: An effective suggestion for reduce luck effect in games
you will have triumph advantages while you do nothing and skill is not important. for example they can edit it as below 3 seconds after killing an enemy champion his/her soul can be collected which restores 10% of your missing health. but removing it is better way to reduce luck in games.
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: That's because that person's probably a smurf with silver MMR. You haven't been keeping up with the new rank system. There are master tier and lcs tier streamers that smurf and are starting at iron regardless of how good they do in their first placements with an account, but the strange thing is, the account will have high diamond mmr and they'll still be matchmade with the people that are around their skill rank. This has been a thing for a while. Feel free to ask me any questions about it if you want.
He was not smurf and had 5 looses in a raw by bad score and fed enemy in top like hell. iron vs silver3 top lane. what could the team do? its bad matchmaking.
: Very Bad and unbalanced matchmaking
No he was not smurf and had about 5 looses in a raw with bad score. we were one iron and two silver 4 and two bronze 1 and enemy were three silver 3!!!!! and 2 silver 4 (no Smurf) and iron was top lane and fed enemy like hell.
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