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Marzya (EUNE)
: 14 days bann cause of writing "kys" which i have explained that means" know yourself"
: More like b/c heimer needs a rework b/c his gameplay pattern is incredibly un-interactive. 1. set up zone, 2. Clear waves endlessly while poking slightly past zone. 3. If ganked kite back into zone spamming abilities, possibly stopwatch/zhonya?
To be fair, such a 3 point summary can be made about every champ. Half the roster has a pretty 1 dimensional playstyle.
KT Mia (EUW)
: I'm playing in EUW and can confirm this. In Silver I've rarely met bots in ARAM but today my latest 3 games always have bots, at least 2 per game (either allies or opponents). It seems there's a new bots tool. Unlike previous bots, they have rune page, have (in my opinion) smarter behaviors, but still not too hard to recognize they ain't human. Most of them have quite low level (below 30), default avatars and obviously very bad KDA in game. It must be frustrating when one team has 3 bots and has to play 2v5 (actually 2v8). Not fun at all.
You can look up my match history with few exceptions you can see that most games have a bot on either side. Their names are also revealing. Every player is pissed. I don't even know if my reports still count. It can't be a thing to report people for Bot using every game. The problem is epidemic since weeks and riot does nothing to adress the rampaging problem. Doing a banwave does nothing to save the mode. You do a banwave every few month, but the bots will be back 2 days later. What is won by this?
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: And now you're on par with him.
Wrong. I'am not banned and i'am not crying like a little girl in the forums for it. Yes i do enjoy this, so many toxic players in games and i'am always calm and silent. So i do enjoy those moments when some of the toxic garbage gets kicked into the can. But keep pretending that you stand above all that princess.
: nah man .u suck it up.I show them piece of my mind and then I will move on.
Enjoy your soon to be perma and no, you wont be missed.
: > [{quoted}](name=Noobinoob der II,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AaAGNyiI,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-11-30T14:23:47.244+0000) > > Well, its not that hard to make a runepage before the match. This is not exactly rocket science with the new runes. That is very true, but lets say if i have filled out all those 25 pages with runes for both a group of champions and specific champions that i would like to keep, that would mean i'm required to get rid of one of those pages i'd rather keep to play another build i wanna try out, and i try out stuff all the time, which means i would have to keep making changes to things i'd rather have stay as it is because i'm forced to do so by limits in page amounts, and that also means i can't keep a build i like because i simply don't have any room for it
Yes get rid of one runepage. One! Call it "Aram" "Testfield" or "Al". Take that for all those not 24 runepages you use. Everytime you have to not use your runepage, use this one, change it in those 60 seconds. Profit!
: Too many champions for too few rune pages
Well, its not that hard to make a runepage before the match. This is not exactly rocket science with the new runes.
xelaker (NA)
: Has anyone seen ohmwrecker in a game? Ever?
Play it on Heimer, along with zz'rot and commando banner. Then proceed to push straight to enemy nexus with it.
AznaktaX (EUNE)
: Why is Press the Attack getting nerfed....??
: It's not like the other 2 concepts are deleted, they went back in the concept folder. Maybe they will release one of them in the future. But asking from them to create all 3 skins at once is a bit much. Especially since Illaoi demands additional work because of her tentacle models. Maybe in the future they could give at least a small reward for the other not chosen concepts, like Ward skins when the skin gets released.
This game is played by 100 Million people. Don't tell me they don't have enough artists to make all three. Also Illaoi getting a skin is more than overdue! Jhin came after her and already has 3.
: Well idk what people you have been playing with but i haven't been having any problems like that. Maybe they just don't like you?
Lies. This is League, people are toxic. Don't tell us you don't have those games, cause we all had.
Żoom (NA)
: League straight outta compton
> [{quoted}](name=Żoom,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=eIYLdnA9,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-11-24T05:32:36.562+0000) > > QQ thread ggwp. Scared for my life rito! Obviously humour. You on the other side are one malicious individual for trying to get this person banned.
Arammus (EUW)
: in riots mind it is fixed. the problem is riot has 2 options. 1. is to keep their method. ban them in waves every 2 month or so, so that bot creators dont figure out how riot detect the bots (well how do they do it, your bots go 0/50 every game idiots seriously) 2. to ban them instantly and thus have bot creators figure out how its done and then they just code the bots differently. IN MY OPINION option 2 would be better for us the players. but overall wouldnt change much. i myself used to play runescape where jagex mods (basically riot employees) used to visits the most popular places and perma mute spambots that adverticed "cheap gold for real money" websites. yet i cant remember a single day where i didnt see a spam bot. they kept coming.
No, this must be fixed! While spambots or farmbots are annoying, you can ignore or mute them, they dont influence your game directly. But the Aram bots directly ruin my fun, they are in every game! This is breaking ARAM for me and many others atm. The games become unplayable. Also the bots autoattack, so even they sometimes get a lucky kill. The 0/50 rule doesnt apply.
