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Nymzo (NA)
: Ancient Coin rework
If the coins that give mana are removed, people will go a different item. I honestly don't think people will use it if the mana coins are removed, but of course, that's just my view on the item. I don't think the gold that Ancient coin is OP. Maybe it should be toned down a bit, but to be told to play the lane SUPER safe to make sure you don't lose your coins will just make botlane the most stale lane possible.
: Unique Healing Spells and Interactions
Support Marksman is a hard niche to put a champion in. "Not necessarily basic attack focused" makes me question what about the champion you actually want to be a marksman. Ontop of that, an aoe heal on a short cooldown might be problematic. While I realise this isn't the cooldown you're aiming for, look at Soraka. She only heals 200 at max rank, but that health is enough to keep teammates alive through so much even though 200 doesn't seem like a lot. Just to make sure you understand the numbers c: Anyways, the Support Marksman is a slot often tried for and it would be great to see your take on it, whatever it might be.
: Old school weekly game mode
Do you know why riot made the new rift? The old one was a poorly optimized mess.
: ๐Ÿ’ฌ C&C Discord -- [Information & Verification]
: People is banning their own champions.
Some people are just stupid that way. This can't really be fixed though. People just have to get used to the system.
: No ones' forcing anyone to do anything, dude. I don't get how you're so hung up over this.
Well, if the only way to enter a competition is to team up with a partner, you are forcing people to find one or not participate. Telling people that they might get bonus points or something if there's art ontop of a concept would be a fine way to encourage partnership, but if it's impossible to enter a competition without a partner, you are forced to find one. It's a quite simple observation.
Candurill (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ninja Baby one,realm=EUW,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=Ihmbi7KU,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2017-06-24T01:00:05.197+0000) > Yea maybe a contest forcing people to work together Isn't that good an idea...was just spitballing there XD But still, an event or a group for such collaboration would be great :D
Making a contest where you encourage it would be fine, but forcing people to work together would keep people out of the contest because they either can't find a partner, know they can't work with a partner or because they've gotten a shit partner.
Candurill (EUW)
: Also an Idea...Maybe there should be a contest or en event of some sort where artists and concept creators work together in duo's (self created or assigned) to create a full fledged champion concept, with art, lore, kit and all :D As a concept creator that is very bad at creating art myself, I've always wanted to work with an artist to bring my creations to life :D I'm curious to see if this goes the same way around (like, an artist that is not so good at creating a kit and lore)... Maybe even just a place for artists and concept creators to meet each other?
I don't... Think this would be a good idea, considering some people aren't good at communicating and others simply can't come up with something worth a damn. Partnering up is fine, but being forced to do so for a contest, no matter how small or big would not be a nice experience for everyone involved.
: ๐ŸŒŸ [The Future of C&C] Part 2 - Big Questions!
As stated on a previous post, I believe that both Option A and Option B would have their own merit, while I think Option C would create some boards that would rarely be used, not because people aren't making such content, but because it takes too long to make. The merit of Option A is we still keep around the same community, but the streams and gameplay videos are put elsewhere, which I'm sure many would be happy for. The merit of Option B is only a potential one, as if people had a place where they'd know their media would be recognized, they might make more. There exists many champion concepts and more are created every day, but art and media comes a bit slower to some than champion concepts, so I think the Artistic people might enjoy having a board that's not flooded with the next Helmet Bro. I'm not an overly artistic person though, so I don't know if this is true for those people. No matter what, I wouldn't complain with option A or B, but I think option C is overkill. As for the rules, I think we should just have a place where we could actually read the rules easily. A pinned post or something like it cause we've never had that while I've been on this board atleast. The first rule suggestion is something I'd love, because it's quite annoying to see someone make an actual proper name for a post, you go in expecting a lot of thought and someone saying "Wouldn't a dual-wielding champion be cool?" and nothing else. The second rule is not something I think is a problem, but I wouldn't see problems with it becoming a rule. If people post an all-caps post, they just shouldn't expect to be taken seriously. The third rule is just a problem that could be fixed with an actual pinned post explaining the board. If people are told upfront that riot likely one: won't answer and two: don't take concepts directly off the board, we might avoid these "Riot, pliz see!" posts. And a Discord? Hell yeah, a discord would be cool. Edit: If a pinned post is made, it shouldn't have like 18 paragraphs explaining the intricasies of concept posting, but simply just a short line or two about our 3-5 or however few rules the board does/will have. The first concept post is daunting and we shouldn't make people too discouraged in posting.
