your champions, so it's easier to realize which ones do the most damage (it's hard to tell even if you add more stats) and which items/champions synergies are working at the moment
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: Continuing to land AAs and spell hits that stack Conqueror in the first place will extend its duration. We're talking at present about whether or not DoTs/periodic damage (e.g. Sunfire) should refresh stack duration or not even though they won't add stacks. Galio wise still discussing what we should/shouldn't do. Changes certainly hit him hard, very convinced he was quite out of line though beforehand.
Please let the DoT refresh its duration. Would love to see a keystone synergise with DoT champions. Also hope it is viable on marksmen Not related, but Papercraft is an amazing skin concept, hope to see more in the future
: There's a good amount of volatility at the beginning of the season, could be partially due to the reset but could also just be luck of the draw. We've investigated individual reports of this in the past and usually haven't found anything weird. If you have more details I could look into it.
I don't know if this is a common complaint, but I felt like this discrepancy between skill and rank has been present through most of my games in the past years. In seasons 6 and 7 I didn't see many differences between some high bronze and low gold players, while others that looked worse than most bronze that I knew, or better than golds, were all in the same tier in silver. It felt to me like bronze to gold was just a sort of cauldron of different ranks which didn't represent at all the skill of the players, so it didn't seem strange for me to reach gold, even though I may have just been lucky. In season 8 instead, my matchmaking looked kind of "random", when in many cases the enemy team felt much better or much worse than my own, both in macro and micro play. Some games i would just not be able to keep up with the mechanical skills of my opponents, and felt like they were on a whole other league, while other times they were no match for me and I could carry the game without even trying. Meanwhile my rank has been steadily decreasing over the past year, while it seems strange for my skill to have decreased over time, so I don't even know what rank I feel I should be right now
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 9
Can I ask for some info on how will Sylas ultimate interact with {{champion:76}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:43}} and so on? Will he R and do nothing? Or his R can't be cast on them at all? (I guess the latter would be better tho) (P.S. did you guys realise that Sylar from the TV show Heroes has almost the same name and power? Just saying)
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: This. When we tested a skillshot version he was very weak, because he had to land a skillshot just to get a ult, when everyone else in thegame just gets those same ults without having to land a skillshot.
Ok does he actually gain {{champion:102}} kit for the ult duration after using her R? What about {{champion:35}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:50}} ? How does he interact with {{champion:60}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:67}} ? I guess gaining another champion's kit for the R duration would be quite weird, but using R to do absolutely nothing is even weirder. Maybe better if he couldn't use R on those champs at all??
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: I don't believe so. Something can be really powerful, in terms of how it affects the outcome of the game, how others play around it etc, without the player controlling it necessarily having a lot of personal agency. To take an extreme example, if we imagine a champion who does nothing but move slowly and melee auto attack towers killing them instantly they're likely a very powerful champion. Their team mates and enemies actions will matter a lot in terms of how impactful that power is (peel, rotations etc). There's not much the player of said tower killing champ can really do themselves though, so while the champion's effect on the game will be very powerful the player controlling them doesn't have that much agency over how things turn out relative to other players.
Did you mean: Nasus {{champion:75}}
: Can u finally give us an opinion on Yorick? Is 48% Winrate not low enough?
You're kidding, right? How is 48% low enough to state that a champion is too weak? He's even >50% in low elo, so you've gotta have very good reason to buff him, surely not 48% winrate
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: Good to know. That one seems to be particularly divisive so far, with people either loving it or hating it. Think some of that's how different it is and some of it reflects that, while it's more accurate to certain fencing/sword fighting actions, that's not what everyone's looking for from Fiora.
I think the new Fiora animation does look a lot like fencing, which fits the champion perfectly, except I don't think she should look like that when she's normally moving around the map. She walks like she's on a fencing piste constantly, which is great if that's what you wanted to achieve, but doesn't make much sense to me when she's just crossing the map to go anywhere else. Her current animation isn't bad either, I'd rather just keep it as it is
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: ***
I'm still quite confused about why the gold from killing a champion is given to the player that deals the killing blow, instead of the one that inflicted the most damage in the last 5 seconds or so. I tried Ask Riot to get an answer about this but there isn't yet, so I hope they can answer in this thread
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: We haven't done all of our timing adjustments to champ select yet, and we've been watching this time window for exactly this issue. Appreciate the feedback!
