>Hello I am a Yasuo and SKT fan, be nice to me silly boys :^) Oh no we're having trouble in a video game, help HELP HELP HEEEEEEELP EVE SION PLEASE SOMEBODY ANYBODY YOU PEOPLE GON GET BANNED FOR NO REASON HAHA PRANKED BRO Maybe if I abuse the report system I'll finally accomplish something AUAGGHHGH REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE You're a walking meme. Please take a moment and think why someone would want this in their chat.
: Stop using Pro play as a way to kill the game.
Pro play has effectively warped how Riot balances the game especially in the past two years. It's gotten so bad Riot has stopped learning from their mistakes and applying a proper balance philosophy, now they do things for shits and giggles on the pro scene. That's all they've done for a good while. They only take a step back when the playerbase has a notably large reaction to a thing, or when something big happens they don't like such as when fucking Pantheon was played in the LCS and got trashed moments later. Considering how videogames are meant to be played, the playerbase should react way more often than they do. The fact that no one did when Ekko took over the game for over half a year was a sign of things to come. Here's your reminder that Riot ruined tower/lane balance through a kneejerk reaction to an earlygame tower-taking strategy and will NEVER revert it.
Crett (NA)
: games can last longer than 20 minutes, but get this: they're often decided in the first 5 minutes, leaving both teams dying inside because this is what happens every game without fail lmao comebacks don't ever happen either
Wow! I guess that one Rioter wasn't kidding when he said he "liked the flow of games" immediately after catastrophic community fallout from the <20 minute games period of Season 6. This is interesting stuff. I'd love to know what goes through the balance team's minds when they see their hard work at making the game so varied and complex fall apart when a whole half of the midgame and the entirety of the lategame phase doesn't even happen properly. Not to mention when player agency and meaningful interactions can drop dramatically within the first 5 minutes!
: Tyler1 Is STILL Toxic
You could argue the first is said as a humorous joke, and the second as communicating about the flow of a game in an aggravated fashion. It's not pretty but it's definitely not a case of going for the throat. If you're really committed to obsessing over le ebic e-celebrity streamer dudes you should look for some better banworthy examples.
Aeon123 (NA)
: Quick Update on Rotating Game Modes
I'm curious as to why you would choose One for All over other available options, and in reaction to "calls" no less. The community calling for the return of a gamemode has never done any good ever since RGM was released and it's hard to understand why you'd work hard to bring this one back in particular. One for All has shown up more frequently than others and to be honest it has flaws keeping it from being played back to back outside of 3-player parties. Why not work on bringing back less frequent game modes that need further testing amongst the community such as Hexakill or Dominion?
Rioter Comments
DyQuill (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=LankPants,realm=OCE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=z1dTsaQ6,comment-id=000000000002000400000001000200010000000200000002,timestamp=2017-12-01T03:26:07.854+0000) > > So who does this actually appeal to? Because from what I&#x27;ve seen the reaction to this change has been overwhelmingly negative. There was actually no reason to make this change, it&#x27;s just change for the sake of change and all that ever accomplishes is pissing off people who liked the old way better. > > As for the diversity point, you could change 70% of League&#x27;s champions to be gay and it wouldn&#x27;t impact their story at all. So why Varus, one of the very few champions who&#x27;s sexuality was interwoven into his original story? It feels forced, heavy handed and flat out wrong. Boards has been pretty negative, so I get where you're seeing that. Reddit on the other hand has been less so. And on Twitter, we got a ton of positive support. But even within those, there are differences - some positive comments on Boards, and some negative ones on Twitter, and so on. The channel/forum is ultimately irrelevant. It's about players overall, and we've seen players all over have every reaction, from super pissed to overjoyed. We're still sorting through it and getting a sense of how we did, but I'm pretty confident that this "actually appeals" to a good amount of players. I guess what I'm saying is - echo chambers are real (not just Boards, but reddit and Twitter and everywhere), and there are more than a few players that are excited about these changes, just as there's a good number here that are very much the opposite.
