: I like the rework in terms of graphical looks, skills, and helpfulness to the team fights beyond his old R. I do however think they need to tone down his AP ratios a bit. Getting MR gear with AP on it isn't hard to do. Since most of his itemization is centered around getting MR items, with possible Armor/HP item thrown in there, they need to look at how easily he'll get AP equal to many mages. His base damage on his Q is high, as well as how much CC he has in the form of Knockups, this makes him able to trade and not even get hit quite often if he pulls the skills off right. E in, Q, move back and let the guy try and not get hit by full term of Q dmg. This dot hits FAST too. This is another issue that is also hitting with AOE skills similar to it, for example Nasus's AOE. You drop it on someone in center you are 100% guaranteed to proc a Thunderlords each and every time it's up. Not to mention that Nasus's CD on it is low and it gives him free farming for his Q. Nasus's skill takes up the whole width of the lane in many spots, meaning you have to run through it to get out of it. Now to Galio's Q, it's got a double arc so no matter how you dodge you'll get clipped. Your main hope is moving back or forward and hoping he guessed where you'll be going wrong. Either way you'll take the full initial hit and some of the dot. If he got Thunderlords then it's likely that you'll be hit by it too. Adding in how his passive is Jax's Ult on crack as it's functioning is the same as how Ziggs's passive is lowered. However Ziggs has some good CDs on his W, E, and R, but the main point for Ziggs is that his passive is single hit. I don't have Galio so I can't launch a game and try to see what the AP ratio is on his Passive but looking at how much dmg I have seen myself take from it, it's a good bit of dmg. Riot is pushing a lot of changes out with new champs and reworks that is making it a massive OP AOE frenzy on just a guess of who can spam their skills faster in a fight, as opposed to timing skills and knowing how long the CD is on them. If they lowered his AP ratios, and maybe looked at lining up some of the channel times, ranges, and CDs of his skills a bit, then he'd feel like a less OP champ and fall in with all the others as making the choice of going Tank or going AP Fighter, instead of where he can basically go both. This is also something that many of the current tanks need to be looked at as well. Seeing a champ hitting 600+ with a single Auto Attack without any items other than Armor/MR/HP on them makes it feel like the meta will just be Tank top, Tank mid, Tank JG, Tank sup, and Tank ADC cause everything needs to be able to take hits and LS just won't cut it when the tank can take over half your HP in 1 hit and you do maybe a 1/5th of his cause he's got a shitload of armor and HP.
I think Galio is supposed to deal more damage than most tanks, given how he's a Warden/Battle Mage hybrid. It seems likely that he'll be nerfed since the Q can be quite oppressive in lane, and is indeed difficult to avoid. I say this objectively, for I have already managed to reach mastery level 4 with him.
: Thoughts on Galio's rework
Very enjoyable post, I love Galio for all the same reasons as you do, namely the fact that he brings some much-needed diversity to the midlane, and yes, that is where I think he fits the best. In order to do well as a melee champion in the midlane you need several things in my opinion. Good Waveclear: Check! Mobility: Check! Survivability: Check! CC: Triple Check! Good Roaming Potential: Check! I've seen a lot of people play him Jungle and Top, which I think are definitely less optimal options, although I may be biased. As a Jungler he has good clear and nice ganks, but since his E can't dash through walls his gank paths seem pretty limited. Also, he's pretty farm dependent I feel due to how expensive many of his items are, furthermore, it means that his W Passive isn't THAT useful. Top seems like an even worse fit in my opinion, as it greatly restricts his map presence and most top laners are AD, and many of them also have good sustain and the tankiness to fight him head on. As a midlaner he has immense map presence, a great laning phase, and he tends to do better against mages and assassins than tanks or fighters.
: > [{quoted}](name=Malicious Metal,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tsE4bFNv,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-03-25T23:31:27.246+0000) > > ~~I cry.~~ > > He's susceptible to DPS and making him itemize against AD makes him miss out on a ton of his power. > So either counterpick with AD or play something that has magic DPS or something to shred him. > > Or sustain. > > He can burst Squishies and he can wear down bruisers and other tanky characters but the moment they get sustain he's kinda boned I've got some problems playing against him, to be honest. Q: This is a big one. It does far, far, too much damage - if you stay in the whole thing. Well, that's how it should be, right? Right. Except it's fucking HUGE. While I realize it's just large enough to hit three casters if cast right in the middle, it is nearly impossible for a immobile champion to _not_ get hit by the whole DOT. It's range is also big(about the same as Diana's, 800 range), and best case scenario is to walk forward and not get clipped by either side, but this leaves you open to a Justice Punch and also brings you closer to a melee champion - which is generally not something you want to do as a ranged, immobile, squishy. Second best case scenario is to walk to the side and only get hit by one of the curved hits. That makes it bearable, but tilting as hell when you realize it's nearly impossible to actually dodge the skillshot. Walking backwards simply does not work. It simply makes you eat the entire skillshot and DOT, especially with the 325 movespeed of most mages. This is also mainly a laning phase problem, so no boots yet. That being said, I was once clipped by his Q while he was taking blue buff and I was on the other side of the wall. I was playing Fizz, and although I couldn't gotten out sooner with E, I lost more than a quarter of my health from that. It simply ticks too fast and is too large. E: Disorienting as hell, but I should be able to get used to that sooner or later. It's really fast, though, and is honestly a lot harder to dodge than Vi's Q. It's also impractical to aim skillshots behind him when he uses it, because it's quick enough