How about not going afk?
: Yeah, the thing with the Passive and the W is that it's about how you use it. Typical combo is Q and then EE, which gives you three stacks and now: in case you mess up you have less stacks and have to decide whether you can finish the enemy off by sacrificing one of the stacks or whether you'd rather disengage with heal, sacrificing all stacks. The uniqueness in it is the decision how you want to use the stacks - aa or heal - and also how strong the heal will be. Very similar to Tryndamere. As for the E, yeah it was meant exactly as you assumed (I didn't have enough time to elaborate), either QE or you must hit two enemies with E. As for the ultimate, I think her potential for deleting with purely QEE combo (even without Passive) is already good enough so I didn't want big-boom ult, more like something you use in the emergency. You get caught without minion? Your Q now dashes without it. You need to delete enemy fast. QEE is now more reliable and faster. This is why the ult has relatively low CD early. I didn't think it would be worth making the CD scale too fast though as the ult is kind of counter-play temporary remover. And the reason she pays with HP is so that she gets some risk - as she's assasin - while being rewarded via refund should she use it right.
I get what you want to use the W for, but I still think you somehow should make the spell more exciting, which is why I said you could add a passive to it. In its current form, it has no use other than just healing you in sacrifice of your damage. Really, the spell isn't much different from the Heal Summoner spell, even has a speed boost if combined with the ultimate. Would you really want to see a champion whose basic ability is just a copy of a summoner spell? Great to know I understood the E right c: And... Well, if you want the ultimate to be an enhancer for your basic abilities, that's quite alright, but perhaps look at how Karma works for that. It massively makes her spells stronger, by healing her, giving the shield to everyone or dealing a whole load more damage on an ammo system. This is the closest to that concept that exists in the game and you should possibly look to see to make the enhanced effects bigger. This ultimate doesn't feel like an ultimate at all, but something akin to Katarina's old W, which was a spell basically everyone hated, even the Katarina players. As for the HP cost, I don't think you should have it at all. You want it to be a risk/reward kind of deal, but yet you have a heal on the champion? And if you just ultimate->W, you'll have most likely lost life considering the extreme cost of the ultimate and the lax heal of the W.
: Quests
I honestly think they're already planning to do this in the future, this is just a test of the system before they start doing actual daily quests.
: Champions/Skins
I think a Star Guardian skin would be amazing for Urgot, but I don't really agree with the Blood Moon Kindred. To my knowledge, all Blood Moon skins are there because of ancient legends, while I'm not sure Kindred are connected to these legends in any ways. If I'm proven wrong, sure, but to my knowledge the champions chosen are chosen for thematic reason for the Blood Moon theme, not because the champions were popular or something.
MuseCub (NA)
: Only if night bringer was art skin
Honestly, Nightbringer is too close to Aatrox' current aesthetic and would just look like an enhanced Aatrox, while on Yasuo it actually creates something unique. Sure, I'd love for other champions than Yasuo to get good skins, but Aatrox is the one champion I wouldn't give the Nightbringer skin to.
: Your passive sounds too much like rumble to me :p I really like your ult with a couple changes. But really the passive sounds like his main thing and it's just too much rumble type stuff
I will agree, there's some rumble over it, but that part of the passive was implemented so you couldn't just run around with a great amount of bonus AD for no reason. The Charges stack slowly, but once you're at 15 charges, you'd deal way too much damage if you just kept it up, so I put in a mechanic to reset the charges. I'm open to ideas if you think there's a better way to do this.
