I'll explain the story and the concept for anyone that want to read it. I would remind you that I'm Italian, so I hope that you can forgive me for the many grammatical errors. "Rise" is a team composed of: Aatrox, Aurelion Sol (my champion XD), Ashe, Ahri and Lee Sin. I know that there's a problem on botlane: no support; the main of my friend was Ahri (now is Sona), but I wouldn't have the heart to change it. And, you know, Ahri support isn't impossible ;P. So, Rise will have to fight a lot of others teams, increasingly strong (and it will cause drawing almost all the champions, so everyone who read can see his champion in the manga), until they have to defend the enemy of the story, Ray White, and his team. Rise also have a coach: Sebastian. An ex evocator that very long ago challenged Ray White, losing the match and the ability to recall. He can create a seal to chat with the team -Rise-, so he can lead every summoner. Recall is possible for all the summoners: When the seal lights up (every evocator have a seal with the simbol of his champions, that lights up before the match), they can touch the floor and recall, to be teleport inside the Zero Universe, a parallel universe where thre's the summoner's rift. Rise will have to defeat a lot of strong champions, for example the silent killer without team: Jhin, a mysterious summoner that can enter to the game and kill apparently without ideas, but... apparently ;P. So, these are some boards already prepared, and the title will be: RISE - δΈŠγŒγ‚Š. I hope you enjoy! [board 4](http://i68.tinypic.com/rw85f5.jpg) [board 5](http://i63.tinypic.com/24gr9n5.jpg) [board 6](http://i65.tinypic.com/2h53905.jpg)
: I'll ask the question a lot of people have. Who are the characters you wanted to focus on. Cause, tbh, if they're characters I don't like I won't have interest. But the opposite will be true as well. Definitely follow your dream and I hope things go well. Hope a Rioter responds, but yeah, I'm just curious about who you were going to include in this.
Thank you very much for your comment. The characters are the champions of my team, but, inside the story, we'll fight a lot of other champions. I will explain on another comment.
: That just sounds like a comic with extra steps.
Can you elaborate on that, please? I'm sorry, i'm Italian and i don't really understand.
: That sure sounds interesting! Who do you wish to focus the story on? Can you maybe show us some early sketches of it?
Yes, of course, i'll post the story and some sketches, or some pages of it.
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