that he'll dodge them with the dash itself. Think of it as better Aatrox Q, in that sense, although it can't cross walls (downside) and knocks up the first enemy hit (potential upside, as it's a lot more reliable, downside as in you can be bodyblocked and you can only knock up 1 enemy maximum) R: First, I'd like you to think of Panth's ult. Think of Shen's ult. Now, Galio's ult. Where to begin... It's super fast. I thought it was gonna be 2~3 seconds. Pantheon's is 3.5, where he stuns himself for 2 of those seconds. Shen's is 3 seconds, and stuns himself for those 3 seconds, although he gets a fat shield to himself to compensate, and gives his ally a fat shield as well. Galio's is a single second. That's right. One. For comparison, Twisted Fate's ult is 1.5 seconds. Now hold on a bit, Galio can't ult anywhere he wants. He needs an ally to be there. He doesn't give his ally a fat shield, do massive magic damage, or reveal all enemies. But what he does do is give his ally magic damage reduction, a decent amount of magic damage, and a huge AoE knock up. Compared to just massive damage and a slow, or just a shield, or just vision... seems a little... overloaded, to me. Especially with such a low channel time. Let's talk about what Galio himself brings once he arrives, compared to the others. Well, Twisted Fate brings a two second targeted stun and some moderate damage. Respectable, and very powerful at turning the tables, I agree. However, where he can teleport to is restricted, as he's a squishy champion who won't be able to teleport into the midst of multiple enemies to CC the right one. He makes up for that with his range, to some degree, depending on the enemies. Galio brings far more crowd control, that is however, less reliable and slower and less handy for saving an ally in a tough spot. At least... that's what he does by himself. With his ult's knock up, he has no trouble at all landing a Justice Punch into a 3/4 channeled Shield of Durand, fully channeled if they were hit by the inner circle of his ult - which is pretty generous, especially if the enemy assaulting his ally is melee. Shield of Durand and Galio's ult are both AoE, as well, although Justice Punch may be body blocked. His damage isn't a joke either. 300 + 100% AP + 9% max health **just on his Q**, which is 100% reliable because of his ult and E and the W isn't even needed, is far stronger than Twisted Fate's Q damage. Justice Punch is stronger than Gold Card, as well. But considering Galio doesn't build as much AP, his damage is gonna be lower than Twisted Fate's. Add in his ult damage, however, and it's only gonna be slightly less. Galio is also a tank who can body block projectiles for his ally and doesn't have to worry about being melted as much, unless there is a Vayne, Yi, or Kog'Maw on the enemy team. Now Shen brings a kind of reliable taunt which is a lot less reliable because of buggy hitboxes, for 1.5 seconds and a kind of slow dash speed. He does some ok damage, with his %health scaling's and substandard base damages. His W is decent if he needs to Taunt a Mage and still protect his ally from the ADC, but he needs to be careful not to drag his sword to him by Q'ing after E'ing, which means he gets even less damage. Taunting is a good CC, but not amazing, as he could take some bad damage. Galio's CC is a pretty much guaranteed AoE, which lasts for half the duration of Shen's Taunt, but anyone important should eat the whole 1.25 seconds. It's also a knock up, best CC in the game as even Cleanses don't fully negate them. Then he follows up with bigger damage, a more reliable taunt when combined with his better gapcloser and ult CC. A Pantheon ulting in is probably behind you, in laning phase, and he's probably fed. He brings some big damage, a slow, a targeted Stun, and more damage. He can tank a few hits with his block and natural tank stats, but not many. His protection is lacking, engage decent, but honestly, telegraphing where you're gonna be is not a great way to engage. It's pretty likely he'll die almost instantly mid-late game if he tries ulting on top of anyone in a teamfight. That being said, in a 1v1, assuming he can predict where you're gonna be in 3.5 seconds, assuming you aren't dead in 3.5 seconds, assuming they aren't dead in 3.5 seconds, assuming Pantheon is in a place where he can stun himself for 2 seconds... he's a solid ally! Now Galio. His damage is not nearly as high, although his bases and scalings are nothing to be laughed at, as seen in the TF comparison. He's a lot more reliable for peel, much more helpful in a teamfight, and still devastating in what used to be a 1v1 because of free Justice Punch and the ability to disable someone for a whole 3.5 seconds if they're hit by the inner circle of his ult. He can literally disable someone for the same amount of time Pantheon takes to get there. By the time Panth gets there, Galio's already smacked them with Justice, and knocked them up twice. That being said, Galio kind of relies on his ally to deal the damage to kill his target. But he's got plenty to be a threat on his own. Wow, this turned out waaaaay longer than I expected. Hope you're still reading, and hope I'm not boring you. As you can see, Galio's ult outclasses similar ults in many ways. It's a little overloaded.
I think that might just be an issue of Shen and Pantheon being more dated, it should be noted that Galio's ult is not entirely global and at level 6 its range isn't that big. That being said, his Q has a pretty good parallel with Swain's Q; which at rank 1 does 120 + 120% of AP as magic damage if you take the entire thing, it also slows and has a pretty large area of effect too. Galio's Q isn't that much of an outlier, and its pretty common for melee champions to do great damage early. Likewise, Cho'Gath's Q has high base damage and a 100% AP scaling. If you struggle against Galio I'd advice getting boots early, and possibly some early magic resist. If you find yourself unable to avoid his Q or E then you simply need to invest in mobility, if you choose not to and he catches you, then that's largely on you. If he can't consistently land his Q on you then he's not that dangerous anymore because he needs to land it in order to be able to apply kill pressure. His E is pretty telegraphed and is easily sidestepped or juked once you get used to it. On the topic of his kit being overloaded, yes, it is, as is the case with most new champions, reworked or otherwise.