: Illaoi Skin Vote: Feedback
The main problem was that there was a majority for one design but also a big interest in the other two designs. It wasnt that the other two got 2% and one got 98%. I don't like this winner takes all mentality. Its bad for this, politics and society. I also think Battlecast is overdone and generic. But i can see why it has mass appeal. But instead of booting the other 2 designs. Why not make all three. Illaoi needs skins and all three catered to a different audience. I'm an Illaoi main, i didn't voted for BC. But i would have bought deep space and adventurer Illaoi both. M2cent
fstar25 (NA)
: Botting in ARAM is ridiculous since open leveling
Aram is unplayable atm. There are bots in every game in EUW. Pls fix fast or this mode is dead. I have friends that dont want to play Aram anymore cause of those bots just ruin every fun out of the game.
: is this only in eu? It's literally been months since ive even thought of a bot being in one of my games. (talking about new level system) Pre 30 yeah loads of them but i dont play on pre 30 and havent seen any since on new leveling either other than bot matches
Its pretty brutal in EUW. At least one in every game sometimes 2-4 bots. The team without bots win. Aram becomes nearly unplayable!
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: ARAM BOTs Again ~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The game has gone ~!!!! Third Party program ~!!!!!!
Yeah i had like 2 in everygame since this morning. They run mid, make random skillshots (really random) autoattack the nearest enemy. Every game they go like 0/20-30/10. Its epidemic.
: 14 day ban because playing Nunu Support with Smite is "stealing other people's roles"...?
Thats really a shame what happened here. If this continues ima out after many years. I love those nonmeta stuff and the direction riot is going, thats bad. That wouldn't have happened a few years back. Also the support singed. Bad decision is bad by riot.
Greenface4 (EUNE)
: Wut?
So you say you weren't toxic and the other team made you toxic at the same time. Sounds like a big contradiction to me. That means you actually were toxic and the ban rightful.
yosko123 (EUNE)
: unban my acc please
No. Chances were given. Game is over.{{sticker:cass-cry}}
: I will post a screenshot later today, but yes, I got permanently banned for just this one game. This was literally the one game in my reform card.
Lies. You are not getting permabanned for 1 game. Everyone in this forums knows how the system works. You get warnings, then chat restrictions, then 14 days ban, then the permaban. Yes between 14-day and permaban, that can happen in one game. And since you are obviously even toxic in this forum, well, have fun playing a new champ to 30.
Rainfall (EUNE)
: you were passive aggressive the entire game. "you're irrelevant" "you're 3/8" "if u dont play jg dont act like u know how to plz" you were acting like you were better than everyone else the entire game and baiting others to flame you,which in itself is toxic. You're sportsmanlike for a shaco player but still below the player average.
passive aggressive is a character trait. Not something banworthy. He didn't insulted anyone. He didnt use bad words. he just wasnt friendly. End of story. he quoted VArus and Varus called him a Noob. Noob in text = chatban
: > [{quoted}](name=Tiltmaster Zoe,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=30F7QzAo,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-11-05T14:41:24.743+0000) > > What were the logs in the other two games like? this is the only one i got. i can send screenshot after this game is over.
Yeah send a ticket, you were not exactly Mr. Nice guy. But theres nothing in that text that should give you a ban. Most Trump tweets are way worth than this.
: >ToxicShaco: if u dont play jg dont act like u know how to plz ToxicShaco: its annoying ... ToxicShaco: ur 3/8 ToxicShaco: ur irrelevant at this point so plz dont tlak ToxicShaco: k Yes, you were.
He was unfriendly. But theres nothing banworthy in that text.
: 25 Game Chat Ban After Being Harassed
Well, from this chatlog i can't see anything. Maybe not clever to quote someone and having noob in it. But when thats the true chatlog, i see nothing banworthy.
Cowseed (NA)
: >SOund awefully paranoid to me what you are saying As I said you're a random guy on the internet who's story sounds fake. _That's_ what I'm saying. If it didn't matter so much whether I believe or not why call me paranoid?
Sry, didnt wanted to insult you with this. Distrust just seems to be the currency of the world atm.
Cowseed (NA)
: Ok. I never got this across the first time so let me be clearer here. There is little proof here that any of this is true. >I trashtalked a lot. I sweared to teammates a lot. I insulted teammates a lot. >I even commited the high crime of wishing cancer to the family of a teammate. In contrast > But i didn't do that on 10 games in a row. I did it in maybe 2 games.... You've further distanced me from believing you with this bit of inconsistency. First you say that you trash talk and flame alot. Now you're telling me that it was maybe 2 games. You go as far as to say you deserve a 15 day ban for trash talking and that's where I _really_ started looking at this post funny. If you got reported then you most likely would have seen punishment instantly. But according to you the system might not be able to pick that out of your language easily. You chose to post this on the NA boards, the majority of speak english. I'm not even gonna _mention_ the fact that you skimmed over this completely in the original post. For all we know you could have _intentionally_ used the other language to avoid the concequences or, as I think, none of this even happened. Apparently the only posts that people on this sub board think can be false are those that clame they were never toxic. I keep a level head and at all times remind myself: "This is the internet". It doesn't take much to make a believable story. All you have to do is type it and boom, no one can prove it's fake or real. I mean like, you're posting on NA boards from a EUW account that hasn't been _updated_ on OP.GG in months, the only champ played was one game of braum and you're claiming that you avoided punishment for being extremely toxic and wishing cancer on to a teamate in another language and you may or may not have done this often or so rarely that you can only remember 2 games of this. As for why you'd want to do this, idk. Idk why someone would enjoy feeding for an entire 40 minutes or cursing other players off but they still do it don't they? :D
Yo man. Never said it was this account and no that doesn't make it less believable. Thats juts my toplane "smurf" account and the other was my main account, i just happened to log on with this one when i had the feeling to share this. Same with posting NA, i didn't even realize this was NA forums until you told me so. It was the forum i got when i googled for LoL forums. I talked a lot of trash, i sweared a lot, i insulted teammates a lot. But not in every game, just in a few ones. Don't get your point there. So thats the last i say about that, i'am actually not that interested in defending my decision to share the story and it doesn't really matter to me as much if you believe me or not. This story of me was obviously not for you. The other dude happened to be german, normaly i speak english, but in champ select they were all talking german. So why not speak my native tongue then in game. SOund awefully paranoid to me what you are saying.