Thank you for your answer! I would also like to ask: are we gonna have a default rune page for each champion? If so, will those runes be fixed or can we modify them in champion select?
Fearless (NA)
: Runes, Expectation, and the FUTUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURE!
There is one little thing I am a bit concerned about. I know you're trying to make Champion Select as quick as possible, but I've had already some troubles when I'm last pick and end up choosing my champion at the very last second while trying to coordinate with my team, but then the time left to choose and modify masteries is quite short. This can sometimes be troublesome for the last pick in the current system, when it's easy to get 20 mastery pages, but then what happens when I have only 4-6 rune pages and will most likely need to make several adjustments to my masteries in those few seconds?
: We are actively working on integrating champ mastery into the new emote system. Once this happens, champ mastery will function the same way as Emotes.
I like the idea of emotes in general, but i would love the options to mute "extra animations" like Mastery, emotes, dance, joke etc. without affecting useful forms of communication, like ping and chat. I don't like to stop people from communicating to me at all, unless they are being really offensive and unsportsmanlike, but sometimes i really find it difficult to focus on the game, with all the jokes and dances and Mastery spam. Sometimes i even mute all "champion voices" audio, even thought i would still like to hear my champion talking, just to stop hearing that annoying Teemo laugh from my toplaner. So could we have a way to use normal chat and ping, and just block any "unnecessary" animation from a single champion? I really like the idea of showing gratitude to my support and so on, but only with the option to turn it off without really affecting the game
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: That is good feedback and I _think_ it's the direction we're headed but we're still discussing a bit. _Someone_ (not gonna name names here :P) may have titled their Boards post badly in that regard. If I'm being totally honest, we were worried that players would want really defined rules around which things would get in game VFX and which wouldn't (a shield, for instance, needs VFX to work for the opponent case but something like extra armor doesn't necessarily). But we've found in testing that players actually care less about that (and can figure out the shield vs. armor example for themselves) and more about the distinction in power. If we call something a "major" rune, players expect it to be more powerful than a "minor". Thus, our naming has been slightly misleading in that regard. Also, sometimes SOME of the stuff needs VFX (Poro and Zombie) and other content...doesn't (Trophy) which adds to category confusion. We'll probably talk more about this and answer more Qs in the future, but as of right now I actually expect that we'll drop the distinction going forward. Would love additional feedback from a player perspective on that to help us though - have you folks following along been confused around our category names and what they mean at all?
Maybe something like "Selective Runes" and "General Runes" instead of "Major" and "Minor" would sound better, if you keep the system as it is now By the way, i'm really looking forward to have a Rune system that supports different play styles, instead of something like searching "Urgot runes and masteries" on Google because there really is just one best option. I don't like feeling "forced" to make some very specific choices because there are no other ways to play the game (like any possible "On-hit" build always dealing less damage than pure Crit.) so i hope it's easier with Runes Reforged to choose my personal path that still feels powerful even when not being the most popular
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: Totally with you. As mentioned in the post the current fireball effect is very much temporary. It's just a placeholder put in by a designer to make it so we could playtest the rune internally (we've jokingly been referring to it as the "meatball" around the team). If and when Meteor's released it would have much more appropriate effects made by a real vfx artist.
What do you think about removing the complex graphics to the Runes and leaving just basic effects? Meteor could look like Karthus Q or similar, while Perxie could be just a little orb with tiny wings (think of Navi from Zelda). Maybe players would like essential looking effects, and I also think they should not look too "special", since many champions could be using that rune in the same game. What i mean is, instead of creating a new distinct visual effect, you could just use a really basic one. It would still look different from any champion ability (since each of them has its own particular VFX) while not creating too much noise. This way, runes wouldn't hurt a champion's identity, and there wouldn't be a lot of thunders/fireballs/explosions when many champions use the same rune

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