: New Aatrox genuinely terrifying and I love it
I liked it too, I completely suck with him of course since I never even played the original version of him but he definitely feels better now.
: Weak to hard engage but has an ult that covers half the lane and cannot be dashed through, if you manage to walk around it while his soldiers auto you to death (slowing you to boot) he flips you off with his bird finger and soldier dashes away.
Well, of course he does, he is a Disruptor after all, a Control Mage. Controling the battlefield is more or less his thing, furthermore, if you use champions with dashes against Azir then you're setting yourself up for a rude awakening, as he tends to be strong versus those champions. Zed is a much better pick against him.
Rather than run from the Voidlings, try to kill them before they multiply, a lot of people seem to ignore them entirely, which allows them to multiply until they're a proper swarm at which point Malzahar is at his peak strength. It has a very long cooldown relative to his other abilities, and makes up almost 60% of his damage - whenever I play Malzahar I almost grit my teeth whenever my pets die prematurely. While it's true that Malzahar isn't a mechanically difficult champion to play, he is actually less faceroll now than he used to be due to lower base damage all around. I often find myself microing Malefic Visions in lane to produce favorable results, while also utilizing Call of the Void to refresh the dot.
k0st4z (EUNE)
: Balance in League of Legends
One thing to note about Riot, and in fact most MOBAs in general, is that they're not really interested in making Balanced Games. Because to be honest, a completely balanced game would be extremely boring, as there would be no true strengths or differentiations between characters. What they're interested in is to make each champion overpowered in their own way. By emphasizing their strengths and weaknesses, that way, the champion will always be interesting to play and you get to use those moments of power to feel good about yourself.
: Why is Azir able to exist in his current form?
Azir's Dash is very counterable, all you need to do is position yourself between him and his Soldier or just generally hug him. The thing with Azir is that he's weak to hard engages and blinks, while he can use his wall to throw you back, his strength lies in Sustained Damage, not Burst. He will kill anyone eventually, but if a clever Annie, LeBlanc or any other burst mage gets in his face they can annihilate him in a single burst at minimal risk to themselves. Furthermore, while he is an extraordinary Lane Bully, he himself is actually pretty weak to getting bullied in return, especially with bullies who also happens to have a lot of upfront burst damage. Champions like Vel'Koz, Lux, Xerath and Zed all do well against Azir for that reason. He's also very difficult to play in general.
Wulffrith (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Njallum,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=JdA9AevA,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2016-05-13T07:20:21.382+0000) > > Oh gods no, I think that'd be a pretty bad idea. It'd break the game in two, can you imagine someone like Darius with a gapcloser, what about Garen? How about Skarner, it'd negate their weaknesses of kiteability, and allow them to consistently get into anyone's face with their high-threat zones. No it won't. Have you ever played with those champions against a good, coordinated team ? There is a reason those champions are not played in LCS
I believe Darius was played a few times last year at least, and to my credit, those did not include a gapclosing item for melees. If they did, they would most likely break the game in two, as being in the zone of someone like Darius is a lot more dangerous than being in the zone of a mage most of the time. Darius will absolutely murder you if he manages to get that close. Which is why he's balanced around low mobility and remaining rather kiteable. I don't deny that Bruisers and the like aren't strong at the moment, but I don't think giving them a gapcloser is the way to go neccessarily.
: Zyra's new Q hitbox is absolutely awful .
I disagree, I find it much easier to land than her old Q, it also looks a lot more interesting. It just takes some getting used to.
Wulffrith (EUNE)
: What if we'd have a Probelt item like mages do, that gives something like AD+AS or ARP (so tank won't abuse it much) and make it melee only ?
Oh gods no, I think that'd be a pretty bad idea. It'd break the game in two, can you imagine someone like Darius with a gapcloser, what about Garen? How about Skarner, it'd negate their weaknesses of kiteability, and allow them to consistently get into anyone's face with their high-threat zones.
Sciela (NA)
: Well, every time I pushed at all, Graves would come mid. I nearly killed Lux at ~4 minutes, but Graves almost killed me, and I had to flash out or I was dead. So, I just froze the lane, poked her as best I could (hard as hell since they buffed her E to be basically undodgeable), and generally didn't feed. When she roamed, it wasn't just her, it was Graves too (probably a duo). I would ping five thousand times, but my team would ignore them and feed. Whenever she roamed, I pushed super hard though, almost got both mid towers in one good push. But, my team just fed too much, and I couldn't fight anyone on their team, and didn't have the gold to catch up.
You should have followed them, poor map awareness is pretty common at Gold, Silver and Bronze. If you had followed and you were as good as you say you were, then you should've at least managed to stop the roam and maybe get a kill or two. If you play with people who have a bad game, then it's generally up to you to carry in their place. Tell them to peel for you if neccessary. Pushing is great, but it should only be done if you play with people who know how not to get killed by ganks, your mistake was that you played solo while this is a team game at the end of the day. You needed to make them strong, you had to feed them with assists and use your greater power to alleviate pressure. If they get strong enough, then it won't matter if they fed early. Also, looking at your scores, you had very little impact on the game in general. You participated in a total of 6 kills, That Amumu by contrast participated in 100% of those kills, and despite his deaths, I would say that his score was way better than yours. He played as a teammate. My point is, don't fall into the trap of blaming everyone else, the only person you can truly control on your team is you.