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: Suggestion for the Yasuo's rework
IMO Yasuo doesn't need a rework, he needs tweaks, like making his Steel Tempest scale down to 2 second cooldown instead of 1.33 seconds or making the E deal either no or less damage, but his W is fine. Perhaps make it shorter duration, but honestly, Yasuo doesn't need his spells reworked to be balanced, if anything, his W is actually the only spell that shouldn't be reworked. The only reason he's playable against so many champions is his W. His Q and E are the spells that make him super abusable.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ninja Baby one,realm=EUW,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=FpaKxkR8,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2017-06-18T22:58:05.696+0000)Anyways, onto an actual question that I have, which you may or may not know the answer to: Will there at any point actually be stated what kind of topics are supposed to go in which boards or will it stay as is, C&C staying an amalgam of different boards, fx. including streaming and highlight videos? That's one of our goals! We're debating a few ways to split the board up -- and talking about what's ultimately in the best interest of the creative community. I'd love to know your thoughts on that subject as, ultimately, Captain, Echoing, and I are just three people representing an entire community. We're not prepared to make that decision for you guys without carefully weighing your input on the subject! Our current thinking is that ***Streams & Videos*** is likely going to get a new board, and we're debating the value of dividing ***Concepts & Creations*** into two other boards: ***Fan Art, Media, & Skins*** and ***Gameplay Concepts***. But we're eager to hear other thoughts and ideas!
Making a *Streams & Videos* board would definately be a nice idea and I'd say that splitting things into Artistic Media and Gameplay Concepts could be a good idea. While I'm more on the Gameplay Concept Bandwagon, having a place specifically to highlight Artistic Media (Which might as well include fx. cosplay) would maybe make it more appealing than posting it among 42 different concepts for Helmet Bro.
: [ASSASSIN] Hanah, the Sanguine Shadow
I'll be honest, this is kind of an underwhelming champion concept in my honest opinion. The passive is fine, though there's nothing really special to it. A bit like Riven's passive except magic damage, but that's only a small problem. It's a fine passive, just not very inspiring, considering there's not really that big a possibility of having this be a very skill reliant passive like Rivens as reaching 3 stacks of bloodvenom likely happens with 3 basic spells that damage, meaning you'll have to wait for cooldown anyways. Hitting more than one champion of course does make this easier to stack, but by then, you basically expect to stay at 3 stacks at all times. The Q has the problem of forcing you to use it on a minion or monster first, meaning that if you're in a cleared jungle, you'll have no Q. This could be fixed in a number of ways, but I'd say it needs fixing as searching for a minion or monster to do your damage is not something you'd want in a hero such as this. I also expect the animation of this spell being somewhat clonky. Perhaps allow people to reactivate the spell in its current form instead of it triggering after 0.5 seconds? Would allow for better timing and a bit more skill in using the spell. The W is a simple self heal. There's not really anything special to it. Perhaps add an extra passive to it of some kind? Or have this be the spell that ties the bloodvenoms to his attacks and give him a new passive all together? Could perhaps make people consider maxing this first instead of the E. Really not much to say about this other than ideas to make it more interesting. The E is... Weird. This simply comes down to the recast as the wording is a bit uncertain. " If Hanah has at least 2 Bloodvenom, she can recast this ability for free within 3 seconds". This can completely change dependant on when the spell checks for the amount of bloodvenoms you have. If it checks before you cast the first part, the spell can almost never be recast as it requires either your ultimate or hitting two enemies with your Q. If it checks after you've cast the first part, change the wording to "If Hanah has at least 2 Bloodvenom after casting, she can recast this ability for free within 3 seconds". It's a small fix, but would make the spell way more likely to be recast. Either Hit Q, then E or hit two people with E and you can then recast, use W to heal and Q away for plenty damage. Now the R... This is honestly the weakest part of the kit, which is weird to say about an ultimate. An ultimate should be a powerspike of some kind, not a burn self for slightly altered spells. Honestly, the empowered effects wouldn't be a problem to just have as normal spells. I'd suggest getting an entirely new powerful ultimate.
: ๐ŸŒŸ [The Future of C&C] Part 1 - Meet the Archivists!
Oh! Super happy to see this actually being a thing now! Hopefully there being a team of people that actively take part in this community means that more people will come flocking with more awesome concepts c: Of course we can't expect the concepts to ever make their way into the game, but it's still exciting nonetheless. Anyways, onto an actual question that I have, which you may or may not know the answer to: Will there at any point actually be stated what kind of topics are supposed to go in which boards or will it stay as is, C&C staying an amalgam of different boards, fx. including streaming and highlight videos?
