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: Anivia has a 45.5 winrate on urf. You were destined to lose that match unless you dodge.
Someone here flawlessly understands how stats work.
: I got to say I find it funny right now the amount of work you are doing to AURF is probably more than what you have given Twisted Treeline in three years
At least they did make a couple of changes recently. Well... the Smite bug was finally removed. That might be about it, come to think of it. [There's still the rest of that that could use some tweaking.](
: how many attempts does it take you to do this and not fuck up. oh wait i read the description of it. i expected it to take a bit longer tbh gj
Well, that still took about 7h :p Although that one wasn't the highest in terms of attempts. [The one before]( had even more failures...
Quáx (NA)
: These are always brilliantly made. Well done.
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FFrazien (EUW)
: Don’t except them to fix anything, Darius has tooltip bug for 3 months, and this patch 5 of his skins have lost VO’s, FIVE ffs.
Mordekaiser has had three tooltip bugs for 3 and a half years.
: Liar, you used ignite at the end. :v
I technically clarified that in the body of the post :^) > I only covered the "DRA-VEN" parts of the theme... but did everything with a single cast of Whirling Death and no other attack or ability. Summoner spells are neither attacks, nor abilities, so that's still fine!
: Liandry's v. Morellonomicon pricing?
That's not what costs are there for, though. Each item is made out of sub-items, and is as such built by buying said sub-items plus a combination cost. So if you want to buff or nerf a final item, you make it cheaper or less expensive to combine. If you want to buff or nerf an intermediate item, you make it cheaper or less expensive to combine, and you then make its upgrades more expensive or cheaper to assemble to compensate, so that the final item costs the same. Nothing states that two items built out of the same things have to have the same combination cost (Aether Wisp / Fiendish Codex, for a simple example, or Phage / Jaurim's Fist). What the Haunting Guise costs is entirely independant of what the Orb costs, and the price of Liandry's is also completely independant of that of Morello. Them having similar sub-items doesn't mean that they need to be tied. They aren't. The price of these items changes with time for balance reasons (the Guise went through 1485 - 1500 - 1600 - 1500, Liandry's went through 2900 - 3000 - 3200 - 3100, and the Orb just went from 1500 to 1600 while Morello has yet to receive any price modification). All these changes are independant. If item X is strong, it gets nerfed, if item Y is weak, it gets buffed. There is no reason, balancewise, for the prices of these items to be related in any way. Last thing: > To top it off, Oblivion orb(1600) gives you less AP. I am thinking thee prices are supposed to be versed, 15 magic penetration is nothing to laugh at. Say you're casting a spell dealing 180 + 0.7 AP damage to a target with 34 MR while you have Sorcs and either of these two items, and 50 AP aside from them. With the Guise, you'll deal 206 damage, up to 227 with a fully stacked passive. With the Orb, you'll deal 227 damage. So, in this case that was a realistic, average, arbitraty case, the Haunting Guise only gives you as much damage as the Orb of Oblivion if its passive was fully stacked.
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: Bank games- Mater(+)
I haven't re-ranked back to master+ yet, but for the last seasons you had two methods: either you'd hover over your rank on your profile, and it'll then be displayed under the corresponding queue, or you'd go to your Ranked tab, in the tab of the queue you were master+ in.
: Blame the pros with their 0 farm Zilean top lane.........
That's not something that comes from the pros, it's an idea that was shared on Reddit about 2-3 weeks ago and that got some popularity before it was ever seen in pro play. The strat wasn't even talked about with Zilean, it was mostly Kennen and Karma. And then yes, it reached the pro scene because it was something popular out of it. Now what we have on our hands is just someone blindly overreacting just for the sake of criticizing changes without knowing what he's talking about. No, the support role isn't "ruined" just because you can't get gold from poking the opponent whn your ADC recalls. Spoiler: tht doesn't even change anything, because when the ADC recalls, you're taking the CS and thus disabling your item's passive. Assuming the person knows how to last-hit, but that's a problem on their side, not on Riot's.
NecaGaming (EUNE)
: Damn this is fire nice job man!
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: Windows 10 Full Screen Problem
Disable Focus Assist on Windows. That should solve the problem.
: Oh god, this. I do not want Riot to try to humanize him or somehow make him gray. He's fucking evil, he needs to stay fucking evil.
"Mordekaiser used to be a good guy, but bugs got the better of him, and now he's evil"
: ***
You can get away if it's a waste of your time. Nobody minds.
Senteth (NA)
: best part.
Yeah, what the heck was that, haha
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Νami (EUW)
: Can you do Under the Sea with Nami?