: Revert the mage changes
I for one absolutely love the new changes to Mages, they might not rock your boat but they certainly rock mine.
Njallum (EUW)
: I agree, mages are mages, that's just the way the cookie crumbles. Getting upset over it is akin to getting upset about how an ADC slaughters everyone lategame or a tank being difficult to kill.
If you let Brand consistently hit you with a full combo, then you need to practice avoiding skillshots. Yes, it is fairly difficult to avoid, I don't deny that, but his damage at the current point is far lower than it used to be, unless he manages to consistently hit you with three spells in a row. Yes, if you die to him even once, he'll become difficult to deal with, but that is generally the case with most champions, especially mages. Brand snowballs very well, so that is simply a matter of NOT feeding him early. As for how he kills people who ganks him, Brand was infamous for that even before his rework. He's a significantly less capable duelist now, although if you're bad at avoiding skillshots then yes, he will steamroll you.
: Lmao, he's strong yeah but you gotta deal homie
I agree, mages are mages, that's just the way the cookie crumbles. Getting upset over it is akin to getting upset about how an ADC slaughters everyone lategame or a tank being difficult to kill.
: > [{quoted}](name=Njallum,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=eTAHj8ub,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-05-10T06:56:53.024+0000) > >...most of his snowballing potential is dependant on weakening his opponents with his Combo... And exactly this is why he needs nerfs. Why should he be able to outdamage a mage with 1 rotation of his spells just because of his synergy with Thunderlords?
Because he is an "Assassin" who is specialized around killing people?
Zorasama (NA)
: What if we cut Zed's Q damage from his shadows by half?
The thing with Zed is that he is not really an all-in type of Assassin until he has gotten a few items, most of his snowballing potential is dependant on weakening his opponents with his combo until they're at a low enough point for him to swoop in and finish them off. Zed provides only damage with no utility beyond a slow, he has a very dominant laning phase because that is how he keeps himself relevant and strong. I don't deny that fighting Zed is extremely frustrating, but that is just the way the cookie crumbles. If we went by your example then that would not only reduce his damage to champions and reliability with hitting his Q, but it would also adversely affect his farming and last-hitting potential significantly. There's a lot of champions which I deem to be cancerous, and would absolutely love to see removed from the game completely, such as Yasuo. But that doesn't mean I think he needs a nerf. Zed is designed to weaken you, and then destroy you when you're too wounded to fight back. To do that he needs to have very strong and consistent harass.
: Because right now they cant use them?
Not both at the same time, no. Can you imagine stacking Sterak's Gage and Maw of Malmortius on someone like Fiora? She'd be basically impossible to burst down, all while being really tanky and doing great damage. Not a pleasant thought.
: Can we make Maw and Sterak's able to stack for melee champions only?
Considering that that would open them up to characters like Fiora, Yasuo and Zed, I would personally be massively against it.
: ***
I agree, now, I actually vastly prefer him as an AP Skirmisher rather than Control Mage, as he has never really struck me as one, with his single-target ultimate.
nep2une (NA)
: Malzahar has a 57.79% winrate and 90.65% banrate.
Honestly, I think his passive is completely fine, it's entirely neccessary to enable his kit and is pretty easy to counterplay. As it's broken with a single autoattack, and doesn't refresh in combat unless he plays extremely safe. It's his extremely safe/impactful jungle clears and ability to solo Dragon and Baron with ease that should be nerfed, the passive is just a matter of learning how to play around it. Of course, if Malzahar plays well, then yes, his passive will be up most of the time in lane, but playing well is not at all something that should be penalized in my opinion. I simply love new Malzahar in lane, as he feels absolutely amazing to play and surprisingly deep at this current point in time, with how you manage your voidlings and find clever ways to manipulate his E with Q and R.
: Malz can clear rift herald at lvl 5 and his passive is incredibly stupid and forced
They're actually nerfing his damage primarily on neutral monsters, the mana costs will be less of an issue for lane Malzahar given how his E is more reliable in lane. It might make him more mana hungry in the short term, certainly, but I think this will primarily weaken him in the jungle. I imagine he'll see less play in the jungle because of that. The ult damage isn't that hard a blow to his midlane or toplane either, as it's primarily a hard CC lockdown ability in my eyes.
: Is Everything Broken?
As someone who loves playing mages, I must admit that I'm having myself quite the field day. I've taken to play the new Malzahar in lane as he is my most played champion as well. I just love the changes to him there, although it's sad that jungle Malzahar is so immensely dominant that he's gonna have to suffer lanewise as well.
: Zyras Rework isnt good as it should be like the other mages! My recommendation!
Zyra has plenty of defensive abilities, they're just less intuitive than those of far simpler mages like Brand or Malzahar. She relies on managing her resources, those being her seeds, ideally you want to build up a garden of sorts and then ensure you always have several seeds up. If you do this correctly then she can potentially 1v3 an incoming roam to mid, and potentially net a lot of kills. If you waste your seeds for harass then you leave yourself more and more exposed, as they have immense zoning potential. I've killed junglers before they even manage to enter my lane with well-placed plants and seeds.
: A suggestion about Malzahar's Void shift.
It already functions that way, if he takes damage from any source the cooldown is effectively reset, which means that continously harassing him in lane or simply tagging him with an autoattack will prevent him from utilizing it when he wants.