: > [{quoted}](name=Ninja Baby one,realm=EUW,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=z5pNuobI,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-06-18T21:53:55.560+0000)Sir Price [Miss Fortune gender swap] Yes please. I would also accept "Mister Ection".
Sir Price is unapologetically stolen from Voltaire's "When you're Evil". It's a good song and puts Sir Price and Miss Fortune right next to eachother c:
: Ok, Riot... Hear me out.
While I'd love some official art, I don't think it'd be possible to actually implement it into the game where it'd make sense. As The Djinn stated, champions need to clearly still be themselves, which they wouldn't be if they were genderswapped. Remember, in Lol, mostly every female champion has an hourglass figure, while mostly every male champion is built like a castle. Sure, some don't fit that description, but it'd no matter serve to have the champion's silluette change. Ontop of that, if you want a genderswapped version of any champion, wouldn't you want the champion to actually look female or male respectively? How'd you do that with FX. Garen? Just give him a different head? Then what's the point? If they had to implement this into the game, they wouldn't be able to actually go all the way because their silluette would have to be the same. Garena (super thought through name) would still have to be super bulky, covering her entire physique in armor. Sir Price (Miss Fortune gender swap) would not have the strut in his step, and his entire physique would be vastly different from miss fortune unless you specifically make his very sassy. I don't think actual genderswap skins would work, but I'd definately love some art of it.
: (new champion idea) Shou , Commander of the Gods
Passive: Requires minions Q: Requires minions W: Requires minions E: Can't be used with minions around R: Requires minions ... So this guy's literally useless against any toplaner with an AOE skill? How does he scale? Does his Q do anything other than command? Why'd you ever want to level it if it doesn't? His R's literally an item active. Why'd you ever leave lane with this guy? He's beyond useless outside of lane. I don't think you understand how many problems this guy inherently has. There's nothing to discuss here because nothing would work towards making him better.
Nekusen (NA)
Gonna go over your kit to try and have a conversation on how this could be done c: The passive seems like the most uninspiring passive ever and I say that as a former Nasus main. Why reduce slows? What's with the tenacity? I get that it's thematically appropriate, but it's not something you'll ever notice in game. You just got a reduction of 0.15 seconds on that random stun because you cast a spell the second before? That's simply boring. The Q: This spell is... Broken as all hell. Always take into account the extremes that players can do in the game. Always look at how your spells would look with 45% cooldown reduction. This spell will have a literal 0 second cooldown if you hit 4+ people in that case, so spam it all you want, cause it's just going to be a teamwipe all on its own, especially with the large area. Perhaps reduce the remaining cooldown by 15% per enemy champion hit instead, so it's still super spammable, but it's not OP broke pliz nerf. The extra attack damage afterwards also isn't very inspiring. Why's it there? If the answer is just to have her attack more, it's not doing a good job of it because the rest of her kit really doesn't speak towards her attacking more either. A slight problem is also, there's not question which spell you max, it'll ALWAYS be this one. The W: This spell is... Not greatly designed... It stops her from being targetted, but oh, she can still take AOE damage, so against some teams, she's super strong and against others, people couldn't care less. She can't attack, despite being a champion specifically build around a blade, but nah, she can still cast spells. With her sword. The movement speed is fine, but the rest of the spell is... Questionable at best. The E: The AOE of this is questionable as it's not stated, but that's fair. A stationary thing that lasts for 6 seconds though... The only thing I can think of that does approximately the same thing is Nasus' E and that's meant as a zoning tool. I imagine this is supposed to be the same thing, but its zoning potential isn't that great. Yukiya wants to stay inside of it because of the insane heal, but all it does is give Shiver stacks and deal a bit of survivable damage. I honestly think you could make the duration of this spell a lot shorter, maybe down to 3 or 4 seconds, squish the damage together over the duration and then it might be an okay spell. The extra movement speed also doesn't really seem very... Fair? It adds extra movement speed to a spell that already adds movement speed. The R: This... Seems cool, but I'm afraid a 5 second slow around enemies is... Quite a bit too much. The damage of the spell could also by a bit longer, but that's scaling issues. The spell honestly isn't that problematic, just needs some tweaks and a better explanation of the mechanics. The biggest issue I have with this concept actually isn't the spells or the champion theme itself, but the 'Shiver' mechanic. It's never explained proper. In the Q there's something about a 15% slow over 1.5 seconds, but later you add another stack every second second and that's really confusing... You could easily make the passive into the Shiver stack, but you decided to explain it in the Q? I don't see why and your explanation of the 'Shiver' thing is dodgy at best. Now, I hope you don't take this review too harshly. It's an okay concept, but there are issues, as there are with so many others' concepts, including my own. Hope this helps you in some capacity.