Oh that could be nice! I'll give it a try at some point :)
: It's like Guitar Hero but played in league. Pretty original stuff their OP it looked as fun as it sounded! 👍
Jamaree (NA)
: That's....pretty impressive actually.
Terozu (NA)
: He has a whole bunch like champs playing their own themes. My favorite is Camille!
It just amazes me how so many people have different favorite ones :D But they're all really fun to do. And they all had their big downsides. Such as Camille, aka "half of the retakes are due to the CD refund tool resetting my CDs too late during the E spam parts".
Terozu (NA)
: Great job as always, love the song choice!
Thank you! Lots of people asked for it, haha, and I wanted to do it too of course, but it took me a *really* long time to manage to get it done. Glad you like it!
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: 💬 C&C Discord -- [Information & Verification]
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MrGerund (EUW)
: omg do every fcking champion with their own login theme (which isnt a changed LoL theme song) SPOILERS AHEAD: yorick theme song: press ctrl + 3
I'll probably do most, eventually, if I don't do all of them :)
: This is amazing!! Especially when Swain’s ult naturally started AND ended exactly on beat. Totally highlights the pinnacle of Swain’s power!
Yeah, I was amazed when I noticed that! I didn't have to recast the ult, the theme was made for the duration to perfectly fit there. Surprisingly, the same thing happens during the chorus of the USSR anthem. But uhm...
: Wow this Is amazing, I've got the check the rest of your channel now.
: genius this stuff is amazing and really satifying to watch especially when you line up multi-hit abilities or abilities with a long duration and they still perfectly synch up. Did you kno that some champions play parts of thier themes in their abilities? Kled for instance, his passive and ult play parts of his theme. Do u think you can do Aurelion Sol? or Azir?
Thank you :D These are the most satisfying ones to pull off. Yup, I do! I've been working on Kled a bit, and indeed, his ultimate can be used (first ult plays the first bar of the chorus, second ult plays the second one, third the third, fourth the fourth), but it's actually a bit underwhelming - simply because, well, the sounds match exactly. You could just not use your ult and it wouldn't change anything. And then there's Jhin who also plays his theme... but a different part of his theme than the video I did. So if you try ulting during it, it sounds awful :D Azir yes! Aurelion probably. :)
: I saw the jhin one! IT WAS AWESOME
jama655 (NA)
: logged in to upvote take it well deserved
: Okay, I just watched the Jinx and Camille version of this and especially the Jinx one... holy, dude, you got some talent there. Keep up that awesomeness. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
DerPunkt (EUW)
: One of the moist creative things I have seen here in a long time. Nice work. How did you get the idea?
Thank you! :) Well, that's far from the first one - this is my [24th video]( on that concept, but, this idea of a series is just something I've had a very long time ago. Started applying it only recently, stuck to it because it's been fun to do and because people have been enjoying it!
Terozu (NA)
: Awesome work as always, Camille is still my favorite though. :b
Thank you! Haha, to each their own indeed :D
Lewanor (NA)
: In mother Noxus, champions play their themes
[Speaking of mother Noxus...](
: Is Target Dummy an instrument?
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: HEY RIOT, please tell me Shield bash actually works with Mordekaiser's passive! This rune's awesome!
: The turret is always dealt damage and effected by effects like Trist E or Ziggs W directly. The plating is providing bonus resistances to the turret. So, with Trist E as the example, it will remain on the turret even if the turret takes enough damage that a plate is destroyed.
That doesn't answer the question for Ziggs though! Can Ziggs now only use his W on a turret that is below ~25% health **and** without plates? (Or, alternatively, am I misunderstanding how plates work because I just woke up and my brain is currently trying to get out of the negative ranges of IQ?)
: > [{quoted}](name=NightWind42,realm=EUW,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=PvrpURlA,comment-id=005800010000,timestamp=2018-07-18T20:43:42.869+0000) > > Wait, are you saying that you're still losing one banked game every day of the week while the queue is down? yea
: MORDEKAISER "W" Visual Bug
Happens when you cast Protobelt while your W is bound to an ally and both circles connect. It's in the list.
: The Boards
I've played since season 2, I'm writing an average of 18 messages per game, have never received even a warning. You wanna talk about posts with evidence and actual content in them? Anything you could bring up would be beated by something published on the French boards recently. - I don't expect you to understand, just to see the scope of the thing. The study **proves** that the punishment system is too lenient. So these following interesting claims don't hold: > Say anything and risk getting punished. In addition if you start losing and getting flamed you can freely "punish" the rest of your team by reporting them and then playing worse on purpose. You can hold games hostage and if anyone says anything you can report them. You're also contradicting yourself. You're at the same time saying that people get punished too much and too little.
: But when you swap roles in the lobby you'd be boned
No, just get Smite by default. You can change.
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