: Why did G2 not have to play the tiebreaker?
Because it's based on their head-to-head records. G2 beat the Flash Wolves twice, TSM once. Flash Wolves beat TSM once, lost one to TSM and lost two to G2 and TSM beat G2 once and Flash Wolves once. So if you arrange it as if WE, GAM and SKT weren't in the tournament at all the record would be 1. G2 3W-1L 2. Flash Wolves 2W-2L 2. Team SoloMid 2W-2L Now add SKT, GAM and WE back to that the MSI table looks like this: 1. SKT 2. WE 3. G2 4. FW 4. TSM 6. GAM That's why Flash Wolves and Team SoloMid had to play a tie breaker. REPLY
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: Is there any champion that you just plainly hate?
Found Riven a fairly easy champion to go even with, especially as I find {{champion:57}}, who is incredibly strong at the moment, to be a decent counter to Riven. You can harass her with E, forcing her to take damage from saplings or waste her own E avoiding them. His W locks her down and his Q deals decent damage, along with his inherent sustain from his passive and the damage reduction from his R can help you survive her burst. My own personal pet peeve is {{champion:107}} mostly thanks to his ability to completely bypass your tank line and destroy at least one carry instantly with the Youmuu/Enhanced Q


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