kasfas (NA)
: Pantheon rework concept.
So... You wanna make one of the most reliable damage toplaners into a Tanky sort of thing that's worse than Braum? The Passive is super bad. 10% cooldown reduction isn't worth that much. You're giving it only while he's on low HP, when he wants to get away, while he has no escapes? I don't see the reasoning behind this passive at all. The Q is interesting, I'll give you that. Perhaps make the charges regain faster than once per minute at lowest rank. Basically like it is here, you'll lose lane if you miss 3 spears. Otherwise it's actually a cool idea and I'd super love to see him with this Q. The W... This is the worst spell I've seen on the forum in a long time... A 0.75 sec weak slow and semi-silence on a 0.5 sec cast? What were you even thinking with this spell? It's never going to be useful. The E is just a shitty Braum E. 3 Instances of damage might seem like something great, but... This can be removed in less than two seconds by a lot of champions. Yasuo alone can do it in less than one. And the R is... You took a lot of the current ult and then... Added a knockback? Why? You do realise Pantheon actually wants people to stand next to him, right? A knockback would make that completely useless.
eretro42 (NA)
: new void charcter
Punctuation, please...
yoshi2790 (EUW)
: AP ASSASSIN Items - Concepts and Ideas
I'll just try and cover my thoughts on your items if that's alright c: Demacia's Gauntlet: I agree that there should be some more variety on ways to build Magic Penetration, though I don't think a new 1000 gold item should be used to make that. A single full item would be more than enough. Anyways, the item alone seems fine. You don't really get a lot for your money, but it's okay. No actual problems with it. Mystic Blade: This item puts a weird spin on assassins, forcing them to use all their abilities, even if they don't always want to. The idea about making a burst that triggers off spells is fine, but... Perhaps don't force people to use their ultimate to trigger it? Also, the timing in between the spells make some champions that might actually want this item incapable of using it.{{champion:245}} Especially Ekko. The item is also a bit too much like Luden's Echo and it'll simply come down to which one's mathematically better considering how similar they are. Balancing is horrible with that close effects. Coat of the Wicked Witch: This item will not go on AP assassins, but AP tanks. Gives really good stats for that role. The passive is... For one, super badly worded and secondly too broken no matter the numbers. You don't want a Nunu or a Fiddlesticks to be able to do their things faster, that's a way of balancing them. Would also seriously make Malzahar worse. Knives of the Undead: You're right, this passive is very confusing, but the way I read it, it can deal up to 360+240% AP, which is not okay... Especially on a cooldown of 2 seconds. The problem isn't so much the damage, but the problem lies in the amount of Knife Pets you can actually get. It seems super powerful, not matter how you balance the damage. Perhaps a better explanation would make it more clear how exactly this works. I honestly like the idea of the item if I understand it correctly, but it shouldn't go so high. We already have one AP item that scales off kills, we don't need another. Shield of the Ascended: This is a sheen passive, give it a 3 sec cooldown. The evasion however is super weird... I don't think it's possible to balance this proper, considering how powerful CC is supposed to be. Also, this is a proactive CC dodge, not a reactive, which I don't think will be a fun thing to fight. Think how Bullshit it must feel for a Malzahar to hit his ultimate 0.1 seconds after the Evasion came up in a teamfight? There's no questioning it, he's going to get reported in low ELOs. I know I basically shat on all the items you made, but you've worked towards making some things that are too unique without considering how it would play out against existing champions.