>Boards has been pretty negative, so I get where you're seeing that. Reddit on the other hand has been less so. And on Twitter, we got a ton of positive support. That's funny because all of these often can't be taken seriously, even when disregarding echo chambers. Given that the Boards was designed as "Reddit but not Reddit", it's no wonder those here are less okay with this. A great portion here doesn't want to use Reddit since it's a fucking awful site that fails to accomplish its sole purpose because of its abysmal voting system (which was duplicated and carried over here, thanks designers for that incredible design decision). The places that Riot checks end up having some form of censorship that devalues it as a source when finding the opinion of a community. Even Twitter has this, since it loves to forcibly meddle with social-political nonsense and brings dogpiled comments up to the top in the exact same fashion. >The channel/forum is ultimately irrelevant. >The channel/forum is ultimately irrelevant. >The channel/forum is ultimately irrelevant.
Thiadel (NA)
: If they really wanted to go into the "champions without feet can't have boots," they would have to disable boots on Nocturne, Nami, Anivia, maybe Karthus(?), Corki, Kassadin, Lissandra, Aurelion Sol, and Vel'koz. If they want to be that picky about boots and champions, they'd also need to do something special for the champions like Hecarim, Skarner and Rek'sai with four feet. I literally don't understand why Cassiopeia is the only champion that can't buy boots with all of the other champions like her. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Corki's shoes allow him to peddle his copter faster and more comfortably. It's in the lore.
Elfezen (NA)
: Why do people buy potions at the start of every game?
like how are items real? dude just win your lane bro hahaha just destroy the nexus
: Lux (please click)
Lux will never be obsolete unless she gets absolutely annihilated by three or more nerfs at once. She's so good at being a barebones mage it hurts, and it hurts more knowing Riot wants to amp up her utility every season when she's already capable of showing up when the meta shifts naturally.
: Typing this while playing against a Pantheon
I came into this thread expecting you to be screaming in terror and agony. I'm disappointed.
: "Ekko fares pretty well against mages..."
"Ekko is pretty good at doing his job, so we're making him do it better." Whoah... that is some next level balance philosophy...
: Things You Miss About The Game But You Know Will Never Come Back?
Burning Tides. Everything about it, including the game's state of balance during that time period.
: Ripped, shirtless, mysterious bad boy. "Nothing about him is 'sexy' in the slightest" ?????????????????????????
That's if you're into mentally fucked up half naked edgelords with a disgusting lack of fashion sense. Those aren't exactly quintessential "sexy" traits anywhere near the scale of Taric though, and you should probably stop projecting and keep your (horrible) taste to yourself
Brascus (NA)
: Why does Hecarim have such a weak early game?
He's a fantastic snowballer. His kit has everything he needs to show up to the party and his item and passive powerspikes are great at working on that. It may not be obvious where his power comes from, but everything comes together well enough.
fUlBwOlga (OCE)
: Why are there more male champs than female champs?!?!?!
Oh yeah, because ragging on a video game's design team for not exclusively making certain types of characters hasn't damaged the industry enough already. Your idea for a completely normal character who does nothing as their claim of being a "legend" is _clearly_ top-knotch, I mean how could it not be since you totally know better than them, right? Heck, there's enough reason here to believe you care more about the characters than the actual game, which for someone who isn't into designing anything is ridiculous in 2017. Why post this in the Gameplay subsection, and lastly, why even give two shits about new champions? Nine times out of ten Reworks are just better in design, thematics and gameplay anyway.
: > [{quoted}](name=Nova Force,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tcGspQ10,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-07-05T19:55:17.840+0000) > > I&#x27;m not sure what you&#x27;re saying here, something about this being the case for other low cooldown autoattack passives? If so then it&#x27;s odd for an ultimate and high-cost item, both made to promote constant aggression, to fail when they have every reason to work. > > This wouldn&#x27;t be too big of a deal if Yorick&#x27;s ultimate let you time it well. There&#x27;s no proper visual indicator for it, the swirl effect happens every two seconds but it has nothing to do with the passive and can easily become out of sync with it. Furthermore, the effect can be seen on your opponent&#x27;s status bar but the cooldown on it can only be seen in Spectator mode. Yeah some sort of indicator would be useful. Basically there are champions and mechanics where spacing out autos instead of repeatedly autoing will allow for the most dps, was my point. Basically, Heca would be able to proc Sheen on his first auto after Q'ing, but after that, he would get an auto, then Q, but then would have to wait for his next auto before it applied. Which would then screw up his rhythm (his next Q wouldn't activate Sheen because the cooldowns are the exact same, but since sheen onl goes on cooldown once it's popped, the delayed auto would screw it up so he'd need to wait for his _second_ Q to apply Sheen again).