: Mage Update Magic resist down?! / Mage favortism /Am i the only one who feels this way??
Prior to this, I always felt like it was the other way around, that Riot played favorites with AD Champs in general, with items like Hexdrinker being much more reliably useful than items like Zhonya's, not to mention items like Mercurial Scimitar and the wealth of magic resist in comparison to the dearth of Magic Penetration in the game. In fact, until just recently, AD champs dominated midlane, characters such as Yasuo, Zed, Quinn and the like had extraordinary success mid because of how immensely powerful the AD Items were, not to mention how mages lacked build diversity up until just a few days ago.
: > [{quoted}](name=The Blue Jelly,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=UMzZujNb,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-05-06T07:06:31.009+0000) > > Well if you want you can actually use the new passive on the "support item" {{item:3174}}, since your shield should apply it whenever you shield an ally. Gives you some healing utility, while also giving you absurd mana regen and better health sustain than you could have ever gotten with WotA. > > Even tosses in some CDR (20%) and is extra cheap (2250 instead of the >3k most other AP-granting items are at), if a little light on the AP. > > Beyond that, I dunno, I always winged it when I played Ori. Well the charge passive only applies to allies, right, making it useless in early game or outside of teamfights. And the other passive requires you to get fairly low HP for the mana regen to kick in, which is really bad for non-duelists since in most match ups once they are 1/2 hp they are at terrible risk of getting nuked to zero. So to me this is really bad option for Orianna mid or something like that.
I believe it can be used to provide yourself with a free heal, as to my understanding ally also includes you. So, with the new Grail you might have a free self-heal in lane provided you harass frequently.
Eggbread (NA)
: Who is Running OOM in 6.9?
I actually ran out of mana on Malzahar, was an interesting experience. His E doesn't restore as much mana as it used to anymore, unfortunately, at least not early. His mana costs are fairly high as well.
Dessem (EUW)
: Malzahar's Passive makes him too strong in lane.
You can use autoattacks to proc Malzahar's shield, as risky as that may seem, regardless, it takes a long while for him to get his shield back up, and it requires a significant amount of time without taking any damage at all. Keep hitting him with spells and it should provide an opening for you to abuse. Provided that you're not playing low-range mages which he naturally counters with his kit. Also, he relies on his shield more than Yasuo does, and will probably not want to trade with you if it's not up. Also, remember that his Voidlings only spawn if the first one survives, try to destroy it before it can multiply and you'll leave him without almost 60% of his damage. Whenever I play the new Malzahar I find it very annoying when my Voidlings are killed in that manner, because without them, Malzahar is significantly weaker for a pretty long time, given their cooldown. Without his Voidlings and Shield, you should be able to take him if you're both about even. His damage is largely sustained now, so short trades are in your favor if you play bursty champs. If you play long-ranged champs, then you're gonna have it pretty easy in all fairness. Also, he naturally pushes the lane, with every spell he has in his kit, so he's prone to ganks if you destroy his shield beforehand.
Vorazun (OCE)
: [Champion Concept] Skyla, A Soul Divided
Hello, first off, I'd like to say that this is a pretty interesting concept when looked at from an out of gameplay perspective. However, despite how neat her kit is, it is without a doubt completely broken. The primary reason for this is not numbers, as is commonly the case, but the sheer overwhelming amount of utility, damage and supportive potential she has. While she might not have access to all these abilities all the time due to the aligment system, which is really neat by the way, the crust of the matter is that whether she is in Vengeance or Righteousness, her utility is likely way too high. Marksmen typically have very little utility in their kit, and if they do it is extremely rare for they to have anything more than maybe a slow, a dash or long range. Even without her aligned abilities, base Skyla already has long range, good burst potential, a dash which also slows and does damage, alongside strong aoe damage. Even her base is severely overpowered, the alignment abilities add to this rather drastically. Skyla has the kit of a Mage, Assassin, Support and Marksman rolled into one. While there's no inherrent problem with a character having many different abilities, more abilities generally mean that each ability has less impact on it's own. Use Elise as an example, each of her abilities are pretty simple and weak individually, but they come together to create one cohesive whole. I'd suggest trying to trim down a lot of her abilities to make them more streamlined and less bloated. I'd advice making her base abilities very weak to make up for her high lategame powerspike. Could perhaps make her into an ability-based hypercarry once she reaches max level. Just a thought.