: Xander, the Flawless Hitman: Champion Concept
Hey :3 Just gonna look over the champion concept and comment on a few things, I'm guessing you're wanting this considering you've posted it on the forum. I'm not trying to bash you at any point, just pointing out my impressions of the concept. Okay, so his concept in general. The story sounds incredibly much like Zac's story and the concept seems to be like what the original Jhin concept, a robot Bounty Hunter. These will have to be changed a bit because there's seemingly little to no difference between those. Okay, now the abilities. His Passive: THANK YOU. You've managed to make a gold passive that isn't too rediculously broken or stupid. Maybe have it work whenever he's taking part in the kill though, not just when he gets the last hit. This'd work fine in game I'd believe, though maybe some scaling should be added, seeing as an early kill with this passive would snowball the champion ridiculously. That's just numbers though. The idea that one's abilities change when it comes to your target's cool. Definately keep that no matter what. His Q: Maybe don't have him stop the attack if he hits his target, but shoot the target after he's done. Just so you don't get weird situation where someone survives because the target was in the area. The idea behind this spell is cool, but I'm not sure how reasonable it'd be for a marksman-like character to have such an easy to hit stun. The balance of the stun is a bit off, should stun shorter time at max rank, but once again, that's just numbers. Also, in your stats for the spell you wrote 500 range, while in the explanation you wrote 600. Just asking for clarification on that one. :3 His W: This spell's very similar to Poppy's old W. As such, I think the activation on this one's kind of boring. It should have some extra effect for those 5 seconds. Otherwise, it's a fine spell, nothing much to say other than maybe have less awkward numbers for the ms increase? Also, 50% ms increase is a lot. His E: See, this spell I don't like. It's not very good first of all. It deals a bit of damage and slows both you and the target. The real problem isn't that it's bad though, it's that the spell is counter-intuitive to your role. You're a marksman, no matter if you go in bot lane or jungle. You don't want to go into melee range. Ontop of that, if you get there, you'd want to be able to get out quickly, not be slowed for 4 seconds. The spell is also dependant on enemies, so you can't even use it for getting away, which is what most Marksman gap-closers are used for. I don't really know what the spell is supposed to be used for as it only puts oneself in danger. His R: While a cool spell, it's just Jhin's ult that damages more, has an execute and only shoots once. You want a special ult for your character, not a carbon copy an existant spell. And now to your ideas about the champion. I... Don't see how he could work in the jungle. Sure, he'd want to be in a position where he can roam to different champions and kill them and he has an easy to hit stun for ganking, but... He's not capable of surviving the jungle. His W isn't enough to be a jungler. He'd do better in mid lane at this stage, using his W to dodge and weave around his opponent and his Q to stun people. His ideal position would however still be in the bot lane as an ADC. From there, he'd be able to use his passive to snowball if he's lucky enough to have one of the bot laners as a target. He also seems quite item dependant, so the botlane would get him the money he needs.
: Wouldn't it be freking hilarious..
Nope. :3 Would be information they shouldn't be getting. Could just ward.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: {{champion:223}} is a catfish, not a frog. So 3 fish champs.
Even worse! No need for more fish! We need more bears!
: Please Riot New Fish Champ
So we have 2 cats: {{champion:107}}, {{champion:76}} 1 Horse: {{champion:120}} 1 fox: {{champion:103}} 1 cow: {{champion:12}} 3 Birds: {{champion:34}}, {{champion:133}}, {{champion:268}} 1 Dragon: {{champion:136}} 1 Snake: {{champion:69}} 1 Spider: {{champion:60}} 3 Indetermined Bugs: {{champion:121}}, {{champion:96}}, {{champion:421}} 1 Sheep: 1 Lizard: {{champion:240}} 2 Fish: {{champion:267}}, {{champion:105}} 1 Dog: {{champion:75}} 1 Armadillo: {{champion:33}} 1 Alligator: {{champion:58}} 1 Scorpion: {{champion:72}} 1 Frog: {{champion:223}} 1 Rat: {{champion:29}} 1 Bear: {{champion:106}} 2 Wolves: {{champion:19}}, {{champion:203}} 1 Monkey: {{champion:62}} Honorable mention: {{champion:20}} So in retrospect, We don't need more fish, we already have 2. We need more other animals. Not bugs, birds or cats though. Might've missed a few though, honestly.
: Why no other Basketball skins?