I see, that's some interesting stuff by itself and I'm sure Hecarim players encounter this quite often. While this kind of thing is an inconvenience and hinders burst I'm sure it's nothing incredibly game ruining. In fact, a small QoL update to the maiden's succ VFX would be enough for Yorick since then he could try avoid getting screwed over rather than just having to guess the timing.
: Why, the same reason Heca may space out autos for Triforce procs, and Quinn may wait for Harrier to apply before autoing when coming out of R at certain attack speeds. Because numbers are hard to balance that way.
I'm not sure what you're saying here, something about this being the case for other low cooldown autoattack passives? If so then it's odd for an ultimate and high-cost item, both made to promote constant aggression, to fail when they have every reason to work. This wouldn't be too big of a deal if Yorick's ultimate let you time it well. There's no proper visual indicator for it, the swirl effect happens every two seconds but it has nothing to do with the passive and can easily become out of sync with it. Furthermore, the effect can be seen on your opponent's status bar but the cooldown on it can only be seen in Spectator mode.
Rioter Comments
: The spell is very underwhelming if it wasn't for that slow. It's essentially just a bad spellshield if you don't get a stun off.
Fiora's iconic dueling move is respected solely because it negates damage and summoner spells while putting out threat of a powerful stun. Absolutely no one cares about the attack speed slow and it is generally considered an afterthought. An afterthought that happens to pointedly fuck over most top laners and their ability to punish her for using this ability wrong. kekerooni
DJ Sona (EUW)
: The one and only Support Tier list
You could've left out the text and removed the items for more champions (with a crossed out sightstone) and it'd come across a lot better. That said, this meme is the best.
: Playing on Ez mode: A guide to playing Ezreal
If the upcoming change to Ezreal's W doesn't have synergy with the Sunfire + Thornmail build then I'm going to quit. They shouldn't balance the game around casuals that can't be bothered to take his optimal poke build!
: We thought about lots of different approaches to try and solve the champion clumping on old URF. Bans, restricted champ pool, random picks, swap char on death, etc. RE bans in particular, if the goal is to not get tired of the same 10 champs every game, 10 bans really only kicks the can down the road, from picks #7, #8, #9 to picks #11, #12, #13. :/ For the first few games it might feel better with "4 extra champs gone", but eventually the same usual suspects would continue to appear. The delta between 'strong and weak' is just so high in URF, and the pool of "hilariously strong" champs is probably closer to 30~35. ARURF doesn't actually do anything to alleviate how OP or "toxic" a champion is. We don't set out to balance RGM modes (except for CC hard lock exceptions like Zilean, Brand, etc), so if you roll a "good" champ in ARURF, they still do their thing. :D It does inject more variety from game to game though, and ARURF has proven to be more popular than base URF + has a better champ spread. While I'm in here, wanted to also mention that we still want to get older modes working in the new client (while making new modes at the same time)! One For All and Hexakill: TT aren't dead, they just aren't compatible with the new client yet. While we build new modes in parallel, we're trying to stand up those older modes too. We don't like using Poro King and Ascension so much during the first half of this year, but we felt it was a better alternative than switching RGM off while we worked in the background. We're also able to add the newer modes from this year into the mix with Blood Moon (just ran) and Dark Star (on PBE coming up next for 7.14). Our goal is still to get a wider variety of modes into the stable so there's something fresh to play on the weekends when you're in the mood. :D
>swap char on death Wait, what?! This is something you can do? Do you mean swapping characters present on your team between players on death, or if you mean between all champions? Can we get some more info about you guys testing something as wild as this? I wouldn't mind an Ascension-like mode where you could choose between AD, AP and Tank champion pools and have it change champion of that type every death. It could be entertaining and the RNG wouldn't be as much of an issue thanks to the recent champion reworks.
Jaygo41 (NA)
: Riot likes making their main anime characters never EVER shut the hell up, the main offenders being Lux and Taliyah. Every time they do ANYTHING they have some stock line that i just get really tired of hearing every 200000 times a game
Every time Camille shows up to lane she never stops talking. She's just as bad as both of them, since every time she casts an ability she has some dumb quip or expression to say. It's ridiculous.
Rioter Comments
: "Edgelord" is a derogatory term for this sort of character. It's used to refer to the 'emo, dark, all-about-me-and-my-sorrow' characters. Illidan Stormrage from WoW is a prominent example of a typical 'edgelord.' It's getting to the point where the term is becoming more endearing/embraced by fans who like edgelords, and a word of parody than actual negativity, though.
