: Here's a post where you can ask questions about the stuff I've worked on, and I'll try to answer.
Do you think that making a non-humanoid champion, IE: Skarner, made it more difficult and clunky to find a skill set that matched his design that would also be balanced out? Because it kind of seems like you have struggled a lot with non-humanoid champions since Skarner is, more or less, the only one. In light of this we have encountered multiple updates and small remakes of his abilities that were to match his design, and it kind of hit the spot, design wise, being the territorial crystal vanguard he was supposed to be, protecting his "mini-dominion areas" as a perfect description of Skarner and his background lore, but I still feel like he is lacking something in terms of consistency and the ability to pick him competitively (or at all). Don´t get me wrong, I think you have done a wonderful job on him, I enjoy his overall design and skillset, but it feels like playing a clunky, lagged out blockbuster game with few options, it just won´t work out the way you might have intended to(?) And is this why the game design of the champions in League are more or less similar in terms of the typical human/humanoid look on the champions? Take Omen for example, the champion who got cancelled because, and this is speculative from my side, you had immense issues with coming up with a skillset that matched his design? Is it just easier for you to go with the same type of base on the champion modeling?

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