Honestly, forcing it to only be basket seems like a wasted opportunity. We've already got a lot of soccer skins, but personally, I'd see Zilean more like a Volleyball player with the way his bombs work. We've got an ice hockey Jax as well, so just in general more sports skins. Tennis Poppy could also be super cool. Baseball Diana, Cricket Ekko, I'm sure there are plenty more that I just can't think of at the moment.
463 (NA)
: But then we only get to experience April Fools, when someone picks Corki?
For a few years, they've released April Fools skins, it's not something that would be new and there would still be content when no one is playing Corki.
Kierzo (NA)
: Can My Steam Gift Card be Used for RP?
The only way of actually doing this is making an actual trade with another person, him buying you 50$ worth of RP. League of Legends is not connected with steam and as so, RP is not a thing you can actually but with Steam Credit. As some of your friends if they want to buy you RP for steam credits as trying to get people online to do so will likely leave you scammed.
: I really want another human Void champion, that could finally tie together Malzahars and Kassadins lore We have plenty of void beasts {{champion:31}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:161}} Not that i'd hate seeing a new addition though
Why not a Void Beast turned human? Maybe see the long-term effects of being released from the Void as a Voidling? :3
: In-Game Chat
I honestly don't think this would work. Plenty people don't want to actually talk with people while gaming for several reasons. A feature like this, if used by some would mean they didn't use the other options. Someone who uses Voice chat wouldn't very likely use text. If someone has their sound turned off (Like me) they wouldn't hear what was being said. They'd miss it all. I think for something like this to work, it's something you have to opt into, which you could just aswell put up a teamspeak in the game lobby. It has to be a thing people opt into, not out of, otherwise it'll just spawn toxicity.
Or how about we allow Riot to actually get money for their game by allowing people to get a cosmetic for money?
: They are rp but who in the world would spend 125 rp on a crate or a key when you could have both for 50 rp more
The guys that have like 50 keys or 20 crates?
Matake (NA)
: Here is a concept 5v5v5v5
I think other games already have shown that such big fight don't really work well. 20 players is too many. However, I do believe that a 3v3v3v3 is possible and would be more balanced than a 2v2v2v2. Sadly, it would take a long time to balance this, like a really long time. Ontop of that, the UI isn't made for this and matchmaking would be a pain. I'd love to see the idea done, but it's definately not something that shouldn't be playtested a lot before it's released.
: How Riot can improve League of Legends
Riot seems to do different things to different champion releases, but they already are releasing champion cinematics for almost every champion. A cinematic really is the norm and we've already seen quite a bit of animation from Riot, so yeah, they're already doing this. The only reason things like this aren't released faster is because it's hard to make stuff like this. And you posted on the right boards I believe :3
: Ikemen character trope
Nosnide (NA)
: Wukong changes
With how important Wukong is in the late game, of course he's weak in the early game. He might not be able to do a lot against most tanks, but he's a bane to all squishies. Despite the invis being short, he can use it to get into the backline really easy and with his ult, he can utterly kill so many champions. He's weak early because he's strong late. I know this doesn't apply to all champions, but if Wukong was just boosted forwards during the early game, he'd also be able to kill the tanks easily, which he shouldn't be able to do. To my understanding, Wukong is about killing the squishies fast in teamfights and then being 5v1-3 afterwards. He does that quite well and he doesn't really need any buffs. The fact that nothing has happened to him since season 4 is kind of sad, sure, Riot could do some flavour updates or something, but he doesn't really need all out buffs.
Kandalor (NA)
: new summoner spell concept - Lockdown
This seems way too strong just in concept. Against some champions, a silence can completely destroy them, while no other summoner spell has the same potential. A bit more damage, some survivability, a chance for a gank, a gap-closer or a potential escape, that's what some of the rest of the summoner spells do. This would have the potential to completely stop a champion's engage, remove their escape or just remove a lot of damage. Even if it's just for a short while, it can be horrible to champions like Veigar or Katarina. Most AP carries would die to this. Just think of an Azir trying to do the Shurima Shuffle into ulti, but a summoner anyone can have stops him from ulting, basically just placing him inside the enemy team, ready to die. I know you tried to balance it with making it a skill shot, but that would just make the summoner spell unreliable. Most other summoner spells have some effect, even if you don't use it to its full potential. Only Barrier and Cleanse have the potential do do literally nothing and that's only when you misclick or completely misread the situation. This summoner spell would put everyone who uses it with the potential to fail every use of it, not because you used it at the wrong time or the wrong target, but because you missed by just 50 range. I don't think this should be an actual summoner spell.