Candurill (EUW)
: [Champion Concept] Gwynne, The Wailing witch
Hello! First off, I'd like to congratulate you for making a character that seems both cohesive. fun and interesting. I absolutely LOVE playing mages, and Gwynne would definitely earn a spot in my pool, but at the present she does have a few issues, which I'll do my best to illustrate. First off is the Passive, the first portion of the passive is quite alright, even a bit interesting. The second portion however is problematic, because the damage rivals that of an ultimate, is AoE and has an AP scaling that rivals that of Annie's Tibbers. The fact that some of it is true damage essentially heavily punishes melee opponents, and anyone who is in range of it. Sure, in the midlane it would be pretty simple to counter her with someone like Lux, but what about toplane? She would hard-counter any melee toplaner like Riven, Renekton or the like, and by hard counter I mean that she would realistically punish them for playing their champion. The same is true for her impact in teamfights, it'd be no trouble at all for Gwynne to use her W to get in the middle of the fray (I would build her extremely tanky, due to her pretty insane base damage and battle mage style) ult and then if they focus her down, proceed to obliderate their entire team with the combination of her W, E, Ult and Passive. Generally, on death effects are pretty difficult to balance, just look at Zyra's old passive, which had a similar effect but had a ridicolous delay in order for it to be fair. To the point where the passive was just plain bad. That passive did way less damage than the potential in Gwynne's passive. Let's imagine a fairly tanky Gwynne with about 400 Ability Power. Let's imagine that she uses W to get into the middle of the enemy team at an opportune time, when most of their intterupts have been used, she uses her E from stealth for 455 magic damage, she proccs her W auto for an additional 560 magic damage then manages to get off five seconds of her ult, the frontliners are silenced and slowed, and are locked down by her teammates, allowing three proccs to get through, which deals a total of 1515 damage. The entire enemy team focuses her down and is rewarded with a 1050 damage aoe nuke for their efforts. Thus, Gwynne has just dealt upwards of 3580 damage on her own to each member the frontline alone, with just three abilities, not taking the first part of her passive into account. And what happens afterwards, well, she's silenced, and punished for her good play. Now, this is a character with a TON of potential, but she faces a very real risk of becoming a Mage version of Rengar, with the ability to do the same thing that he does, except to a large amount of characters. Stealth is an extremely powerful mechaniic, and very difficult to balance as a result. I think most of her basic abilities are fine, her W should probably be made purely utility, given how powerful it is, the damage on her ultimate should either scale well, or have high base damage, it's very risky to have both. It does feel like a big hit or miss though, as it either does nothing and severely punishes her, or it carries a fight by itself. I doubt she would see much play in higher elo for that reason, fun as she might be. Alternatively she might find herself banned every game. Anyway, I had a blast reading through her, the concept is great and sounds like a lot of fun!
: [CCOS] April Entries here!
I will be taking a look at all of these, this is pretty interesting!
: Mid Year Mage Updates - Brand Direction
Also, Riot, I sincerely hope that if you make some visual adjustments to Brand that you stick with his glorious bubble butt, I've grown quite attached to that.
Durfain (EUW)
: With the upcoming mage rework, AD champions have access to better mana management tools than mages..
I don't see the problem with this to be honest, the abilities of AD champions are often inferior to those of actual mages, that Ashe can spam Volleys means significantly less than that Lux can spam her spells, since in comparison to Ashe, Lux has immensely more utility, area of effect damage, burst and raw strength than Ashe does. The spells used by Mages are by and large far more powerful than the abilities of most AD champs. Because that is more or less the entirety of their damage, whereas AD champs have the luxury of autoattacks. Because of how impactful the spells of mages are, it makes perfect sense to introduce more thought around their mana costs. I think it's a healthy change all things considered.
: LeBlanc Main: Hextech Rocket Belt
I think she'd be better served by the Hextech Frost Cannon to be honest. Since she already has an immense amount of mobility, it'd do nicely with some additional CC. Using the Hextech Rocket Belt on her would be what is in the Magic community referred to as a ''win-more'', it doesn't really strengthen her that much. At least not in comparison to the Frost Cannon, which has a sixty percent slow and similar damage and ap scaling. You'd probably never get away from her.
Woook3r (NA)
: Riots Solution to Immobile Mages (make them more mobile)
Personally, I think this was an excellent change. That being said, I would've preferred more options to itemize into armor items. I am also really worried how the removal of Spellvamp will impact the game. Although granted, spellvamp is so ridicolously inferior to lifesteal that I only ever use it on Vladimir or Morgana.
: Mid Year Mage Updates - Brand Direction
My current view of Brand, and a cool niche for him to fill, would be the kind of guy you pick when you need to melt through tanks and other high-health targets. Essentially, that he can be used to counter heavy-tank compositions and the like. Essentially, if Malzahar is an Anti-Assassin, then Brand could potentially function well as an Anti-Tank. It'd be awesome if Brand could have Magic Resistance shred on his spells, to soften targets up in a similar manner to how Yasuo works. Or perhaps even an Armor shred as well, both of them fairly low but noticeable. Could be a part of his passive. As for his Kit, I honestly have no relationship to any of his abilities besides his W. The rest are uninteresting and simplified. His ultimate never performs as you would expect, it either falls completely flat and does less damage than a basic ability, or it nets you a triple kill. I am all aboard on making Pillar of Flame his new ultimate, and reworking most of the other spells. A similar change to what you did with Graves.
: Mid Year Mage Updates - Zyra Direction
Zyra is one of those characters which I was drawn to as soon as I saw her release. The whole Plant Mage theme was extremely interesting, and I did play her for a while until it turned out that the mobility creep, coupled with some pretty hefty nerfs made her unviable in the Mid Lane. From my perspective, most mages who end up being played Bot aren't played there because they're actually great there, although some mages do have that kind of potential. They're played there because they simply put cannot compete reliably with other more successful midlaners and mages. There's no denying that Annie has her strengths, but while she used to be an excellent pick midlane, I feel her kit has become outdated at this point, which leaves her in a spot where there are plenty of other picks which blow her out of the water entirely. I would love to play Zyra in the midlane without feeling like I'm picking a champion that is subpar for the role. She is a Mage, she shouldn't be relegated to babysit an AD Carry in the bot lane, she should BE the Carry. While I certainly have nothing against Support Zyra, I would indeed prefer that Support be relegated to her secondary role. Anyway. Here's a suggestion for a new Passive. **Rise of Thorns**: Zyra mere presence makes flowers to bloom periodically around her. Stepping on these restores a small amount of health and mana. They can also be used to spawn plants through Zyra's other abilities. If an enemy steps on them, they are destroyed. The idea is that I think that Zyra should be a safish laner, who is difficult to move out of the lane. As she essentially ''roots'' herself down there, drawing strength and nutrients from the surrounding earth and soil.