Edgelord in terms of design is less of a derogatory term and moreso a word that describes the kind of character he is. I think the word you're going for is "edgy", as that's the word that descibes the behaviour players don't like about these characters. Kayn really is an Edgelord character. He's definitively about being emo and dark while killing and battling his inner demons. I understand that Edgelord characters bring about negative connotations but please don't make posts just to bash folks for their use of terms you don't quite understand.
Bombardox (EUW)
: Let's be honest guys.
Riot's art team are great at what they do, have been for a good long time. But let's be honest, even they can't make his design look any better than it does. Art featuring any other character standing there with quality shading, a cool scythe and demons lingering above them would be just as cool looking as this one.
ahmadrly (NA)
: Uh Why the hate for Kayn?
"Edgelord anti hero" is a character archetype that's been done to death and never had any potential to begin with. Nowadays it's best done ironically, which... this character doesn't do. I've been pining for a new humanoid character with some kind of special weapon for a good while now and we get _this_, which is just so absurd I can hardly believe this is a thing. His quotes seem uninspired and the stripe in his hair looks fucking ridiculous. I know Anthony Birch works on the LoL design team but it's like he took over and made the design himself. Him and his old crew used to exclusively make characters that looked and acted almost exactly like this, and it's still embarassing to look at.
: ***
Melee AD champions often leave most players in a sour mood. I'm afraid that putting a assassin and skirmisher traits into one champion isn't something folks want to put up with.
: At this point, Riot might as well just make Ascension and Legend of the Poro King permanent
This wouldn't be so bad if they didn't make the same mode go up for two weekends in a row. When it comes to modes that are actually looked forward to it's great, but when there's ones that Riot just shoves in there it's fucking daunting. That's most of an entire patch with only one game mode, and it only puts out the more unique and anticipated ones once every 3 months. At this point it's not rotating, it's just "come back every other week and maybe we'll actually bother giving you something new."
: ya i know it's too many changes needed to do what I want, he'd need some Illaoi-tier AD scalings to want to go that route and an easier time stacking ghouls/keeping them alive in fights but that's fine, yorick just isn't a champ for my taste
He would indeed, and I'm sure plenty of players wouldn't like that kind of thing going on with a kit that has an entrapment and slowdown/self-haste ability. :^)
: attack speed does not synergize with Maiden's damage, it has an internal cooldown of 2 seconds. a.spd is just for autos tforce is almost expressly built so he can bop people (and turrets) harder with Q, and i'm not a fan of it
Well shit, I didn't even know it had that internal cooldown of 2 seconds. Oh well. Still, I wouldn't say it's ONLY good for breaking towers. Since Yorick is really the only toplane juggernaut that builds Triforce as much as he does it's easy to forget what makes it important for him. It'd honestly be hard to stop it from being his go-to item unless Riot puts in a new item that promotes absolutely everything he excels at while working on his weaknesses at the same time. A little bit of AD won't fix how devastating even minor disengage abilities are to him in comparison to other champions like phage does. Having less cooldown reduction or loss of the increased output from his most reliable ability via Sheen can really make the downtime when his Ghouls, E and R are not available downright crippling.
: >Unlike other Juggernauts citation needed more mist walkers is what I'd like but really the thing that'd make him more fun for me is shifting him away from triforce and more towards items that better benefit his ghouls and maiden. tforce has 0 synergy with his kit besides his Q but it's not like his scaling is anything special, so the best choice is to build trinity and bop people with Q spam early/mid game
Triforce provides attack speed for synergy with the Maiden's bonus damage, Sheen for more reliable damage output on his Q, and Phage to get in range and stick to his opponents. Triforce benefits him plenty in ways that promote his juggernaut-style gameplay. I'm not sure what kind of item you want to synergize with him, some kind of Black Cleaver without the Cleaver or a Blade of the Ruined King less AS more AD and HP instead of lifesteal? I'd say Triforce is good enough at what it does well and should be appreciated. Not to mention how instead of a threatening juggernaut you'd prefer someone who relies even more on minion summoning then he already does -- is it really desirable to focus his entire buildpath into his minions? An item change or two is fine but this would make Riot go down a completely different path. No one would want a melee malzahar 2.0 in that his potential completely flops once he loses them.
: I love how no one said a word about Draven for years but Riot buffs an item that makes him insanely strong and suddenly he's horribly designed and needs nerfs and everything. It couldn't possible be the item that even some Jhin players build first that is making him strong.