nerak23 (NA)
: Today I have seen players calling others liars
Today i played support, the adc claimed i took 6 cs. In reality i accidentally took 2 because i wanted to push to tower that we could back to base. It's not that easy to control that using zilean and his bombs. I was really furious, because it showed that i had some cs, but that was because the adc disconnected at start and i needed to deff tower for 1-2 minutes until he came back. Didn't wanted to waste good cs. But when he made that lying claim, everyone only looked at the cs and then started flaming me. I got so mad at my adc that i stopped supporting him and instead supported mid. We won and he was writing angry insults all game. But i just can't stand people like that.
Cowseed (NA)
: This post sounds so friggin fake. :/ Commiting verbal abuse and wishing cancer on other players and not getting banned or even a chat restriction. Yeah, I call bs right there.
Okay. Can understand you. But i didn't do that on 10 games in a row. I did it in maybe 2 games, and one was the one where i went overboard with the insults. I tend to insult people not with strong language, maybe because of that it didnt trigger. Maybe because i spoke a different language? Maybe just on that day the security didn't work. I have no idea and i actually am not interested to know why. It's just so that it didn't trigger. But i thought a few times back at this day, and was really ashamed by myself. The world has changed, people arn't like that anymore. I miss those times, times when someone could just admit to beeing wrong about something, without having to be afraid others look down on him. I miss the old times were decency and morale was strong. I just thought that when i want to have these times back, i need to do something myself, and be it in this game. Just beeing true and say: "Hey man, i'am really sorry that i insulted your mama." Be the change you want to see in others. I'am not banned or chat restricted, you can play a game with me if you like to test. I have no way to proof that i wasn't banned before, but well, maybe just trust me on this one. Other than that, what reasons should i have to make such a post? Doesn't sound like a lot of drama to me doesn't it?
: Hey man, I'm glad to see you're on the path to reforming :) I hope this lesson sticks with you and changes you for the better! This is step one, so don't give up! {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
Yeah well. No lesson here. Wasn't banned. Just selfreflection.
Jamaree (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Noobinoob der II,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=Z4tNNQau,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-11-02T18:41:26.083+0000) > > I'am regretful, not stupid. Idk then man, this is still weird.
Never felt the need to talk about something, get it from your soul? Tell all the other random dudes out there that you did something bad and regret it? That doesn't mean that i want to throw my account away. I was lucky enough to survive that day, that doesn't mean i want a ban. I just wanted to tell the guy out there that i didn't wanted to insult his mama. I mean, maybe this guy doesn't read it. But maybe someone else does and maybe he knows that the people saying such things are not all sociopathic weirdos. Just some random dudes snapping sometimes and even regretting it. Maybe that helps to them,too.
: Instant Feedback System has only been here for a short time. 'Back in the day' it was much harder to get banned or even chat restricted. System we have now is way more rigid. Glad to see you have improved your attitude, though!
Nah that happened half a year ago. New system was already implemented. I just had luck that day, many games without report before maybe. I still miss the tribunal. It provided some kind of guideline and brought up many cases to see what was happening and where the fine line between ban and pardon was.
Jamaree (NA)
: People admitting to one's player behavior? Ummm, I'm not... sure what to do here. I guess don't do it again, one game's worth of reports isn't enough to get you banned, but if you truly think you deserve it, go make a support ticket and ask for a ban....I guess?
I'am regretful, not stupid.
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: Permabanned
Don't drink and rift. You had your warnings, time to face the judgement like a true man.
: I don't understand people who cries for feed
Well. It happens. Everyone feeds sometimes, even the best, while much more rarly, feed. Can't undertstand people complaining. Last game i was top sion and mid had problems with zed. Instead of flaming him i suggested a laneswap, that didn't made it easy, but hey game went better and we managed to glinch to endgame and outscaled. Taht zed was just good. Other guy clearly was having problems also did i in that lane. But he didnt managed to snowball and the zed became a nonissue in late. Sometimes it is like that. But start flaming people is just reducing your win chances dramatically.

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