: Mid Year Mage Updates - Annie Direction
Happy that you're finally going to give Annie and Zyra some attention. It appears to me as if the Support lane is where outdated or otherwise unviable mages end up. I'd love to see Annie mid more often in the future, and unlike most of the posters, I think that Flash + Tibbers should stay just as it is. She may be frustrating to play against, but so is a wide variety of other champions as it seems that Riot doesn't want to balance the game as much as they want to make every Champion ''Overpowered'' in their own special way. Which I consider to be a good design strategy, if everything were perfectly balanced, then that would make League lose some of it's charm to me. Anyway, for Annie's E, I would suggest that rather than it increasing her Armor and Magic Resist would instead produce a self-centered shield around herself to help her weather some poke and make up for her limited mobility. If you're nerfing her damage eitherway, as it seems like you intend to do, then that should serve to make her more viable and give her some basic answers to what she is to do in the League of Mobility. It'd also give her some semblance of survivability when she flash tibbers, and certify her as an Engage Mage. Besides, it would give her a pretty big dilemma: Do I use my shield to stack my passive, or do I save it to counter some harass? Giving it a larger cooldown would do wonders too, I would think, as it would reinforce making decisions. Regardless, I don't think her E is very interesting at the moment at all, it's almost like she has only three abilities.
: You make a very good point on the early damage on the passive, and I went ahead and scaled the rage cap be level to prevent overbearing early game damage. Now the damage at level 1 is max (100 + 0.2 AP). (Also took the ratio down a notch to prevent rune min-max abuse possibilities) I think one thing that may not be clear is simply how short range Kestrul is. His Q is actually (and intentionally) longer range than his E until he gets more levels into his E. And both abilities being our ranged by his auto attacks (with comparable champs having aa ranges consistently at 550 units. Although I didn't put that down.....sorry about that). In my imaginings he's a blend between Ryze and Yasuo with no dashes and therefore must pull some sweet moves and timing to trade favorably. A key point we're not seeing eye to eye on is the strength of a silence in general. Personally I don't believe a silence is as powerful as it seems you do. Now don't get me wrong I don't put it in the kit lightly (as well as I could simply be naive), but between Kestrul's limited range (Q is 25 units farther than Yasuo Q) and lack of escapes I think a 1 to 2 second reliable silence can fit in the power budget. I completely agree when a silence gets to 2 or 2.5 seconds the impact is huge, and combined with the slow can really shut a single target down. But this hypothetical situation needs the Kestrul player to have level 5 in his W as well as not use his passive before then, as well as just get in range. Tangentially, however, I do notice I have given Kestrul too many ways to generate rage without really making any real effort. I'm going to have the rage actually decay out of combat so a full rage bar can only be utilized after a well timed W-active or in an extended lane fight. I think that may indirectly alleviate a little of your concerns. All that being said I'm continuing to be immensely grateful for your feedback and interest, it's hard to make this sound not-defensive so I want to reassure you that while I may be disagreeing with you at points I still very much value your opinion and view. Like I said in the intro, this is a hard kit to make work! ^_^
You don't come across as defensive, at least not more than necessary. You've spent time on this, a lot of it I think so you're obviously gonna defend it pretty stalwartly, but you're doing so with an open mind which is all I ask. The major point of the silence is not that it's a silence and silence is broken, it's that it's a silence that's activated by an autoattack with a pretty punishing damage component. In essence, it's a targeted silence, if you recall, that's the kind of ability that was removed from LeBlanc and Kassadin, LeBlanc's Silence was at about 1,5 seconds I believe, which is pretty easy to accomplish with Kestrul. Reading over his kit, Kestrul has his flaws in his design in how his power is rather unevenly distributed across his kit, his Q is perfectly alright, it's damage is substandard and it could probably do well with a good buff to it's range. His W is fine on it's own, even if the active portion is somewhat boring, the problem lies with how much synergy it has with his passive, and also, how dependant the passive is on his W. With W Black Flame doesn't merely do pretty strong damage and applies a silence, it also slows the target. Meaning that it's a bursty passive with strong CC components. The slow is always pretty minimal, but combined with the silence I guarantee that it would be felt. His E is actually still very overpowered, especially since you buffed it's base damages, even if you lowered it's scalings. With that base damage it's capable of doing around 1050 + (250% of AP) at level 9 in magic damage. By increasing it's base damage like this you have actually made it even worse in terms of it's strength early game. That's only counting the first part of the ability, if you add in the second effect of the claw it's around 1350 + (330% of AP) aoe damage, ganking him would be pretty impossible as well given the sheer damage on that thing. Most health pools at level 9 are actually less than that amount. I'd suggest you look up on Tibbers when it comes to the pulsing damage, and make it only slightly stronger than tibbers burn, for the ability to be balanced you need to lower the scalings on both parts of the ability, the first one in particular, think about the base damage not as one instance, but in terms of how much damage it could actually do if left alone. Here's how I would balance out the E burn. 15/25/35/45/55 + (20% AP) per second for five seconds. The damage might seem low, but I guarantee you, it's really not, it'd be much much much weaker early game, no doubt, and would be largely reliant on the second cast of E for added damage, but it would still make for some pretty strong zoning and harassment. As even in this state it's maximum damage at level 1 is around 175 + (180% AP) which is still probably much too strong but it would require CC and a stun, the secondary part of the damage might need some tweaking too. Cause at this time it's scaling and damage is actually the same as Annie's Tibbers. Meaning that it's actually something of a secondary ultimate at this point on a 12 second cooldown. In fact, you might be better off switching this with his ultimate. To be fair, I think the Black Drake is pretty unfitting of his kit thus far, which seems to be mostly earth-based. It's cool yes, but it doesn't really fit. Generally it seems he's based much more around his E than his ult at this point.