Complaints coming out of nowhere is what the Gameplay Board is all about, but I'd argue it is reasonable for Draven balance discussion to show up so suddenly. Draven puts out constant threat of becoming FOTM in almost every patch, and it finally happened because he received both a direct buff and an item buff. Why do you think there were threads on these Boards every few weeks asking why he doesn't become a favorable pick? You know, after those patches that buffed AD during an ADC-focused high damage meta. Was it because they wanted him to be strong, or because they were scared of him coming out and fucking up game balance? No one spoke about his kit's balance because with Draven the only topic that came to mind was whether or not he is viable. If he was actually discussed properly the "high skillcap" meme would be exposed for what it is -- something that warps players' perception of the kit's output and leads players to not question its issues. Add to that how he isn't played over other picks in a role that's dominated by certain champions constantly, and you've got a champion that everyone forgets until it's too late.
: Fucking thank you. I said that exact same thing and get -8 downvotes.. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/vTvdkdEH-i-think-draven-is-horribly-designed
"Draven is designed in a horrible fashion" _"b-but it's okay since he has an ability that does a thing tho"_ Whoa, those are some quality responses. I guess Fiora, Darius and Camille are actually trash because having to move around in a certain fashion to deal damage is so limiting. Nevermind the player's mastery and the champion being strong enough to walk circles around 90% of the roster, it's still too hard!
o hec (NA)
: Chaos is gunna crush Order and heres why
_**Walks respectfully towards you in an orderly fashion**_ _**Tips fedora**_ _"Y-You too"_
4Jhín (NA)
: In what way was I being toxic?
You're the kind of guy that bans Yorick? Well I'm afraid the punishment is justified :^)
Zeref (NA)
: Why I think Yasuo Deserves to be Permabanned
OP, I think you should phrase this a little differently. The "he has all this" argument is unconvincing. Even though this comment section is a total shitshow thanks to the first half of your post, the other half of your thread is completely reasonable. Honestly, his issues stem from his ability to deny enemy agency. His kit synergizes with itself to incredible degrees not seen on most champions, and he is the first champion ever to possess a double passive. Those are very hard to balance on their own, let alone with him having numerous features that normally take up a lot of power budget such as high mobility, utility and scaling. His laning phase absolutely needs to be hit. His E ability lets him engage whenever he feels like it, and even worse the game not only promotes this but also _holds his hand_ to do so by giving him a shield that comes up periodically. He's a total asshole to trade and he does it at every moment he can in brutal fashion. I don't think this is good gameplay for a champion that scales.
: There will never be a day where league of legends is truly balanced
Do you have a moment to talk about Season 5 pre-Juggernaut update?
: Found the quote on PBE forums. Shield wasn't the problem, it was his E and ult. > [{quoted}](name=DefaultChar,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=WQrtbkT7,comment-id=00000002,timestamp=2017-01-25T21:52:02.159+0000) > > For Nocturne/ Yi specifically: > Nocturne&#x27;s ultimate definitely felt &quot;Assassiny&quot; and was appropriate for the mode, but once he got into fights he ended up having to be much more on the tanky side of things and ended up feeling rather odd. There were also just some unfortunate experiences: Because we mess with ult CDs the way we do, the &quot;Darkness&quot; spam was genuinely irritating to play against, and his E felt pretty terrible (for him, not for opponents) in a mode with as much mobility as there is. > > Master Yi actually had a similar problem oddly enough: As you might&#x27;ve noticed, there isn&#x27;t really any hard CC. Because of how squishy he is as well, he ended up actually playing as &quot;Meditate tank yi&quot;, which was fairly unsatisfying on both ends. https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/WQrtbkT7-hunt-of-the-blood-moon-game-mode-available-shortly-on-pbe
Ah, nice one. He could recieve some changes exclusive to this game mode via URF-style passive tooltip, but that's okay. I'm not even upset, that's some quality gamemode testing by Riot.
: I do not think you are wrong, I can understand these arguments, I also understand why Irelia's stun, Kled remount and so on would be frustrating, but I can say the same thing about Zed's untargetability, Yasuo WindWall or Ekko redo button. The point is that a lot of champions bring something hate-worthy, but some of them are allowed in this more, while other aren't. Maybe this is right, maybe it is wrong, RITO for sure has their arguments. But as a result many champions I enjoy are out of the mode, while many others I hate are in. That is enough for me to chose the normal draft over the blood moon every time I decide to play.