: Play of the Game implemented?
Honestly, when you reach the end of the game, you just wish to get away from the game. If you think you did an awesome play, download the replay and find it yourself. Forcing people to stay in the game for 10-15 seconds longer seems to just pull more annoyance.
: question, with his "past lives stolen " can the enemy champs see him, if so can they damage his spirit? it doesn't make sense in reality but its league, ignite hurts brand.
(Sorry for a late responce) The enemy would be able to see him and I would say they should be able to damage him, but I don't know how that should work, for if he could still take damage from all sources, it'd make him capable of blocking skill shots, which I don't think a dead champion should be able to. I am currently working on a rework for this champion and I will maybe post it in a few days.
: I think the problem is that you are thinking literally that it is meant to be in the adc. This one is meant heavily to be in the support roll, with maybe the option as an adc roll that is beefier and more utility focused than standard marksman. But still again this is meant to be a support roll (think sona, braum, lulu etc.)
But if it meant to have the potential to opt into the adc role, it has to work in it as well. If it's not meant to be able to take the ADC role at any point, why design it to have marksman qualities?
: How is it not a marksman. The champ needs to AA dps like standard damage marksman to have max effectiveness. Unlike the other marksman champ this one gains effectiveness by being harder to kill (should you take this champ into the carry role) but as a support you offer debuff to enemies and shields/heals/and buffs to allies. The call out to the overly weak power of the ult is a correct call, but this again was mostly focused on mechanics. Saying the skills are boring is more of a matter of opinion I think in the matter that they are very simple but do very effectively with their simplicity. The E being called a straight heal is ignoring it's potential and counterplay to it. The heal can be taken away/removed by damaging the shield, although the heal being a reduced value of the remaining shield is a good call out for a limiter.
You actually said the exact reason why this guy won't work as a marksman. DPS. He can't build attack speed or crit and he's not an AD caster either, so he can't really do a lot of DPS. Where other marksmen would have about 700 dps in late game, this guy can't have more than 300 due to his limit on attack speed. While he might be able to beat some ADCs, he wouldn't be able to fill the ADC role. (This was the first way you built him, before the first edit.) With the new passive, I'm guessing you mean 50% of attack speed and crit gained from items? For if not, he will be at 0.325 or somesuch attack speed at lvl 1. And even after these changes, I still say remove the Q and W, or atleast put them together into a single skill. They're way too similar. And still, a simple % increase to anything is just really boring and gives no interesting counterplay or mechanical skill to using it.
: My idea of a support marksman
I... I don't understand what it is you're trying to do with this. This clearly can't be played as a Marksman. The passive makes the champion incapable of dealing proper damage in teamfights. The Q doesn't work against AP champions most of the time and sucks against a few ADCs and is boring, The W is just a Frozen Mallet which is boring, the E is the only slightly fine spell, but it's not a shield, it's just a straight up heal with a buff. It's also applying the boring effects of the Q and W, which really makes the E do the same as all him basic spells. The R is just a minute bonus to damage. This suuuuuucks. There's nothing to this and it's not even a good amount. The level 6 skill gives you less damage than a Long Sword. Here's how I'd fix it: The E is interesting and the way it works now would actually be completely fine, but because it steals the effects of two other spells, it seems dumb. Keep the slow on the shield, it's interesting and the effect on enemies is actually quite cool and balanced. The shield also shouldn't be converted directly to healing, but maybe heal 50% of the remaining shield or it'll just feel like a heal. Then the last thing... Completely scrap the Q, W and R. They're boring as all hell and don't do shit. The Passive might work, but don't call the champion a Marksman, that's not what he is.
: Thank you for being a decent person with a very valid oppinion, i agree a slight change like that would be nice. Im just tired of all the bandwagoning thats gonna ruin a great champ for no reason :/
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