: Awesome feedback thank you. It's a rare find for someone to crunch the numbers and really call them out, and I appreciate it. I'll completely admit the numbers are a first pass and I'm not surprised I let a skill run loose, I'll definitively scale down the E on both levels and ratio, as I think I already have a fun level choice between the W (for stacks) and the Q (For CD). I think I'll buff the base damage on the E and slash the ratio pretty well to get it under control. I want to keep the E at least above normal simply due to the lack of a W spell and the choice between keeping the damage or pulling a target. That and the very small radius makes it easier to dodge. On the note of the silence duration, I do want to point out that getting a full five stacks would mean not proccing the passive when accruing the stacks as well as sacrificing the slow from said stacks. It's difficult to build up the stacks at the beginning of the fight and make use of the full silence without an extended engage. At least that was my reasoning. Knowing that does the 2.5 silence still sound overbearing to you? (legitimately asking, not getting defensive or anything)
Well the real issue of the silence would be how oppressive it could be in lane, even if he only got two stacks of cruelty he could silence someone with a single autoattack regardless. That'd essentially be a targetted silence with a duration of up to 2,5 seconds which is actually fairly easy to achieve in laning phase given how few of his skills appear to be difficult to land. I can imagine Abyssal Rake getting numerous stacks with it's pulses in a fairly short amount of time, depending on whether or not the mark appears when they're hit or when they're damaged. Targetted silences are pretty unhealthy, and even if he only managed to get a 1 second silence off on his lane opponent, that would be enough to give him a one-sided trade in most situations without them being able to fight back. The fact that the passive is also very damaging speaks for itself. At level 1, that passive could if he managed to get 500 fury deal around 250 damage on its own, not including the added ap damage. Yeah, with that, the passive too is pretty overpowered, as 250 damage is about the strength of a level 2 LeBlanc Sigil of Malice + Distortion burst and that would remove roughly 40% of the health of a level 2 midlaner on it's own, not taking into account his other spells. The passive should either silence or do damage, it probably shouldn't do both. Another thing I noticed now that I look at it again is the implications of him essentially being a resourceless mage. This is a big point because his scalings and base damage is more akin to that of a mana-using burst mage. I think he should probably have significantly lower base damage and scalings to make up for that fact. Think about Yasuo for a moment and how little each of his individual abilities actually does on their own.
: [Champion Concept] Kestrul, The Obsidian Flame
An extremely cool concept, as someone who LOVES using mages, I'd have definitely played the shit out of this champion and had a ton of fun doing so. As someone stated, the numbers are somewhat problematic but I can put my finger on what exactly the problem is, the only issue with your champion lies in his E ability, "Abyssal Rake". Some mathematics coming up shortly, you're warned. The base damage on the ability is alright, the problem however lies in it's scaling, which if you consider every instance of damage it does would effectively be at 580% of maximum AP, or a total ratio of 5,8. If we assume that the average full builded mages AP is at around 800 then that would mean that that ability alone would possess about 5190 aoe magic damage with an added displacement effect at a 12 second cooldown as a basic ability. Throw an ability like that down in a teamfight and he would instagib pretty much ANYONE, and those who did survive through some means or another would be swiftly cleaned up by his other abilities. The pulse of the hand would not hit every time of course, but each pulse would do 910 damage on it's own. A single pulse would therefore outdamage most ultimates fairly easily. Because the E ability is so absurdly overpowered at the current stage, any would be player of Kestrul would simply rush as much ap as possible and simply stack it as far as they could and then go around using CDR and such to just spam E in every teamfight. They probably wouldn't ever need to actually use the dragon or his silence or any of the other awesome abilities he has. By simply spamming E, he'd usually outdamage everyone in the long run, and probably have a near 100% winrate. His E is the only real problem though, aside from perhaps his passive, getting a 2,5 second silence on a passive is extremely powerful, as silence effectively prevents the use of summoner spells too. Toning down the duration would be good, and for the E, the scaling would need to be MUCH lower. Hope you continue with these concepts, geeks like me love to read them.
: I feel like Azir needs to have an incredibly weak early game given how strong he is late
Azir is like one of those school bullies most of us are far too well acquainted with, he's a ruthless bully in lane, but he sits down and cries if he ever meets someone who can bully him more. Azir also has rather low kill potential if you respect his poke, he won't ever manage to burst you from 100-0 zero, so if your character has an early game powerspike with burst, you should be able to dispose of him rather easily. He's my absolute favorite champion to play, and I can tell you that my biggest nightmare are characters with any sort of mobility, even a ms boost. Outmanuvre his soldiers and move around them whenever possible to get to him, if he's just used his Q he's EXTREMELY vulnerable to trades until it's back up, because without his soldiers there he simply CANNOT trade with most other midlaners. He doesn't need a weak early game, his mid game is already fairly lackluster. If you know how to play against him, you'll do well either way.
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