It's sad that a game mode as fun as this one is so limited in variety. Thankfully Zed, Yasuo and Ekko's trump cards are their most iconic moves. I can't say anyone pays enough attention to avoid a sudden 2 second point and click stun, brief untargetability upon reaching a health threshhold or your opponent disappearing for being in a brush for 0.75 seconds.
: Hey, I'm just repeating what I remember them saying, man. Wasn't my decision.
I'm just commenting on you assuming Riot thinks Nocturne's shield is bad for the mode's game health, it honestly shouldn't be an issue. I agree with their views on Master Yi though.
: I wouldn't argue about what you will find annoying, but for each and every one of the champions in the mode you can see players, who think they are annoying. Furthermore there are champions already in the mode with strong defensive abilities. Just because you see some of the champions I listed build tank items does not mean they are naturally tanky and will ruin the mode. These are just my 2 cents. I stated that I have 0 interest in this mode and the overly limited champion pool is one of the main reasons BTW, I see you play a lot of Yorick. I like this champ a lot, so I'd like to ask you something. Do you still find ZZ'Rot useful and in which situations?
I can see why the limited champion pool can drive players away, it did exactly that to me when the game mode was first released. - Hecarim and Wukong would effectively create another Kennen situation where they would be incredible at teamfights in a gamemode based around single-target combat and have a type of output comparable to Kennen _in a manner that is less predictable._ Mix that in with a variation of Shaco's invisiblity to cut off combat when being hunted down or a burst of high movement speed in the enemy jungle and you've got a solid champion that excels at everything the mode offers. - Nidalee will either be too weak to function or too good at sabotaging. She'd be fantastic at taking spirits in relative safety with her quick speed and high-uptime burst, yet she's no good at resisting enemy assassins. - Teemo's brush passive is an actually ridiculous thing to have in this mode and that alone is enough to make him hazardous to this mode's health. Now, I mentioned Warwick and Fiora in strong defensive abilties because unlike most other champions with these their durability actually scales with their damage capability in a crazy manner while also increasing the value of Lifesteal. Warwick's % damage reduction into Area of Effect crowd control plus lifesteal synergy, as well as Fiora's parry, self heal, ultimate zone and lifesteal synergy are all incredibly good at resisting assassinations. I'd much rather have Jax available than these two.
: {{champion:104}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:62}} Each of these champions has arguments to be in this mode, but RITO decided to make it a wank fest of "hur dur mexanix, git gut"
You're right, though personally I'd find Irelia, Teemo, Wukong and Nidalee annoying as fuck to play against and may harm the mode's fun factor ~~even with Shaco in the game~~. Warwick and Fiora's defensive abilities mixed with heavy sustain synergy may cause durability issues, and Jarvan may be too strong in teamfights along with Kennen. If they went ahead and put in Nocturne, Renekton and Vi (where her Q cancels invisibility) the mode would basically be the same with extra variety. Champions with single target combat and lack of crazy movement speed escapes seem like a good fit.
: When you have all the summoner spell you need.
He's taking it even further, the absolute madman. I bet by season 9 he will have a lamppost, 1 summoner spell, -3 base Armor and 5 item slots.
: He's an aggressive diver. Some of those are included.i If you haven't played the mode, I don't think that Yi would ever 'feel good' in that mode.
That's not very convincing, Camille is one of the most aggressive divers in the game.
: Rito made a post a while back explaining why they left certain champs out of bloodmoon (Which I assume you're talking about since you don't even mention in your title or content). One example would be that Yi was left out because his heal + the damage reduction on it was seen as oppressive in a mode with nearly no defensive capabilities. I'd assume they went with the same logic on Nocturne's spellshield.
Untargetability from Fizz's pole and Camille's ultimate, as well as Yasuo's windwall are very effective defensive abilities that arguably warp the to-the-point combat this mode has. I don't think a spellshield will be a big deal, especially since there's already two items available that give them as well.
: why is lee sin in this mode
Nocturne and Renekton have no reason to not be in this game mode. It's surprising they haven't been included in this mode's second appearance.
: {{champion:75}} 30 stacks per minute for infinite years... eventually he will eclipse all {{champion:75}}
Nasus is an incredible strategist, surely he could find a way to get into space and dunk the space dragon personally. As soon as the tip of that cane touches anything it's absolutely super dead.
: Games really are ending before 20 in this snowball meta
As of late? Really? Did you quit for the last season and a half?
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